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Archers are the only ones I'd say are "hard shafted", and even then it's basically working on a time limit. Granted, that's only really something that would be exposed after revealing his True Name, but this is a Greater Grail War rather than a HGW, meaning it's not like singular class matchups are as big of an issue. Standard Protection of Arrows would be more useful than it even honestly, since this requires keeping it active, meaning he can get ambushed or attacked by Archers when not actively heading into combat. Even then, high-tier Archers like Arjuna or Arash wouldn't be rendered useless by it even if he DID just march in.

Assassins usually have other methods anyway, and the emphasis on "has to be prepared" is even more accentuated here, since Assassins are specifically meant for situations like that, and plenty of them do so in close-quarters as well.

It's up to you guys in the end, I just don't see this being broken.
To be honest, I don't see it being 'too powerful'. Has quite a few limitations, and the only really strong thing I can see is Longinus being Rhongobongo 2, but even then that's not exactly super abuseable.
@Cu Chulainn
Looks pretty good
Also here's a clean version of that if you want it

EMIYA really isn't a "weak" Servant outside of UBW. I'd even go as far as to say that UBW is only really formidable as a tool for him when it comes to the actual projection rather than the outright activation of it. What you're showing there is one of his Broken Phantasms, which is pretty much his trumph card, so it's a pretty unfair comparison in that regard. For example, Arash has demonstrated he could break down Ozy's temple walls (equivalent to an A-Rank NP) with a barrage of 10 arrows.

Still, as a Rider Class Servant hailing from a land with quite the distance away, I would just recommend cutting it altogether. Class containers exist for a reason and this does enter Archer territory pretty heavily. The character is already rocking 2 other NPs, so I don't think it's too warranted.

Another question I have is why Tseneglegch is ranked at A. From what I can see there, it's not really comparable to things like Divine Beasts, which also makes me question the Riding A+. A master of "any horse" still isn't on the level of someone who can ride Phantasmal Species (which, judging from the description and A+ Rank, I would have to assume is the implication here since otherwise it'd have the standard A-Rank clause for Riding listing the exception).

Since we're probably really close to starting, I honestly suggest you reconsider how Legacy of GĂ©rard works. Right now it's pretty much equivalent to a Mystic Code without much formidable going for it. Some secondary effect upon hit or something would probably do it good (within reason).
Nah, I didn't have anyone in mind initially so this works out for me lol
It's probably one of the more compatitable Master/Servant pairs from Berserker's perspective at least, considering that he really is a goody two-shoes hero, so he meshes most with the "young broken" type rather than those willing to resort to more extreme methods. Sort of a "inspire your Master to become a great individual" similar to Iskandar, but without the royalty factor of it all.
@Cu Chulainn
If he holds a close enough association to the Sun God to manifest Noble Phantasms on the level of Balmung from their beliefs, then it's kind of silly to imply that it's not worthy of Divinity and/or Innocent Monster. Granted it was from his actions as well, but considering that his actions held close similarity to the way they viewed him since his initial arrival, I'd still say the point stands.

@Cu ChulainnIf you can point me towards a canon servant that has his, or her horse despite not being of the rider class I'll reconsider my stance on the matter.

There's Lancer Arturia, although that horse didn't manifest as a Noble Phantasm.

@Cu Chulainn
Divinity is not always dependant on the actual facts concerning the matter. Alexander is a good example, since he had Divinity even prior to recognizing himself as one simply because of the people's belief (albeit at a low ranking).
Also, 3 Noble Phantasms does sound questionable for a lesser known hero. If this was taking place in his homeland then it would make more sense, but I wouldn't say Scotland is a land where each of his deeds are as known.

EDIT: Innocent Monster is also something you could have considered for it.
Grants Lancer a rank-up to all parameters while in enemy territory.

This is probably the most fitting ability that I can think of for this type of HGW in the right circumstances.
One issue I can find is that the Riding skill should probably be ranked-down similar to Arturia when summoned in Saber class, since it seems class skills outside of your own incurs a penalty normally (with some exceptions).
@Cu Chulainn
Does this mean you're not going with Benkei or?
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