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lotus // they/them // 20 // asexual lesbian

always open for 1x1 rps! check out my general ideas thread here.

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bump + added some fandoms bc why not
"Oh, no, no, of course you and your wife are welcome in our Kingdom at any time," Richard replied, trying to sound at least somewhat welcoming. "Come along to the castle whenever, I'm sure we have plenty of room for you as well, if you wish to stay at all." Of course, if Argrean was to come to the castle, Richard would have to keep... close eyes on him, just in case he ended up wandering off somewhere he shouldn't be, but he couldn't see any harm in allowing the Fae into his Kingdom. That was the whole point of this, afterall - peace between the two Kingdoms, as much as Richard was... rather hesitant to fully believe in that. Or even particularly want it.

Anthony glanced at his father, frowning slightly as that... didn't really seem like him at all, Anthony knew that Richard wasn't one for letting just anyone in the castle, and, in all honesty, Anthony wasn't sure if he wanted the Fae King to be wandering around his home. But it wasn't really his place to argue, was it?
ohhhh for sure, i am super hyped to meet emmerdale asdffks

Alyssa briefly glanced up as she heard slight commotion going on elsewhere in the cafeteria, though didn't take too much notice, figuring it really wasn't any of her business what others did with their pokemon in here. Although, seeing someone else with their pokemon out, as well as another boy who got his own out afterwards, she... almost wanted to get out her own, as she knew they likely weren't too happy in their pokeballs. At the same time, though, she didn't want to cause any commotion herself, and she knew that Danny would likely cause a commotion. She supposed Rosie would've been fine, but if she got Rosie out, then Danny would want to come out as well, so best to just not, she thought.

Instead, she turned back to her notebook, though once again was distracted as she heard a quiet whine besides her. Ah. One of the pokemon - a Rockruff - had approached her table, and seemed very interested in her croissant. The problem with this was that said Rockruff was extremely adorable, and Alyssa really wasn't sure if she could say no to her. That was a problem, of course, because she really did want that croissant.

She glanced up at Rockruff's owner, a taller but friendly-enough looking boy, who seemed to be apologising for his pokemon's behaviour, at least. "Don't worry, uh- it's fine," she said, returning the boy's smile, before breaking off a piece of her croissant and offering it out to the Rockruff. And then, because she now felt bad for feeding someone else's pokemon but not her own, she let Rosie and Danny out of their balls, Rosie curling up on the seat besides her and Danny sitting on the table. Likewise, she offered a little of her breakfast to each of them, and thankfully with the distraction of eating they both behaved well enough.
Richard turned back to Argrean, nodding as well and about to reply, though he paused as Fenn spoke again, and didn't do too well to hide his annoyance. Yeah, definitely would have to teach him some manners, and also at some point he'd have to make it clear that he cared little for those sorts of affairs, especially as a deal had already been struck. But right now, he just wanted to get negotiations over with, and if that meant humouring the Fae Prince for now, as to avoid yet another outburst, then so be it.

"Of course, I'll- keep that in mind," he said. "Perhaps we can discuss that further at a later date, although I do believe right now there are more important things to be focusing on. Just... remind me of that later." He sighed, turning back to the Fae King again. "I believe we're done with everything here, then?"

Anthony was finding it increasingly harder not to butt into the conversation, sensing that his father really wasn't listening to what the Prince had to say, and understanding himself that it was actually rather important, but again, he wasn't really one for these sorts of things. He made a mental note to talk to the Prince himself about it later, and maybe he could try to mention something to his mother, who was more likely to actually try to do something. At the very least, he wanted the Prince to know that he at least cared for what he had to say, and he tried to show that by sending him a sympathetic look, as though to apologise on behalf of his father.
lmaooo fr. personally getting ready to Fight argrean.

(also apologies for taking a while to respond here, had exams over the past week so i've been super busy, but should be able to write more often now asdfgdjdg)
Richard looked over at the Fae Prince for the first time due to his little... outburst, dropping his neutral expression for a split second as a frown formed on his face. He certainly wouldn't let his own son speak to him like that, though it did seem like the Fae King had it mostly under control, as after a brief word the Fae Prince did settle down. He turned back to Argrean, holding back a sigh.

"Of course," he replied. "Likewise, I agree to everything. Arrangements have already been made to allow for the Fae Prince's stay in my kingdom." He looked back at the Prince again, for just a moment. "May have to teach him some proper manners, but no worries, we'll get him in shape in no time."

Anthony, on the other hand, seemed... a little more concerned, regarding the Fae Prince's outburst, compared to his father's clear annoyance at least. Of course, Anthony had known that the plan was for the Fae Prince to join them, staying in their kingdom, and he assumed that the Fae Prince knew as well - how curious, that he seemingly didn't. Still, when the Prince gave him a small smile, Anthony found himself returning it, almost trying to silently communicate that he was sorry about this whole situation, as it was becoming clearer and clearer that he was not happy with this arrangement, much like Anthony himself.
oooo this sounds super cool, loving this idea! i'd definitely be interested :)
Hello there! With the new year and holiday season finally being over, and a bunch of ideas circling around my mind throughout said season, I figured I may as well make a more general interest thread, which of course I may add to and tweak over time depending on what I'm looking for. I'm always open to new RPs, just PM me here if anything catches your interest and I'm sure we can figure something out!

A little about me: my name is Lotus, I use they/them pronouns, I'm 20 years old, and in GMT timezone (though in all honesty, with my fucked up sleep schedule that hardly matters lmao). I've been RPing on and off since I was around thirteen, and been writing since before then. I'm not sure where exactly I'd place myself on the casual-advanced scale, since as a general rule I'll just do my best to at least match the length of my partner, though I'm fully capable of churning out multiple paragraphs. All I ask is that my partner doesn't just give me one-liners - would prefer at least a paragraph.

I am willing to play any gender character, and happy for you to play any gender either! Whilst I have a slight preference for MxM or FxF, I'm down for MxF as well (and in fact, I feel that some of the plots listed may work better as MxF), just let me know what you'd prefer. Romance isn't a necessity but I absolutely do enjoy it. When it comes to explicit content, I'll say that if we did go down that route I'd prefer to fade-to-black, although depending on the RP I may be willing to try something out, best thing to do it check in with me at the time to see how I'm feeling with it. (Though if you are a minor, whilst I won't say no to an RP, I would not want any sort of smut involved, even a fade-to-black.)

In particular, I've really been craving something a little darker recently, focusing on an unhealthy relationship of sorts, and am specifically looking for someone to play a bit of a villain (the plots below may give more context to this request). I don't have any limits when it comes to angst and darker content, so fr go crazy, but of course if you have any boundaries do let me know! I'm also up for something more lighthearted if that's what you'd prefer, or a plot that focuses more on hurt/comfort, but again, really craving some good angst right now.

But yeah, have a look over the plots below, or at the general pairings, and shoot me a PM if your interested! Happy to RP through PMs, thread, or discord, whichever you'd prefer (my discord is lotusthatexists#1512 if you'd prefer to message me there), again just let me know. So yeah, onto the fun stuff!

Alright, I believe that's all for now! This will be updated as I come up with ideas, but thanks for reading!
King Richard himself showed little fear as he approached the Fae King, though he still felt the power the he exerted, especially as Argrean spoke, and he got the idea that this was perhaps not the right person to make an enemy of. Which, in fairness, was the whole point of this meeting. He straightened out his back, standing as tall as he could - although in comparison to Argrean, that of course wasn't very tall at all.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," the Human King replied, bowing his head, although that was really all the pleasantries Richard was willing to give. Unlike the Fae King, he didn't change much of his demeanour, keeping a neutral expression. He was here strictly for business, not to make friends, and in Richard's mind, at least, showing such friendly emotions only showed weakness. "I presume you've read and understand the terms of our agreement?"

Off to the side, Anthony seemed quite a bit more fazed by Argrean, trying his best not to look at him. He didn't know a whole lot about the Fae king, though he also wasn't getting the best of feelings from his presence. He instead decided to continue focusing on the Fae Princem really not doing a brilliant job at not staring, especially as when they caught eyes and the prince looked away, Anthony didn't.
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