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Try writing a five page book report on edibles.
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Reverse Isekai is an under appreciated genre.
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Putting titty lasers in the 3rd ep of High School DxD was a bad idea for everyone who does the 3 episode test when jumping into an aime they haven't seen before.


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The Demon Bump's Rebirth
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The world of Azgarith suffered under the heel of a Great Demon Lord for centuries. His infernal armies conquered kingdoms and nations without ever knowing defeat, until he stood as the undisputed ruler of all creation. There were those, however, who rose above the humiliation and oppression that came with the Demon Lord's rule. These brave souls banded together and, with the blessings of the heavens, challenged the Demon Lord and his forces. Rallying around a sacred Hero, the forces of the Just broke through the Demon Lord's armies and challenged him in his own Dark Citadel. The battle between Demon Lord and Hero raged for hours, darkening the sky and shaking the very ground. But finally the Demon Lord fell, smote at last by the Holy Sword of Justice. Their leader fallen, and their morale shattered, the Forces of Evil broke before the Armies of Righteousness and peace and freedom returned to the world of Azgarith.

Sounds like a fantasy. The sort dreamt up by a game designer or mangaka. There are no demons in the real world. No angels or holy warriors. Life is quiet and boring for you, growing up in modern day Japan. An uneventful existence where you get up in the morning, go to school, meet with friends, walk home, do your homework, and go to bed. But this quiet life of yours is about to get a whole lot less quiet. For on the day of your birthday, when you finally come of age, everything changes.

Hey thanks for clicking on this. This is a little idea that I've been toying with for a while. An r-rated "reverse isekai" roleplay involved the reincarnation of a certain Demon Lord in the so-called "real world". As previously mentioned, the rating for this is definitely 18+ due to the sexual themes that will undoubtedly be included in this alongside all that juicy story. This also means the RP will take place in PMs rather than a public forum.

I'm looking for partners that will be reasonably active and be capable of putting out an average of at least three paragraphs in each IC post. IC and OOC will each have their own threads. That's all I can think of to mention for the moment, so I'll leave a blank Character Sheet below so you can write up a character, and if you have any questions please feel free to ask away in our OOC thread.

I hope to see you popping up in my PM notifications soon.
~Tah <3


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Thanks all for the welcome.
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