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Current I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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Hey did you guys know I have art on my profile.
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Today I've decided that my fursona will I'm fact be a giant octopus with five tentacles only. Five is a sacred number, so I thought it would be appropriate for the character. know...
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Oh what a glorious day to be a three eyed deer, and the catalyst for the Lord's wrath! Blessed are those who cower at his hooves.
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Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing important things. Like fixing my grades. I study whatever I feel is interesting so Wiccans, Satanists, and all that spooky stuff is kinda cool in my book. Though I wouldn't consider my self to be a goth or a...whatever you call the peeps at hot topic, I do know loads of people who love that shit with a reckless and childlike abandon, so don't worry I am very well handled with talking to people of the spoopy persuasion. It's been awhile since I've role played with anyone. I used to frequent fanfiction forums with a coupple of internet buds but they've all but dropped off the face of the Earth.

So I've come here because the urge to rp was strong again, and you all seem like nice people.

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Hi! To those wondering where the hell In Stereo is after I said the hiatus was over, guess what, I lied its not over and it'll keep going on for quite awhile maybe all the way throughout this summer, But worry not, it's not cancelled, nothing is being thrown out the window, I'm simply just taking a very long break from it in order to complete school work.

This, however, does not mean there won't be any content from my side at all. I'm working on a few CS for a small side story thats completely disconnected from In Stereo and the Paradox Universe as a whole, and I hope people will really dig it. when I have time for In Stereo again, it'll pick up right where it last left off (With a quick summary for those who will have probably forgotten the story so far), and the small side story will be continued somewhere else as a whole book that people can read in their free time on Wattpad.

Eris sat there at the table, their hands clutched tightly together as they digested the story that Charlton took great care to tell.“So…” They began after a short pause. “You knew my granddad when he was younger?”

Charlton nodded, chuckling bitterly. “I knew him very well. We made slow friends at first, but I soon grew used to his pompous nature with time.” He sighed, settling back into his seat. Eris thought that maybe telling the story was taking a lot out of him, but he soon straightened his back out. “I remember the day that Eric first showed up at the record store. He and Thaddeus were the very best of friends.”

“And then my gramps died, right?” Eris asked. Charlton shook his head, sadly.

“No. It was something much darker than death that ruined their friendship, I’m afraid.”


Charlton was tending to some of Thaddeus’ clothing in his small room that he shared with his brother. He had been tasked with cleaning all of his clothing for a week, and all Charlton could do was seethe silently at himself for opening his big mouth at the wrong moment. Though that was the least of his problem, noting the newest addition to the record shop, there was still the issue of Eric and Thaddeus. They were both grating on Charlton’s nerve, and belittled him to no expense, though nowadays it seemed to come from a place of familiarity.

Water sloshed onto the floor as he scrubbed extra hard on the satin fabric of Thaddeus’ shirt. He had lied when he claimed to know more than him about clothing material, but Thaddeus would be the one to pay for it in the end. This shirt was going to be more than just ruined when it was returned to him. The door downstairs opened with no warning, though Charlton could already tell by the heavy tread who it was.

“What do you want, Eric?” He had asked him without looking up from his handiwork. “I’m busy with something here, if you couldn’t tell. Also, knock next time, why don’t you?” Eric ignored him, and walked into the room, seamlessly hopping over the larger puddle of water on the floor.

“I’ve got another proposition for you.” Eric announced, taking a seat on Charlton’s bed.

Shaking his head, he spoke. “I already told you, I’m not interested. Besides, it’s just a gathering full of stuffy rich folk like yourself, what do I have to do with any of that?” He said. For the past few days, Eric had been inquiring to him about a “small get together” with “family associates” and practically badgering him to attend. Charlton was more than against the idea.

“I’ll pay you if you come with me.” Eric told him, crossing his arms.

Charlton snorted. “What am I, some kind of escort service now? I’m already cleaning Thad’s shirts-”

“And doing it quite poorly if I have anything to say about.”

“-and now you want me to follow you around some lame family reunion cause you’d be bored?” He took the shirt out of the water, and wrung it out like a towel. “Why not just skip the whole event entirely and do something else for once.”

Eric was quiet for a moment, as if contemplating that very sentiment. “Like...what? What else could I possibly do in this dead end town tomorrow when that reunion hits?” He scoffed. “Go see a movie? Walk around a park? I’d rather not have people gawking at me, the whole time, Charlton.”

He sighed, stood up, and flung the shirt somewhere into a corner before turning to Eric. “Then just...I don’t know. Hang out with me tomorrow?” He suggested. “I’m going to one of those jazz concerts that’s been touring around the country for awhile. It ain’t a movie, but it also ain’t a reunion. You should come along.”

Eric tilted his head to the side, in mock consideration. “I could...I suppose I could follow you along to whatever commoner’s soiree you’re attending.Besides it sounds a lot better than listening to nothing but ‘Classics’ for the whole evening.”

“Wait, do rich folk really just sit around all day listening to Beethoven and the like ‘cause they’re too good for other types of music?” Charlton laughed. “That’s one of your funnier jokes, Eric.”

Eric stood. “No, we don’t spend all our time doing that, and- you know what. Never mind. I don’t have to explain anything to you. Just know, my parents are very stuck in their ways, and their tastes, and I want no parts of it.” he crossed his arms, hearing no more of Charltons teasing.

“Alright then, it’s settled. You’ll come with me to the Jazz concert instead of the stuffy rich people meeting.” Charlton stood up, stretching his arms in the air. “There’s gonna be a few friends of mine tagging along, however. You might even know a few of them.”

Eric thought there was no way he would know anyone associated with Charlton, of all people. But he would soon come to learn he knew Charltons friends a lot better than Charlton did.


Welp Its been quite a while since I've posted anything but I finally have some time now to just write seeing how all my classes are all but finished.

Go watch Dororo, seriously season 2 just dropped guys its a good ass show.
Okay I finally made time to make a post thank goodness!

Phoenix walked far away from Eris and Charlton and decided to follow Dexhi’s advice, which was to follow Daraeya. “Detective Roland Moore” was on the job, and oftentimes Phoenix forgot Daraeya was even an actual Goddess of Air. Like now, for instance, she was walking to some police station in the hopes of securing an office there for a few days while they investigated Eric. Phoenix shuddered, thinking how that man had just grabbed him unawares like that, and with complete venom in his eyes. Phoenix couldn’t imagine what it would take to hate someone like that, or how much someone was willing to go in order to get revenge or whatever sick thing Eric craved.

“Truly this Eric Garland is a monster which the likes you have never seen before, Fexi.” Dexhi cooed in his head. Phoenix gulped, tired of this assignment already. He had found his partner, yet they weren’t willing to leave for Paradox just yet. Something told him he might just have to stick around until this murder was solved just to say he had accomplished it. A paradox indeed, He thought. He had finished the assignment, yet not really for things were still not done. Eris was his partner, but then they weren’t actually his partner. They hadn’t even spoken to each other excepting that one short moment in the airport. Phoenix’s head was low as he followed Daraeya through the Seattle precinct doors. He heard a soft scoff up ahead.

“Quit your snivelling, Phoenix.” Daraeya said. “Even small relationships like this one take time. You need a bit more patience.” She said.

Phoenix just nodded in turn. “She is right. A lot has happened in the short time you’ve known Eris Goodoire. They need time, Fexi.” Dexhi told him.

“Yes. I understand now, I was just a bit…um...I forgot the word for it.” He searched his mind.

“Anxious?” Dexhi offered kindly.

“Yeah, I’m anxious. What if we can never be good partners because of something like….this happening? I don’t think I can be a very good Partner if I don’t know how to console a person I barely know.” He said to Daraeya. They stood in a corner, and Daraeya glanced around the somewhat empty waiting room. A secretary in the standard blue uniform eyed them curiously.

“We will talk about this later. Right now, we focus on finding Bobi Adolow, and the police here will question Eric on their terms, not his.” She said. She patted him on the shoulder, and turned to address the woman at the front desk. Daraeya introduced herself as Roland Moore, and told her that he was looking for an office for about a week. She nodded, and told them both that there was a vacant space waiting to be used.

Phoenix helped Daraeya set everything up, moving in spare desks and a chair. Eric was somewhere in the building, that much Phoenix knew due to Dexhi snooping around in the minds of random passersby looking for any mutinous thoughts about a Mr. Charlton Gaslowe. He was sitting in a room by himself, handcuffed to a chair and with an officer writing on a clipboard eyeing him skeptically.

Finally done with setting everything up, Daraeya sat down and sighed heavily. “Well now,” She stated. “We have to think about what to do once we find Bobi Adolow. What we’re going to ask her more specifically. I tasked Mindy with trying to track her as well before she went off to Georgia, hopefully she’ll get back to me soon.”

“I think we need to ask about this accident of hers.” Phoenix suggested, though he thought it was crass to just outright mention her disability with no tact.

“She may not be what we expect when we go to meet her.” Dexhi said, and Phoenix had to silently agree with him. “The girl has been through some kind of accident before hand.”

“If anything, she may be a villain for all we know. A past like that, it’s enough to make anyone turn to darker prospects.” Daraeya added.

Phoenix shook his head.“I don’t think she’s evil, or a villain at all.” He said. “And we won’t know anything about her until we find her-” Then the phone rang, and the two of them turned to look at it, confused.

Daraeya answered it, a confused tone to her voice. “This is the office of Detective Roland Moore with the Seattle Police Department, what can I do for you?” Her hand shook slightly, as she looked at the receiver with wide eyes. “Miss Adolow! Uh….We need to have a few words with you…”

Phoenix wanted to say something, but Daraeya shushed him. “What…? Yes, there’s someone with me...Yes, he does work for- Oh my god. You’re a Paradox Agent?!” An angry, and somewhat agitated and accented voice came from the speaker. Daraeya handed the phone over to him.

“Um...hello?” Phoenix answered. A woman’s voice, someone much older than him in years, sighed heavily in his ear.

“Finally, another Agent to talk to.” She said. Her accent was strange, and one he hadn’t heard before, but later Dexhi would explain that she was Australian, a place he had never been to. “I figured since both of our assignments line up with each other, we should work together. I heard you’ve been looking for me?”

Phoenix nodded, “Yes! We have, all over actually. We need you for the murder of a man named Darius Winters.”

“Yeah, so I’ve heard. I’m willing to help you, if you can help me. I’m looking for someone as well. Another Agent.”

Phoenix paused, and then racked his brain. Something about this seemed familiar. He remembered when he first went to Max Heighnsworth’s house, Leila had questioned him openly about a missing Agent named-

“You’re looking for Shou Hanamura.” He said.

“Yes. That’s him. You seen him around?” She asked.

“I’ve never even met him, but I can help you find him if that’s what it takes to question you a little.”

Bobi chuckled. “Of course. That’s perfect. When do you want me to come down for questioning?” She asked.

Phoenix looked over to Daraeya, confused. “Tell her to meet you whenever she can.” She said.

“Roland moore says you should meet us down” He told her.

“Okay. Please stand a bit to your right.” She answered.

Phoenix didn’t know what she meant, but did it anyway. He was shocked to see a flurry of green moths surround the spot he used to stand in, only to fly away and reveal a somewhat dizzy Bobi Adolow.

Phoenix looked down at her arms subconsciously, and sure enough one of her hands was entirely shiny, metal.

“Now then.” Bobi said. “Where do you wanna start?


Torzas Mallom- Runaway Nerf Herder who accidentally killed a dude with his stampeding nerfs. Is now on the run with his cousin trying to runaway from persecution.

Issiro Mallom-Accidentally killed a dude with his cousins Nerfs. Is also not very good at being a sith because he lacks the emotional capacity to due sith things, like murdering people purposefully
mindy's post is up now!

Mindy laid on the floor, her eyes wide open, her vision dark and unseeing. She hadn’t moved for quite sometime, and the only person to watch over her was the inquisitive Meln, who looked at her from the metal desk with a worried look. The Tala marks around her eyes that Dexarte had traced when they first met glowed faintly, a tinge of blue highlighting them. “Is it working?” Meln asked.

“I don’t know.” Mindy said quietly. “I’ve never tried before now.” She really hoped this crazy idea would work, she was just getting used to the weird crying ability, learning how to talk to a Goddess of the Earth using face tattoos seemed a bit too extreme. Her vision remained dark, yet she knew the marks were glowing. Her eyes felt heavy, and a familiar soft throb of pain ringed under eyes. She could feel them prick painfully with tears; she got up and angrily rubbed at her face. “Dammit. It’s like every time I need to use my eyes for something other than seeing-”

“The tears try to spill out, huh?” Meln asked sadly. He sighed, his head sitting on his folded hands. He leaned over the back of a chair and stared at her. “Is there any other way to contact this ‘Dexarte’ friend of yours?”

Mindy shook her head. “I don’t know any other way! The last time she showed up, she just came from nowhere.” She told him. “Dexarte is the only one I know who can find Bobi Adolow. And Adolow is the only person who knows about what Darius was doing. She may even know who killed him.” Meln nodded solemnly.

“Actually, I just got word from Daraeya, and we know who murdered Darius now.” Dexarte spoke in her mind. Mindy froze, shocked into silence. Dexarte chuckled, “I am sorry for not answering earlier. I was a bit busy with other things. I understand you are looking for Bobi Adolow, but I’m here to tell you that you aren’t alone in your search anymore.”

Meln looked at her strangely, and Mindy cursed in her mind. She couldn’t explain that Dexarte was talking to her now, without Meln thinking she had gone crazy. Dexarte huffed, and appeared before the both of them, spooking Meln so much he fell right out of his chair.

Dexarte smiled mischievously at Meln’s surprised figure on the floor. “Hello.” She said simply, waving a small hand at him. He raised his own nervously. “Anyway, I am Dexarte. I’m here to tell you more about the investigation Mindy.” Dexarte offered Mindy a hand, as she stood up from laying down on the floor.

“Right. Who else is looking for Adolow besides us now?” Mindy asked.

Dexarte walked over to the long metal table where Mindy usually did all of her experiments. She gently moved some of the equipment out of the way, and beckoned for the two of them to look at what she was doing on its surface. Dexarte traced a finger through the dust collecting on the polished metal. “Phoenix and Eris have decided that they have to help you find this Bobi Adolow girl as well, because Daraeya was right. She is connected to Darius Winters, though not in the way she thought originally.”

As her finger ran through the light dust, Mindy and Meln could see it rearranging itself to form a symbol, or rune that neither had seen before. “The murderer of Darius Winters is a rogue God called Tul. He, like me, used to have followers and a temple of his own. And he also had a host body like I have. We don’t know why he killed Darius, but…” She finished tracing the table and before them was an old looking rune that twisted in on itself, and had a very distinctive clover shape to it. “I think I have figured out why.”

“What’s this supposed to be?” Meln asked. “Some kind of emblem?”

“It is Tul’s sigil. All Gods have them, mine is what’s etched around your eyes, Mindy. This sigil was on Darius, I believe it was traced in gore on his neck.” She said.

Mindy looked at Dexarte. “How did you figure that out?” She couldn’t remember her being anywhere in town when Darius was murdered.

“Daraeya used her status as ‘Roland Moore’ to check for anything unusual before he could be properly clean. She informed me of the sigil, and that is partly why I was trying to track down Phoenix.” She told her. “Tul was after someone, and Darius held a God inside of him that could of potentially led Tul to that person.”

Meln shook his head, confused. “Who do you think he was after?” He asked.

Dexarte sighed. “ I fear Tul is after Phoenix. And the God that lies within him.” She said. “See, Dexhi and Tul have a complicated history. I’d get into it now, but the short of it is that Dexhi...embarrassed Tul in front of the rest of us, and as punishment Tul banished him to the bottom of the ocean.”

“So why is he after this Dexhi person now? He got what he wanted, right?” Meln said.

“Not exactly. Dexhi has escaped his prison obviously, but with his escape something else was gone with him. A very important jewel that was essentially keeping him locked down was stolen by someone else, this jewel used to belong to Daraeya, but Tul used it to seal Dexhi away in the first place. He’s looking for it now, and he must think one of us, namely Dexhi, has it so he’s trying to track us down one by one.” Daraeya explained.

“This is becoming a very giant tangled web…” Mindy muttered.

“Tell me about it, we haven’t even figured out about your powers yet.” Meln added.

Dexarte chuckled. “Which is why you have help now. I haven’t explained my idea about the jewel and Tul, but it is a start for a positive motive, something this investigation has sorely lacked.”

“ you know where Bobi Adolow is?” Mindy asked her. Dexarte smiled.

“I do, she’s right outside this very building, on an assignment if I'm to be correct.” She said. Mindy and Meln jumped up. Meln gulped.

“Oh no, if Theo and I read those reports right then she could be in danger...the city isn’t safe for supers right about now.” He said, Meln left the room to go and greet Bobi Adolow who was apparently outside.

“Wait, you said she’s on an assignment-?” She turned to meet Dexarte, but Dexarte had disappeared. Mindy sighed, and decided she would find out when she talked to Bobi Adolow.

welp here it is, i don't have anything to say right about now.

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