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Current Hey did you guys know I have art on my profile.
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Today I've decided that my fursona will I'm fact be a giant octopus with five tentacles only. Five is a sacred number, so I thought it would be appropriate for the character. know...
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Oh what a glorious day to be a three eyed deer, and the catalyst for the Lord's wrath! Blessed are those who cower at his hooves.
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Millennials are killing the world domination industry. Keep at it guys, at this rate all those evil scientists and kings are gonna be out of a job soon.
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I don't know what to do with my life, now that I have squandered away all my money on miniature poodle statues! Any advice?
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Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing important things. Like fixing my grades. I study whatever I feel is interesting so Wiccans, Satanists, and all that spooky stuff is kinda cool in my book. Though I wouldn't consider my self to be a goth or a...whatever you call the peeps at hot topic, I do know loads of people who love that shit with a reckless and childlike abandon, so don't worry I am very well handled with talking to people of the spoopy persuasion. It's been awhile since I've role played with anyone. I used to frequent fanfiction forums with a coupple of internet buds but they've all but dropped off the face of the Earth.

So I've come here because the urge to rp was strong again, and you all seem like nice people.

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well I can explain at a later date, just send me questions and i'll answer them when I can get to them, or come up with some of your own ideas, and pitch them.
Okay, so no purple because i have a lot to say.

I and a @VATROU were working on a new arc for everyone to partcipate in, and we have the basics of the idea that we came up with.

So in the world of Paradox there are multiple universes where any and all outcomes are possible. A long time ago, in an entirely different universe, Paraodx and it's entire agency came upon a mysterious mirror that showed them different versions of anyone who looked into its surface (Like, if you looked into the mirror you would basically see an alternate version of yourself in another universe. You could see you, but as a pirate in a pirate universe, or you as a robot, in a universe where everyone is a robot for some reason.) They ended breaking the mirror clumsily, however, and the minute the broken shards touched the ground, they ended ripping holes through the fabric of their material plane, leaving nothing for them to stand on save for empty, endless air (The universe has been ripped away from them sort of like how a rug can be ripped from underneath someone, so that's why they are falling.) One memeber of Paradox helps the others using magic to hold them all in place long enough to create some sort of platform for them to stand on. This way, they are no longer falling through endless, blank space. This, unortunately, freezes the shards in place, meaning now they actually have time to rip through even more universes by just being there in suspended animation. So now holes are being ripped through other dimensions, and I think you know where this is going.

So this paradox agency baiscally goes "Shit we gotta fix this somehow" and start trying to collect te shards, but come to realize they can only grab one shard. (This is where things are gonna get confusing, and it could def use some work, so if anyone wants to chime in to try ad change anything, go right ahead and suggest some stuff) The blank world that Paradox has found themselves in is what I call the Inbetween. It is both a place that has no rules, but has many rules. For instance, you can create anything in this world, but the things you make will often end up retconning eachother. Like, the platform that they are currently standing on as a means to not fall into endless space will only be allowed if they don't create something else that can destroy the platform, like creating dynamite in this world would be possible, but it would mean the platform is gone now because dynamite can destroy it. So they gotta get creative with what they make, and find new solutions for the things that they can't make. Back to the one shard thing, the Inbetween has a very odd rule in regards to the shards. Each universe is permitted one shard each, and vice versa. This means if someone from your world grabs a random shard, no one else in your world will be able to grab another one. You all have to keep that one shard safe, and get the help of others to grab their own shards.

Paradox realizes this, and decides that now they have to try and get into contact with others through the holes in the different universes, and what do you know, there's a hole right next to them on the platform thats just small enough for one person to go through. (I've already got a character I wanted to go through the hole, but as to where this hole leads to I have no Idea, I just no it goes to the universe where all Create A Superhero is canon, so this could lead to Eris' apartment or the Hounds Base or whatever you call that place. We can discuss this whole thing if it's confusing and whatnot, and put in ideas together.)

So while all this is going down, they have run into a few World walkers (A name that Vatrou came up with, I like it.) And these are often beligerent, bad versions of other people from other universes. They're kind of like pirates, because they go to the newly discovered Inbetween, and steal shit from other universes to better their own (Like technology, or fantasy animals they've never seen before.) To stop these rogues, Paradox came up with an idea that the Inbetween would support, and which was also not a way for the platform to disappear. An Arena. The Inbetween is a place built for action it seems, as while their is a rule against taking other shards when you already have one, there is no rule that says you can't win them. So they hold tournaments against many different World Walkers, and whoever loses has to give up their shard. Paradox hasn't lost a fight yet, and currently they are patching the holes in the Inbetween slowly. They hold a total of 23 out of 57 shards. They have a ways to go still.

But this is where your hero's come in! Whose in for traveling to an immaterial plane of existence and having a Dragonball esque tournament arc to save the known universe? (It still needs a bit work, which is why we both need some input. So tell us what you think, please.)
also is anyone else doing inktober this year, cause the prompt list is a mix of awesome and weird this year.
welp I was able to get phoenix's second post up. if you guys need like a synopsis of whats happened so far Darius Winters has been murdered by someone, Mindy has discovered her powers finally, Phoenix has found his Paradox partner and is close to getting the rest of Daraeya's orange jewel, and Eris is both consoling mindy, and contemplating whether or not they should even continue on with training at Paradox or if they should just stay by Mindy's side and let her grieve.

so yeah, things are really picking up now, and we are close to meeting some more members of Paradox that aren't Leila or Phoenix. The next member we'll meet is the allusive Shou Hanamura, Max Heighnsworths old Paradox partner, who went on the run and left HQ without leaving a trace. I have a feeling you guys will really like Shou, though he doesn't talk a whole lot, he is in fact the first character I ever made for this Paradox Agency world, so he's an oldie, but a goodie.

like I said before, I am moving, and will definitely not have anytime this weekend to write, so posts will be late until the 15th, when I will finally move out of my house.

Murder was something that Phoenix was well acquainted with. He remembered how his sister had come to meet her end so many years ago, so the tear stained eyes of Mindy Diasco were nothing new to him. He was standing outside of the police briefing room, or at least that’s what they had called it. Phoenix was called in by a detective who got word that he had visited the small town from the locals. The police station was an inviting place for him, he had never actually stepped foot in one, but he had heard they existed from various members of Paradox. One such member being Beatrice Hanamura, a nice woman who acted as the agency’s blacksmith in a way. “Police stations are kind of scary if you’ve never been in one before.” She had told him one time. “Just know that if you ever find yourself in front of an officer, it’s best to be compliant. Going against orders can lead to deadly consequences.”

The precinct didn’t seem all that scary to Phoenix. He actually kind of liked sitting in the waiting area next to Mindy, though he figured he shouldn’t be too happy right now. He glanced down at the girl sitting next to him. She hadn’t spoken a word to him at all, not since she walked in and saw him sitting there. She had let out a little gasp of confusion. “Do I….?” She was about to ask who he was, but recognition graced her features once she got closer to him. She said nothing, and sat down next to him, patiently waiting. She wore a mask of despair and tiredness.

She looked different from when he last saw her. Her eyes had a bluish tinge around them, and he wondered if someone had hurt her somehow. “It’s unkind to stare, Phoenix.” The God spoke to him. He quickly looked away, ashamed he had been gawking at someone like that. Just when he was about to consider answering the voice back, the door to the briefing room opened and Eris Goodoire stepped out. They still wore the brightly colored clothing that Pheonix found to be a pain to look at, but their expression was far too dismal for their attire.

The man behind them was tall, and business like. He wore an unbuttoned suit jacket, with a plain white dress shirt underneath. Phoenix hadn’t brushed up very well on his future fashion attire knowledge, but even he could tell that this so called detective was a little bit over dressed for his job. “Alright, thanks for being cooperative Miss Goodoire. I’m going to need to speak to Mindy next.” He gestured toward Mindy, not sparing Phoenix a cursory glance. She didn’t move, and the detective noticed this. “Hey, I said I need you for questioning.” He said it a bit louder, as if she couldn’t hear him.

Eris glanced nervously back at the detective. Suddenly Beatrice’s words of advice about listening to the law echoed in his ears. He decided to speak up. “Uh...'Excuse me, miss. He need you.” It was a bit broken, but he was sure it got the point across. Mindy seemed to shake out of her stupor when she heard his voice. She looked up at him confused, before she suddenly seemed to remember where she was.

“Oh, right.” She said, hollowly. She got up, and made her way into the briefing room with the detective. Eris sighed heavily, and took Mindy’s spot next to him. They both sat quietly for awhile.

“So,” Eris began. “Any idea why they want you here?” They asked.

Phoenix thought for a moment, he had been trying to muster up an answer to that very question himself, but he just couldn’t understand what the death of Darius Winters had to do with him. He shook his head. “No, I know nothing.” He said.

The two of them sat in uncomfortable silence for a little while, neither even looking at the other. Phoenix had to wonder how he came to be partners with someone like Eris Goodoire. It wasn’t just their terrible taste in clothing, but their name and their looks. There was just something achingly familiar about them, yet he couldn’t place why. He had never met Eris before, and seeing how this was the future essentially, he couldn’t have met them. Still, he had a hard time looking at their face for too long. It scared him a little.

“What’s Paradox like?” They suddenly asked. He jumped at hearing their voice.

“It’s nice.” Phoenix said. “Good people there.”

“Really now? How long have you been in Paradox?” They turned to look at him.

“Some months. I have few missions, though.” He answered. “We’re partners. You and me.”


Phoenix nodded. “All members get partner when they join, eventually.” He said.

“I’m not joining Paradox though.” Eris said, which surprised Phoenix. “I was supposed to just go for practice, not to be a member or anything.”

“Oh.” He didn’t know what say to that.

“I don’t think I’m even going to do that now…”

“Yes you are, ma’am.” Charlton arrived at the precinct. He walked toward them, a stern look on his face as he spoke.“I know this has been a rather difficult two days, but you need to control your powers however you can.” He nodded at Phoenix. “Hello, Phoenix. What brings you here, tonight?”

“I don’t know.” He answered. “What….what will he do? When I go to the room with him?”

“You’ve never been to a precinct before?” Eris asked, confused.

Phoenix shook his head. “I have never seen a police officer before.” He said.

“No need to worry, then. You just have to answer his questions honestly.” Charlton explained. Phoenix looked taken aback.

“He will ask me questions? About… Darius Winters?”

“Most likely. That’s what they asked me about, anyway.” Eris said. They leaned back in their chair, and closed their eyes. “He’s a strange one, that detective.” They murmured.

Charlton took a seat, and the three of them waited for Mindy to come out of the room. Phoenix and the God of the Sea played a friendly game of I-Spy while waiting, and then the door finally opened. The Detective looked smug when Phoenix saw him, and this time the man decided to give him a once over. He seemed to grow even more secure of himself when he glanced at Phoenix.

"Your turn." He pointed toward Phoenix. Phoenix got up, slowly. He looked at Charlton and Eris, who both gave him encouraging looks. The Detective ushered him into the small breifing room, and Phoenix relaxed when he saw what the room actually looked like. Just a table, two chairs, and white walls. Nothing to be afraid of in here, and the Detective even gave off a friendly vibe. "Take a seat please." He gestured at a chair at the end of the table. Phoenix gingerly sat down in the plastic armchair, and faced the detective with a brave face. He seemed younger than most adults Phoenix had seen in this building, and he held a nice, kind air about him that made you want to trust him. "I am wary of this one, Pheonix." The god whispered. Phoenix gulped nervously at his words.

"So, Mr....Phoenix, is it? Can you tell me why you were sent here this week?" The detective asked. Phoenix nodded, though he didn't answer. The detective cleared his throat, impatiently.

"I...I came to meet my partner." He said, slowly. The detective nodded, and scribbled something down on a notepad. Phoenix couldn't read it very well, it was all in english. "Ask his name, match stick." The god spoke again. Phoenix was glad he had someone else in the room to guide him, just a little. "What's your name?" He asked, clearly.

"I am detective Roland Moore." He answered. "You seem a little more talkative than I thought." Roland observed.

"I just don't talk very well. In english." Phoenix explained. Roland nodded, chuckling patronizingly.

"Yeah, I can see that. So you're meeting a partner. Would that partner happen to be Ms.Goodoire?" He asked.

"Yes, they are my partner. I got no chance to tell them in time. I was..." He searched his mind for the right word. "Late." The detective nodded.

"Okay, that's unfortunate I guess." Roland shrugged the answer off as if it didn't matter to him. "How did you know Darius Winters?"

"I didn't. Not actually." Phoenix said. "I just met him. Couple days ago."

Roland smriked, and gave Phoenix an amused look. "Really now? So this is the angle your playing, huh?" He asked. Phoenix looked at him confused.

I don't-"

"I know you can hear me, Dehxi." Roland seethed through gritted teeth. He was glaring at Phoenix, but he had a feeling that Roland wasn't really looking at him, but rather in him instead. The Rolun spoken into the room was a sound that Phoenix missed dearily, and he nearly gasped when he heard it. Roland continued on, a completely new person than the one Phoenix had aquainted himself with. "You can't keep ignoring me like this. First Goodoire, and now you?! I would think you'd have had more class than that." He gestured toward Phoenix. "And what is this host you have chosen? This wasn't the deal at all!"

Suddenly, Phoenix felt a burst of pain from his left eye. It was excruxiating, and he tried to scream, but that familiar calm song of the waves washed over him, claiming his voice. His mouth spoke words that were not his, and his voice trembled like it was somebody else's. It was somebody else's. "I had no choice, Daraeya. The boy was the closest thing to a healthy body then. That idiotic village leader was poisoning them all with your jewel, yet he laid untouched." Phoenix could still see out his other eye, and was able to read Rolands- no Daraeya's, facial expressions. He calmed down a little.

"I can't believe you." Daraeya shook his head. "Do you know how long I have been trapped in the mortal realm because of Goodoire and his stupid antics? Far too long! You said you would get the jewel back, and in my hand."

Phoenix felt his shoulders shrug against his own will. "I am sorry, Daraeya, but I am trying. You will have to be more patient." He said. "It doesn't even matter right now, what matters is this mortals death." He must be referring to Darius Winters.

Daraeya shook his head sadly. "He was Brune's host body." He said. "Brune is lost with no anchor, and no lover, and no-" Phoenix was so utterly lost and confused at this point. He didn't want to interrupt the God of The Sea, however.

"Enough of that. We have roles to play. You find out who killed Brune, and I'll get another shard along the way. We can't keep talking for too long, the other's will grow suspicious of Fexixote." Dehxi, the God of the Sea, spoke Phoenix's name, and it shocked him deeply. The pain receded, and it was almost as if it were not there at all. Phoenix rubbed his eye, softly. Daraeya looked him over.

"You will follow what Dexhi says, won't you?" He asked, threateningly. Phoenix nodded, earnestly. He nodded, "Good. Don't tell anyone about this talk, though Goodoire has probably spilt the beans already, knowing how he is."

"Who...?" Phoenix asked confused. He felt like the name Goodoire was familiar, yet he never knew why. If Daraeya knows the name well, then maybe there is a reason for that.

"Nevermind that. Dehxi will explain all, he is a powerful god. You should feel honored you are his host." Daraeya said. Phoenix just nodded again, and Daraeya dismissed him.

"I will explain all at a quieter time." Dehxi spoke from within his mind. "Just act normal. If the others ask you what Daraeya talked to you about, just say Darius Winters. I was right to be wary of that one, Felixolo...." Dehxi sounded like he regretted ever going into the briefing room with Daraeya.

"Yes, you were very correct."
hey so here it is finally, lets hope I can get the other one's done faster while all this shit is still going on.

hey its me again, sorry its taking so long, I'm moving houses and shit.
Hey peeps, how are you all? Can't wait to fight. Ready to brung my pal up to #1! But I doubt it'll happen though

They've just been fighting a whole bunch, mainly. I'd be more active on here if it weren't for school, and some other roleplays, like I'm kind of maining the the superheroe roleplay board atm, and I can't really fight in the arena. from the looks of it, however, it looks like I shouldn't do that anyway, since its been like a month, and everyone is still bickering about change and whatnot.
Hey guys, its me, just checking in to say I've been busy with school, and I'm also moving so I haven't had time to write the next post. I've been sort of just writing it sporadically any chance I get so I hope you guys can just bare with me, Phoenix's post is next, it's just taking a while, lol.

Also I've noticed you guys are almost done with the current arc, and I've been meaning to talk about another one that me and Vatrou were co-creating, but we kind of need the forums input first. I'll talk more about it later, when I have some damn time, maybe I'll make a sheet or some shit that has the basic ideas for what we came up with.

but anyway, yeah let me know what you think of all that.

“Darius was married, you know.” Mindy said from across the table. Eris was with her, they both sat at a table in the Pig and Anchor diner on the east side of town. They hadn’t ordered anything, though the waitress had stopped by to place two menus on the table in front of them. She took one, sad look at Mindy before scuttling off without a word.

“I didn’t know that.” They said. Mindy had her eyes glued to a spot on the marble table, a red stain of ketchup left from months ago blotched the oak paneling. Her eyes were red, and her vision was undeniably blurry. It felt as if she still had more tears to cry, yet none would come. Mindy could tell that Eris was feeling uncomfortable at the diner, especially so early in the morning.

“He was married to a detective. He never told anyone, he didn’t like about his life like that.” She said, quietly. Her finger scraped the edge of the table lightly. “I don’t know what to do now. Or whose going to tell his husband. Or whose going to take care of Snowflake, or if I’m even going to be in Snowflake, anymore.” She paused for awhile, and they both sat in silence. The waitress came over again, and set down to glasses of iced tea that neither ordered. Mindy took her glass, and nursed it while they talked. She almost took a sip, but couldn't bring herself to even drink from it because the only smell lodged in her nose was that of the bleach they used on Mix Tape. To get rid of the blood. Mindy wondered why someone would bleed when being hanged, but there was a small part of her psyche desparately trying to block such a question from her mind. Eris spoke up finally.

“You’ll still be in Snowflake, Mindy...I know you probably don’t care about that right now, though.” They said. “Let’ about what you wanna do now. And then worry about all that other stuff, okay? Tackle the small things.”

Mindy nodded her head, slowly. “Okay.” She spoke softly.

“We’re at a diner now. Are you hungry for anything?

“No.” She said.

Eris nodded. “Do you want to go home, now?”

“, but I can’t. My parents are on active duty. Darius was looking after me until then."

Eris nodded, solemnly. “Right. Then... that crosses food and rest off the list.” Mindy perked up at the sound of rest. She was tired, and still grieving. She appreciated Eris trying to help her in their own way, but no amount of food, or music could take her minds eye away from the image of Darius hanging from the scaffolding of Mix Tape.

“Actually, rest doesn’t sound too bad.” She said.

Eris smiled. “You can stay with Charlton and me, for the time being. If you want, that is.”

“Yes. That...that’s what I’m going to do now.”


Mindy decided that she would take a small nap in Eris and Charlton’s small apartment. The hotel she and Darius had shared, though grieving alongside her, couldn’t really let her keep the room. The apartment was perfect; it was small, and Eris' bed wasn't so bad though they really needed to clean the sheets. She laid in the bed, her head completely submerged in the blankets. Once her head hit the pillow, she began to cry. It wasn't like the other times she had cried though. Yesterday, for example, she had cried a whole lot. There was a lot of inconsolable sobbing, and a few tearful wails.

This cry was silent, she couldn't even fathom the energy to whimper silently. Her throat felt tight with sorrow, her voice was completely gone for the entire time she cried underneath Eris' blankets. Soon what began as a few tears, turned to many, and then the pillow was soaked. Mindy slowly got up, a completely defeated mess after crying for 15 minutes on Eris' pillow. Her face was wet, and the tears were still streaming when she decided she couldn't sleep or scream.

It was early morning, Eris had taken her out to eat at around 6. Mindy knew that if it had been any other day, or if it had been a different timeline, she would of asked why so early. But she knew why. It would take awhile to get Darius' body down from the building. Whoever put him there had tied him to it elaborately. When Mindy first saw his body on her tiny phone screen, she knew what type of knots and how terse the rope was. She knew his arms must have been hurting being held in that awkward postion, and that his spine had to have been severed due to the coil wound around his waist. To describe the way Darius looked when he was hanging from Mix Tape would be very difficult. It's hard to imagine how one's foot could be twisted and pulled so that the toes face toward the head. It's not easy to talk about how you could severe a hip bone with a coil of rope, and a terrible pully system.

Mindy's fist clenched in the sheets, as she sat on the side of the bed. Her shirt was now wet. The tears had not stopped. The window in Eris' room showcased the sun rising slowly over a sleepy Provence, New Jersey. She doubted anyone could have seen something like this coming, but once she thought about it seriously...She still couldn't understand why it had to be Darius. The legs of her jeans were now wet. The tears were still flowing, and she could not scream. She stared listlessly into the suns glare, silently hoping that if she stared long enough she would stop crying.

The door to the apartment opened. She knew from the heavy footsteps that it wasn't Eris. Charlton stepped into the room, and she could practically feel his eyes bore into the back of her head. "Miss Mindy. How are you feeling, this morning?" She could not scream, and oh how she wanted to in that moment. She turned to him, and he saw her tear stained face. She saw his face blanch, and his chest heave as he breathed in deeply. "I'll let you grieve then-" He began to walk away from the doorway.

"Wait." Her voice came out strained, and tired. It did not sound like her voice at all. She could feel the tremor, and it pained her to speak, as if she had been silent for thousands of years and was just now getting used to her voice. "Please stay." Charlton nodded, and sat down next to her on the bed. He pretended not to notice how sopping wet the pillow was. Or the bed. Or how Mindy seemed not at all like herself today, and that Darius was not a contributing factor this time.

"I..." Charlton tried to speak. "I understand how you must feel right now. I have lost people close to me before, many times." He said. "If you want to cry, then it's alright. We'll give you as much time as you need."

"Who did you lose?" Mindy asked, bluntly. Charlton tried hard not to stare at her face because of how messy the tears made her look. He resisted the urge to give her a tissue, but he had a feeling these were tears you couldn't just wipe away. He cleared his throat, awkwardly.

"Well, he was a close friend of mine. We used to live in the same city for awhile, but then he moved away, and I became a butler." He recounted. "I used to work for him, and it was almost as if he had never moved away then. It was nice to see him again, after all those years."

Mindy stared at him, still with tearful eyes. "And he died?" She asked.

"He was killed. By a super, actually." Charlton spoke softly. Mindy let the words sink in, her mind was too muddled in grief to pinpoint her ideas.

"A super? Why...?" She began to ask.

"He was a villain behind the scenes. I never knew, the entire time I worked for him, he was plotting villainous things." He said. "I cried, much like you are doing now. Betrayal was one thing, but I was just sad he was gone."

Mindy gulped. "Oh. I understand' I'm sorry for asking."

"It's fine. It happened a long time ago, way before you were even born probably." He laughed a little. "I hope you feel better miss, though I won't blame you if you never will. Losing people is hard, I understand that more than anything." He stood up, finally. "Eris and I will be down at the police precinct. They might ask you to come after awhile, so be prepared for that."

Mindy nodded, not noticing the tears had finally dried and she was no longer crying. That strange tightness in her throat was gone, and she felt like she wanted to talk more. The scream she had wanted to release moments ago was gone now, the urge to release some form of sorrow had passed. The pillow was still wet, however. She didn't know what was wrong with her eyes before when she was crying, but seeing how she had never actually experienced something to this degree, she chocked it up to something that anyone would experience when filled with sadness.

Her eyes had been like a faucet, and it had hurt slightly to cry. She touched the skin under her eye and flinched slightly. It hurt badly. She had somehow hurt herself crying. She got up off the bed, and went to the bathroom to better see herself. The door to the bathroom was open when she went inside, and the mirror was dirty.

However it wasn't dirty enough to hide the two dark blue bruises forming around her eyes. She leaned into the mirror, confused, and went to touch it again but stopped when she saw her hand in the mirror. A tiny splotch of an inky blue substance had stained her fingers, the same hand she used to prod her eye from before. She squinted at it, slightly scared now. The bruises on her eyes weren't bruises. Not at all. They soon began to drip, and run down her face like tears, and the inky blue substance spilled into the sink, and on the bathroom countertop.

Her breathing quickened, and she slammed into the wall backpedaling away from the mirror. She stumbled out of the bathroom, and made her way back to the bedroom. She shuddered in horror when she saw the giant, blue stain on the bed sheets, and the pillow. Her tears had seemingly dried, and turned a startling blue. She felt sick then.

The urge to scream came back, but that terrible, familiar tightness closed around her throat. She could feel the tears come this time, but they were not her own.

welp here is mindy's post, and finally I'm getting to her cool powers! It's gonna be awhile before she starts using them for good and shit, so bear with me. in other news, I'm excited to start writing as Pheonix again, it feels like forever since his first post, and I know you guys love him, so I'm gonna start brainstorming the minute I put this up!

"So, when do you think you can do this interview?" Kyle Yuuteki asked, as he leaned enthusiastically over his desk in the Provence radio station downtown. It was one of two separate radio stations that were created and funded solely for the use of the Yuuteki twins. Kyle worked in the East building, and was responsible for the more somber stories told on the news. Eris, who had to take a step back due to Kyle's exciting nature, looked utterly embarrassed for what they had to do next. "I'll do the interview now, if you want." They said, a nervous smile gracing their face. Kyle's eyes glowed a startling amber, before they cooled down again upon remembering his sister.

"Kassandra would be...livid if I did this without her." He said. Mindy stood next to Eris, and she had a protective hand on their shoulder.

"Why don't you two just do the same interview together?" She suggested.

Kyle shook his head. "Kassandra and I have agreed to keeping our stories separate from each others. It gives us a sort of edge, and keeps us unique." He said. "You have to do two interviews, and then we'll research your friend."

Eris grimaced. They didn't like that at all, but a firm pat on the shoulder from Mindy reminded them that they were not entirely alone in this. Swallowing their fear, they said, "Yes, okay. I will do the interviews. It's for a...sort of good cause I guess."

Mindy smiled, "Yeah, don't worry about it. Interviews are easy peasy!"

The interview would take place in a room with a light, a fake potted plant, and cameras. Eris and Kyle sat in different faced chairs, Kyle held a clipboard in his hands. Eris squeezed the arm rest, to ground themselves. Mindy stood in the background, giving a thumbs up from backstage, expertly hidden behind a deep velvet curtain."So, Mr. Goodoire, I am aware you prefer neither pronoun correct? What is your greatest achievement since coming here to tiny, little Provence, New Jersey?" Kyle asked, professionally. Eris gulped and tried to think of an answer.

"Well...I haven't really used my powers for all that much. I would say the greatest thing I ever did was...uh, that time I stopped those bank robbers from robbing 1st Colony?" They said, unsure.

Kyle nodded, however, as if that answer was satisfactory. It wasn't to Eris, it sounded like a stuttering mess of words to them. "Nice. You did an amazing job then. You know, you're powers are especially unique in the super world, at least I think so. What kind of training are getting to control them?" He asked. Eris perked up. This was a question they could answer.

"Actually, I'm friends with Leila Mayner." They said, sheepishly. Leila's name would surely wow viewers more than their own.

"The head of Paradox? Such tight connections. Paradox, unlike what we would expect of an organization of their caliber, aren't the most secretive of agencies. I guess this means working with an identity is out of the question completely?" Kyle said.

"Yeah, secrets aren't really my thing. And besides, I've got nothing to really hide."

"You're past is quite colorful, literally." He gestured toward the bright clothing they wore. "'You're past and origin are strange to say the least. We've heard quite the tale from the butler..." "But you want my take on it, huh?" They asked. They sighed."It is what it is. That's...all I have to say on the matter."

Kyle nodded somberly. "I understand. It is a rough past, to be quite honest with you. Uh..." He cleared his throat. "We here in Provence are very...Grateful for you coming here, Eris. Helping a small town like us out instead of taking your powers else where, to a bigger city..."

Eris waved his thanks away. "It's nothing, really. I'm happy to help out." They said. Kyle straightened up, and awkwardly shifted in his seat.

"Well, I think we're done here now. Thanks for tuning into KRCTV at 9, stay tuned for the 10 o' clock program with Kassandra Yuuteki, as she will be holding the follow up interview here with Mr. Eris Goodoire, or as the citizens of tiny Provence like to call him, E.G. Thank you, and have a wonderful night." The camera man, the only camera man in Provence actually, signalled to them that the camera was off, and they both got up at the same time.

"Uh...Eris, I really did mean what I said, you know about the town appreciating you." Kyle said. "It wasn't just camera talk."

"Yeah, I know. And again, I'm happy to help." They said, smiling. Mindy bounded up to them, happily.

"You did wonderful! See, I told you it wouldnt be so bad!" She said, humming softly. "Now it's off to across the street!"

"The radio stations are literally across the street from each other?" Eris asked, bemused. "Man, that's some sibling rivalry right there."

"Kassandra's building is smaller compared to mine though," Kyle said, smugly. "I doubt you'll enjoy her studio as much as the one me and Chris have here." Chris, being the only camera man in Provence waved energetically toward the group as he packed up his things across the room. Eris refrained from rolling their eyes.

Kassandra's studio was the exact same as Kyle's. In fact, the two were so similar, Eris did a double take across the street, trying to make certain they stepped in the correct building. Chris, the camera man, had followed them to the building and was quietly setting up again in the exact same spot he was just set up in Kyle's studio. Mindy sighed, amused at the identical surroundings. "You gotta admit, they're commited to the Twin bit, through and through." She said. Eris just nodded, confused.

"You're here!" Kassandra came whirling out of her office, a ray of sunshine and energy. She grabbed Eris' arm, and dragged them over to the same exact chair that they just sat in, albeit in a different building. "I just saw the 9 o' clock news, you were amazing on there! So professional!" She said. Mindy walked up to stand behind their chair. Kassandra gasped when she saw her. "And I saw you, as well! I mean, you didn't speak at all, but it's so nice to see two best friends supporting each other like this! Kyle explained to me you're..." She leaned in to whisper. "Position...on interviews. And I get it, I understand. Interviews are yucky, especially with a past like your's, and a mother on an anti super crusade-"

"My mother?" Eris balked. They remembered mindy mentioning something about Charlice being on some crusade against supers. "What's the deal with that anyway? Is it a small thing or...?" They asked Kassandra.

"You don't know? Well, of course you wouldn't! Duh, Kassandra." She bonked herself on the head lightly. "I haven't covered this story, mainly because no one outside of Atlanta actually thinks Charlice is going to succeed in her whole 'Abolish all the Supers' idea." She chuckled, laughing at the very idea of illegalizing supers. Mindy gulped nervously, and Eris looked as if they had heard the worst news yet. "But not to worry, right now we have an interview, starting in 3, 2, 1.... Good evening, citizens of Provence New Jersey, I'm Kassandra Yuuteki here with the 10 o'clock news cast. Firt things first, we have an interview with Miss Eris Goodoire, the esteemed new super in town, E.G!" She stealthily pressed a button underneath her armrest, and a fake round of applause issued from hidden speakers.

Mindy tried not laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. "Hi." Eris waved to the camera, nervously.

"So, we understand that you're powers are kind of dangerous, but I mean, c'mon. Music powers? What's that like?" Kassandra asked, leaning forward on her chin.

"Well it's actually pretty fun to use my powers. I know a lot of supers think their powers are a curse or a stain on society, but I think mine can spread a bit of positivity to others." They said.

"We've all seen you in action before, I mean the way you destroyed those robbers with the power of Marvin Gaye, it was the most hilarious thing I think any of us in Provence have ever seen." Kassandra said. Mindy couldn't hold back a giggle, they hadn't exactly heard all of the details of Eris' first save, but she had to admit the idea alone left alot to the imagination.

Eris laughed as well, the memory easing the tension a bit. "Yeah, that was pretty funny. I'm just glad no one got hurt." They said. "Though the bankrobbers probably don't apprecite me saying that..." They had a wild memory of one guy in a ski mask being rolled up in a terrible 70's afro out of the bank as music swelled around the room.

"I'm sure they don't like it at all." Kassandra agreed. "Next question..." The interview with Kassandra was going great, Eris felt as if they were being ridiculous for being so afraid of doing the interviews. Mindy kept encouraging them, and laughing even more as she was filled in via Kassandra about all of the ridiculous capers Eris had solved. Though it was faint, Eris welcomed the sound gladly, happy that there was something else to ground them during the interview besides the chair they sat in.

Mindy's phone buzzed suddenly, and she went to answer it. Chris, the Camera Man, also paused to answer his phone. When Mindy opened it, she was met with an utterly horrific sight. She let out a strangled cry.

Eris shot up out of the chair, "MIndy?" They asked concerned. "Whats wro-" They stopped when they spotted the disgusting image on her screen.

It was a picture of Mix Tape, the new club that was meant to open in a couple of days. Hanging from the scaffolding, however, was the unmistakable body of Darius Winters.
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