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Current If I wasn't so lazy I could have had my own evil lair by now.
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It's weird to think about not thinking
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Lose your mind a little. You'll understand it better if you can find it again
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Nobody worth getting to know is ever considered 'normal'
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We'll paint the scene, we'll write the melody. We are the creators.


I'm Bobert, I like to roleplay, and I wouldn't be here otherwise. My main focus is my own RP which I made and run alongside lavulman, and you can find it here. We're quite proud of the world we built, and even if it's just the two of us we intend to finish the stories we've set in motion. No plans on this site beyond that, but who knows, I might jump into another story if writers wander lust sets in.

If you're still reading this, that's cool. Hope you have a nice day

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Cool link

I read an article about writers block, pretty simple but still interesting

I have redone the map of the Obivec Isles. I'll be putting up the new one on the front page after I post this, so I put the old map here for comparison and to say goodbye :P. I was attempting to fix a few of the issues the old map had, such as being cut off at the top, having rivers that lead to nowhere, poorly defined forest borders, etc.

So correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is @Rabidporcupine and @Kamen Evie turn? Just figured I'd ask in case said folks hadn't realized :)

How was everyone's new years? Any resolutions? Mine was to smoke less pot. Ironic considering they recently legalized it here in Canada XP


Or, Christmas eve I guess. Still, merriness abound.

You can read whatever you want to read. Might do you good to read some more recent stuff like you suggested? We're not too far along, I can give you the coles notes.

There's two parties, one on the West side of Abbaden, and the other on the East.

The West group consists of Calieo, Rebecca, Chambala, Denise and Helvyra. They met in Falke, all of them looking to leave the city on the same day and deciding to travel together for convenience, and safety. They are heading for the East side of Abbaden, all with their own destination, but they all need to navigate around the river and lake. Since traffic used to be over the bridge, this is not a well beaten path, and they are currently traveling through the Eastern Grasslands.

The East group consists of Veronica, Serena, Tirnea, Autumn, and Sage. Veronica and Serena are agents of the Choir from Tour de Rouge, assembling help in an attempt to track down the assassin(s?) of Aegea, their former leader. They have known Tirnea since meeting in Tour de Rouge, but Autumn and Sage are not yet acquainted with everyone or each other. They are all currently in Twilight Field where they are near the heart of the city, amid the shopping districts and alleyways.

Still struggling to find her breath Calieo brought herself shakily to her feet. She cursed her recklessness and made an attempt to inhale sharply, the air stinging viciously at her chest. She'd dived far enough to land in the grass, and what could be seen was limited by the dense green fronds. Chambala shouted something, though what she said was either misheard or not understood. Something was attacking, that was all Calieo needed to know. With a frustrated grunt she stumbled back into the clearing, attempting to maintain her pride by ignoring the shock she still felt. To stand tall was important, it made you look bigger, and things fear bigger.

Pushing through the last of the grass she could clearly see her companions now; Chambala and Rebecca having retreated back towards the pushed down vegetation of the path, while Denise was nearby standing alongside her horse, barking a command. The thing that was attacking them was, unique. As Helvyra charged towards the creature Calieo studied it's form. It was big, she had seen bigger though, and it appeared to be made from the same substance as the grass surrounding them. Not identical, but similar enough that they must be the same, and so fire would do the trick. It's amorphous form pulsed, dozens of pseudopods pushing outward in an attempt to exaggerate the size of it's ever shifting mass. Finally Calieo noticed that this beast did not seem to have eyes of any sort, an observation that became immediately apparent when it made no attempt to avoid the first blow of Helvyra's flaming strikes.

The being did not scream, or shriek, or even whimper; there was only the sound of stone striking it's fleshy mass, and flames searing the many hairlike protrusions covering it's form. The moment the fist made contact however, the creature pulled itself away at a remarkable speed, it's body retracting as it rippled and rolled. About halfway back down the path now, it began exaggerating it's form again, this time in a more rapid, threatening manor. This did not deter Helvyra, or Denise, and Calieo gave a surprised gasp upon seeing a jet of flame strike the creature. The act gave Calieo her own motivation, and though she was still short of breath the knight began swinging her weapon with the hope to join Denise in launching projectiles.

Denise's fire splashed across the being's body, it pulling away once again from the source of it's pain. That seemed to have frightened it, and in one swift transition it was now rushing the rest of the way down the path of flattened grass, rolling and tumbling over itself as it's many pseudopods kicked up dirt and pebbles. Barreling away from Helvyra and Denise, whether it was aware or not, it was now charging directly towards Chambala and Rebecca.


Concerned that she could be in some kind of trouble, Tirñea awkwardly kept her gaze towards the ground while Veronica and the elder spoke with each other. She requested that Veronica see her again later, but it seemed for now she had nothing else to say to either of them. The elder's attention now on the sage, Veronica and Tirñea were escorted away like the majority of the gathered crowds. Many people had begun to disperse, but passersby couldn't help but gawk at the scene at least a little. Now across the street and out of the open, Tirñea looked back at the mess she'd unintentionally caused. 'It could have been worse' she told herself, her mind straying to less than savory thoughts of blood and screams.

Veronica was saying something. Something about a familiar. Her familiar?

"Hmm?" Tirñea replied, realizing she had been staring towards the elder and the sage. "Oh, um, yes. No. Um... sorry," she babbled, trying to recollect her thoughts and asses what Veronica had actually said. "I meaning, no, we do not need to bother. He is not in trouble, yes? I want know why he bother us," the Piñuran girl tried to explain, still curious as to what the sage had been talking about before he so rudely sent Sierpe into a panic. The wurm seemed to be alright now, but was certainly anxious after whatever had been done to him. Tirñea hoped he hadn't somehow been hurt; unlikely given his thick hide, but always a possibility.

Still here, still on board. We're actually hoping to have this running again sooner rather than later. Stay tuned

*walks backwards into the shadows while sloppily snapping, and doing the finger guns*

Hey everyone, I'd like to apologize for the rather sudden grinding halt that we've come to. I can't know how many of you are still reading this, but you should all know that there's no intent to let the RP go quietly into the night. If anything this lull in activity has given me time to plan out a hopefully better experience. I've been mapping out encounters, laying traps, giving better structure to the story arc, and been working on sprucing up the OP every now and again. I can't wait to have a proper chance to challenge your characters, and want to thank everyone for your patience.

@bobert778 hey posted a lil shorter but for the next time I need all the weaknesses or ways to hunt it that Chambala might recall. ^^ I might even add an additional paragraph with everything you give me if you want or I can keep it for hte next post. Eitherway works.

The few Chambala may have encountered likely have all been in the Eastern Plains, and there KR rarely grow larger than a person. This particular KR is at least thrice the size of the average Eastern Plains KR. Still the concept would be the same, and she'd know that their hide makes blunt force ineffective, but piercing it can be fairly easy if enough force is applied (her spear). If she's ever killed one their skin is thick, and rubbery, while their insides are mostly a bright blue, goopy-jelly like substance. This goo is full of weird little bits, pieces, and organs most of which smell foul if allowed to oxidase.
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