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Current If I wasn't so lazy I could have had my own evil lair by now.
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It's weird to think about not thinking
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Lose your mind a little. You'll understand it better if you can find it again
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Nobody worth getting to know is ever considered 'normal'
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We'll paint the scene, we'll write the melody. We are the creators.


I'm Bobert, I like to roleplay, and I wouldn't be here otherwise. My main focus is my own RP which I made and run alongside lavulman, and you can find it here. We're quite proud of the world we built, and even if it's just the two of us we intend to finish the stories we've set in motion. No plans on this site beyond that, but who knows, I might jump into another story if writers wander lust sets in.

If you're still reading this, that's cool. Hope you have a nice day

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Still here, still on board. We're actually hoping to have this running again sooner rather than later. Stay tuned

*walks backwards into the shadows while sloppily snapping, and doing the finger guns*

Hey everyone, I'd like to apologize for the rather sudden grinding halt that we've come to. I can't know how many of you are still reading this, but you should all know that there's no intent to let the RP go quietly into the night. If anything this lull in activity has given me time to plan out a hopefully better experience. I've been mapping out encounters, laying traps, giving better structure to the story arc, and been working on sprucing up the OP every now and again. I can't wait to have a proper chance to challenge your characters, and want to thank everyone for your patience.

@bobert778 hey posted a lil shorter but for the next time I need all the weaknesses or ways to hunt it that Chambala might recall. ^^ I might even add an additional paragraph with everything you give me if you want or I can keep it for hte next post. Eitherway works.

The few Chambala may have encountered likely have all been in the Eastern Plains, and there KR rarely grow larger than a person. This particular KR is at least thrice the size of the average Eastern Plains KR. Still the concept would be the same, and she'd know that their hide makes blunt force ineffective, but piercing it can be fairly easy if enough force is applied (her spear). If she's ever killed one their skin is thick, and rubbery, while their insides are mostly a bright blue, goopy-jelly like substance. This goo is full of weird little bits, pieces, and organs most of which smell foul if allowed to oxidase.
Still contemplating.

Well I'm noticing quite a few murder hobos Swords and monster hunters for hire.

A fair number of our murder hobos are inactive and have been for a long while XD. Our current clumping of characters are as follows.

In Twilight Field; two Tour de Rouge soldiers (Serena and Veronica), an aspiring beast master (Tirñea), a shadowy sell sword (Autumn), and a socially inept sage (Sage).

Traveling through the Western plains; a self righteous knight (Calieo), an explosives wielding half demon and her golem (Denise and Helvyra), an animalistic huntress (Chambala), and a spy/scientist for TdR (Rebecca).

Of my two characters, it's possible Calieo could have inadvertently attracted the wrath of any number of individuals while travelling down from the Cherinok Mountains. She killed quite a few things/people making her way south but would have only done so if provoked. She murders out of frustration, not intent to be wicked.

Other characters that may also be candidates could be Denise (likes to blow things up), or perhaps Autumn (sell sword so could have worked for someone). I don't speak for either of those characters though
Room for another?

Potentially. You should try submitting an app for review, please read the rules for how :)
*Does a little dance. Makes a little love. Gets down tonight.*

*Gets down tonight.*
Also, I have nothing to post for Rebecca outside of repeating myself. @bobert778 should be able to post for Calieo.

Consider it done! I've been itching to write that up for a little while now XD

Smoke had begun to rise, grasses turned to ashes, and embers soon took flight as the inferno burnt itself out. Calieo sighed dreamily, for the first time in a long time her mind felt clear. No worries of thieves, ruined plans, or the possibility of failure, only the soothing dance of destruction and rebirth that flame could bring. The light she used burnt bright but was not hungry, and as the last of the fire began to fade to dust, Calieo was brought to her senses again as Denise rode past on her horse. The massive, lumbering creature briefly obstructed Calieo's view of the cliff which was enough to convince her to start moving again. Atop her steed Denise blazed a trail through the ever growing veil of grass, the ground falling even lower as the stalks continued to rise in order to appear even. It was easier to trail behind Denise than walk ahead of her, so the knight fell back though made sure to stay just ahead of Chambala and Rebecca. Nobody had anything to say, and though somewhat uneasy, Calieo was otherwise relieved to bask in the silence.

Another few minutes of walking, and the grass's progression seemed to have slowed, but not before it had finished rising to well above six feet meaning all that could be seen now was the rear end of a horse, and two walls of vivid green trailing behind it to frame the soft blue of the sky. Calieo had returned her weapon to her hip, the handle hanging freely, though the chain of the weapon was grasped idly in her hand. While walking, lazily she swung the little caged flame back and forth, her mind elsewhere as she considered her current situation, and what the future could hold.


The edge of the valley drew closer now, the two parallel cliff faces on either side now slowly bending towards each other and narrowing the vast expanses of grass. At the end of the valley the land sloped up towards a large hill, at least twice the height of either cliff but much easier to climb. The grass seemed to have stopped raising higher, leaving you and Helvyra just above the preposterously tall forest of fronds. All shockingly even, aside from an oddly dense, almost shaggier patch of grass you hadn't noticed until now. It was the same healthy green as the rest of the grass, but it looked bunched together and solid beyond the protruding fronds that rose to match the height of the surrounding greenery. It was an uneven but roundish spot about a meter across, and it hadn't caught your eye until it was only a few feet ahead of you.

Then in the blink of an eye the patch of grass expanded and began to shrink away. As the space it took up increased, it's height decreased, a rounded clearing several meters across suddenly appearing before you. Just as quickly as the strange patch had spread itself, all at once it surged forward, crashing into the front of Helvyra with the force of a full grown Ursin bellua. The top heavy golem stumbled, the massive blob of vegetation having struck her right in the chest and was now rushing over her face and shoulders. Now completely atop Helvyra and no longer hidden in the grass, it was clear to see that this thing was easily as large as the golem's whole torso if not bigger. With shocking speed the mass of green rolled up past Helvyra's shoulders, threatening to crush you as it launched off the top of your golem like a pouncing cat.


It all happened so quickly that Calieo's idle mind barely had time to register the massive shadow that was suddenly upon Chambala, Rebecca, and herself. Something had jumped high into the air, launching itself past Denise and Helvyra to sail just high enough that it hung right overhead. At the apex of it's leap, the once thin and long shape bloated itself into a massive disc, several meters across and falling towards the ground very quickly.

"It's an ambush!" Calieo shrieked, scrambling off to one side and leaping towards what she hoped was safety. As she hit the ground not a moment later their attacker did the same, slapping into the earth with a heavy and smothering thud that sounded like it could crush bones. In her haste the knight had successfully evaded being flattened, but had forgotten to roll and her body absorbed the full force of the impact. Her fall was somewhat cushioned by the grass, and her armour, but still the air was shocked from her lungs and she struggled to get up quickly, head on a swivel to try and assess the condition of everyone else in their party.
So @everyone, how is everyone?

I finally watched Pacific Rim 2. There were no BOATSWORDS@lavulman, but it was still a fairly good movie. I was surprised by it's ability to surprise me; the plot wasn't predictable and there were at least 3 times I went 'oh damn' or something to that effect. The character development may have been a little weaker, but that's not saying much since you watch those movies for the giant robot/monster fights XD

On a final note, my favorite animator on youtube released a new film. Good shit. Good, confusing, kinda weird shit :P
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