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Current back home from a trip with family and if i have to interact with a single person irl within the next 48 hours i shall simply perish <3 (but at least now i can work on replies)
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lotus // they/them // 20 // asexual lesbian

always open for 1x1 rps! check out my general ideas thread here.

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“I swear if you make a fool of yourself-“

Anthony sighed heavily. “Yes, father, I get it. I’ll be on my best behaviour, whatever you want.” Over the years, he’d found it was easier to just go along with his father’s wishes, no matter how much he personally disagreed with them. And it wasn’t often that he agreed with his father. “We’ve had this conversation a million times, I know what I’m doing.” It wasn’t a surprise that his father would have little faith in him, as Anthony had been clear that he wasn’t happy with this arrangement, and… well, he’d never been brilliant around people in the first place, although it wasn’t as if the same couldn’t be said about his father, albeit for different reasons.

But thankfully, that did shut King Richard up, and their journey returned to relative peace, moving through the vast fields of their kingdom, up towards the neutral meeting point. Once they arrived, Anthony still stayed in the carriage for a few moments longer, sort of wanting to delay this as long as possible, though soon enough Richard was moaning at him to get out, and he supposed there was no delaying the inevitable. He got out, though still stayed a good few paces behind as the king moved over to the centre table, ready to start the negotiations.

He, of course, wouldn’t be involved too much in the actual negotiations himself - even if he wanted to be, he doubted that he’d get single word in with his father around. So instead, he stayed back, standing with his arms folded over his chest and trying to not stare too hard at the Fae Prince, though it wasn’t as though he could help it, really not interested at all in whatever politics were going on and at least wanted to get a feel for the person he’d likely be spending a significant amount of time around in the future.

The prince… didn’t look too bad, Anthony thought. And by the looks of it, he seemed just as unhappy to be there as Anthony was, which was probably a good sign. If he was lucky, they could just get this over with and then agree that it was all just for business and move on. Anthony could focus on his studies, the Fae Prince could… do whatever Fae prince’s do, there would be no war in either of their kingdoms and everything could be right back to normal.

He shifted on the spot slightly, gaze falling down to the floor as he realised that he wasn’t doing as well in the no staring department as he had thought. His father’s voice faded into background noise as discussions began, Anthony instead trying to think about anything else other than the situation at hand. Still, he found himself glancing up at the Fae Prince every ten seconds or so, as much as he tried not to.
The Kingdom of Eachoudia, inhabited by humans and ruled over by the Prendale family, sat on the edge of a great forest, one that for centuries they hadn’t dared explore too deeply, although they of course knew of the Fae Kingdom that lay within. Eachoudia was mainly an agricultural kingdom, trading in crops and livestock, as well as various crafts like pottery and jewellery, and until very recently, they had mostly kept to themselves.

Until King Richard took the throne, anyway. He was… a good king, some may say - he kept his people alive, mostly listened to their requests and allowed them to live as they like, but it was his relations with other kingdoms that many disagreed with. He was hungry for power, he wanted everything for himself. It was mostly his wife that prevented him from doing anything too bad, Queen Annabella far keener to keep the peace, though there was only so much she could do to stop him entirely.

He started to expand, grow his kingdom more and more, at first out into unclaimed land but there was only so much unclaimed land to go around, and once he’d ran out? Well, there was only one thing to do - take land from elsewhere. Attempting to take it from the Faes was perhaps not a great decision, however, and it was clear that a war was brewing.

At this point, Queen Annabella once again attempting to step in, and managed to convince her husband to go about it a different route, attempt to negotiate with the Fae Kingdom and come to some sort of agreement. And at first, the King hated this idea, though soon devised a plan to combine the two kingdoms together - a marriage of convenience, to unite them. His two daughters, the twin Princesses Alicia and Eloise, would of course be too young, but he’d also been attempting to set up his son, Prince Anthony, with a spouse, now that he was of age.

Prince Anthony was… less keen of this idea, marriage being something he’d never really thought about, or wanted for himself. He had other things to be focusing on, being a budding historian and, of course, preparing to take over the kingdom himself once his father passed, and even that wasn’t something he particularly wanted. But it wasn’t as if there was much he could do about it, his father had never been one he could argue with. And since the letter had been sent off before he’d even been told, it was far too late anyway.

Now, he sat in the library at in the palace, in his favourite seat by the stained glass window, hunched over a book he’d read a few times before, but always seemed to pick up something new on each reread, scribbling his notes in the margins. It was quiet, peaceful, and honestly Anthony could have spent the rest of his life there, in that moment, never bothered by the world again.

But of course, his mother soon came through the door to disturb the peace. “Anthony, your father is waiting-“

Anthony frowned. “Waiting for what?”

“For-“ His mother sighed. “Gods, you aren’t even dressed properly. Come one-“

And as he was dragged out of the library and up to his room to change into fancier clothes, even fancier than the usual fancy clothes he was forced into, he remembered that today was the day he was supposed to meet his future husband, the Fae Prince. Ah.

Again, not much he could do about it. He just had to go along with it for now, maybe they’d find that his Fae Prince wasn’t a good fit for him and they could leave the entire thing behind them. Hopefully. Still, he accompanied his father in the carriage, sitting in silence as they rode to the meeting point, trying not to look too upset about the entire thing.

Sunlight filtered in between her curtains, shining on her face as she slowly came into consciousness, but not wanting to wake up, Alyssa simply turned into her side and pulled her covers tighter around her. That was when she started to feel something nuzzled into her check, then a zap of electricity, and her eyes shot wide open, quickly sitting up, only to see her Shinx, Danny, sat in front of her, looking up at her impatiently.

She sighed, rubbing at her eyes. ”Okay, okay, I’ll get up,” she mumbled, thought still didn’t make much of a move. ”It’s not even that-“

Her eyes landed on the clock besides her bed, and- oh. Oh, it was that late. She had slept in again, after a… fairly late night of studying, to be fair. But that was fine, she didn’t have any early classes, and with her Mareep, Rosie, still curled up in the corner of the room, sleeping soundly, it seemed like Danny was the only one who had a problem with it.

Still, she dragged herself out of bed and quickly got ready for the day, pulling on her jacket and spending a few moments convincing her pokémon to get back into their pokéballs before leaving and heading down into the school. She still had a little time to grab breakfast from the cafeteria before they closed up to start with lunch stuff, so she headed there, sitting in the corner as she ate some pastries and doodled in her notebook. The cafeteria was quiet at this time, with most people having come earlier in the day or headed out to another café in the city, though she’d always preferred the quiet so found she didn’t mind all that much. Made it easier to think.
Human Royalty

The Human King

Name: Richard Prendale
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Height: 5’8
Richard is short and round, growing a full beard along with his shorter brown hair. His eyes are a bright green, and thought they look kind, he is anything but.

Most people would describe Richard as unpleasant, if they were given the chance to meet him. An alright king, sure, he does what he can for his kingdom, but certainly not the best with people, and he does have a habit of letting his anger get out of control.

The Human Queen

Name: Annabella Prendale
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 5’3
Annabella has long, auburn hair, reaching down her back though often styled with braids or flowers weaved between. She has freckles dotted over her face, eyes a dazzling green. (And can certainly do better than her husband, and is really starting to consider it.)

Much friendlier than the king, many people who meet Annabella describe her as kind, understanding, and a good laugh. She genuinely cares for her people, and shows it as well. She can also be rather flirty, especially when her husband isn’t around, and even more so around pretty ladies, even if she does also tend to get flustered more easily around them.

The Human Princess(es)

Name(s): Alicia and Eloise Prendale
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 4’0 and 4’0.5 respectively
The identical twin princesses take after their mother - long-ish auburn hair, curled, freckles across their cheeks. The only way to tell them apart is by knowing that Eloise is just a tad taller than Alicia, and Alicia’s eyes are slightly darker, more similar to her older brother’s.

Alicia and Eloise are pretty much what you’d expect eight-year-old twin girls to be like - always stuck to each other’s sides, even if they argue all the time, a little mischievous, not quite grasping the fact that they’re royal and therefore really shouldn’t be getting away with a lot of things that they do. They know exactly how to drive their parents insane.

The Human Prince

Name: Anthony Prendale
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Height: 6’2
Anthony has medium length light brown hair, falling just beneath his chin, composed of loose curls. His facial features are soft, rounded, his eyes a dark green, and he tends to hold a neutral expression, not liking to give too much of his emotion away. He’s tall and slender, for a human at least. If it were up to him, he’d much prefer to wear a simple loose fitting shirt and plain trousers, though being a prince he typically has to wear something a little more regal, even if it only makes him seem uncomfortable.

Anthony is the quiet type, far more interested in his own studies than ruling a kingdom or entertaining their guests or whatever it was that his parents often expected him to do. The majority of people that had met him may describe as rather boring, but that was only because no one really gave themselves a chance to get to know him. If they were to do so, they would find that he cares an awful lot more than one may think, and is more than capable of holding an intelligent conversation, provided it is in a subject he finds interesting (small talk has never really been for him).
apologies that this took a while, been busy the past few days, but here we go :)

bump - added some possible pairings
could i claim electric type perhaps?
i would be interested in getting involved in this, will have to wait until later to think of a character as i have just woken up but. yeah i’m down, pokemon scarlet is the one pokemon game i’ve actually completed and would love to do some rp on that region asdhdj
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