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I'll just say this. Me and that dog have been through a lot together. Homelessness, mental and physical illness, two family deaths, and more. He's my best friend, and if someone killed him on purpose, I'd be on them so fast their head would spin. As far as I'm concerned, he's not a pet, he's my baby brother.

what did you do? did you report me to the mods or something?

I was incredibly hungry at the time. i only wanted to know what it would taste like to bite into that dog. all the past dogs i've eaten were cooked

I just put way too much time and effort into a shitpost. Is this what Spam does to you?

I don't understand this

<Snipped quote by Luna_Maria>

You, my dear, need to calm the Hell down. I meant it as a joke. A violent one, yes. But a joke none the less. No reason to be so... hostile.

But still. I find the fact that anyone would eat a dog to be a tad disturbing. Sorry that offends you.

this is the second time you've done this to me. fffffffffffff
<Snipped quote by Luna_Maria>

If you hurt any puppet like that, I'll feel free to do the same to you. Minus the eating part.

go fuck yourself.

like how many times I've been threatened by some random internet kid after posting how much I love eating puppies.

Of all the things I would consider eating, dog is not one I find appetizing. I fail to see such an attraction to it and relegate it instead more to a concept that probably arose out of pure desperation to avoid starving in places it became culturally associated with.

greater the pain, greater the pleasure. the more brutal way the dog is slaughtered, the tastier the meat.
mmmmmmmm that puppy looks delicious. I would gladly kill it and eat it. i'd chop its head off and skin it disembowel it and then cook the meat
@The Harbinger of Ferocity thanks so much! I think I get it, now
@Gunther I love the scene, even tho there are flaws to it, but I suppose they are necessary flaws. that man yashida, reminds me of kei nishikori the tennis player

what's the difference between concussive explosion and a nuclear explosion? I googled 'concussive explosion' but didn't find any info about it.

I don't know the difference. both release large amounts of energy and heat that create a blastwave made of gas, right?
<Snipped quote by Luna_Maria>
Movies typically take illogical steps like this in order to include as much detail as possible without making the movie longer.

love it!

also, the abomb dropped all the way down to the ground before detonating. I read somewhere that abombs were supposed to detonate in the air to maximize explosive damage
I would much prefer committing Sudoku than Seppuku. Less messy.

I love that scene in wolverine where the abomb drops and the 3 Japanese guys commit seppuku. the whole scene looked scripted, for instance: why would all 3 prisoner camp commanders agree with each other to commit seppuku upon hearing an abomb dropping? so many flaws in the whole sentence.... but at least the it portrays several interesting elements central to ww2. abomb and suiciding
I've been getting so much hatemail lately for the comments I posted on several youtube videos

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