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18 days ago
Current Hey did you guys know I have art on my profile.
2 mos ago
Today I've decided that my fursona will I'm fact be a giant octopus with five tentacles only. Five is a sacred number, so I thought it would be appropriate for the character. know...
2 mos ago
Oh what a glorious day to be a three eyed deer, and the catalyst for the Lord's wrath! Blessed are those who cower at his hooves.
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3 mos ago
Millennials are killing the world domination industry. Keep at it guys, at this rate all those evil scientists and kings are gonna be out of a job soon.
3 mos ago
I don't know what to do with my life, now that I have squandered away all my money on miniature poodle statues! Any advice?
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Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing important things. Like fixing my grades. I study whatever I feel is interesting so Wiccans, Satanists, and all that spooky stuff is kinda cool in my book. Though I wouldn't consider my self to be a goth or a...whatever you call the peeps at hot topic, I do know loads of people who love that shit with a reckless and childlike abandon, so don't worry I am very well handled with talking to people of the spoopy persuasion. It's been awhile since I've role played with anyone. I used to frequent fanfiction forums with a coupple of internet buds but they've all but dropped off the face of the Earth.

So I've come here because the urge to rp was strong again, and you all seem like nice people.

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the art is good!
also, In Stereo is def still going on, but when school starts I may be a bit busier than usual do to classes. so posts will be either way longer than they already are, we're talking like 3000 words or more, or they will be rather short, and subsequent so I can get them out fast and not have to deal with them anymore lol.

the second thing coming however, isn't a post, but a character sheet for Pheonix (I know he's getting one already, can you believe it?) and unlike with Mindy, I'm going to actually write something for him in his sheet, because I kind of want you guys to get a feel for him before I make a post for him, he, just like Leila, has been a long time OC and I've had him around for years now.

anyway, this is all just a short little update for new comers wondering who the chick with the witch icon is, I like how fast this community is growing, and I'm also glad there are newbies like myself now so I'm not so alone in this lol.
tomorrow is the day I set off for belize and honduras! In the mean time, I'm at my grandma's (Also I realized that a lot of you seem to think the funeral I went to was for her, but it was actually for a cousin of mine) So she's still alive and kicking guys, I guess I didn't really say that to well when it happened.

when I get back, I'll post pics of me in honduras and the ship, it'll be great!
It's fine

That Shortpost I mentioned will have to wait until I am able to get back
i fucking hate android, my kindle won't work, and i cant even join discord
i can't join, discord isnt partnered with android for some fuckin reason.

sometimes i wonder why i even have a kindle anymore.
yeah i've been meaning to do that lately.

any idea what the group is called?
hey guys i got a new keyboard now!
i'm still working on the title, lol.

I'm thinking of calling it something really stupid and sappy, so I thought up "Every Death I keep from You."
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