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I'm a workaholic. LMAO
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RP and normal writings in the works.
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Working on some projects.
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Having to scrap my most recent project. That's okay. I can think of something else.
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Looking for Story Driven Roleplayers willing to play both Official Characters (Canons) and Original Characters (OCs). Can do AUs, Crossover (Homebrew style), Canon Divergent and Semi Canon Compliant.
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Name: Online I go by MegaMatt ZX
Nickname: Matt, MegaMatt, Mega, MegaMatt ZX
Age: 22
Ancestry: a mix of all types of European and a small bit of Cherokee (Possibly Powhatan, but that's TBD) Native American
Rank: not sure what to put here.
Unofficial title: Sadistic Bastard
Likes: Pizza, Pepsi, movies, games, shows, comics, anime, animals, D&D, and spending time with friends.
Dislikes: deliberate assholes that act stupid and entitled, bullies, trolls, Petty people, pity parties, drama, and ignorant people.
I am known for who the hell even knows.

Storyteller, Writer, jokester, sarcastic and sadistic bastard.

Writer and storyteller
Multi character RP
I can play multiple characters at once.
Detailed and heavily story-driven
Pretty chill and laid back
I can do lewd if I'm comfortable enough (it can't be the only thing we do.)
Multi franchise RP
Feel free to ask DM if you want to talk or RP
Lewd is those 18+ only
Will not do lewd in groups.
The writer is indeed male, as the profile name suggests
We will discuss boundaries before we start RP.
All RPs I do are fictional and don't define my real life.
Rules when Role-playing with me.

1. Do not start role-playing with me right away and out of random. I like to plan stories.

2. All Rps I do are PURE FICTION and do not equal Real life. Distinguish the difference between fiction and reality before role-playing with me. To further add to rule two, there are some things I'm okay with in role-playing and fiction that I'm not okay with in real life. So if there are things that either of us is not okay with or agrees on, consider this factor.

3. Regarding morality, I do not see the world in black and white, merely shades of Gray. Do not belittle anyone that you may disagree with certain things. It pisses me off when people belittle people over differences of opinion or even over fiction. We're all only human. That being said, however, there are some things that I will not support either. I don't think there's any need to start a war over that shit unless it involves real people and not fictional characters. I only care if it's reality and not fiction—the only exception.

4. It is important for all parties involved to know the limitations of others when it comes to RP. What they're okay with and what they're not okay with. This is important so that there are no issues. Communication is important.

5. Although I encourage detail in role-playing, I do not require it. However, I would probably try to encourage it as much as possible by being detailed. Hence why I mainly RP on Discord. Also, possibly here as well.

6. I have done it before but I am not strictly an nsfw role-player. I try to keep those types of RP private, as all nsfwrp should be, in my opinion. I like to keep certain things about myself private. Not to mention I mainly want to do SFW RP. NSFW RP is only for those who are over the age of 18. Minors, do not ask for this. Also, as said earlier, I only do those RPs privately in DMs and with the other person's consent. I don't do NSFW group RPs and never will.

Responses might be late, so please be patient. I can be very busy at times.

More may be added over time and may vary. Violating these rules could lead to me not responding or blocking, depending on how severe it is.

Stories I'm doing outside of Roleplayer's guild: Dragon Ball: New Frontier,
Castlevania: Devil's Land alongside @AngelBites15 in her discord server, Panda Resort, some normal AO3 Stories (Work in Progress): Dragon Ball New Frontier Expanded Universe, Dragon Wars Galaxy AU, Dragon Ball Lost Legends AU. Also have upcoming projects as well.

Role-playing 101, mainly for newcomers to RP. You should never gatekeep and restrict your number of RP writing partners. However, you should always establish boundaries. These boundaries are not just for your writing partners but also for yourself. Limits that they have as well as your own. It is essential to ensure that neither you nor your writing partner crosses any lines. Hence, it would be best to discuss boundaries before you begin RP in the first place and remain in communication regarding that should boundaries change. I've made plenty of RP mistakes and lost good writing partners, but I've also learned a lot from those mistakes. There's a reason why boundaries are important. Being young and dumb will cause you to make a shit ton of mistakes that could cost you, good writing partners and friends.

I can be OCs, Canons, Alternate Canons, or somewhere between.

I like Dragon Ball, Castlevania (Two obvious ones), Star Wars, Godzilla, Megaman, DC, Marvel, Superhero content, Indiana Jones, Middle Earth, Legend of Zelda, and many others can't think of at the moment.

Currently looking for fellow writers for roleplays involving Dragon Ball Castlevania, Star Wars, Middle Earth, etc. I do AUs, Canon compliant, non-Canon compliant, various eras, genres, etc. Looking for Story-Driven Roleplayers willing to play both Official Characters (Canons) and Original Characters (OCs). Can do AUs, Crossover (Homebrew style), Canon Divergent, and Semi-Canon Compliant.

Currently looking for those interested in a non-canon compliant multiversal Dragon Ball story as well as a Dragon Ball au-story centered around lost Legends like El Dorado, also looking for those interested in a potential Star Wars RP either in the Old Republic era, during the Jedi Purge, post return of the Jedi, or during the Clone Wars. Looking for a Castlevania group for Castlevania stories set in 1891 with a Canon departure for the story's sake. Finally looking for a middle-earth story that's a mixture of The Lord of the Rings and Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War. More will be added later on. Also looking for those willing to do crossover elements in certain stories and even those that can be semi-canon accurate to Offical characters.

Still, many projects are being worked on, but slowly getting there as we go. RP stories so far that I'm working on:

Castlevania Devil's Land: discord.gg/4jVFH5mDVt

Dragon Ball New Frontier: discord.gg/vbYhhxpphV

Dragon Ball New Genesis: roleplayerguild.com/topics/189977-mos…

Castlevania Rhapsody of the Moon: roleplayerguild.com/topics/190024-cas…

Upcoming projects: a few Star Wars RPs, one set during the Old Republic, one set during the Clone Wars, one set during the early Empire, and one set after the events in Return of the Jedi. This will be in the guild.

Another Castlevania story is also in the works, set in the late 19th century with a few departures from the original lore. This will also be held in the role players guild.

Potentially more in the future.

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Chapter 1: The Unexpected Journey, The Road to El Dorado

In a world of Lost Legends, the gods had built a hidden City hidden from the rest of the world and brought people they deemed worthy of their knowledge, wealth, power, enlightenment, and wisdom. This was a place of true Paradise, as people could live in peace and harmony under the conditions of its rulers. Two Goddesses that ensured peace and tranquility remained. However, they were in search of something more. Something more significant, especially since they had been told about two warriors that would one day come to their City of the Divine and either rival them or rule beside them. Two Saiyans had the power of the Gods at their side, and Super Saiyan Gods gained the various transformations that a Saiyan could possibly achieve. They had brought three legendary Super Saiyans to their home in the Divine city of El Dorado, but mainly proteges. The Super Saiyan Gods were different. There are a lot more free-minded. They had searched for them for a while now but so far to no avail.

El Dorado’s High Priest Paragus was one of the many priests and servants tasked with serving the two goddesses as he also began a service for the Super Saiyan Gods, claiming it was on their behalf; however, in truth, this was to serve his motive and ambitions of fanatical religious devotion as he wanted the gods to “Cleansed” to serve his vision of a utopia. The age of the Jaguar, so to speak. An age he believed should be written in Blood as he then began to scheme in the night while all others were out searching for the Saiyans gods or sleeping in the comfort of the city. He walked the empty streets as he looked around. “If the Super Saiyan Gods are not bloodthirsty like in the holy textures….” He started as he then began to inspect the world around him. “Then this place will eventually be destroyed. Let's hope we can find them soon. My sons, the two Broly, Z Broly and Bio Broly, may be Legendary Super Saiyans like Kale, but they are not true Super Saiyan Gods. I hope that My devotion to the sacred texts wasn’t me misreading the heavens…..” Paragus continued to walk around the city until he eventually entered his temple, knelt to the stone, and began a hex of worship and prayer to any gods he worshiped.

Meanwhile, on that same night, in a location a few hours ahead of time, in a city metropolis in the world that had people of various races, two Saiyans of higher status than most then began to prepare for an expedition to conquer the unknown world as they started walking out of the castle of King Vegeta III who had provided them with resources and forces for the conquest. Now they were searching for the other two benefactors he recommended. One of them was bald due to losing his hair over time and with a mustache; he then looked at the other, who had a widow's peak and extremely long hair. Both are wearing military-style Saiyan armor, shoulder paddings on the armor, and pieces of armor on the sides, the back, and the front of the lower areas, and wearing military padded pants and wristbands as the two continue to walk towards the next benefactor. The Cold Family and their empire were here on business regarding the King of Saiyans and the conquest that these two were going to lead. The Bald one started to speak, “So you think the Cold Family would be willing to help fund our campaign, Raditz?”

“Impossible to say, Nappa.” The long-haired one mentioned. Sounding rather annoyed as he began to prepare for the meeting. “The Red Ribbon Army has agreed to 15% of the conquest. I believe The Cold Empire will want 25%; that will be the maximum we offer." He continued as he seemed to be deep in thought, which raised Nappa's concern.

“You Alright?” The larger Saiyan asked, “You seem distracted. What’s up?”

“Nothing that needs concern.” Raditz answered to reassure his comrade, “Just been thinking about those rumors of a hidden city of the Gods. This… El Dorado. I’ve heard Turles and Slug talking about it with their men. It’s one of the reasons I’ve recruited them to help us find it. That is, if it exists. I’m not too sure about those rumors yet. But apparently, there are maps and journal entries of the gods choosing people to join them to go live in that city. I wouldn’t be surprised if that disgrace…. Was chosen to live…. Damn Kakarot…. Choose a life of a so-called “Adventurer” over the glory of a conqueror. I never understood why our parents still loved him, knowing that. All because he looked like Father for the most part, and I looked like Grandfather!?” It was clear he hated his younger brother over this and more. When Kakarot was born, he was also approached by gods who trained him for his entire life. Bardock had to do a whole lot of convincing for Raditz to have any form of training from them, despite the fact he wasn’t trained as much as Kakarot, and it was revealed that Kakarot and Prince Vegeta IV were Super Saiyan Gods and therefore needed to be trained as soon as possible. Although Raditz did also receive Training, Kakarot was obviously favored. Raditz had to seek additional power and training through other means, and he had always resented his brother for his destiny. The destiny he wanted. He had never seen eye to eye with his little brother since.

“I see. You still resent the gods for favoring your brother.” Nappa asked. He knew his comrade well; after Vegeta chose to Join Kakarot on adventures, they had been working together since, and it was infuriating to kiss up to the King just to be in his good graces. And he also developed hatred towards Vegeta as he felt betrayed. “Vegeta joined him too. It’s outrageous. Well, there is nothing we can do about it. We should work on getting the last benefactor to get the resources.”

“You are right,” Raditz answered as he was calm. He didn’t mind his comrade asking, as they needed to rely on each other. “On all of those things you said. But we just need to strike a deal. Hopefully, they will accept. The more resources we have, the better for our expedition.”

“You’re right,” Nappa said as he could tell Raditz was determined to get started. The two then approached the inn where the Cold family was staying as they then entered the inn and walked towards the room they were told that they would be in. They then began to knock on the door. “It's us. We’re here to discuss business, sires.”

“Enter,” One of the Frieza Clan members then stated as the Saiyans entered and sat down as servants served them food and drinks, and the shorter one sat down first, then the taller one, and then the large one. Frieza, the more temporary Frieza Clan member, began to speak, “Before we begin, I must apologize that we weren’t able to meet earlier due to my schedule. I’m sure you would have preferred our meeting earlier.” His tone was genuine but professional as Raditz was a valuable asset to them as he has made partnerships with them that benefitted them best.

“Not a worry at all, Lord Frieza,” Raditz said professionally. They discussed official business after. “I understand you already know what we’re here to discuss?”

Frieza only laughed. “Oh ho ho. Oh, of course, we do. Do you hear to discuss funds for an upcoming expedition, correct? You’re offering the usual 25% and other terms we may have.”

“We have been discussing this for the whole day,” Cooler said as he continued. His professionalism matched Frieza’s. “This deal is still good for us, but we would like to participate as a council of secondary advisors.”

Nappa and Raditz were surprised by this but could tell they would still have power. The only difference is that The Cold family would assist them throughout this endeavor and their armies. King Cold then spoke, “I understand this may come as a surprise, but we have considered leading an expedition ourselves, and we believe if we merged ours with yours, it would mutually benefit us all. Especially with the rumors and legends.”

“You wish to join us in our search for El Dorado?” Raditz asked. This was now making sense to both him and Nappa, and this helped them as significantly as much as the Cold Family.

“Why yes.” King Cold said, his enthusiasm could be heard in his tone, “We believe that if we have more shared manpower to this, our chances of getting answers is greater. Plus, it could also help conquer more at a faster rate as well.” King Cold spoke truthfully. It was best to maintain the trust of two of his most valuable business partners. And to ensure they all mutually benefit.

“Raditz, They make a valid point,” Nappa points out, and Raditz then takes some time to continue as they decide.

“You have yourselves a deal,” Raditz says as he shakes all three of their hands as they leave, allowing the partners to prepare to get their end of the expedition ready. A few days passed, as the preparation finally paid off as Raditza officially announced, “Today, we set out to conquer the new and unknown world, for the empires, for glory! For GOLD!” A few soldiers fire firearms up in the air, chanting his name as the younger Saiyans cover their ears before Raditz hits them. “Caulifla, Cabba, Eyes Forward!” he says as he angrily throws a chalice at a news poster talking about the adventurers known as Son Goku and Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Son Goku, also known as Kakarot, was accompanying his friend Vegeta, a fellow Saiyan. The two had gone on adventures together, and they finished submitting their quests and bounties for their last jobs before leaving the town for a bit of rest before taking any job postings for the next day if any. At that moment, a man approached them, offering them the map of El Dorado. But before Goku and Vegeta could question him about the legitimacy of said map, he quickly left. Never demanded money or tried to scam them. I just gave them the map and left.

"This is strange.….." Goku said as he wore his orange gi over a black skin-tight shirt over some gray pants and gray military-style boots, his blue belt tied to where the keys were in place and not all over as his blue wristbands were worn over black fingerless gloves, retaining his base form. He was somewhat confused. "Why would he just leave after giving us a map? We don't even know if this map is legit."

"Probably trying to trick us into going on a foolish quest and wild goose chase," His friend Vegeta replied as he wore blue military-style Saiyan armored pants with black boots with yellow on the tips of it. A special armor covered his grey short sleeve skin-tight shirt. The shirt collar covered half of his neck as his gloves had fingerless tips on the black, and the glove covered the hands while there was a bit of blue underneath it as well for the wristbands that were part of the gloves. He also began to show a little bit of confusion himself. "You would think he would try to scam us out of our money....."

However, before they could think about it, a group of job workers came up to them and decided that one is the map and perhaps a large portion of their mind the size they wanted to get from them in a fair game of gambling. "Perhaps a game would make it worthwhile." A man seemingly leading the group said. "Perhaps a game of dice will take your fancy? All our recent exploits, cash for your map, and some of your earnings from the quests and other jobs you may have joined."

Goku was hesitant at first to gamble some of their money away and an opportunity to find the hidden city of the Gods. Vegeta, on the other hand, interrupted him before he could say anything as he then said, "we accept. We’ll beat you fair and square." Knowing this to be accurate, he then opted to play along with the number of dock workers working in a business that deals with all types of boats, including the fanciest ones. They must have had a lot of money at the moment. With how busy they've been as of late, knowing they would also not bet all of their money so that they could pay for their food and their bills, Vegeta had no problems taking some of their money in a gambling match.

Goku, however, was a little angry and reluctant but decided to agree to the game because he could be seen playing fair and square and shocking the dock workers by winning every time. All parties involved knew that the dice were not rigged however people began to realize that there's more to Goku and Vegeta than what meets the eye as they actually noticed they were Saiyans as they heard rumors of the Super Saiyan Gods looking like the regular Saiyans in their base forms and constantly traveling. "Pleasure doing business. Guess I was fortunate today, gentlemen." Goku said as he grabbed the gold that was his winnings. As he then continued. "Perhaps you can do this again, and maybe next time, you'll be lucky."

Some of the workers were secretly part of El Dorado society, which Goku and Vegeta do not realize is. That some of them then walk away to contact their leader while others start a scene "I just noticed that you two are Saiyans. I heard of two mighty Saiyans traveling worldwide looking for adventure."

As this happened, they secretly scanned Goku and Vegeta for God ki. When the readings returned positive on that, one of the people contacted Bulma and Chi-Chi, the Goddesses that ruled El Dorado. "If anyone else hears this, inform the Goddesses that we have found the Saiyan Gods." The informant said as he sent the message.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Goku tried to lie about it as he felt the tension rise between Vegeta and the workers.

"We had rumors of Super Saiyan gods walking amongst us from people bearing more luxurious clothing than we have ever seen before. They're taking quite an interest in these particular Saiyans." One of the dock workers said as he was looking for anything that could give them a hint that they were. Goku also noticed that one of the workers had a ki reader that could read God Ki as he nudged Vegeta to look, implying that they needed to find a way out of this.

As some of the men grew closer to them, they had to think of something. Anything to get out of the situation they were in. And trusting each other's reliable wit as always, Goku causes a scene and fabricates a false accusation towards Vegeta as an act to literally distract the people from actually pursuing them, as they now realize that people are surrounding them intending to collect whatever reward is provided for the two "Vegeta! You gave me loaded dice!?" This caught everyone off guard, as most people knew the dice were not loaded. Because they won, they started to believe Goku and Vegeta were hiding something. They were seemingly deliberately causing a scene around the two to distract the people from what was happening. As this was going on, Goku tried to walk away, only to bump into a guard investigating the commotion. Vegeta, hoping Goku would use this as a means to think of some good improv so that their distraction worked, Goku immediately pointed at Vegeta and declared. "He gave me loaded dice! Arrest this man!"

Goku making this declaration shocked him, but he was rather pleased, considering that this was the improv he needed to work with for their distraction to work. As he then played along and made it as convincing as possible. "How dare you impede on my honor Kakarot! You insisted on using the loaded dice! I didn't make you cheat! Arrest him! He's the one who cheated against the sailors and took their money!"

Loving the improv Vegeta gave, Goku insisted on using the guard's armor as a means for reflection as he retorted, "Now I'm the thief? Take a look in the mirror, pal!"

Vegeta turned to Goku as he saw that his partner in crime was heading towards the other guard to continue the act. The fake tension rose to an end as they prepared for the next part of the act. "Kakarot, you better give the money back or else..." He quickly grabbed the guard's sword, drew it, and pointed it toward Goku "En garde!"

Goku only retorted more as he played along, "En garde yourself! I shall give you the honor of a quick and painless death!" He said as he purposely mistook the dagger for the sword in the first part, quickly putting it away and drawing the sword afterward as he continued. "Not with that. But with this! I prefer to fight fairly!" He said as the two charged at each other, clashing their swords together. Goku then asked, "Well, any last words?"

Vegeta continued to play along in the act. He responded, "I'm going to cut you to ribbons, fool!" As they then broke away while Goku then spoke again

"Such mediocrity! Let your sword do the talking!" The slightly younger Saiyan said in his dramatic tone.

"I will! It shall be loquacious to a fault," Vegeta said as he continued to clash swords with Goku to play the act well. As the two continued to fight with swords, Goku then spoke again.

"Haha. Your swordsmanship is foolhardy. Amateuristic. Paralytics at best. You Mitzy, prancing, Twit!" The realistic but fake insults could be heard from the Earth, where Vegeta jumped on barrels as he climbed up to the roof, throwing similar banter.

"Haha, you fight like my sister!" Vegeta jokingly said, knowing Goku would think of an excellent comeback to that remark.

To this, Goku rebutted, "Haha, but I fought your sister. That is a compliment!"

As Goku climbed up on the roof, Vegeta swung his sword again and yelled, "Begone! Heathen," He continued to say as he continued to clash with Goku's sword and started saying, "Not the face! Not the face!" As soon as the blade was knocked out of Goku’s hand and landed in Vegeta's other hand, Goku began to get up and started to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we decided that it is a draw," The younger Saiyan said as Vegeta gave him the swords before Goku tossed them toward a guard. They landed in between the guard's feet as he then continued. "Thank you all so much for coming. You've been fantastic. See you soon." Once that was said, Vegeta and Goku began to take their leave. Goku simply made a final remark. "Adios," He says as he then jumps off the roof of the building he was on top of as he was next to Vegeta now with Vegeta then congratulating him.

"Congratulations on your performance and quick thinking, Kakarot. A great show as always," The Saiyan Prince said as he patted Goku on the back.

"No. No. That was good, Vegeta. You pulled through on that improv." Goku said. He then began to feel a presence overshadow him and Vegeta as the duo turned to see a giant dinosaur looking at them as Goku started to remark. "I think we should have kept the swords."

"Yeah…." Vegeta said he began thinking of something quick for their escape as he told Goku. The tension was there. "Okay, I have a plan. You pet him…."

Initially hesitant, Goku nodded as he responded, "yeah?"

Vegeta then continued as he prepared to make his daring Escape, much to his friend's dismay, "And I'll…. RUN!!!!!" When he finishes, he runs off, with Goku running after him.

"Thanks a lot!" The other Saiyan then said he began to follow his friend to find an Escape route as they jumped off the wall, only for the dinosaur to knock it over but conveniently give them the opening they needed to escape. They then began to run through the city with a crowd chasing them, only to be chased away by the dinosaur, with some chasing after the dinosaur rather than them. Through the streets, the two Saiyans could be seen running towards a group of guards as they then point their swords toward the two but only for the two to enter houses, causing the locals to scream as they exited to the other means of leaving with Goku simply "Bye! Thank you!" But before the guards could do anything to react, the dinosaur knocked them all over before it was stabbed by one of the swords. Goku and Vegeta could be seen climbing up to a higher point in the city with guards firing ranged weapons at the two, only for the two Saiyans to avoid shots as much as possible hence why they weren't hurt. Still, there were quite a few close calls as they began to run towards one of the docks' ends, seemingly leading to a dead end with two barrels. Goku then began to look at Vegeta.** "I bet we can make that." **He said as the guards started to corner the two Saiyans, with Vegeta responding to Goku quickly.

"Two gold pieces say we can't!" Vegeta said, confident He wasn’t going to lose, but he was also desperate not to be captured.

"You're on!" Goku said as they jumped. Vegeta could be heard screaming something that wasn't readable because of how fast they were going. The two then landed inside barrels of the water unscathed, causing Goku to point out the obvious to Vegeta casually. "You lose," Goku said, causing Vegeta to toss two gold pieces at him to pay off his debt as the two began to close the two barrels before the barrels were lifted.

"Kakarot, what's going on?" Vegeta said in a perplexed manner.

"We are both in barrels. That's the extent of my knowledge.” Goku said as they were brought onto the ship and placed in an area on the vessel. Goku and Vegeta then pushed the removable piece of the barrels, allowing them to breathe. As soon as they could catch their breath, Vegeta began to speak.

"Okay, Kakarot, we have to move fast. On three, we jump out and run for the dock." He gave Goku enough time to respond quickly, and Goku then did so.

"Good. Excellent plan." Once that was said, they were both ready to escape from the ship. Vegeta then tried to make the call.

"Okay.. one… two… three…." Unfortunately, before they could escape, someone put a massive chest on the two barrels, preventing them from getting out. The two still struggled nonetheless but little did they realize that the ship had already begun its leave for the talk making it almost impossible for them to get off the boat now. Unaware that this was the ship of Frieza and Cooler and that some of the spies of El Dorado were also on board the vessel.

As the sun sets, Goku and Vegeta continue to try to get out of the barrels. With the chest on top. The two were exhausted from the whole endeavor. They prepared to lift the lids on top of them. "Alright, ready, Kakarot?"

“Yeah.” Goku said as he prepared to lift it again, hoping they could lift it this time. As he then spoke again. "Oh three … one….. two .."

At that moment, the two Saiyans could lift the lids and pop out as they both yelled, “Three!” The two’s smiles faded as they saw the crew looking at the two now Saiyan stowaways. As they became nervous when they saw the sailors gathering around them, they slowly reentered the barrels to avoid a fight. Vegeta then began to speak again. “Well… guess we’re going back in… who ordered the uh… pickles?”

As the sailors grabbed them, Goku was seen as the first to be handcuffed and brought to the captain’s deck as Vegeta followed. He was also placed next to Goku after he was at the Captain’s lounge. As they looked up and saw Frieza, Cooler, Raditz, Nappa, and King Cold standing before them, Goku softly said, “Oh no…. not again….”

As he said that, Raditz turned to face them, Revealing he was leading the expedition rather than The Cold Family; as he saw his younger brother and the Saiyan prince, he spoke. “My crew and the Crew of my benefactors were as carefully handpicked as the disciples of the gods, and I will not tolerate stowaways; you two will be flogged, and when we reach the shores of Cuba, God willing, you will be flogged some more and then sold as slaves to a could of goddesses for the rest of your miserable lives, I don’t care if you’re the prince and my brother. To the brig.”

Goku was hurt by this statement, even though he and his brother hadn’t seen eye to eye in years. However, he refused to let Raditz see that fact as he knew Raditz would indulge in his little brother’s suffering. He then made a lighthearted Joke to hide his pain. “Hm. Cuba.” As the two Saiyans were dragged into the ship's holding cell. The next few hours resulted in Goku devising a plan to begin their escape as he observed the holding cell he and Vegeta were in. As he looked at the metal bars at the top and even began looking at the walls, he noticed no weaknesses in the structures, but he also paid attention to the chatters for unexpected opportunities. Being a prisoner at the moment had its advantages. It made it easier to eavesdrop. Vegeta knew what Goku was doing and was glad he decided to use his situation to use any advantages available to help him form his escape plan.

A few days pass as one of the Qatar Masters then walks past the cell as a young Saiyan girl tries to grab some apples before the Qatar Master as he then says, “No, No, No, Caulifla. You are on half rations, for now, strict orders from Raditz.”

During the scuffle, an Apple falls from the basket, landing on Vegeta’s lap. As he looks at Goku, tapping the floor as he is still thinking of a plan as Goku continues to look for methods of execution. Vegeta then got up and asked Goku, “So Kakarot, How’s the escape plan coming?”

Goku then took a little longer as he looked at Vegeta. “Hold on… I’m getting something.” He tapped the floor a little more before explaining the plan so far. “So here’s the plan. In the dead of night, we head on deck, grab some provisions, steal a cruiser with a good amount of storage and a navigation system, and sail back home like there’s mañana.”

“That’s it?” Vegeta asks his peer. The explicit questioning in the plan could be heard. “That’s your plan?”

“So far.” Goku then explained as he waited to answer Vegeta’s questions. He knew Vegeta would be questioning him on this plan. “We’d have to be careful, though. I still haven’t figured out how we’re getting on deck yet. I need more time to figure that part out. Luckily we have two weeks before we reach this ship’s destination and….” He then heard The Saiyan Female scream in frustration as gears immediately began to turn in Goku’s mind, and then, a light bulb flickered inside. “I have an idea!” Taking Vegeta’s apple from his hand, and before Vegeta could say anything to stop Goku, he quickly got up and told him. “Help me up!” Vegeta then also got up and assisted Goku in lifting him over to the barred trap door. Goku then got the apple over the gate as he began whispering over to Caulifla. “psst! Caulifla! Do you want an apple? I have this Apple right here; come get it!” Caulifla was too hungry to think rationally as she walked over, Goku saw this, and he pulled it back to him as he continued, “But first, you have to do something for me. I need you to find a pry bar or the keys to the gate.”

Vegeta then started to speak his mind as he began to rant, “Kakarot, She’s a Saiyan like us; she’ll know your trick.” Caulifla was tired of Raditz cutting her rations in half. She then started to help Goku as she saw a chance to get out.

“That’s it, Caulifla; find a pry bar or key.” Goku then said as he saw her head out. As he waited patiently for her to come back as Vegeta continued

“Kakarot, She’s a young Saiyan; she won’t help us an-” Before he could finish, Caulifla returned and dropped the keys onto the cell floor. As Goku and Vegeta look down and see the keys on the floor, Vegeta remarks. “Well…. It’s not a pry bar.” Later that night, Goku and Vegeta managed to sneak out on the deck. As Caulifla helped procure food and a ship for the three of them. As the three got a decent-sized ship that could fit the four of them, supplies, and other necessities, including weapons, they had to make a daring escape.

Goku was seen gathering the last of the food as Caulifla then walked up to him Caulifla began to observe Goku before he began to speak to her as he gave her the apple. “Caulifla, you did well; if there’s anything I can do to repay you aside from the apple-”

“Take me with you!” Caulifla begged. She was even on her hands and knees “I sensed your tremendous ki, and I can tell you two are strong; please take us on as apprentices!” Vegeta and Goku were shocked by this as they saw her kneel. “I wish to join you on your adventures. Raditz isn’t too keen on giving me the freedom that you guys would no doubt offer. I’ll do whatever you ask of me.”

“We don’t have time right now." Vegeta said as he finished his part, “If you’re coming, hurry up and get on the ship. We’ll discuss the terms once we’re safely off the bigger ship! Preferably before everyone wakes up.” The female Saiyan nodded as she ran inside the cruiser. Goku then quickly got the last crate they needed to get the ship started as Vegeta slowly and carefully lowered it into the ocean to avoid the crew waking up. Vegeta also tried not to hit any vessel as well. “Steady. We have to be careful right now….”

Suddenly, they heard something from the deck; Goku and Vegeta looked up to see a Teen Male Saiyan making noises. “What are you three doing?” The male said as Caulifla recognized him

“Shit, it’s Cabba. He’ll wake the whole ship if we do deal with him!”

Goku was quick in his thinking to shut him up by throwing the apple Caulifla had when she gave it to him as a move to silence Cabba, hoping he would eat it and let them leave quietly, only for the apple to bounce around and mess up The flag ship's steering and bouncing off the ship and into the water before Cabba jumps overboard to get it, due to starving himself, much to the dismay of the other three Saiyans. And for Vegeta to say, “Oh no….” Cabba was seen struggling in the water as Goku jumped out to save the boy. Goku swam to grab him as he grabbed him and started to swim back toward the ship. “Are you out of your mind!?” Vegeta said before helping Cabba first and then Goku onto the ship with the help of Caulifla as Vegeta noticed the ships approaching them. “Holy….Ship!” Vegeta yelled as he tried to move their vessel out of the way while Goku assisted in the steering as their ship rode the waves and moved at incredible speeds to avoid getting hit. Caulifla and Cabba also assisted in making sure the sails were up. There was now only one ship left to get past, and Vegeta knew he had to time it right. “Kakarot, on the count of three, steer the ship to the right!”

“What!?” Goku called out as he saw what Vegeta meant; the shock was seen on his face with a bit of desperation as he waited for Vegeta to yell three.

“Three!” Vegeta yelled as Goku quickly steered the ship to the right and barely managed to dodge the ship as a wave was able to carry it away as the ship passed them. The four Saiyans plop down to catch a breath as they are panting from exhaustion as Vegeta asks the other three. “Did any of the supplies make it?”

Caulifla looks to check as she notices Cabba eating the food from one out of 10000 crates and 1000 food crates as she nervously says, “Well….. All but one….” The others then looked to see this for themselves as Vegeta, though frustrated, became less frustrated, knowing that most of the supplies were intact and the ship was still in good condition, his frustration was still there. The boy must have been starving more than Caulifla.


Goku then continued to sit up as he remained relaxed and began to speak to Vegeta, “Hey Vegeta, look on the positive side, at least things can't get any-” Before he could finish, the rain started to rain down on them even though the plan worked. To 75% efficiency, things did go wrong which Vegeta was more than happy to point out at the moment.

“I’m sorry, were you about to say worse!?” Vegeta angrily said as the other two Saiyans stayed silent, watching this debacle go on. They knew they wouldn’t be able to say anything to ease the tension, but Goku then took it back.

“No…” Goku said as we slowly started to inspect the rest of the supplies. Vegeta tried to pry into if Goku was lying or not.

“Are you sure?” The Saiyan Prince asked. Rather annoyed still, he was slowly looking on the positive side as the plan went well, for the most part, anyway.

“Yes, I am.” The second eldest Saiyan of the new ragtag crew said as he continued. “Positive; I completely take back what I was about to say. But hey. At least we have a saying; We’ve escaped, we saved most of the supplies, and we have ourselves a little crew. And we can now begin the next part of the plan.” Goku said as he began trying to turn on the navigation as he noticed just how far from their destination. “Oh… shit…. We are extremely far; chances of us having to recourse a few times is likely.” He then began to set the course as a destination for the city they were initially in as Vegeta then spoke again.

“Hey Kakarot, look on the positive side; we have a ship, plenty of supplies, and a small crew. And we finally have pupils.” The older Saiyans started to laugh as Caulifla and Cabba realized they were genuinely being taken under Goku and Vegeta’s wings as Vegeta also checked up on the sails and the engines to make sure they were damaged. “Cabba, check to see if there is finishing equipment. It’s probably best to preserve as much of our food as possible for the time being. Caulifla, Get four of our oars ready in case we need them. Kakarot, try to find the fastest route home.”

“You got it, Vegeta,” *Goku said as the other two nodded as Goku spoke to the duo. “You two can call me either Kakarot or Goku, whichever you prefer.” Vegeta saw them nod as they then began their tasks. They knew the four had to work as a team, so they started getting to work immediately.

A few days pass with no problems with the four as they try to get home. It all seemed well at first, but then they encountered storm after storm for two days straight as they did everything to keep themselves alive; they began to end up off course, just as Goku predicted, and they became increasingly lost, which each storm. Fishing was currently the only thing that was working for them at the moment, and making sure everything was fixed and also getting to know each other better as this was going to be the beginning of a new friendship with the four Saiyans, perhaps more, platonically with Goku and Caulifla as Goku slowly started to treat her like a little sister within a couple of months at sea... But they knew that if they didn’t get back on course soon, their supplies would eventually run out, and it would be almost impossible to get home. But they were knocked back off course every time they got back on the system. It was as if fate had other plans for the four of them of some kind as the Saiyans slowly began to lose their sanity as they slowly then began to lose hope. Fights also happened occasionally, but the three were now moping around as they began to despair, unaware that they were approaching land. Goku then began to reflect. “Vegeta, did you imagine it would end like this?”

Vegeta started speaking, “Caulifla and Cabba were
a surprise....” He chuckled as he let Caulifla and Cabba speak. He knew they might have something to add.

“Certainly better than being on Raditz’s ship with Frieza and the others…….” Caulifla commented as she looked at the water blankly as the four continued to expect to die at sea.

“Yeah…” Cabba said as he then looked at the sky, saw the clouds and blue sky over him, and reflected on his choices as he asked the others. “Any regrets you guys have?”

“Besides dying…?” Vegeta started with as he then continued reflecting on his regrets.”Yeah…. I never had enough gold, power, and purpose…..”

Caulifla spoke of her regrets softly, “My regret besides dying was not being able to prove myself to anyone.”... and if I could add to it…. You gave me a reason to live to the fullest....” She also cried as she finished. She couldn’t hold it any longer, knowing this could be the last for the four.

Cabba just rolled his eyes as Goku finished. “And if it’s any consolation to you two, You’ve all given me purpose and made my life Rich…” Goku also began to break down as they drifted across the sea. They began hitting the shores as the boat just suddenly stopped moving altogether. The four Saiyans lifted their hands slowly as they felt something other than water and saw that they were holding the sand. They shook the sand off their hands or dropped it all together as their expressions changed from gloom to glee as they all realized their situation. They looked and saw they were now on land and overloaded with joy. “It’s…. It’s….. LAND!” The four Saiyans then all jump off the ship as they all start to kiss the ground, grateful to be on land until they see bones causing all of them to scream in terror while standing right up as Goku then says, “All in favor of returning to the ship, say aye.” Caulifla, Cabba, Vegeta, and Goku all raise their hands and say “Aye” in that exact order as they all head back to the ship until Cabba stops after noticing a strange rock as if he had seen it before somewhere, but he couldn’t exactly put his finger on it. He remembered times when Goku or Vegeta showed him a drawing of it, and that’s when he remembered the map. He quickly pulled it out after he had read it religiously for the past few days. He looked at it and realized they were in the first part of the map as Goku tried to call him over. “Cabba! A little help here!” As Goku got closer, he tried to get Cabba’s attention “Cabba! Hello!” He was slowly approaching him while trying to say, “Cabba!”

“Goku!” Cabba told Goku as he turned to face him with excitement in his eyes. “We Found the road! It’s all here!”

“What!? Wait a minute! What the hell is that!?” Goku started to realize it was the map, and he became furious. “You have been studying the map!?” Cabba then tried to talk again. Vegeta and Caulifla were also not really liking what was going on.

“The whistling rock, the stream,” Cabba said enthusiastically as he continued. He couldn’t contain his excitement. “It’s all here!”

“You studied the map and couldn’t help me with the navigation!?” Goku’s annoyance was now evident at this, but Cabba continued. Goku couldn’t stop the ramble, so he realized he had to wait until he was done. He rolled his eyes as Cabba spoke. Knowing Cabba would not notice and talk anyway.

“Goku, don’t you see it’s all right there!” Cabba said with the most excitement he had in his life. “The Road is set in motion, and we’ve found it! You said it was possible, and this is it! The map to El Dorado!” Goku wasn’t impressed as he then saw the Excitement on Cabba’s face as Vegeta surprisingly started to speak

“You drank Sea water, didn’t you?” Vegeta said, showing his annoyance at Cabba as he continued. “Because you are tripping severely right now…..”

“Oh, come on!” Cabba yells. The frustration that neither of his mentors was willing to hear him out, only for Vegeta to counter.

“No! I’m not coming on!” Vegeta said as he couldn’t be bothered to search for something that might not exist. “I wouldn’t set foot in the jungle for a million gold pieces and 10 million silver pieces!” He said that as Goku walked back to the ship, Vegeta began to follow.

Caulifla also wanted to find this city; she then tried to bribe them with the city itself, saying,” How about a hundred million gold and 1 billion silver?”

Goku and Vegeta then turn to her and immediately question what she just said. “What was that?”

Now that she had their attention, Caulifla began explaining her stance. “I’m just saying that since El Dorado is supposed to be the city of the gods, I’d assume that it has all kinds of treasure and Gems and Gold and Silver, Nuggets, objects, a whole temple where you can pluck gold, and silver from the walls. But you two obviously don’t want to go, so I guess we should head back to the ship and head back home. After all, it worked out so well last time.” She was seen slowly walking toward the ship to try to get them to change their minds as Vegeta stopped everyone.

“Wait a minute” Vegeta stopped everyone with that part as he got ready to speak again. “New plan. We find the city of the gods; We take the gold, silver, and other valuables from the gods, then we head home.”

“And buy home!” the others say. Their morale boasted from this. As Vegeta continued,

“Yes!” He said confidently.

Goku then quickly puts the ship into a capsule and grabs the map from Cabba and a sword from the skeleton nearest to him as he declares, “Come on!” The adventurous spark returned to him as he truly began to start up. “We’ll follow that trail!”

Vegeta then cocked an eyebrow “What trail?” The Saiyan prince says in his confusion, and Goku then runs to the bush, blocking the path, and cuts it up while speaking.

“That trail that we blaze.” The determination was heard in his voice as he said it. The other three were more inspired as Goku continued to point in the right direction, now revealed to them. “That trail that we blaze!”

Vegeta took a breath as the four started moving out. They continued their adventure as Goku led the charge as they moved to different locations. They also continued to bond over time. Still, things were doing much better this time than with the escape. Still, it was clear they had some complications, leeches, storms, having to stop to eat and rest, a hot spring where monkeys stole their clothes, and even having to hunt and fish for food to preserve supplies, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed as they journeyed forward. They find the landmarks as they draw closer and closer until they accidentally stumble upon a piece of stone after falling off a breaking branch. The four stumbled and tumbled until they landed in front of the stone; Vegeta was the first to wake up as the map landed on his face. He looks at it and the stone but also notices texts as he reads closely and recognizes the language of the Gods as he quickly goes to wake up the others, knowing Goku would be able to read the language. “Guys, Wake up. We’re here!”

The other three quickly wake up as Goku gets up first, notices the stone, and starts reading the texts thoroughly as Cabba and Caulifla get excited. “Where is it?”

“Right here!” Vegeta explained as he continued, “Apparently, our destination wasn’t El Dorado itself but rather its entrance's location. We now have to find the exact entrance to the divine city, but we haven’t slept in a few days, and this place is too wet to settle down for the night, so we have to find the nearest dry area or cave and set up camp and rest for the next few days. Kakarot, we can cipher the puzzle once we've rested.”

Goku was trying to solve it just to find the city at this point, and he tried to protest as he thought he was close to deciphering the riddles, but Vegeta knew he wasn’t due to exhaustion as he saw the dark circles around Goku’s eyes “But Vegeta! We’re right here! I can decipher the puzzle now and find the entrance and-” Vegeta didn’t let Goku finish as he then continued to address Goku.

“Let’s go….” Vegeta then continued as Goku tried to show his displeasure of stopping when they were so close as Vegeta wasn’t having it. “No! Not with the face! I can tell you haven’t slept in days, you’re exhausted, and you can barely keep your eyes open. I’m not giving you a choice! You need rest! Let’s go. There‘s a cave just across from here. We can clear it out and set camp there.” He said as he then began to head towards the cave, and the others followed suit, albeit reluctantly.

As this was going on, a young boy, no older than seven, could be seen approaching from the waterfall with something as a bunch of guards were chasing him. He eventually bumped into Goku as the four began to back up while the boy fell on his back. As Goku and Vegeta noticed, he was a Saiyan and, aside from his hair, looked a lot like Goku, even had his jet-black hair color. Due to their divine studies, Goku and Vegeta could tell he was a time traveler, and they could both sense God Ki from the boy. Still, before they could talk to the boy, who looked at Goku, precisely as if he had seen a ghost, Caulifla and Cabba noticed others approaching as. Goku and Vegeta also noticed, but before the four could escape, they were quickly surrounded as the guards circled the four of them; as the boy then threw something at Goku, as Goku threw it back, only for the boy to throw it right back at him as this repeated a few times before Goku tried to turn to the others, only for the object to hit his head as he turned to the boy with an annoyed expression. He then turned back to the others. “Uh… Hello. Is this your rock?” Goku then began to speak as he was going to try to talk his way out of this, trying to avoid conflict, as he also sensed the Namekian, leading the group with them, had God KI himself as he continued. He knew he had to try to lie as he didn’t want to get into unnecessary conflict. “We were just looking. We’re….. Uh…. Tourists! Tourists, we lost our group, and we’ve been searching for them….” He continued his lie, worried they wouldn’t buy it, as the guards approached them. The Four Saiyan Adventurers didn’t know that the whole thing was a setup specifically for them, as the Goddesses had already known about their presence but were pretending they didn’t. “May we go now?” asked Goku, but the Namekian leading the group pointed his spear towards Goku as he then realized the leader of this band of guards wasn’t going to let them leave, and they were outnumbered, even with the boy with them. The captain, so to speak, then began to order them to follow him silently as the guards surrounded the five and tried to grab the boy as he pulled away.

“Hey! Watch it!” The boy yells at the guard, trying to grab him, causing the guard to back off as they slowly begin to approach the waterfall. As the leader enters the waterfall, Goku and Vegeta are perplexed as the boy is concerned, and Caulifla and Cabba are a mixture of both. As the rest of them enter, they then see the tunnels in the cave; as they walk through the waterfall, the Namekian leads them to the boat, as the Boy sits down first, his tail showing as this is happening. Goku and Vegeta sit in front of him, and Caulifla and Cabba sit next to him. As the guards began to move the boat through the passage, sounds and chatter could be heard as the echoes continued, and the tension continued to increase. The five of them didn’t know what to expect as the boat continued to move past various carvings resembling the details on the map. Goku noticed this as he observed it. He compared the drawings, paintings, and even carving to each other as he tried to process what was happening. As the light began to be visible as the sun shined on what the Saiyan boy was holding, he quickly hid it in cloth but not before Goku and Vegeta noticed that he was holding gold. They quickly turned to see what was beyond the light they were being led to.

Goku and Vegeta look as their eyes begin to widen, and they realize what the place is. They then sit there, processing everything they saw as Goku then starts to speak** “Vegeta, are you seeing this?” He asked as Vegeta was also dumbfounded, not believing his eyes.

Vegeta said he couldn’t believe he, Goku, Caulifla, and Cabba had done it. How did they manage to pull it off?

Caulifla gasped as she added her input. “We really found it……”

“I can’t believe it…” Cabba said as he then sat up. “it…. It's….”

At that moment, all four merely said, showing disbelief in their voices, “El Dorado…..” As they said this, the Great City of the Gods was revealed to them. As the boat moved toward the city's heart, they observed everything around them as everything was blowing their minds away. They couldn’t believe their eyes at the town filled with this amount of beauty and life all around them. Goku was seen visibly showing his shock and awe as he couldn’t even contain it; despite being a god himself, even he was impressed. And the scary part was that he wasn’t the only one. Vegeta was also struggling to contain or control his shock and awe as he looked all around him and the people staring at them as large and unusual fish swam around the boat as butterflies flew by them and passed them, Caulifla having stars flickering in her eyes as she looked all around her and Cabba was speechless. The young Saiyan child saw all four show awe on their faces as he saw that they were genuinely searching for this place, but he quickly turned to face Goku for some reason specifically, but the others were too busy to notice this fact. Once the boat reached the city's heart, Goku, Vegeta, Caulifla, Cabba, and the young Saiyan Boy were led out as one guard ran to a weird skull-looking temple, and the Namekian headed to one of the other temples. The chieftain’s honor guard sees this and runs to the chief’s home. As he then whispers to him, informing him of the Saiyans. As the other Guard ran to Paragus and whispered to him, informing him of the arrival of the “Saiyan Gods,” Paragus shoved him away, showing a grin on his face as he looked at a stone with a carving resembling Goku and Vegeta. The Namekian, who led the acolyte, and the honor guard, then approached his masters, the goddesses of El Dorado.

“Lady Bulma, Lady Chi-Chi.” He said as he apologized,” Sorry to intrude on your current activities, But you’ll be pleased to know that the Super Saiyan Gods have arrived as you predicted.” He finished as he then waited for their response.
Portrayed by MegaMatt: Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan (Future), Cabba, Piccolo, Frieza, Caulifla, King Cold, Cooler, Raditz, Nappa, NPCs, Paragus

Available: Kale, Chi-Chi, Bulma Briefs, Yamcha, Dende, Majin Buu (good and evil), Android 17 (present and Future), Android 18 (present and Future), Android 16, Android 21 (good and evil), Cell, Cell Max, Dr Gero, Turles, Broly (Z Super and Bio-Broly), Commander Red, General Blue, General White, Zarbon, Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Guildo, Recoome, Zamasu, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yajirobe, Oolong, Puar, Dedoria, Salza

Future additions: Son Gohan (present), Son Goten, Trunks Briefs, Bulla, Marron, Slug, Shallot, Giblet, Towa, Mira, Beerus, Whis, Jiren, Toppo, Vados, Champa, Belmod and others (will be updated later.)
//Set in an alternate universe centered around Lost Legends, An alternate universe where most of the Dragon Ball characters are Gods living amongst mortals. Two Super Saiyan Gods, Goku, and Vegeta, start exploring Lost Legends in the world in an alternate spin of various Legends. From El Dorado to the 12 labors of Heracles to the hand of King Midas. Even the lost city of Atlantis.

Their adventuring days will test their love for adventure and friendship. Beginning with the lost city of the Gods named after the lost city of gold... El Dorado. Goku and Vegeta also struggle to conceal the fact that they are gods.

This will be an ongoing story until further notice until the story is complete. This will also not be the only story I write as well. Many more AUs eventually coming as well.

Small or one on one versions are optional.

If you wish to participate, please State the characters you wish to portray and submit a request for them in the replies. In the characters section. OCs are not allowed for this specific RP.//
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Dislikes: deliberate assholes that act stupid and entitled, bullies, trolls, Petty people, pity parties, drama, and ignorant people.
Known for: who the hell even knows.

Storyteller, Writer, jokester, sarcastic and sadistic bastard.

Writer and storyteller
Multi character RP
I can play multiple characters at once.
Detailed and heavily story-driven
Pretty chill and laid back
I can do lewd if I'm comfortable enough (it can't be the only thing we do.)
Multi franchises RP
Feel free to ask DM if you want to talk or RP
Lewd is those 18+ only
Will not do lewd in groups.
The writer is indeed male, as the profile name suggests
We will discuss boundaries before we start RP.
All RPs I do are fictional and don't define my real life.

I can be OCs, Canons, Alternate Canons, or somewhere in between.

I like Dragon Ball, Castlevania (Two obvious ones), Star Wars, Godzilla, Megaman, DC, and Marvel, Superhero content, Indiana Jones, Middle Earth, Legend of Zelda, and many, many others I can't think of at the moment.
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