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Current Posting may be a little slow, filming a student film. Brb.
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I think a Discord server could be fun. Would help with plotting stuff out faster and tossing out ideas since we're all supposed to chip in here.
Same. The dub is too iconic for me to watch anything else.

Deleted, accidental post.

<Snipped quote by Matador>
Anything in red are either clarifications that I need smoothen out or glaring issues. Check your quoted CS for the review.

My main advice would be to make everything mash together better.

Aye, aye captain.

Edit: Oh, and to clarify, I don't think sticking to yourself makes you weird. But that's just how people can perceive you if you're too quiet, at least when you're still stuck in school. I'd know from talking to quiet guys who get a bad rap for not saying much but turn out to be good people when you actually get to know them.

Re-Edit: Redid the history from the ground up and fixed some parts of the sheet.

Reposting this.

Here's my dude:

Interested, Togashi's stuff is great.
Banned for being a lonely loser parrot.
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