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I'm an old, returning member to the site. I used to play years and years ago back in the early 2000s until the site did an 'update' over the winter holiday and everything got wiped.

I've returned, and I am seeking lots of epic RP moments and fun in just about any genre. I tend to lean towards Advanced RPs, but I do also have a love of Instant-Message RP through things like Discord. Don't be shy! If you would like to know about me, my characters, or any of the campaign settings I've put together for roleplays in the past or plans for the future, shoot me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can!

Also- you should be able to find me on RPGuild's Discord. Feel free to shoot me a message there- I'll probably see that before I see anything online here on the site. Just look for Little Fae!~

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I imagined the scale of the 'mechs' in this were more akin to Hawken in size, just- less ice-skatey. At least based on the interest check page. I'm also keen to verify the size of mechs before we get too heavy into the IC.
Alright Character is in the CS tab and I've got my first IC post up. ♥

The glint of morning sunlight searing it's way into the fields of solar panels reflected brightly in blinding flashes. The blurred movement between two of the large fenced-off solar fields stirred up a cloud of dust in it's wake. The open fields and dry climate made for a nice flat space to run performance trials.

The source of the commotion was young Fae Gaul, storming across open public property outside of town, testing the speed and maneuverability of her mech's chassis after the long flight locked in storage aboard a Jump-ship and Shuttle. Having arrived just a day prior, The steady thump of machine legs pounding into the dusty soil kicked up large clouds of dust that would drift on the light breeze and over the more northern bank of solar arrays. The machine was of fairly average size, and even at a distance, it was clearly armed. This was no dockyard work-mech. Two barrels glinted menacingly at the front of the chassis with the raised cockpit canopy behind it. The powered-down laser turret on top of the machine swiveled and tracked 'targets' as the machine stomped across the open ground. Two large pods devoid of munitions were quite clearly missile launchers.

Approaching the city limits and slowing to a stop just beside the major freeway that ran into the city, Fae's mech stopped short and the canopy popped open. Reaching up to wipe the back of her hand across her brow, Fae sighed and flicked the sweat away as she stared up at the sun almost annoyed. "So bloody hot here. Why are they hosting the tournament in a place like this?!" she asked to no one in particular.

"Keine Ahnung, Fraulein." a low masculine voice replied from the speakers on the inside of her helm and her Mech's cockpit alike. Glancing down at the technical readout for the performance statistics of her mech, Fae sighed, "Nevermind, Pagan..." she scolded the v.i. "... I wasn't asking you." The computer seemed to give an acknowledging tone before announcing, "Es tut mir leid."

Amused that her mech was apologizing to her, Fae snickered and shook her head, "It's fine, Pagan." she said, reaching out over the lip of the canopy and patting the machine's hull right over the bit of paint that denoted the mech's name. It was a pointless gesture, the mech couldn't 'feel' it. The impact sensors wouldn't be triggered at all by the gesture. It probably didn't even register.

Turning her attention back to the screen with performance numbers and bars she tapped her lip, "Make a note to tune the actuator in the right ankle 1 degree inward, looks like it loosened during the trip here." she said softly. "Other than that- everything seems to be going well. Can't really test the missile lock system or ECM on public property." she spoke mostly to herself. Satisfied with her little field test she gripped the control sticks and pressed both foot pedals in to set her mech into motion. As she followed along the side of the road she eventually found herself forced up onto pavement by buildings that lined the surface streets of the city. Cars, trucks, even tanks and mechs seemed to be bustling about.

Fae followed the holo-signs toward the nearest tournament enlistment facility and stepped out of traffic and through the gates of the large warehouse, converted to host the event. Unclipping her restraints and standing up in the cockpit she spotted the signup tables and then moved her Mech over to one of the empty hangars lining the walls. She powered Pagan down and hopped up over the edge, using the climbing handles welded to the main chassis to get down to the floor safely. Stretching and sighing, she had just started to turn when she found an aid standing with a clipboard ready to sign her up. Blinking at the young kid, probably working his first day at his first job, she walked over and placed a hand on her hip, "Yeah..?" she asked.

Jumping at the greeting, the boy rushed to clear his throat and spoke, "I-I assume that you're here for the wargames? If so we need you to sign these forms and enlist in the tournament. Then we'll have you take your mech down to get it calibrated and converted to safety specifi-" he found himself cut off as Fae walked up and took the tablet out of his hand, "Alright, I get it. Thanks." she offered with a wry smile, "This isn't my first time. If you can tell me where the registration station is, I'll get my Mech over there in a bit." she told him as she read along the lines of text on the digital document in front of her and then pulling out the stylus and scribbling her name as a signature.

Handing the tablet back and smiling politely, she listened to him directing her toward the vehicle verification platform and nodded. Thanking him, she turned and walked away from the parking location to a counter near the front where they appeared to be selling drinks. She jogged lightly and wove her way past the commotion of moving heavy machinery of all shapes and sizes. She got in line and looked back at everything, whistling softly at just how many people seemed to be showing up to sign up for the wargames.
I'll get a post up either tonight or tomorrow. It's pretty late here at the moment.
It's also why you don't tend to see Armored Core and Mechwarrior meshing. The former imparts flight capability and very rapid unrealistic movement to massive machines via the use of thrusters. If you suspend the disbelief that such a thing would work- then it flows well in it's own right- but you wouldn't put a big, clunky, heavy mech in the same universe that more closely follows physics.

Something close to what I imagine the GM is going for would be Chromehounds if you aren't going to pick Mechwarrior. Just without the combas towers and loss of mainstream radio communication. Much like Valor said, it's less about a humanoid machine holding a gun and much more a war-machine designed for combat with fixed or turret mounted weaponry. Very few designs in Mechwarrior actually have hands. (which is one of the main reasons I prefer it as an IP to other Mecha genres)

The big difference with this is that the 'mechs in this are MUCH smaller than Mechwarrior or Chromehounds. About half the size of the smallest mech in Mechwarrior, if my math is on par.
Twilight Fields Capitol City

Estranged In Foreign Lands

Light footfalls along the cobblestone paths of the largest settlement in what was formerly the independent nation known as the Cresent Sun went mostly unheard among the din of daily life littering the streets. The foreigner had become familiar with these warmer lands far from the coast that separated her from her home. Walking in the shadow of the looming white-stone tower that dominated the land for miles in every direction, the girl looked like any other traveler, bundled under a traveling cloak that hid her armor and weapons from immediate sight. Not that she had reason to worry about it if someone noticed she was armed. Her casual gait was slower than the average citizen bustling about from place to place, her eyes scouring over the faces of the cityfolk searchingly. Whenever her eyes fell upon the distinct robes of the Crescent Sun mages, a scowl formed upon her brow as she changed direction.

Autumn found herself in the uncomfortable position of dealing with people in a land of blatant misuse of magic. It was flaunted everywhere. Every nook, cranny, and corner filled with knick knacks and trinkets. Spell scrolls and constructs. It made her sick. She tried not to think on how the meals she'd been eating the past several days had likely been cooked over some magically imbued fire. It was the only way to keep the food down. Worse yet she found herself not only having to talk with and associate with the fragrant users of magic- but even had to start asking for work from them. It was almost humiliating.

Passing through the marketplace, she would stop at various booths with slightly less offensive displays of more mundane items. She traded coin for a few useful items of little interest. Flasks for carrying drink, high quality cloth for use as bandages or tourniquets. Things she would need but weren't of much note. Each time she stopped she would ask the shop keep the same questions about finding work. As she stood before the man that had just handed over a fine leather flask, she glanced up from under her hood and over her mask. She spoke with a voice laid thick with the accent of a foreign tongue. Her speech was rough and unrefined. Simple, yet polite.
"Excuse me, but... would you know where I might find work..?" she asked softly. Her Foji accent quite apparent.

The man gave her an odd expression, frowning at her accent before a wry grin with a filthy smirk crossed his face that caused the young girl to roll her eyes and start turning away. Realizing his mistake the merchant reached up and held his hand out, "Ah- w-wait." he requested. As she stopped before him, he straightened out his posture and turned gesturing up the path she'd come down previously. "You might check at the local tavern. Many a folk meet there as much for the ale as to swap trades and find work." he offered before continuing with a glance up and down her figure as if appraising her. "And... should you be magically inclined, you might find work from the stewards of the tower. The order of the Crescent Sun Mages." he suggested.

It wasn't useful information- she'd gathered as much since her arrival two days ago and she had already spent time at all of the local taverns, pubs, inns, and various other watering holes the small city had to offer. Still, she nodded her head all the same as she turned and went back up toward the tower. Fiddling with getting her new purchases strapped to her belt or stowed in her bag, she found herself standing in the paved stone courtyard, surrounded by strong timber buildings. As she brought her gaze upward she stared at the stone spire that stood out like a gleaming spike of defiance against the low rolling hills of the dry brush lands she found herself in, kept damp by magic fogs around the farm fields and gardens.

She stared at the spire for what must have been five minutes before scoffing and turning away, heading back to the taverns. She would not stoop so low as to grovel before a mage for work. Picking the one closest to the northern gate of the small city, she slipped inside and asked the tavernkeep the question asked by every adventurer to ever pass through and stop inside. "I'll have mead. An extra coin for any information you have on job leads for an adventurers." she asked simply in rough Abbalic.

The somewhat portly gentleman behind the counter was rather polite. He didn't balk at her accent, nor did he mock her oversimplified, and ubiquitous query. "Well, there is a war going on, much as it's hard to tell at the moment. They say the bridge over the river west of here has been burnt down and brought a temporary stalemate to the conflict." he offered. "Should be easy enough to find a way to get tangled up in the conflict as a hired soldier, but by the looks of you, you're not interested in local politics." he noted as her expression changed. He tapped his chin, the bearded stubble making a scratchy sound as he thought for a few moments, "What with the war I haven't seen as many folk coming through looking to hire for any other purpose- but... if you'll be staying here tonight- I might be able to pass your name along to anyone looking for talent." he offered in a not-so-subtle sale of the rooms he had upstairs.

With a faint sigh, Autumn set a few extra coins down on the counter and nodded her head, "My name is Autumn. I'll take a room, then. I'm an adventurer of sorts. I have a lot of skill with a blade and I'm trained in the arts of scouting and remaining unseen. I'm not shy of battles, but I don't find myself keen to die in the name of some foreign leige. Coin matters to me more than honor, glory, or land. If anyone asks for hired hands, I'd be glad of a chance to talk with them." she told him, picking up her drink and sliding her mask down to imbibe the sweetened honeywine. Turning away from the counter, she made her way over to one of the tables in the corner, taking her time to relax and plan for the seeming eventuality that her coin would be wasted and she'd be taking her leave of the town for greener pastures and richer opportunity.
Sounds good, thanks for the head's up! Keep us in the loop~
Name: Autumn Bladerunner "Little One"
Age: Late teens by appearance, 23 in reality.
Race: Human



Personality and Aspirations:



Starting Location: Main settlement of Twilight Fields, looking for work as a hired blade.
@bobert778, I'll send a PM your way of a character that I tend to main that might work for this. Let you see whether you think she'll fit in, and if she does, see about having you fill me in a bit on the IC and work out a way to introduce her.
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