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Current Today I've decided that my fursona will I'm fact be a giant octopus with five tentacles only. Five is a sacred number, so I thought it would be appropriate for the character. know...
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Oh what a glorious day to be a three eyed deer, and the catalyst for the Lord's wrath! Blessed are those who cower at his hooves.
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Millennials are killing the world domination industry. Keep at it guys, at this rate all those evil scientists and kings are gonna be out of a job soon.
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I don't know what to do with my life, now that I have squandered away all my money on miniature poodle statues! Any advice?
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This town ain't big enough for the both of us! I mean seriously, whose ever heard of TWO T-Rex sheriffs? And in one town? That's just crazy talk.


Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing important things. Like fixing my grades. I study whatever I feel is interesting so Wiccans, Satanists, and all that spooky stuff is kinda cool in my book. Though I wouldn't consider my self to be a goth or a...whatever you call the peeps at hot topic, I do know loads of people who love that shit with a reckless and childlike abandon, so don't worry I am very well handled with talking to people of the spoopy persuasion. It's been awhile since I've role played with anyone. I used to frequent fanfiction forums with a coupple of internet buds but they've all but dropped off the face of the Earth.

So I've come here because the urge to rp was strong again, and you all seem like nice people.

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Sorry, it's taking a while to post, my kindle is busted so i had to find a new way to type lol.
I've uploaded E.G's second post!
The tiny crowd surrounding Mindy Diasco was full of doctors and professionals, something that deeply intimidated Eris. Mindy wore a nice, cream dress with a floral skirt, and a tiny lotus pendant around her neck. She dressed very simple and professional, while Eris contemplated how gaudy they must look in comparison. When Eris joined them, they were talking about technical doctor things that they didn't really understand.

For a while, they just stood their a little ways behind the crowd listening in. They looked back to where Charlton was standing, and the butler gave them an encouraging thumbs up, plus an O.K sign.

Eris sighed, just get on with it you spineless coward. "So, how are you all liking the Social?" They asked. One of the men, a Dr.Berry Dougherty, turned to greet them.

"Oh, Miss Goodoire, its good to see you tonight. How are the folks at home?" He asked. Eris smiled, and lied..

"They're doing fine, Mr. Dougherty. Who's this new comer?" Eris stuck their hand out to greet Mindy. Mindy took their hand and shook it.

"I'm Mindy Diasco, Mr. Dougherty here convinced the Lady Upstairs to let me come tonight." She said, a tiny bit nervous. "It's a very nice turnout, tonight. So many brilliant doctors." She said. Another man spoke up, this one being Ron Hughes, a licensed chiropractor.

"We were just discussing doctoral colleges, weren't we Miss Diasco?" He asked. Mindy looked caught off guard, she seemed to have been more preoccupied with speaking to Eris than carrying on the previous conversation.

"Yes!" She said, rather enthusiastically. "There are a lot of good schools this season. You're Eris Goodoire, right? I'd heard you wanted to become a doctor someday." Eris shook their head.

"Well, I guess, but I'm not entirely sure if I'll be any good at it." Eris laughed. "I don't think I could get as good as you are." Mindy smiled, and waved her arm dismissively.

"Oh stop it. Everyone's been lauding me as some kind of a Goddess in the doctor world lately. I'm not all that amazing at my job, now." She said.

"Don't sell yourself short, Miss Diasco." Eris said. "I'm sure you're as amazing as everyone's been saying."

Dr.Dougherty looked down at his watch, and gasped.

"Oh no, Miss Diasco I'm afraid I and the rest of my colleagues have got to be going." He said. "Its almost time for the special Centennial Presentation at Yale. I can't be in two places at once, it seems."

"Oh, it's fine. Please, enjoy yourself. And thanks for the invite." She said. Dr.Dougherty shook her hand one last time, and he and his friends left the Social. Eris gulped, now suddenly aware of how awkward standing there must seem.

"Uh...hey!" Eris blurted. "Have you been outside yet?" They pointed to the balcony upstairs. The moon was fully out now. "It's a great view." They promised.

Mindy shook her head. "No, I haven't been outside yet. Heck, I've never even been to Georgia before today!" She said. Eris laughed.

"Today must've been quite the adventure for you, huh?" They asked, amused. "You can tell me all about it on the balcony."

The Opera house the Social was being held in was over 100 years old. Eris knew this because their mother wouldn't shut up about the history behind the ancient building for months before they got their first invitation from Righspool. Mindy Diasco had never been to this Opera house before, and Eris didn't think telling her lame history facts about it would be cool. Just ask her about her time here. Mindy leaned on the old, rusted railing and looked down at the rolling hills, and the sprawling forest below.

"So, do you like Georgia?" Eris asked. "I heard we're the friendliest state out of all fifty." Mindy laughed.

"Well the people here are very nice. Dr.Dougherty, Miss Righspool, you." She cupped her hands around her mouth. "I feel right at home!" She yelled. Her voice echoed throughout the forest.

Eris smiled. "Well, I'm glad you're liking it here. And you're not too bad, either. Way better than the other stuffy, rich kids who attend every year." They laughed. "At least you didn't show up with a golden poodle."

"I saw that statue! It belongs to Cassidy Righberry, right?" Mindy tried to hide her grin behind her hand. "When I first walked in, she talked to me for hours about it." Mindy puffed up her chest, and petted the air as if holding a cat. "'You can look, but don't touch my precious Snuffles.'" She said in a fake, snooty southern accent. "'Isnt he gorgeous Miss Disco?'"

Eris laughed loudly. "She calls you 'Miss Disco'?" They asked. "For me it's always 'How are you Madame Good Wire?' I've known her for five years, and at this point I'm too afraid to correct her." Mindy shook her head, giggling.

"Five years, huh? You'd think someone in this big fancy Opera house would've told her by now." She wiped tears of laughter from her eyes.
They talked for a good long while about school, and their studies, but one thing Mindy seemed to be very passionate about was her newest invention.

"I've been working on a new drug called Soundria. It's supposed to be a therapy drug, but the kicker is this:" she paused dramatically. "You use sound to activate it. Once it kicks in, you'll be calm and relaxed like never before." She said. Eris nodded dreamily.

"Sounds like the future to me." They said. "But who's gonna take this new drug, Dr.Diasco?" They smirked at her.

"People with broken hearts, and depression. Maybe even schizophrenics! It's still in the works though, and..." she trailed off. "I'm technically not supposed to be working on it." Eris perked up. "I've signed a contract with my school, and they told me no outside experiments without their advisory." She said.

"Oh. But the drug doesn't sound that dangerous, I mean the worst it could do is give someone a headache." They chuckled. "Right?"

Mindy shook her head. "If it gets in the wrong hands before I can test it, it may lead to some very dire side effects. Messing with drugs in early development is never a good thing." She said. "And because I'm not supposed to be working on it, I could get kicked out of school." She held up her pinky. "Lets keep this between you and me. Okay?" She looked at Eris with pleading eyes.

Eris hesitated for a moment, too busy staring at Mindy's serious expression to actually do the pinky swear. Oh my god, she's so pretty. "Eris?" Mindy asked, which shook them from their daze.

"Uh, right. It's a secret." They said, before quickly locking their finger around Mindy's.

Eris never told anyone about Mindy's pills.
Final notes: When Mindy says the "Lady Upstairs" she is referring to Aeris Righspool.

cool, but i guess i have to download discord again, lol
wow everyone's stories are so good here, too bad i have no idea what's going on lol. I'd read through season 1, but i don't think i have the time at all, ha.

since everyone seems to upload fairly quickly here, I think I'll start on the next post tomorrow rather than just next week.

lastly, I noticed that I'm the 100th post in the character tab so that has to be a good omen i feel!
I'm actually really excited to start with E.G's story because they've been in my head for awhile now as a part of another story that's way more convoluted than it should be, and I just had no idea what I was gonna do with them.
Eris stood by the doorway in a nicely pressed, muave dress with with a little shawl to match Their mother's. They're arms crossed, they impatiently tapped their foot, trying desperately not to lose their temper at the incessant circus that was their parents married life.

"All I'm saying, Richard, is that Mauve is not a red color. The event is strictly for red and black only, and that is not at all the proper color." Their mother said sharply, pointing to Eris by the door. She didn't seem to notice the slight scowl forming on their face. Their father sighed, and did that signature eye roll that he's known to give to only the worst in his life.

"It's just a damn dress. Besides, Eris is perfect the way she is-" he began.

"They." Eris said. Their father groaned louder this time.

"Whatever. They, them, it. You're in a damn dress, what difference does it make?" He exclaimed. He turned to his wife."No one is gonna notice our clothing, you're just paranoid."

Their mother threw her hands up in defeat. "There is no arguing with you over simple things. For once I'd like it if you took me seriously, just once. Is that so hard to ask?" She asked. Their father pushed past her, angrily. "Hey, where do you thank you're going?" She demanded.

"To the limo outside. It's been waiting for hours now because you've been bitching about shades of red." He said. He stormed out past Eris, and onto the front porch, all the way to the gate where the limo was parked and waiting. They had no chauffeur this time, so the Goodoires would have to make do. Eris' mother gave them a disgusted look.

"Lets go, he'll probably be waiting for us if we stay here longer. And next time, just keep quiet about the they/them thing. You know it upsets him when you do that." She said. She grabbed Eris' arm rather roughly, and pulled them out the door. Eris silently cursed her in their head, they could feel a bruise forming where their mother held their arm.

The Goodoires arrived at the Newberry, Georgia Social Gala at around 7:00 pm. It was held in a special ballroom, inside the Atlanta Newberry Opera house. It was getting rather dark when they had finished giving out introductions to the other wealthy families of Atlanta. The Newberry Social as they call it, was an event held by only the richest in Georgia. You had to have a special invitation from Aeris Righspool herself, and to get in you needed to pay a 1000 dollar fee, something that would supposedly cover future events thrown by Righspool herself.

Eris had never met Aeris Righspool before, and they would not meet her tonight. Tonight, they would meet their only friend in the world. Charlton Gaslowe was a Butler, but more importantly he was Eris' butler, and also the only person they trusted at all. Charlton stood by the punch and wine bowls, conspicuously put right next to each other, and when he saw Eris he greeted them accordingly.

"Master Goodoire, its good to see you back at the Opera house." He looked around. "How are your parents finding the accommodations tonight?" He asked. Eris shrugged.

"The bitch is drunk off her ass, and the old man keeps trying to grab Emily Gerards tits, so I guess you can say it's going well." They said. "I just wish they wouldn't waste so much time bickering."

Charlton sighed. "I'm sorry to hear that, Miss Gooddoire. Hopefully they'll learn to better themselves." He said. Eris reached for the punch spoon, but Charlton made a noncommittal grunt. "I wouldn't touch any of the drinks tonight. I saw Henry Abernstein pour something in it a while ago." Eris smirked.

"He did it front of you?" They asked. "Thats ballsy."

"On the contrary, sir." Charlton patted his breast pocket. "I believe his friend Benjamin gave me quite the excuse for such behaviour tonight. I feel I have to take the man out for a drink or two after this event."

Eris laughed. "Well, now Charlton. I didn't take you for a drinker. You always seemed like a soda man to me." They said. "But aside from all that, anyone new here tonight? I'm tired of having to reintroduce myself to the same schmucks every year. And I heard there's a doctor, but there's always a doctor." Charlton nodded his head in the direction of the dance floor where group's of people milled about in a lazy fashion in beautifully tailored attire.

"Over there is Mindy Diasco. She's the doctor you've been hearing about." He said. Eris looked closer at the tight knit group, but they only saw one girl among the three men.

"All I see is a girl and three dudes. You're telling me one of those old guys is named Mindy?" They asked, chuckling. Charlton laughed along with them.

"Yes, Miss Diasco is not what you would expect a doctor to look like. Partly because she's only 16." He said. He smirked at the astounded look on Eris' face.

"Holy shit, its like Dougie Howser, but with a chick." They said. "She's even hot like Neil Patrick Harris was when he was a kid."

"You thought Neil Patrick Harris was hot when he was playing Dougie?" Asked Charlton confused. Eris ignored him.

"Ugh." They groaned. "She's surrounded by dudes. I stand no chance if she's straight."

"You stand no chance at all if you keep gawking at her like that, Miss." Charlton said. "Perhaps I could go up to her, and-" Eris put their hand on the wall, stopping Charlton in his tracks.

"Nope. stay right here. While you're right about the whole gawking at her thing, my chances will absolutely be shot to hell if I send my Grandpa to ask her out." They said. "I'll just go up and do it. Check for The Newlyweds while I'm gone, I don't want them embarrassing me."

Charlton nodded, then hesitated. "By Newlyweds, you mean your parents correct?" He asked. But Eris was already gone, halfway across the room to greet Mindy Diasco.

Final notes: when Charlton pats his breast pocket, he is not actually referring to a man named Benjamin, but rather the 100$ bill in America which showcases Benjamin Franklin on the front.
hey I'm about to post E.G's first post!
Anvi held her shield up defensively, and found herself molded into the wooden stairwell. Ouch. I guess the bullets are deadly even outside of the gun. Quicker than lightening, she sprang up from the wooden rubble, and summoned a dagger. "Nice bullets. Real fancy. Just one question: how many daggers do you think tills take to dismantle that thing?" She flung the dagger, aiming straight for his foot. "You also think you can tell me where you got it from? I'm asking for a friend."

Barett always did have a soft spots for guns. Maybe if she beat this old guy, she could snatch his gun when he wasn't looking. Or, you know, passed out. That's works too.
nah its fine, its supposed to be fun so don't rush yourself.
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