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@Gisk You would get more points as the Roleplay goes on and your character grows, sometimes it would be in bursts or gradual, and you're also subject to loss of points say in case of a crippling injury (spiritual, mental or physical) for long term or short term depending on the severity and type of injury.

The difference between Attack and Keyblade Proficiency is simple. Attack refers more to a character's raw physical strength and physical inflicted damage, Keyblade proficiency on the other hand refers to their ability to handle the keyblade and their knowledge of the weapon. To demonstrate: A character can have a good amount of physical strength but doesn't know how to wield a keyblade or use it properly to its optimal extent. Maybe another character doesn't have much forte in the strength department and is more magic oriented but he knows how to handle a weapon like the keyblade and can use it with some knowledge unlike the former character I mentioned.

Star Wars and Marvel are not included I am afraid, just to make sure we don't stray off too much from the main plot, although this is subject to change should there be demand for a world based in one of them.

CS could be submitted when a proper OoC Thread is made, however, you're free to come up with at least some skeleton for the character/characters you want to roleplay.

And you're free to choose what home world they come from, just don't stray too far off out of the Disney/Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts umbrella. You're also free to make up a world of your own should you feel the need to.

Also, don't worry about asking too many questions :) , if you have more I'm all ears.
@sassy1085@Piercing Light@Ryuzaki@Zealous Blade@transient ahhh@Gisk I'm glad you're all interested, that's a promising response so far :D

@Gisk The stat system would be used merely as a general indicator to a character's strengths and weaknesses. The idea is not to limit anyone to numerical values and deny them the odds of beating or dueling someone higher than them in these stats, but rather to show the relative difference between say a starting Keyblader and a much experienced one, or the strengths of a caster Keyblader vs one who relies more on physical strength.

So far the stats are as follows:

1. Attack: Strength/ Attack Damage/ Physical Attacks.

2. Defense: Health/ Health Regen/ Armor/ Ability to defend against Physical Attacks.

3. Magic: Magic Attack and Speed of Spell Execution.

4. Speed: Physical Attack Speed/ Movement Speed/ Reflexes/ Agility.

5. M. Resistance: Magic Resistance/ Might or Might not include Mana and Mana Regen depending on whether Character knows Magic or not.

6. Keyblade Proficiency: Ability to handle and wield the Keyblade.

7. Critical/Luck: Ability to Critically strike, survive an absolute attack, or execute a lucky attack or movement. It should be noted that this stat will have a limit, as in you can’t survive a near death situation repeatedly and in succession and it will also require that the character to have appropriate points in Attack or Magic, otherwise the Character’s critical strike or lucky strike will be too weak to make any notable damage or effect.
Kingdom Hearts: Bonds

The worlds are at war.

For more than a decade, a fierce and bitter war raged on between the Keyblade Wielders of the Light and the Dark (wielders of a key shaped sword that has many mysterious powers that includes its ability to open and seal things ranging from doors and pathways to barriers between worlds and hearts of worlds). Each side vying for dominance and reign yet none getting the upper hand. It all started when Key Wielders started deserting the Keyblade academy and shunning the light side in favor of the boundless power the dark side offered. Chaos followed after as these band of Keywielders increased their numbers and started taking over worlds with the forces of heartless backing them.
The Keywielders of light fought to defend the worlds and put an end to the rising threat, but it was soon apparent that they were matched in power and numbers, and thus the flames of war kept burning without a Victor.

Until HE came.

A mysterious Keyblade Master of unrivaled strength and terrible prowess that tipped the favor to the dark side. In every battle he fought, many valiant wielders fell to his blade, and none even in the finest of the Light Side could stand his equal in battle. The Keybladers of Light clashed with him and those of the dark in countless battles and after every one lost so much and gained so little. And now, The Dark side is winning and it seems that nothing is going to stand in their way for total dominance. Yet there is still Hope.

There is Kingdom Hearts. (A mystical object of great power. It is the heart of all worlds, and a source of great power and wisdom)

If the Light side manages to find it, they can finally turn the tide of war in their favor and gain another fighting chance to end this violent war. But, they are not alone in their search, for the Dark Side too is after Kingdom Heart’s majestic powers. And so it has become a heated race between those who stand to gain so much and those who would lose everything… and everyone.


Greetings Everyone, I'm Lucent Design :3. New to the forums but old to Role playing, albeit quite rusty. I'm planning to start a Kingdom Hearts RP set during the events of the Keyblade War. It's non canonical and won't involve any of the main cast of the Kingdom Hearts series, it will, however, share many of the elements of the games and lore with a more serious tone. It will take place in an academy like setting and will branch out to different locations as the RP progresses be them Disney worlds or entirely original ones. It will have a combat stat system just to give a relative indication to a given character's strengths and weaknesses but not to tie certain numerical values to a character's progression. Needless to say that Roleplayers will be able to wield Keyblades and will choose to either be on the Light Side or the Dark side. They're also free to choose neither side and follow a different path.

The Roleplay will follow both sides as they try to find Kingdom hearts and end the ongoing war, their struggles in doing so and the surprising twists and unexpected choices they will have to face. It will also delve into the identity of the mysterious Keyblade Master whose arrival on the scene have changed the war landscape, as well as the process of training younger keybladers in the academy to join the ranks of the Light side and those who choose to deviate from it.

If you have any questions, suggestion or ideas, your feedback will be greatly appreciated. And if you're interested, please let me know. Depending on your responses, I might or might not go through with this RP.
Expressing keen interest.

I hope you don't mind if a newcomer to the Forums join!
I have Roleplayed before of course , but I'm a bit rusty.
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