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Legacy, the first superhero and some say the progenitor of all that came later, has been killed. The... thing that killed him has been wreaking nonstop devastation taking out all that try to stand in its way. Entire cities are left ruined in the wake of its devastation before it blends seamlessly into the fleeing refugees only to reappear for more carnage. In the wake of this chaos a hero strives to fill the void needed by the world.

This would be a bit of a longform superhero themed RP. It would deal heavily with weakness, struggle, and growth. Whatever character you create will lose, possibly a lot. We can iron out the exact dynamics between us as we play but I'm thinking of taking a more narrative role with a character or two that is more involved with yours directly. Please PM me if interested. There is a whole metaplot going on but for the most part your character has to decipher things themselves organically. With this kind of power-driven society there is a fair amount of guarded secrecy. However it is only fair you know of the powers themselves.

Essentially you are either born with them or you're not, they manifest around puberty and come with an instinctual understanding of not only how they work but also how they break. Each power comes with a method of breaking them, going beyond a fundamental limitation at the cost of it being forever locked away from you. It's important to note that breaking the power is not a sacrifice to be taken lightly and doesn't grant anything other than regular use of the power in alternate ways. Here are some examples:

Narratively there is no unlocking inner strength or true power. The innate knowledge of ones limitations is consist with reality and it doesn't change according to the situation. To survive it takes ingenuity and dedication. Because I'm edgy that way. Hope to hear from someone soon!
So I've kinda danced this dance before and it's great. I was on here quite a bit a few years ago but life kinda got busy so it was with a heavy heart that I bid my tearful adieus and vanished into the sunrise. But now I'm back! From outer space! Also there is this kinda melancholic look upon my face.
I'm really here because I just love writing although that is no guarantee of any significant quality but I'll do my best. It's not like I have had zero practice with the general art of creative writing since I've been absent. Actually I DM a whole bunch in a variety of TTRPG systems so I had had that going for me, which is nice.
Unfortunately I do still have an life outside the internet (at least until The Device is completed) so I may not be as frequent as I, or anyone else, would like (and you would like me to be more frequent because I am fantastic. You won't be able to get enough of me) but my goal is to get a solid post in whatever RPs I am engaged in at least once or twice a day. If for any reason I can't I will let people know and do my best not to ghost, even if I just have to cut things off brutally.
So that's me, IDK what the current norm is here, it has been awhile. Good to see that Mahz is still around, gives me complete faith in the current regime.
Hopefully I get to know you all soon!
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Is this still open to new people? Because my interest is piqued.
^Insert best pickup line ever right here (ideas in comments welcome)^

Great, now that that is sorted let's get onto the juicy stuff. I am Lemmings, which you knew because you can read, and this is my 1x1 thread, which you also knew because you are just lit.

Here is some stuff about me:
I is kind, I is smart, I is important. Basically 'bout it.
Waddaya mean? Any more serious and I would start growing a beard or something!
Yeah well so?
Ugh! Fine, but what the heck should I say then?
But... they know that! Obviously they do... at least I mean...
It can't be that import-
You know what fine, your way.

I like big butts and I-
Okay okay okay okay okay okay! For real this time.

I do this for fun, ultimately that is it. I enjoy writing stories about worlds and characters and random bits of fluff people generally will probably never think twice about. This seems to be the place to go for people with similar interests. And being that we all have similar interests I didn't feel it necessary to write that people should not use text speak or write posts of decent substance. The way I see it is if you are having fun you will care and if you care it will show. Conversely if you're not having fun you'll stop. Easy, have fun case done.

There's nothing I refuse to have in a story either. Like why would anyone want to limit their story options? It sort of defeats the purpose then doesn't it? Whatever though, point is yes I am fine with romance in all it's forms and whatever else you were thinking of asking and I'm not going to mention specifics like that in any of my plots because it should be organic beyond the general structure. Hence wanting actual human squishies to write with. Anyway, onto the fun.


Stranger In The New World (Vikings and Native Americans)
Setting off to find a new land they found America, centuries before anyone of note. These men, warriors hailing from the North, set off to explore the new land but they weren't prepared for its dangers. Now there is only one. A man versed in the ways of war and magic of their people kept alive through chance and wit. He finds a clan of the native people, men and woman in touch with the nature of this strange world, in dire straights. They each know enough to help the other survive and if they work together then survival is more than possible, it is certain.

The Bigger They Are...(Heavily inspired from Brandon Sanderson's The Reckoners series. And I guess some other stuff.)
They fell from the sky. Small glittery circles that just landed here on Earth. Only a few hundred but soon enough they were the most prized possessions anyone could have. Wars were started over them and the world is a barely held together shadow of what it once was but held together it is. Thanks in part to a group of bounty hunters calling themselves the Arcana Bound who have spared no expense in collecting these rings of great and varied power and giving them to their most loyal agents. Now, once more some have fallen to earth but these ones leave the wearer a blackened horror capable only of killing. The Arcana Bound send two agents to investigate what is happening and they set off into a wasteland.

A Secret Within(This can be played with me either throwing obstacles, events, and NPCs at your character like a DM or more standard and cooperative)
The world wasn't perfect, nobody claimed it was, but at least it made sense. But now someone has seen something they shouldn't and if The Agency doesn't act now things will get out of hand. A chance across the country ensues as weapons are gathered, alliances made, news spread, and abilities discovered. Will this secret be exposed and shake the foundation of what the people know as natural? Or will it be kept secret? The greater good may well depend on the choice.

Among The Stars
Far in the future mankind lives among the stars and, up until recently, entirely alone. We always thought we were the ones to be visited by more advance life forms but now we have found a race in it's infancy. Creatures capable of remarkable intelligence and logic whose fluid forms can shift shapes to allow them to survive near anything. Naturally various factions of humanity have mixed intentions for them but there is one human who manages to save one from slavery and they journey to find a home together.

Conspiracy and Secrets (always digging this one)
Supernatural and magic
Science Fantasy/Fiction

If anything seems interesting to you hit me up, always down for a chat and if you have any ideas you think I may be interested in please, lemme know. As them kids nowadays say TTFN.
It started in an online forum, much like this one, in a world much like this one. A cry went up. A cry for change. A plea for help. Then it happened and one by one people started to wake up...

Three weeks ago:

"...Ministry Of Information... utterly destroyed..."
" survivors..."

"...response will be swift"

"...cause and perpetrator unknown..."
"... government in disarray..."

Two weeks ago:

username:Salamander -> heard they were looking to reset up that ministry that exploded a while back... might consider applying for work.
username:Xx_grilling_xX -> No chnce in h3ll! Those guys are way shady
username:Salamander -> why tho? Good jobs are hard to come by
username:Xx_grilling_xX -> Ppl want you to believe that it was a freak thing, rmember wut how they originally thought someone was behind it? Well they would just strike the new one again.
username:Dark_Wreath -> What? Like a Fire Generator? Even if someone had that much power there is a no way he could pack that much punch withuot taking himself out.
username:Jilted -> IT CULD BE A SHE!
username:Dark_Wreath -> Yeah I guess but still...
username:Xx_grilling_xX -> With a Manipulator though?
username:Dark_Wreath -> Even more unlikely! 2 people w power like that? I rate a 6 w Fire Generation, couldnt even come close
username:Salamander -> Woah a 6?!?!
username:Dark_Wreath -> Yip ;P
username:Xx_grilling_xX -> He's prob lying
username:Jilted -> Well I'm a 7 with Lightning Manipulation, the average is only 5.
username:Salamander -> WHAAAT?! I thought it was like 4. Im only a 3 with Fire Manipulation ToT
username:Xx_grilling_xX -> LOL, n00b
username:Jilted -> Anyway so Salamander, are you gonna take the job?
username:Salamander -> Probably, interview is tomorrow and they're only looking for ppl to fill the temp spots in the temp HQ.
username:Jilted -> Well good luck
username:Xx_grilling_xX ->... and that was the last they ever saw of him *woooooo*

username:Salamander -> I need help, whoever is there please they've been lying to us all and I found out and now people are after me please, if anyone is there please please please. The Oblivion, tomorrow night. I just want things to
Name: Kenneth ("Ken") Alson
Age: 27
Appearance: Fairly lean, to the point of being scrawny, and a little over average in height (about 6'1). His blond hair is shaved short and he has bright blue eyes. His normal attire is jeans and a red hoody.
Proffessional Background: Mostly been working as a temp office worker. Nothing major, just some filing and boring paperwork type stuff. Also briefly worked as a bartender for a few months.
Ability: Fire Manipulator Level 3
Hobbies: Reading (particularly science and current affairs), did boxing when at school, computer games.
Much thanking for the booping friend, yes I was the distracted but I am not now. Here is the link to the thing in the place

I'll tag ya'll now
Just the CS here. I've left it mostly open ended to try keep the actual flow strong and to remind you just because you have a CS doesn't mean you can skimp out on character work in the RP. :p
If you have dreams of making a badass fighting character then probably have his or her hobby as MMA fighter or something akin to that. I'm afraid, much like this world, there are very few opportunities to be more skilled at fighting than an average person unless you're seriously dedicated. In which case hey, neato burrito but it will take some serious time

Professional Background:
Abilitiy: Manipulator/Generator (Sound, Light, Fire, Lightning, Water, Nature, Metal, one more that is classified) level
Sorry it took so long to set up! Been crazy busy lately and time slipped away. First post is up and all is set for rumbling. I've put a character sheet in the appropriate tab. Some point soon I would like everyone to make one but it isn't necessary to do before you start if you already have a good idea on what you want your character to be like.
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