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Current Posting may be a little slow, filming a student film. Brb.
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Banned for being a lonely loser parrot.
Bumping one more time for the month.
Bump, added a superhero that doubles as a reverse harem plot to the mix.
<Snipped quote by Matador>

Begone, degenerate.

*sniffs* okay...
<Snipped quote by Chaotic Chao>

1x1 was a mistake.

Not gonna lie, I've actually met some of my best partners in 1x1.
In a role play where every guy except me is 5'11 or taller... We are supposed to all be 15 lol

That's actually not uncommon where I live. I've met a 6'8 16 year old, for that matter.
I can do One Piece or Fate/Stay Night. However, I do have a few plots on hand too if you would like to hear them.

Sure thing, either of those sound great right now!
Definitely interested, I'll see if I can have a CS up by Monday.

I'd love to do a fire embblem plot with you. Some of my fav charactrts are the laguz from the Wii game and would love to role play as the heron Rafiel.

noticed it wasn't in your list but Earthbound was there so you might be intrested in Undertale as well? I would love to do an Undertale. I'm a huuuuuge Undertale fan and is always looking for a partner in this.

Ah, I'm sorry but I've been doing a Tellius RP for about a year and I'm not really that interested in Undertale anymore.
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