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hey dude!!!

i didn't know we had this much in common!

i'm a writer too and i love chris nuttal as well!
i went to college too but didn't finish (although not for the same reason as you)
I love monologuing, too!
I LOVE brainstorming ideas to write books about!
and i have a gaming computer, in fact, a semi decent one i bought from bestbuy when it was mega onsale. i7-6700, gtx 970, 8 gb ram, for 800 bucks!

did you see my pm? let's write a novel!
hey! pm me! I'm good with something simple
is room open? let's do something together
... also because you're very unattractive
well, obviously that's because you're unattractive
anal whoring
if she means that much to you, find her yourself
if she doesn't mean that much to you, it's a shame that you don't want her
you make out with so many girls you can't even remember her name????
@BrobyDDark she said she made out with you

are you or are you not a pe?
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