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Target Locked #14: On the Volley

Location: Sherman Square, Lost Haven
Time: Afternoon – Day of Alien Invasion

Even with the aliens still attacking the city around them, Fletch couldn’t shake the thought of encountering the skull-faced man again. She tried hard to push the thoughts out of her head and focus on the task at hand, but the repeating scene of the bus explosion and his cutthroat gesture still haunts her, even if it had been months since the bus exploded close to The Hub. While her body appeared stoic as she swung through the streets, she could feel her nerves and muscles shake with anxiety. She knew that she was about to succumb to a panic attack and no one she knew, not even Jai, was close enough to help soothe her to prevent it.

You can get through this, Kayla. Just focus on getting the city safe.

In a sense, the repeating two sentences running through her head was enough to cut through all the noise. While it wasn’t going to be enough in the long run, it was enough to keep her focused.

After what seemed like another eternity, she arrived at the Sherman Centre. Much like the attack from the Hounds of Humanity, the scene here was of pure devastation. Aliens ran amok with the big-named heroes around. Icon was here, but was getting rag-dolled around the place by an unknown entity. Another flashback to the werewolf entity in the Hound’s base pressed onto her mind as she tried to remain panic attack-free. There was also a big ass tank in the middle of the square that is causing problems for Iron Knight. There was also the wave upon wave of the alien forces, but Radiance had sent them back so they seemed to be handled without an issue. Only problem for her specifically is that she could not see Racheli anywhere, which was the plan prior to leaving the second Taylor’s Garage location. With the alien forces somewhat handled, especially as she sent an explosive arrow into the heart of a group close to Radiance and Lyger, and Icon and Terra Firma was helping each other fight the brute, it left only one meaningful way for her to help the fight in the area. And she had the perfect tool for it.

The archer began shooting arrows directly towards the aliens that started to surround the tank, getting a little bit closer to the tank. ”Iron Knight, I don’t know what’s going on here, but do you think that tank is mostly electronic?!” she yelled towards the flying hero.

As she finished asking her question, she skidded herself to a kneeling position. As she came to a stop, her hand deftly grabbed something from her pocket and placed it into her bow hand. She then reached for an arrow with no arrow tip to it and seemingly began to screw something onto the end of the arrow shaft.

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Target Locked #13: Target: A Chance Encounter

Location: French Quarter, Lost Haven
Time: Afternoon – Day of Alien Invasion

With the noise of the alien craft whirring overhead and the all-encompassing sounds of terror in the streets of Lost Haven, Kayla had the right idea of being scared. On what was supposed to be another day at the office, looking at the new location Jeremy had in mind with Jai, it ended up being a case of the archer having to don on her outfit and began her attempts on defending the city. The words of War Pulse on that confrontation of fighting these threats with the pinnacle of the stone age going through her head, which brought her some comfort through all of this. Sure, she would have wanted to be with Jai to help ease herself a bit more, but she had made a good call with them separating to cover more ground and get to Racheli as well. In her mind, this was a perfect opportunity for Midas to do something nefarious and take her friend away again after fighting so hard to find her in the first place.

As she jogged through the streets, she took the opportunity to shoot arrows at anything that wasn’t human and hostile. Not knowing why the aliens were attacking and for how long, she grabbed every single arrow she had in her apartment to use against them. This included her competition arrows, which only had a bullet tip as per the competition regulations. With each shot, she made sure that with the aliens being down that she would pick them back up as to not leave a trail of arrow-riddled bodies to her apartment. The hour of running to get anywhere remotely towards the city center was getting to her. The archer could have made it easier on herself and drove her motorcycle, but that screamed a target on her back to the fighters above to attack. Her lungs burned, forcing her to breathe heavily as she pushed on. Archie remained in her pocket as to stay out of view.

Overhead, an alien craft began its approach to rain a hail of death from above. Fletch thumbed the button on her makeshift gauntlet as the quiver on her back whirred in place. When it stopped, she skidded to a stop and pulled the arrow out from the quiver. Compared to the ad-hoc design she had before, the arrow was a little sleeker in design, with the broadhead tip further extended than the regular arrows and the shaft of the arrow bulging to accommodate for the change of arrow tip. Knocking the arrow in place, she drew the compound bow back as the fighter continued bearing down on her. Her shoulder blades tense as the release aid snapped open. The arrow flew out from the bow and hit square in the center of the cockpit area.

Moments after impact, the ship was rocked with a ferocious fireball as Archie’s seeds were pierced by the bullet tip that was within the design of the arrowhead. The ship exploded over a group of aliens that seemed to be firing down a road perpendicular to the one she was on, them going up in the fire. The ship began swaying in the air as all control was lost inside, the lasers no longer firing. The archer watched as the ship sailed over her head as it crashed into the street behind her. The craft further exploded as it came to a rest, no doubt killing the alien invader inside. Pleased with one less ship in the air to harm the civilians, Kayla turned in the general direction of the Sherman Center and pressed onwards, using her grapple to speed up the process.


Location: French Quarter, Lost Haven
Time: Afternoon – Day of Alien Invasion

Since leaving the boat after his chance encounter with Terra Firma and the angelic hero he was with, Anhur limped his way through the city from where he was dropped off. He cursed his luck with the day’s events, where he stopped the Chinatown bridge from exploding due to some small-time terrorist organization and the resulting confrontation. His disappointment grew when he reached Rendezvous B was destroyed by the aliens that the boat took longer to get to the closest to where Dullahan could be. The throbbing in his leg and shoulder had surprisingly lessened since the events at the bridge, but they were still a hindrance to him, especially as he now relies on his close-quarters skills to fend off any attackers.

He darted into another alleyway as another squadron of aliens went by him, sticking close to the shadows as to not be spotted. Their weaponry was impressive, that he had to admit. Maybe I can get the information from the terrorist and grab some alien tech for us to reverse engineer? he thought to himself. That’ll certainly improve any sour mood Dullahan would have if the destruction of the bridges was a negative to The Eye’s operation in the city. All he needed to do was wait for a lone alien to walk on by and the weapon was his.

As he weaved through the streets of the city to get to his leader, it didn’t take long before his wish was granted. A lone alien had emerged from the wreckage of a long-downed ship, grabbing any salvageable weapons on board as it looked to find another squad to fall in line with. Unfortunately, that wish was short-lived as Anhur grabbed it from behind and plunged his dagger several times in its chest with deadly precision. He didn’t take long as he grabbed all the weapons and grenades that were on the corpse, making sure to keep some of the one-time use items stashed away as to get them back to the R&D section.

Content with everything, the skull-faced man turned the corner around the ship to continue with his newly obtained weapons. As he did, he watched as a small group of aliens was chasing a group of civilians away. Seeing an opportunity to blend in with everything that was going on, he raised the rifle and began firing at the group of aliens. They scrambled at the sudden barrage of their own weaponry being fired on them as they took cover behind destroyed cars at the junction. Getting into cover himself, he watched as the aliens now fired on him.

“Get to safety NOW!” he bellowed at the civilians as they ran past him. Some were killed by the barrage from the aliens as they try to get him, resorting to him to repay them in kind. While he was a good shot, he was only one person and did not like his odds against a militaristic alien force.

When he thought things couldn’t get any direr, a ship flying over the group erupted into flames. The fireball and shockwave of the blast instantly killed the group. A few moments later, another explosion as the ship seemed to crash further down the road. Satisfied with his change of fortune, the skull-faced man began to head to the junction. At that moment, he saw a grappling line zip across the sky as a familiar heroine began to cross the divide.


As she crossed the junction where the group of aliens had been, Kayla looked down both roads to see if there were any other threats in the immediate area. As she looked one way, she saw another group of aliens heading away from the junction to confront another band of heroes some distance away. As they were too far away for her arrows to reach, she was satisfied with the absence of aliens down one road. As she turned her head as she reached the halfway point of the junction, her eyes focused on the lone figure that was walking towards the junction. It didn’t take her long to see the skull tattoo that was on his face. Time slowed for her as she recalled the bus explosion that started her path to being Fletch. She recalled the man’s face as he was now standing right there in the middle of the street. Concerns for the safety of the world were replaced with the burning hatred of rage as her eyes glowered in his direction.

”YOU!” she screamed at the skull-faced man below. She unhooked the grapple from the wall it was embedded in. Hastily, while still in the air, she grabbed a regular arrow and shot it in his direction. She sailed down to the ground. The man, seeing the arrow, rolled out of the way of the arrow. She landed with a thud on the ground. As she rolled back onto her feet, she knocked and shot another arrow. Compared with before, he knocked the arrow away with the new rifle. By then, she closed the distance and began a barrage of punches and kicks. She wanted him to pay for all the hurt he caused that day.

Anhur stopped one hammer fist with the rifle. “I see that you can come out of that hole you seemed to have disappeared off to, Fletch.” he sneered as he pushed her back. Knowing that his day was going to get much better if he could knock the bitch out cold and drag her ass to the nearest Eye facility for Dullahan to question her. “It seemed such a shame that I couldn’t kill the bitch that no doubt sent you after me. I’m sure your head will suffice.”

He lunged forward with a kick at the side of her hip. Kayla yelped with the impact but pushed through. She drove the fish with her bow into his kidney. He winced with the pain. She planted another into his sternum. He reeled from the punch. She drove a left hook to his head. He was prepared for the hook and grabbed the bow hand. He drove his other into her stomach. The archer stumbled back seriously winded. Underneath her cowl, she scowled at him.

“Stop this!” Both fighters stopped as one of the civilians Anhur saved confronted them. “If you can’t tell, there’s fucking aliens attacking us. Focus on them instead of each other. Do your bitching another time.”

Still reeling from the punch and seething with hatred, Kayla saw the logic in the man’s argument. There was no point in trying to get any information from him if the world ends up getting enslaved or destroyed. Besides, there was the point of getting to Racheli in the first place. The archer slowly straightened herself up as she glowered at the skull-faced man.

”This is not over,” she growled.

Anhur followed suit, though his gaze never left hers. ”That, I can agree. Don’t lose your head in the meantime as that is mine.”

He began walking past her, full-on shoulder barging her as he went past. Fletch’s head followed him as he walked off into the distance, disappearing in the smoke of the wreckage throughout the street. While it was hard to see her quarry walk away like that, there were more pressing matters at hand. Turning away from the civilian, who then proceeded to run back to the group they were running with, she lifted her arm with the grapple and began her journey towards Sherman Center.


A Man Out of Time #11:

Location: Pacific Point, California

It seemed like an eternity since the mysterious man had left Pacific Point, but The Wanderer hadn’t noticed the short time since then when the aliens continued their onslaught. Voyager had been tasked to fight somewhere nearby and save any civilians in the area and get them to safety. For him, on the other hand, he was getting a sense that the aliens had identified that he was the one who decimated the initial invasion fleet and were gunning for him. While none of them were fatal or enough to put him down temporarily, but the injuries they were inflicting on him were growing. While his psionics were capable of dishing out more potent attacks the more damaged he was, he knew that if things were kept up like this then he would lose control of his psionics.

Another blast to his gut sent the wind out of him, the mutant sinking onto one knee. He instinctively blasted the offending alien, psionics strong enough now to send the alien into the wall in a watermelon-esque mess. As his body heaved for every ounce of air, he watched as another platoon of aliens fall to a hair of arrows as another set of heroes were engaging them with bows, arrows, and swords.

As the two heroes dealt with the small platoon of aliens, The Wanderer noticed the light coming from the sun above drastically go dim. He looked and looked in disbelief at the arrival of a much larger ship than the one that was brought down by the one who had attacked Voyager. He gritted his teeth at the sight as more of the fighter ships began their run down the street. Taking no chances and making sure that every hero had a chance to survive and fight back the threat, he lunged towards the two bow-wielding heroes.

When he got up to them, he raised one hand as the green beams of energy began to rain down on them to kill them. A familiar dome of psionic energy apparated as the beams struck the area with little effect. As the ships flew overhead, the mutant raised his other hand and sent two beams of psionic energy towards them, sending them up in flames in their direct hits, his eyes watching them as the balls of flaming wreckage crashed onto the street.

A moment passed. Once the area was secure enough, he lowered the barrier protecting the two heroes. He looked towards them, ”I suppose you guys have any sort of plan to get onto that thing there to try to bring it down?”
Just to spur up some activity, I think I might go with an old favourite and "fancast" my characters' supporting cast tonight.

Would be curious to see everybody else's selections for their own - or even how they see other players' characters if anyone else would also like to chime in. It's been a while since we did this, maybe people have some fresh thoughts.

I do have a Google Docs page that has some peoples fancasts, but we can move that to a post if you want :)
If I get accepted, I think Citadel will join the arc in the next time skip. I'm really excited.

Sounds good to me :) I do have an arc that'll run afterward as well as whatever NMS throws at us.

Location: Pacific Point

In the brief moment between the waves of attackers, Voyager was sort of surprised that Wanderer was able to tell who they were, perhaps from the Psionic signature he’d mentioned before in passing. It was comforting to a degree, since it indicated that they were still the same Voyager as before, even with the new coat of paint.

”It’s fortunate that you survived the wave, but we need to start taking down whatever these things are and protect the people within the city. At least until that thing…” Wanderer went on, jabbing a thumb towards the large alien ship. ”… Is taken out. Any suggestions?”

“Well technically I did not survive the wave, but-” she began before Hound Dog descended in a bolt of lightning to join the duo.

”I’m assuming you ain’t like those greenies who are such a drag, though yet somehow oddly familiar. You a relative of Voyager? Cause man, the more I eyeball you the more I see her. But first we got more friends joining our shindig here.”

”Rest assured, this person and Voyager are one and the same. Just that her dive into the water as the wave hit caused the change,” Wanderer said on their behalf.

“I think that I was lethally incapacitated,” Voyager said, figuring she should said something to prove their identity. “But I assure you I am still the same Voyager who fought alongside you in New Haven against the Hounds of Humanity.”

”leat.. Hold on youse died, guess the only constant in life is just taxes then. That blows for us, suppose the squares can now tax the dead.”

Voyager nodded, tilting their head slightly. “Does it still count though? I did get better!”

”Youse certainly did. Right-O then dunno about the two of you, but taking that thing on my own would be a tall order. Maybe if I got inside. I can fire off some wicked powerful blasts but the big ones nah.”

With ships firing down and blasts shattering skyscrapers the trio as it currently was found themselves scrambling. While most civilians had evacuated, cries could be heard in the far distance and distinct gunfire and police sirens seemed to indicate just about every hero was on the scene.

" We rightfully can't be standing around heres. Not when all this commotion is happening right under our noses. I think the plan should be breaking into the big one, take out the air support and give the rest of the heroes a bit of breathing room. Anyone here got a bunker buster!? Because I need Voyager to pop a hole and show them how we dos down Earth side with a payload to send these beatnicks packin.”

“Ooh, I don’t know about a bunker buster but I have an idea!” Taking a moment to plant their feet, Voyager held out a hand towards the main ship bearing down on them. Focusing as clearly as the could on the ship, Voyager moved their hand in a circle, and a portal directly into the ship opened up, right beneath Hound Dog’s feet.

“Do you think you could...oh, where did Hound Dog go?” Voyager asked as they looked behind them, then putting on a confident smirk. “Ha, probably off to kick some alien tail! Wait, I AM alien tail, maybe that’s the wrong phrasing…oh gosh that’s REALLY the wrong phrasing…”

The Wanderer turns to the two that had been talking, his psionic blade still active. ”While the mannerisms in your speech is different, could we get on wi…”

His eyes catch sight of the flying figure firing an attack towards Voyager, with Hound Dog having disappeared. Wasting no time, he phased away from where he stood and reappeared in the path of the beam heading towards as Voyager leapt out of the way. He braced his arms in front of him as the beam hit him. His coat flapped in the gust from the impact. He grit his teeth as he took the full brunt of the attack on the sides of his forearms.

When the beam disappeared, the mutant remained in place, his arms scorched from the attack. While he still had strength in his body, the toll from the barrier and the giant beam strained him as his body heaved with each breath. Despite this, fury was etched on his face as he stared at the flying figure, backed up by Voyager standing in an offensive posture.

”What the fuck was that all about?!” he roared at the figure, his voice guttural with the rage.

Verge's eyebrow lifted slightly on seeing his beam being intercepted by The Wanderer. First he had done what he could to save the humans of the city, and now he was saving an alien?

"Temper, temper... That's my line... why are you getting in the way? These invaders do not belong in this world, she is one of them isn't she? Why do you protect an invasive species? Whose side are you on?" Verge asked the Wanderer, his voice calm yet cold. He might as well had spoken about tending to a garden and pulling up weeds. Voyager seemed to pick up on this sentiment as she reached out psionically to find something to fight with.

"The earth is screaming, can you not feel it's pain? Humans and these invaders are the reason why. Why raise your hand to protect them? Join me and the earthmother, save this world from the looming apocalypse they seek to bring." Verge continued, his hair blowing slightly in the wind, his suit flickering in the wind.

“My scumbag senses are tingling,” Voyager growled.

“What is this ‘scumbag sense? Since when did you get it?” Wanderer shot back, not taking his eyes off of the intruder.

"You are one of the few chosen, why waste your power for those who seek to destroy everything? All this destruction, whose fault is that? The answer, whilst you might not like it... is undoubtedly true!" The young man began to softly laugh, one of his hands reaching to his own face, before he wiped his facial expression into a more serious one.

“I’ve heard better monologues out of TNG’s first season,” Voyager shot back. Fuming, she levitated up and over Wanderer’s head. “Look Q-Lite, I don’t know what your deal is, but I’m not one of the aliens you need to worry about right now. If you really want to save your Earth Mom, either get on our side or get out of the way.” There was a loud wrenching sound as steel poles tore themselves from the rooftops with the movement of Voyager’s hands, aligning to point at Verge like arrows waiting to fire.

"What are you talking about? And what did you call me?" Verge's eyebrows furrowed in unison to his narrowing eyes. The young man's gaze darted slightly to the sides as Voyager's hands had begun to move.

“Q-Lite. Like the obnoxious imp from Star Trek but lamer,” Voyager sniped back.

"So -it- speaks our tongue. Not surprising for an infiltrator or a spy. And you can bend the metal to your whim, but that is nothing compared to what a son of the earthmother can do." Verge's wings flared up in a stronger light, but there was still no attack being readied nor hurled towards the pair ahead.

The mutant gritted his teeth. ”This one fought to save this world - this time - from those who deem to destroy it! The Hounds of Humanity had wanted to destroy it to remove anyone who was deemed a traitor. That, in my eyes, is why I saved her: she protected everyone so that they see the future they deserve.”

Blue and purple flames started to whip up around him. ”I raise my hand to prevent the fate of this world from the apocalypse that will come to pass in my world 200 years from now. Where every man, woman and child, whether they have powers or not, struggle to survive day by day in a dead world of nightmares you won’t even begin to comprehend. I will fight to stop that nightmare from coming to pass, beginning with this ‘alien invasion’.”

"This time? Are you saying you are some kind of traveller in time? Hah! Who would believe that fairytale?!" Verge's voice almost echoed out, there was a sense of amusement mixed with bewilderment. Had this man truly travelled through time itself? If that was the case, then it was indeed a scary thing, but it also opened up other possibilities to be explored. Although at a later time.

A green bolt whizzed over everyone’s head as the aliens The Wanderer was planning on taking down began to fire. Training his focus off Verge for one moment, he raised his hand and fired a ball of psionic energy towards them. When it came close, he clenched the raised hand. The ball suddenly erupted, sending the invading aliens flying. His eyes return back to Verge, purple flames starting to lick from his psionic eye.

“And somehow he doesn’t believe time travel is feasible,” Voyager said, rolling their eyes.

”I don’t know who is at fault for the destruction, but I am here to fight to prevent it. It started with the death of the Esper family. But I need the help to prevent these aliens from destroying this world for the families of the future and if you stand in the way of that, then I will be forced to erase you from the pages of time.”

"The Hounds of Humanity were the result of people having chosen the wrong path, the path taken by doctor Diplodoc was the right path to take for humankind and the world! Look upon the world and tell me! Had it not been more safe if more of our kind were there to defend it? All this destruction could have been prevented with his master plan. I know this! Because I am a result of it! That's right, I am one of those who were given the power because of that man's action. He is my father and the earth is my mother." The young man explained, briefly taking the time to look over the smaller alien ships being shred to pieces.

"Erase me? If you are from the future as you say, how could you be so certain you wouldn't undo yourself with such a move? We are so alike after all... Ahh... but I do believe there's more to it than that, wanderer in time. I think you are one of -those- soldiers... instead of no memories, they gave you false ones in that lab of theirs where they played gods. Superhuman project Alpha-4CU. What you seek isn't the future nor the past, but the truth. Don't you?" Verge said in a softer voice, looking down to Wanderer and momentarily to Voyager. His facial expression became more relaxed but also calculating.

"I do believe you have a ship to catch. I will catch you later... hopefully you have disposed of this alien invader by then." Verge said in a slightly amused tone.

“At least when John De Lancie spouted out nonsense it was fun,” Voyager grumbled as the intruding ‘hero’ thundered off, leaving her to take out her frustrations on some incoming ships by launching the steel beams at them.

"You sound almost human... but it doesn't matter. You are a weed that must be pluck out of the garden and thrown into the fire." Verge replied back swiftly in a snarling manner to Voyager.

The Wanderer thought to himself when the man spoke to him about the possible paths that humanity could have followed if someone managed to give more people the powers to defend it. ”I was not in this time when this Doctor Diplodoc did what he did. But it doesn’t matter as this world remained intact and the desolation of my time happened. No matter if you are a regular human being or someone with the gifts to control their own destiny, nothing matters in the wastelands. So it doesn’t matter if he is your creator or if his plans were for the greater good, they will all come to naught if the flow of time doesn’t change.”

When the man questioned the validity of him being from the future and whether his memories were his own, the mutant began to self-reflect. All the pain from being tortured from the mutated monsters. The banishment from Settlement 149 when he got his powers. The cold nights in the wastelands just for him to survive. It was a lot for one person to experience in their lifetime. Almost too coincidental. Maybe the figure had a point about the memories being from another.

As a small gust of wind washed over the group, a faint tinge of a copper smell wafted through his nose. It was the memory of the sight of the trapped survivors of Settlement 149 that perished from the mutant raid. The ravaged corpses, while gruesome in appearance, was nothing new to him and his ‘memories’, but the sight of the arm of a child that didn’t survive stuck with him. That was real.

His eyes narrowed at the flying man. ”I do seek the truth alright… the truth of the origins of the nightmare of the future. Your future.”

"Who do you think put that nightmare in your mind and is leading the world towards self destruction. It is none other than humankind. And when you are no longer of any use to them they are going to throw you away. Such is the nature of man. They are envious, fear one another and seek to destroy each other. To kill them is the right thing to do, the merciful thing. And for the preservation of our world, it must be done." The blonde young man replied swiftly to The Wanderer,


While making his retort, The Wanderer’s arm reached across his body and under the coat, hand grasping something that seemed to unlock.

”As I have no one to return to and I want to change the course of history for the better of all., I am willing to give my life to secure it. And as long as I have this to remind me of what lies for everyone…”

In one fluid motion, he ripped the body armour off of his body. The tearing of fabric was audible as he revealed the flesh underneath. On the side that his psionic eye was, mottled skin of purple and red ran ragged all the way along with rippled muscle as if something burnt him. On his right, jagged scars ran along with it of various sized gashes that covered every inch of his body, all pockmarked with various injuries from bullets.

With a brooding guise to his face after the reveal, his eyes glared at the man. “Then I will do everything necessary to achieve it. And that includes protecting those who save others. No matter who or what they are. For as long as I draw breath, this ‘alien’ you want dead is under my protection. If you want to get to her, you will have to deal with me.” His gaze shifted towards Voyager, keeping the flying man in his sights. ”But now is not the time to bicker about who wants to kill who. We have an invasion to stop and a ship to destroy. And we have to do this together.”

"You should join me, Wanderer of nightmares! Not fight alongside the ones who are the source of all this suffering. You are like the wife of an abuser, protecting him despite what evil he does. As if it has been programmed into your very being, Alpha-4CU. To alter a mind and body is a small price to pay for their continued warmongering, harvesting and leeching of this world. And if they could do it, why wouldn't they do it?" It was with a softer tone that Verge began speaking in, as if it was but one of many sentences which flew around in his head.

"Hahah... did you think it would stop with their attempts to clone animals? To artificially alter plants or their own genes? Humankind is like a virus, trying to survive no matter what. Crawling away from the hot needle. Alpha-4CU, you are one of them clones they bred in that one lab. An artificial warrior created for the army of humankind, a weapon to be exploited and then disposed of when your purpose is over with. Like a puppet on a string. A wanderer lost in time, but a wanderer is only a wanderer until he finds his place of belonging. Your destiny is to join with me, let me help you find the peace you seek. The end of your nightmare."

Verge held out his hand in an offering manner down towards Wanderer, the young man's face serious and his body appearing tense. This man couldn’t be from the future, it had to be some tinkering with his mind. But if this wasn’t the case and the man came from the future itself, then no matter what they would do there would be surely no way to change the future. Something like that didn’t sit well with Verge at all.

“-I- am the future of this world…” The young blonde finally said, awaiting The Wanderer’s answer.


Meanwhile on board the Alien ship

Energy pulsed through the hull of the ship if Sinclaire couldn’t see the electromagnetic spectrum he would be completely unaware of the sheer power around his person. It was far more than he alone could produce and it was all his.

”Is this? Oh ho man I dig this. OH it’s rad as hell. They used the metal itself as a battery, I know carbon fiber can be used to store a charge but this is a whole new level. I can’t even tell where the power source is coming from, no wait is there even one on board?”
As Hound Dog inspected the ship’s hull his fingers pressed against the temperate metal blasters fired upon him to no avail, all this free energy tapped into like a wine barrel overflowing into Sinclaire has left him with far more versatility to wield his powers as he saw fit. Creating a barrier disrupting light and energy based weapons essentially a wall of plasma with supercharged air. ”Right things are getting a bit warm around here Here’s a bit of a parting present for all youse; enjoy the tan.” Electricity zapped around his feet and Hound Dog moved with impressive speed as the wall of plasma inched down the opposite end of the hallway slowly and steadily moving towards the aliens as the air shimmered and sweat dripped from their brows.

Panicked the Aliens could tell something was wrong, the engines were being starved of power and heat spikes of undocumented scale began popping up all over the ship forcing the ship to vent heat overwhelming the cooling systems and boiling super coolant until it evaporated. Suddenly as two maintenance engineers looked up from the displays a solid wall of energy melted the door. ”You know youse probably don’t understands me but on the off chance you do I’d run. Though the thing about all this electricity running through this ship is that it’s hot approximately 30,000 kelvins. From the looks of it you all handle the heat pretty well with quite a robust and effective system that both cools the air and distributes any heat spikes. But every system has a point of failure and dealing with heat half as hot as a Wolf-Rayet star is definitely overkill.”


Wanderer’s eyes shot towards the large ship in the sky as the falling ship began to explode on the outside, as if something ruptured from the inside. Probably the work of the other hero that was with them, the mutant’s eyes returned to the flying hero.

”We can talk about this later. We still got these hostile aliens to take care of and as long as I’m fighting for the protection of this world, Voyager is my charge and is to not be harmed by you during this. Agreed?”

Verge’s teeth clenched on seeing the ship above, had something gone astray? “Tch..” Such misfortune. He scoffed slightly on hearing Wanderer’s words, before replying to him. “We may speak later, but I expect you to have disposed of this alien, this Voyager by then... or I will do it myself. This is a promise.” The young man waited, hovering in the air for a few moments if Wanderer wanted to add something more before he dashed away at high speed in the air, moving away from the city.

”Well, you better hope you can accomplish your promise,” the mutant retorted, reaching across the clip the armour back together. He watched as the man took off into the distance, presumably out of the fight for Pacific Point.

When the man disappeared into the sky, The Wanderer turned to Voyager. ”Come on. We’ve got some invaders to kill…”

”Good, I have an inexplicable need to vent right about now,” Voyager grumbled.
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A Man Out of Time #10: The Battle Begins

Location: Pacific Point, California

For a tense moment, The Wanderer looked up at the figure in the sky to see if they were going to respond to his call to help. Even though the figure was above him, the nod was clear as they began to use their powers against the smaller ships. The collection of crystals was the only thing the mutant could see as his focus returned to the attacking enemies in the sky.

Surveying the damage that the ships were doing and the water that was further inland, the mutant concluded that most of the water had abated from the area into the soil. His remaining raised hand lowered, disconnecting the psionic energy to the barrier. Whatever water was remaining could trickle back into the city without too much damage. With both hands freed from holding the barrier up, he proceeded to begin his offense, sending smaller beams of psionic energy. The ships buzzed around the city, but with the source of the giant beam being identified, most of the remaining force that weren’t attacking the city or the flying figure were converging on his location. With his energy spent on the large barrier and the giant beam, The Wanderer knew that it was only a matter of time before he was blasted off the building to a probable death.

It wasn’t until the sound of a nearby voice that his focus turned to a figure that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and protected him from a stray ship that got in his blind spot. The figure, after dismantling the attacking ship, was someone who was different from anyone he encountered. But there was no fooling the psionics emanating from her as he saw from his psionic eye.

”I do but now’s not the time to ask them, Voyager,” he replied, still looking around for the ships that were attacking the city. ”It’s fortunate that you survived the wave, but we need to start taking down whatever these things are and protect the people within the city. At least until that thing…” His finger jabbed at the sky towards the monolithic structure, ”… Is taken out. Any suggestions?”

It was then that another hero slid into the area. When the hero asked Voyager if they are a relative of her, the mutant couldn’t help himself but chuckle.

”Rest assured, this person and Voyager are one and the same. Just that her dive into the water as the wave hit caused the change.” He looked up at the oncoming enemies. ”But enough of the talking. As you can gather, the city at least is under attack. Whatever they are, they want to target at least me for decimating half of their forces. We need to start fighting them back before we could focus on taking the source of the attack.”

Another ship began its attack run towards the trio. The Wanderer slid in front of the other two and fired another psionic beam towards it. While less potent than the initial beam that destroyed half of the fleet, it had enough energy to punch through the ship. Seemingly without control, the ship crashed into the road and skidded to a stop tens of yards away from them.

He turned to the new hero. ”I’m not sure what your abilities are, but do you think you have any use for whatever that is?” He then turned to Voyager. ”I’m not sure what the changes you underwent means, but do you think you are capable to help out in the sky? There is another powered human that is fighting in the sky and would need back up.”

Just then, a larger version of the ship that crashed landed a few blocks down another road. Though far away, he could see something humanoid exit it and was about to head their way. ”If you have no objections, I’ll hold the ground here while everyone gets to work saving this city.” He waited for their responses, blue and purple flames starting to envelop him as a psionic blade formed over his hand.


A Man Out of Time #10: The Battle Begins

Location: Pacific Point, California

Strained as he was, The Wanderer held on as the barrier kept the waters out from Pacific Point. Though he knew that there was devastation to the area surrounding the city, the deluge and the rapid speed of the potential debris would have caused more damage than the uprooted trees and the sludge of silt. As the front of the wave reached further inland, the strain put on his mind eased as the water levels dropped. Even so, there was still the long time between the initial crash of the wave and the inevitable riptide to cause further damage to stop him from moving from the spot.

As he opened his eyes, the psionic waves of an entity beyond the coast towards the ocean was visible to him. He watched as the energy, familiar in its resonance, was dragged along with the current. Deep down, his heart sank as he saw the energy from Voyager began to falter. Yet despite all his powers, everything he was capable in doing, he was helpless in trying to safe the first hero that had helped him grab an understanding of the world around him in this timeline. There were still so many people that were vulnerable to the waters that still rushed inland that he can’t stop what he was doing and save her. He let out a pained sigh.

”I’m sorry, Voyager, he muttered, his voice ragged from the mental exertion. “I’m in a bit of a tight spot to come get you out. Try and hold on.”

When the waters had receded low enough, the full dome began to fizzle away. The mutant had figured that the large dome was no longer needed and that his mental energy could be used elsewhere. Despite that, a circular wall around the city remained to prevent water from damaging the inside of the city. As the barrier lowered itself, The Wanderer felt that there was a presence scanning the area of the city. And judging from the feeling, it was looking out for him. Scanning the area around him, it didn’t take long before he saw a figure high above the city. With someone capable of flight nearby, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask for help in getting the people in the city to fight higher ground.

It was then, before he could shout up to the figure, that he saw it.

From the clouds above, a monolithic object pierced through the clouds. He could only stand there in shock, trying to figure out what the hell he was looking at. There was nothing in the books he read at the library that gave him an idea as to what it was. It didn’t take long from its appearance for smaller objects to fly from it as they seem to be flying towards the city. It took a while before he concluded that the city was under attack as green energy shot away from the smaller objects. As he watched as the unknown assailants began to attack, his heart sank as he felt useless with the barrier still surrounding the city.

He knew he had a difficult choice to make.

Letting out a defeated sigh, one of his hands came back to his body. The connection to the barrier facing the ocean fizzled out as the encroaching water began to wash through the beachfront of Pacific Point. Up to half of the circle that formed the barrier remained, however, with his other hand keeping the barrier facing the mountains in the distance up. With a free hand and a further reduced strain on his mind, The Wanderer knew what to do next.

The blue and purple flames of psionic energy began to whip up in intensity as he aimed his free hand at the converging ships. Much like the flames, a ball of blue and purple energy swelled in his hand. In his eye, the energy grew white hot that he had to close it to not be blinded by it. He allowed it to charge up as he gathered the psionic energy from the surrounding area.

Then, he fired. A gigantic beam of energy surged from his hand. It sped to the ships at lightning speeds. Those that survived the crash of lightning moments earlier were disintegrated as the beam punched through the group. Several explosions ripped through the air from destroyed ships. When the beam faded away, clouds of black smoke lingered as debris fell into the ocean.

Without hesitation, he turned to the figure in the sky. ”We’re under attack!” he yelled out towards them. ”Help me fight them off!”

Somewhere in Lost Haven…

It didn’t take long for the men to enter the building. Most of the subjects for Project Apex Warrior was taken, though only one of them remained that was on the itinerary. The only thing the engineers were to do was to safely dismantle the pod from the system and then dismantle the core components of the system that would be stored for transport. The last thing that was needed was for some stray hero to see what they were to do, so the need for the dozen armed soldiers was required.

As they passed through the building to higher levels, the sounds of grinding and skittering stones got the men on edge. When there were some sounds coming from the vents above them, they disregarded it as the sounds of the building, though were still on high alert on the happenstance of a hero entering the building.

With the route being well-remembered now, it didn’t take long for them to enter the room where the last subject was located. When they saw that the pod was open, its occupant absent from within, everyone was on high alert.

“Fan out,” the group leader barked, “Subject has escaped containment. Aim to incapacitate, though don’t hesitate to neutralize if it’s the only option.”

The soldiers began to fan out through the corridors and the room, trying to locate the last subject or any clues as to the possible route it would have taken. The engineers, while there was nothing to do about the subject, began working on dismantling the pod and the system with a sense of urgency.

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