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You just entered *dramatic music plays* the bone zone.
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A man is only as strong as his box
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I just bought twenty dollars worth of junk food.
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Ok, I changed around some stuffs and did a little more writing so my character isn’t just siting there.
Sorry for the short post, I’ll try and get my character more involved when I’m able to write more.
Lesley-Salem entrance

Lesley sighed under her mask as she walked along a crumbling and faded road. She saw a sign pointing this direction that said ‘town of Salem’ a few blocks back and decided she needed a break. The road was hurting her feet and she needed a place to lie down. Coming appon a big open spot of an unfinished perimiter she pressed her mask closer to her mouth when she noticed the smell of decomposition from various piles of mulch and the body’s she assumed that it once belonged to.

She held her large rifle closer to herself as she casually steped over a pile of blood and past a well dead death claw. With a few looks left and right she attempted to find the nearest place to rent a room for the knight, but all she found were some glares and dirty looks. Finally after walking around for a few minuets she found it and opened the door with a low screech the chapter of people inside.

Making her way to the counter she leaned over and attempted to ask the man behind the bar “You think I could rent a room?” Pushing a small sack of around thirty caps toward him. With a grunt he handed her a room key and pulled away the caps. After making it to her room she locked the majority of her equipment up in her room, only taking her revolver and knife back to the bar area to buy herself a drink.
Does anybody think they could give me a quick run down of current situation? It would save me a lot of reading.

Great, I’ll try to get up an introduction post soon.

Name: Lesley

Age: 24 or so.

Height: 5’10 ft.

Gender: female

Sexuality: heterosexual.

Nationality: Caucasian.

Race: human.

Faction Allegiance: none.

Skills*: small guns, large guns, mele, sneak, and repair.

Brief History: Sam was born and raised in a experimental and un finished military vault designed to specially train and recreate a military force in that area after the bombs fall. On Aprill 21'st the valt's systems began too fail and the life support systems went offline, trapping all inhabitants inside. After a few days of trying to get the vault door open the people in the vault began too died off until there were only a few left. It just so happened that Lesley and the few other survivors found some explosives in storage but due too the vault never being completely finished the structural integrity was diminishing, setting off these explosives could trap them in for good or worse kill them from debris. As a group they all decided they would blow the explosives against a week part of the door. Once the smoke cleared she found the door blown open just enough for her and the others to get out but as they thought the room wouldn't hold much longer.

The group of them all rushed through the opening to the outside she had heard so much about not having enough time to grab any equipment except the suits they were wearing and the knife one of the survivors had on their belt. As they rushed into the sunlight, there eyes in pain from the unwelcome beams of light. As the group finaly adjusted too the light they looked back at the collapsed cave opening and noticed the crushed body of a comrade and the faded yellow letters 145 on the blast door, there were three of them now, two of them girls. After that the group learned of the surface worlds imperfections and treacheries, slavers killed the only male of the group and attempted to capture Lesley and the other girl but they escaped from there grasp. Soon enough it was just her, the other girl slowly started to turn into a ghoul before parting ways. After wandering for so long she without any real friends she began to distance herself drone the few people she did run into.

Equipment: clothing from picture and knives hidden around clothing. She carries a Backpack For Holding ammo, medical supplies, food, etc.


Is this still alive? If so, I’ve got a character made.

@Dark Light yay! I did something with my life! XD
Slumped over I over in a big bed, Fenna looked around the room using her peripherals she locked onto the door as she heard a door open but I wasn't her's. Fenna noticed that this room was new and she hadn't been here before. Then she remembered that Clay had tried to kill her! She tried to stand up from her awkward position, only to fall over onto the warm wooden floor, laying there for a few seconds before standing up and noticing that her weapons were gone. "That snake" Fenna shouted as she busted through the door, looking left and right down the hallway, trying to find the stairs. To her left she saw them. Running down the hall and down the stairs with a loud *stomp* from her bare feet on the last step that lead into the main room. "Where is that wear wolf son of a bitch?!" She yelled searching the room with her eyes. "Your so unlucky that that poison didn't kill me cuz I'm good any one thing and that's kickin ass" she said as she fully realized she only had her fists.

@Dark Light@Luna Amore
@Lunar: This... is still kind of standard fantasy. ^^;

Ok... I tried making my character more magitech, hopefully this is good.



A wizard consumed by magick and turned almost all of her body into magic.

Coal is older than most.


Coal's eye glows with blue light and appears to not have much of a face at all. She is 6.2ft tall and her body is thin and metallic, giving her the apperence of robot.

Coal is a curious, caring, strange, helpful, and forgiving person. Thought she is slow to trusting people due to previously being alone for most of her life with very little encounters with good people.

Coal has a set of thick metal armor from her waist down as well as along her shoulders. she has a brown travel bag she carries to keep her posetons in.

Explosive touch
Coal uses a special hand to hand fighting style that she perfected over her years of mercenary work and self training of magic. She uses fire, combustion, and lightning magic to bring some extra punch to her claws and kicks.

Magic mucles
Coal's nechanical body increases the amount of force that her body can exert, allowing her to punch and kick harder, jump farther, run faster, and lift heavy objects with very little strain to herself.

Travelers eye
Coal is bilingual and fluent in many languages, it seems her magical eye can understand all sorts of text very quickly and allows her too easily grasp complex lenguages.

Execive force
Coal's body erupts into fire and lightning and is able to create major explosions from her hands. She can even use her magic to create thrust and accelerated movement.

Ghostly presence
He is highly resistant to magic and magical forms of attack while at the same time being effected by meow attack like a normal robot.

Brief Background:
Coal was a striving Mage and a hermit most of her life. While perusing her fascination with the archain she trained herself in the ways of magic and combat to protect herself and any information she gathered from her experiments, but after a many years she grew obsessed with knowledge of the arcane and even transformed herself into a robot in her quest for power. After seeing what she had made of herself and how her ways of research for the greater goo became eclipsed by her lust for the archain. It was then that she took up the life of a mercenary, never talking much and always getting the job done.

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