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Current Oh man I am so tired but oh well sleep is for the weak
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god i haven't been online in AGES
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I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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Hey did you guys know I have art on my profile.


Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing my homework.

I have a Deviantart @LiseranThistle, please consider checking my artwork out if you like my profile picture.

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"It'll be misfortunate because I tend to have a rather adverse effect on people...I've been told I'm quite the 'Debby Downer', or whatever that means..." She explained to Katalynn. "I'm not from 'Canada'...I've never even heard of a place like that before." She was starting to kind of like her new roommates...even if they were a little strange, she could just chalk that up to the unusual school they had all enrolled in. It didn't get its reputation from nothing, after all. The dorms were nice, and she even sort of liked the halls, however she definitely wasn't going to express this. It was too much work on her poor, melted face. "I wonder what the teachers are like...I never got to meet any, I'm afraid...on account of being so late to the welcoming party."


Jackie noticed the new girl, and almost wanted to go and hide in the bathroom. "So many new people...I didn't know about having to live with so many, I'm afraid." She said. "I guess I have to introduce myself...yet again. My name's Jackie O' Lanamere...I'm from Candela, it's misfortunate meeting you."


"My picture...?" Jackie muttered. "I've never had a picture taken of me before. It's kind of a weird way. Sure, go ahead and take the picture."


Jackie heard them having a conversation in the other room, and decided she would go and introduce herself to the new comer. Though...what if I scare her off...? Not many people have heard of a candle girl around here... She decided she would take her chances, and she walked out of the bathroom, and greeted Kate and Alura once more.

"I didn't know I would have two I feel overworked..." She mused. "That's more people to disappoint."


Jackie nodded at her, and decided that the first place she should check out was the bathroom. That was definitely a place she should go to, given the whole Wick and Flame problem. It was pretty small, but she thought that it would suffice for her issues. "Ah...I see there is a lot of water here..." She commented. "That should be perfect for me."

Jackie was, for once in her life, a little put off by this person before her. She's too positive to be normal...It kind of creeps me out... She then berated herself even more for such an awful thought, and tried to force a smile on her face to return to Alura. Instead however, it looked like an awful grimace rather than a smile, so the end result was more terrifying than welcoming

"I-I'm sure we will become friends...or maybe acquaintances... Actually, you feel more like a 'Person I sit with during class to feel less lonely'."

Jackie went over to the window, and looked out for a second, seeing the steep drop to the ground. "Fire magic, obviously...I am a Candelabra, after all." She explained. "Fire magic's all we really know...I've never known a Candelabra who was attuned with anything other than Fire..."

She noticed something was just a about Alura. Why's her voice keep doing that thing?, she wondered. Then she silently berated herself for thinking such rude things, and about someone she had just met, too!How disgraceful, Jackie...but no one is surprised.

Jackie sighed rather dejected, "I'm a Candelabra, from Candela. Not like you've heard of it before...we're easy to forget." She told the girl. She debated on reaching out to her to shake her hand, and for once her depressing thoughts weren't enough to stop her from being friendly. "I'm Jackie...I'd try harder to sound happy about introductions, but I'm still thinking about being here."

Standing in the halls of Fae Creek, Jackie could finally feel the weight of her decision to come here. I'm gonna be here for months...maybe even years..., she thought to herself. The ceiling beams that reached high into the sky, and arched overhead were extremely intimidating for some reason. Makes me almost wish I had a hole to crawl into...She had been quite late to party, and didn't think it would be appropriate for her to just show up late. She wasn't even dressed well enough to use the "Fashionably Late" excuse, so she decided to just skip the party entirely.

She trudged her way down the halls, looking for her room, and trying desperately to remember where she was supposed to go. She made her way to the room slowly, walking up the stairs. Her wicks were out, only because she knew that it wouldn't exactly be courteous to fill the building with smoke and wax as she walked. She came upon a door, one she knew to be the one to her dorm, and opened it.

She frowned, seeing the room wasn't, in fact, empty. "Oh...there's someone else here already...?" She noted. "I was hoping I would be alone for the first few hours of the no one would have to deal with me."


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