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@RiegalApproved! Move it to the CS tab and we'll get this show on the road in a few days.
@XxFellsingxX Approved.

All three of you should move your sheets to the CS tab, btw.


And I really like this character so far. I've been thinking about some "special roles" for you all to take depending on your characters' personality. I can't talk much about them right now, but I think I have a good one for you. I won't talk about them this early on, but it's something to keep in mind once the RP starts. Depending on how your characters develop, these roles might change so I'll just keep being spooky and mysterious about it until this info's relevant.
@VeradanaYeah, looks good, accepted.
You guys still interested?
Hahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA.

Accepted, then.
Nah, I just named an NPC We'd probably never see. I could edit it out and leave it as nameless guy if you'd prefer.

I'd just come up with another reason for entering the Yamanote Circle or utilize the NPC in a different way so he isn't one of the main 4 people meeting up together. Otherwise, you'd basically be giving an NPC a slot that's meant for a main character.

Oh, and I've been thinking of how to further involve players in the plot and decided that everyone should have the spotlight at one point or another. Since Nakada's such an able sword-fighter, he might get a demon rival very early on...

Yeah, that's perfect! I'm assuming Kaba's one of the other players' character?

Cool cool! It's been... a while since I joined an RP that had stats that weren't just fluff and for show, so this should be fun.

And to let other players know (to maybe help with planning backstories that work together), my current idea for a character is a rather tomboyish girl who's a star volleyball player at the school the kids go to. I haven't really thought about her personality in-depth, but I do know that one of her defining traits will be her desire to be looked up to, as a sort of role model or hero.

I should have sheet up within two days~. Speaking of, @Matador, should there be a 'Personality' section on the CS? Not sure if you meant to omit it or not, so just want to ask to make sure.

Oh, I just added that. Sorry, just me being stupid there.

Writing up a character now, he's going to be a strength-based guy. I'll leave some of his backstory a little open in case anyone wants to tie in their character, but I plan on making him the president of the Kendo club if that's okay.

Sure, that's fine, dude. Do as you please for your backstory.
I think this much (mechanic wise) is too much for me to handle right now. :|. I think I might pull out.

I really don't think it's that complex. It's just talking, fusing, cracking, and some stats. But if you feel that way, I understand and wish you the best of luck.
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