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I'm an old, returning member to the site. I used to play years and years ago back in the early 2000s until the site did an 'update' over the winter holiday and everything got wiped.

I've returned, and I am seeking lots of epic RP moments and fun in just about any genre. I tend to lean towards Advanced RPs, but I do also have a love of Instant-Message RP through things like Discord. Don't be shy! If you would like to know about me, my characters, or any of the campaign settings I've put together for roleplays in the past or plans for the future, shoot me a PM and I'll answer as soon as I can!

Also- you should be able to find me on RPGuild's Discord. Feel free to shoot me a message there- I'll probably see that before I see anything online here on the site. Just look for Little Fae!~

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Prisoner 7064 cursed when she heard the retreat of the figure before she actually saw them. She'd hoped to do a shakedown and maybe get a leg up on this sick game they were all stuck playing. She relaxed and lowered her gun as she turned back to the room filled with the horrific scene of gore. Tugging her shirt up over her nose, she inched into the room further, trying to search around. Checking cabinets, any closets, the desk, and... after a LOT of mental preparation, the tattered remains of the clothing wrapped around what was left of the mutilated corpse. Surely there had to be SOMETHING in here of use... it seemed a little too fast for someone to have gotten to this room and been ripped apart like this. After all, it was the first place she came to when leaving her own cell. Surely this was planted.
@Xandrya Cheers~!

@King Tai How do you accidentally kick someone in the balls? I could see like... kneeing or hip-checking, but kicking?

But yes, hopefully on the up and up from here... at least IRL.
Blah, sorry about the delay. Life decided to go ahead and kick me in the teeth last week. Post is up, though!
Regret. Instant, immediate, total regret. Stumbling into the foul smelling room so hastily had not been her wisest move. Looking over the mutilated remains atop the desk in front of her, she wretches a few times, but manages to keep it all together. Barely. She's just about to start convincing herself to do the unthinkable and approach the corpse when she hears running from behind her. Whirling around she uses her dexterity to swing both arms holding the gun as well as her top half out of the door, pointing the weapon down the hall in the direction the sound seems to be coming from as she shouts, "STOP!" prepared to fire if the warning was not heeded.
Frowning lightly at the cylinder of the gun in her hands, prisoner 7064 chuffed a bit to herself. It figured that they'd only give her two bullets. Then again- no one else knew how many she had. It could be empty for all they knew, or more importantly: Fully loaded. Nodding at herself she continued down the hall until she reached a pair of doors. She stood peering between the two for a moment until she heard the noises coming from the far side of Section 2-A. Her anxiety spiked. Had she already run into someone? Was she going to have to use this gun? Her heart fluttered in her chest as she gripped the handle tighter. She tried to work herself up to just pushing ahead, but she stopped herself. A principal's office wouldn't lead anywhere. Better to check and make sure it was safe to turn her back on it before heading out. Reaching for the handle with her free hand she tried to turn it quickly and shove her weight into the door as she expected it to swing open with her gun ready to sweep the room for any of her opponents. Opponents? Oh dear, this was already starting to go to her head...

Oh you know... just completely redoing my computer since the hard-drive failed on it. Having to start from scratch. Blah.

@Dynamo Frokane Sounds good, I'll either reply once I see it or nab the reply tomorrow.
Woo~ That works because I changed my mind and posted anyways XD

Edit: Oh and let me know if that was still 'knowing too much' about guns. I can edit that bit out if need be.
Able to hear her own heart pounding in her head, prisoner 7064 swallowed hard at the sight of the gun. This was not a child's game. Not a sick prank or anything that would leave room for friendly wagers. People were going to die. And if her own weapon was anything to go by, pretty quickly too.

7064 struggled to remember... anything about guns. But all she could recall were the absolute basics. Point the small end toward the target, pull the trigger. Bullets kill people. Bullets... she didn't see any spares in the box. A pang of fear gripped her throat as she came to a realization. She hesitated, not wanting to know just how cruel this game was- but... she HAD to know. She started looking the gun over to figure out how to open the cylinder. Surely just a button or a lever right? Once she'd figured it out she had to check just one thing: Did the gun actually have any bullets in it at all to begin with?

Once she'd made the fateful determination she decided to press on. There was an acid capsule burning inside of her, after all. Bullets or not she had to move. Now. She carefully stowed the note down the front of her shirt and headed for the door checking both ways to see if things were clear, before heading LEFT and down the hallway. Slow and cautious for now, gun held at the ready.
Might wait to respond until the little mixup is fixed! Drop a note here for me so I don't miss it being edited.
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