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We'll paint the scene, we'll write the melody. We are the creators.
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I come here to hide from life.


I'm Bobert, I like to roleplay, and I wouldn't be here otherwise. My main focus is my own RP which I made and run alongside lavulman, and you can find it here. We're quite proud of the world we built, and even if it's just the two of us we intend to finish the stories we've set in motion. No plans on this site beyond that, but who knows, I might jump into another story if writers wander lust sets in.

If you're still reading this, that's cool. Hope you have a nice day

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The Obivec Isles: Battle for Abbaden

Abbaden, a continental fragment off the Northwest shore of Piñura. A developing nation, the land is largely untamed, filled with resources both natural and not of this world available to any who can lay claim. As a result small settlements have popped up all over the southern plains and forests, inhabited by settlers and immigrants looking to build new lives for themselves in any of the many future industries being established.

Recently however, development has slowed while the nation searches for its identity. Two factions; The Choir, and The Loyalität, have recently declared war on one another in an attempt to claim dominion over the land they share. As it stands the majority of Abbaden has been divided in two, the massive Horizon River separating the two capitals and any settlements either controls. Though they once controlled territory East of the river, The Loyalität have been forced back by the Choir’s growing armies, and superior military tactics. In order to buy time, Loyalität forces have burnt down the only bridge spanning the Horizon River, preventing the Choir from reaching them until it is either rebuilt, or their forces manage to travel the long way around.

This pause in hostilities is a welcome breather but won't last long, and the nation's remaining factions have begun to prepare for however the war should continue. As unexplored territory becomes marched on by military boots, more and more is still being uncovered as the lands ancient stories reveal themselves. Each new secret has its dangers though, and exactly how much there is to discover in Abbaden could alter the course of history in more harmful ways than good.


Welcome to Obivec, or rather, Abbaden and it's surrounding isles. Caught in the middle of a civil war, armies march from settlement to settlement in preparation for however their dispute should go on. Beyond the safety of the cities and towns the land is largely untamed, teeming with secrets to uncover as you venture from island to island. Valiant heroes seek aid on their quests, offering the possibilities of fame, power, and wealth to those courageous enough to take them. Where you'll go and what trouble you'll fight through to get there, who can say?

A high fantasy, narrative driven group roleplay centered around exploration, we've spent months building up a diverse and lore rich world for our stories to take place in. Pretty much everywhere on the map has a story of some sort, with rewards to be reaped. Your characters will be tested, some may even perish, but in the pursuit of a compelling plot line no sacrifice is too great. Who or what you play as is largely unrestricted so long as it isn't somehow problematic, or unfriendly to the lore. It's a big world and Abbaden is full of immigrants so who knows who you'll meet?

The Isles




Accepted Characters

Okay, there we go. I started that post on the weekend but hadn't actually wrote it until today X_X. Fun stuff

Walking at a mildly urgent pace, Tirñea hadn't even realized she was not being followed by either Veronica or Sage. Her mind was busy, but her train of thought derailed at the sound of Veronica's name being called over the din of the crowds. Using her next step to twirl into the opposite direction, she realized that she'd been walking away on her own. She hadn't gone far, but due to the large amount of foot traffic she had to raise herself on tiptoe in order to see past a few shoulders and to where Veronica stood. A destination in mind she made the best beeline she could, dodging past a few people and continuing to stamp the ground with her staff.

Soon she could see her companion, and she was speaking with an elaborately dressed elder who was accompanied by an entourage of uniformed officials, and guards. Slowing her pace as she drew nearer, her last few steps brought her just behind but at Veronica's side. The elder was confronting the sage now, and he'd begun re-explaining what Veronica had apparently already explained. He lied, not poorly but if it conflicted somehow with whatever Veronica had said it would be easy to pick out. He lied to pin the blame on himself rather than redirect it which she found odd, and even offered to give himself up but only after a plea that meant to paint himself as a good Samaritan. Tirñea glazed over most of what he spewed, but he caught her attention with the mention of a familiar of his own. Even if he'd been prying, perhaps his search for candidates was actually good intentioned. Regardless though Tirñea felt she didn't know enough about the current situation and it's consequences, and decided to remain silent and observe while being mindful of Veronica should she offer any guidance. In her head she cursed that the three of them hadn't left when she'd intended, but there was little point in fuming over it now.

All good, was just looking to break radio silence :P. Life's been busy then? How are you otherwise :)?
It's friday, oh yeah, and I'm makin' fries~. Or am I? I am, but you'll have to take my word for it. Or will you? Why am I drawing out this bit and using so many question marks???????

Idk, I just wanted to say something before I did what must be done

Tirñea silently fumed over this 'sage' and his arrogance. He spoke of spirits too, perhaps real ones, but in a sense Sierpe was a spirit too. Her people both feared and revered the beasts, and most believed they were the souls of the desert; massive, hostile, and all consuming. Tirñea had been the first ever to see one as they truly were, an animal like any other and not a thing of mere legend.

The sage had begun beaming this unnervingly pleasant smile, and Tirñea returned his look with a stare that sought to burn straight through his squinted eyelids. Further he imposed his self importance, insisting that he 'take care of' Sierpe when the wurm was at least 20 feet underground. Then he began to chant, and a twinge of unease ran down her spine.

It took her a moment, but she soon realized that the sensation was not her own, but Sierpe's. Something was bothering him, and as Sage's chanting went on, so did Sierpe's irritation. As the sage sung his climax, it seemed Sierpe's patience had ran out, turning all that coiled up tension into a wash of distress.


As you'd begun to amass your collection of roots, the unseen creature bellow had gone from stationary to slow moving. As the roots dug deeper, so did the creature in an attempt to avoid them, but the roots were soon upon it like a cage, and able to strike upon your command. The moment they begin to close in however, the creature goes from the pace of a crawl, to a panicked escape. The roots worked quickly to constrain it but could find nowhere to hold it by, and the beast urgently squirmed free by breaking through any remaining roots. You'd scared it, but with it on the move now it was unknown precisely where it was.

"Stop what you are doing that!" Tirñea snapped, her accent thick under the pressure of her frustration. As if done by her words, the earth trembled, harshly and in a rolling wave which slowly moved towards the surface. Realizing what was happening, Tirñea grabbed hold of her own staff and began swinging at the ground around her. Once in front, twice more behind herself as the three points of a triangle. Then, raising it upright she stamped the ground twice, and focused on the command in an attempt influence Sierpe's own thoughts.

The wurm understood the command, but only barely, and the consequences of this became immediately apparent about 15 feet across the road. Noisily the earth rumbled, and a section of street swelled as Sierpe drew close to the surface. He had listened and didn't break the surface thankfully, but swerving to tunnel directly under the street wasn't much better. Like a wave, the swelled mound of earth traveled about 20 feet, twisting and crashing into a storefront, ruining it's display of what appeared to be wigs, or perhaps mops. People screamed and panicked, rushing away from the scene while Order officials began appearing from seemingly all sides. Then finally did Sierpe go further underground, and as his body finished passing under the street it collapsed behind him creating a large, 'J' shaped gouge of a sink hole. It all had happened far enough away from them that most people hadn't made the connection as to who'd been responsible if anyone, but it had been an unbelievably close call.

"You, need to stop," Tirñea spat towards Sage, taking a step forward and stamping her staff down on the ground. "My creature is my spirit, and he not likes your singing," she begrudgingly explained, gritting her teeth as she did so. Her mood soured, Tirñea turned back to face Veronica in hopes that she wouldn't be somehow upset. She gave a weak smile before turning her eyes away nervously, beginning to walk down the road and away from the growing crowd that the sink hole was now attracting.

"We should go from here. Maybe there is butcher somewhere else," Tirñea said over her shoulder, and as she walked once again began swinging her staff. First, three times around herself, then stamping it 3 times, followed by her continued overly forceful use of the staff as she walked.

The knight watched the exchange between Denise and Chambala very closely. Her eyes lingering on the fur clad woman's stare, her only noteworthy feature since most of her was hidden by grass. Chambala's eyes burned, silent and potent fury boiled down into black centers of her gaze. Calieo still wasn't sure what to make of Chambala, but this new capacity for anger was something the knight could respect. Anger was strength unleashed; wreckless in excess, but when focused it was a power unrivaled by any other.

A sting hit the back of her mind, like a cold finger of ice tapping at her memories. She recalled a conversation she'd had once, long ago, when her thoughts had been in a similar place.

"Anger can be power, but it does nothing but harm. Perhaps you are right, and maybe anger is unrivaled in strength. But they know not only anger. They know joy, they know fear, they know sorrow, and they know love. Should they seek to destroy themselves anger will bring them there, as it has done to the first ones. They are closer to her now, and further from me, though I will still be with them. Maybe this time they'll last.

Calieo inhaled sharply, a dull ache left on her mind from remembering such faded thoughts. She pinched her eyes shut and realized she had stopped walking backwards, Denise and Rebecca now a short distance ahead of where Chambala and Calieo stood. The knight took in one last look of the fur clad woman, the way her eyes still sizzled, before turning away and making purposeful strides towards Denise and her horse.

The ashen skinned woman hadn't let Chambala deter her actions, and Calieo watched excitedly as Denise conjured and hurled another ball of fire into the grass. She was aiming at something, or it at least seemed like it, but still it was not obvious if there was an actual threat. Each fireball blazed through the veil of green before bursting upon contact with the earth, splashing flames over everything immediately nearby. This fire would catch on more grass and burn away at everything it could, but already the first fireball thrown had died out, and the space it had cleared was maybe only a few times bigger than the initial explosion.

"You need to be more efficient!" Calieo called out to Denise, changing her pace and rushing ahead so she could dash past her horse. Her weapon still in hand, as soon as she'd gotten ahead of everyone Calieo raised it above her head and began swinging the ball on it's chain as she ran. The light of the sun caught the cage, and as it twirled about it shimmered brilliantly until such light was swallowed by the growing wisps of flame than now swelled past the golden, spiked rings. Soon, the entire ball of the weapon was engulfed in seething fire, a comet tail of stretched out flames trailing behind the chained fireball. Calieo had run about twenty meters ahead by then, the grass now up to her chin leaving only her head, and raised arm visible. With a scream she stopped running and threw herself into the momentum of her weapon twirling around with it before planting her feet and snapping the weapon over her head.

At the apex of her swing, the boiling mass of plasma was set free from the ornamental cage, leaving only the original ball of light within the weapon. The projectile swelled as it zoomed through the air, heading towards the site of Denise's most recent detonation. Rather than strike the ground however, it flew past Calieo's intended target and instead continued onward, the arch of it's flight path causing it to sail much farther than she had meant it to. A few seconds later, the now distant projectile made contact with the base of the valley's grassy cliffs. A burst of light, followed by plumes of flame that crashed upon the cliff face like a massive wave. A section of earth buckled and crumbled away, failing to smother even the smallest portion of the now raging inferno on the edge of the green sea.

"Oops," Calieo murmured under her breath, glancing back towards Denise for a moment in an attempt to gauge her reaction. She didn't pay her much mind for long though, and her attention was soon transfixed on the distant glow of what she'd done. She decided to wait for the others to catch up before rejoining them, since there was no need to run back, and it would allow Calieo to enjoy the sight of the burning cliff a little longer. The inferno didn't seem to be growing anymore, and like Denise's fires it too would likely die before it could destroy to much, but for now Calieo only wanted to drink in the image she'd created.


Despite your efforts to locate whatever it was you'd seen, everywhere your eyes scan you see only more grass and nothing hiding within it. Thinking back you may begin to question if what you thought you'd seen had actually been there at all. You hadn't actually caught sight of whatever it was, and were only pretty sure you'd seen the grass moving as if something were pushing through it. For now though, if there was something there, it seems to be gone for the time being.


When Denise had detonated her first explosive, after the initial blast you'd heard the panicked scrambling of claws hitting soil. Whatever smaller creature had been trailing you had fled, and if it had returned you hadn't heard anything that would give it away. Even as you started moving again you still heard nothing behind you, though with any luck the meat you'd tossed would entice it to follow after you.


At this point, all you can see is grass. Only on tip toe now do your eyes raise past the stalks, and even that luxury was slowly disappearing as the grass continued to grow higher still. Before you're completely swallowed however, you may notice that the wake left by Denise's golem has started to become more prominent. Before the grass would spring right back to attention, but now that the stalks have grown longer and heavier, they droop under their own weight after having been flattened by the large, stone construct. It doesn't take them long to right themselves and reach attention once again, but for at least a few meters behind the golem at it's current pace, the grass has been pushed down and is easier to walk through.
Eventually is a vague concept. One could say all things are eventual, but that is true only of their destruction. Creation is not eventual, it is a struggle, as is life...

You have had a month already is all I'm saying. Consider yourself poked

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It's April 20th. Remember to put out milk and cookies for Snoop Dogg

No worries, thank you for getting a post out. Hope your weekend goes well :)

As for golems and speech, the ability to vocalize is normally dependant on a certain variety of runes that can be used during the golem's construction. These runes are more complex than most, and even ones that allow basic speech are difficult to carve right. It's a luxury feature in a sense, so any golem that can speak is often well crafted.

Also your new avatar is purdy. Fluffy wings
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