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m8 you died day 1, the fact that you managed to make it cheesy at all is to be applauded
Job well done folks

Sunday, August 27th, 1939

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The light that enveloped the town of Fuyuki had gotten dimmer with each passing hour, most of which were spent at the Temple in a rather mundane fashion. It had only been an approximate of 15 minutes since the Goddess had embarked on her new objective of scouting the east part of the city; The populated Shinto district. Buzzing with the sound of those simply seeking the pleasure which came on the weekend, it would have been more difficult to not stay attentive.

They had let Archer escape previously. It was difficult to say whether it had been a failure of theirs or not, but Stheno was not a Servant fit for battle. While chances are that she would be able to pursue an individual unnoticed regardless of precautions, it would also risk entering the gathering of the opposing Servants. The chance of her discovery may be slim, but her inability to fight back to any viable degree was simply a factor not worth entering into so early in this conflict. Instead, she was simply to find out the identity of the Servants. Though, calling it 'simple' would be downplaying the task somewhat. However, with none of the other Servants being all too tailored for gathering intel, the job fell to her.

She couldn't help but sigh as she stood atop one of the buildings, her form still yet unseen. Being summoned as a Servant had greatly increased her capability in battle, but even now she would be considered unfit for it. Even if in life, she had lacked any desire to participate in such things herself, now that her abilities were more tailored for it, she couldn't help the urge building up inside. Still, she had accepted the job without argument. The reason for which being very simple. Archer. She knew very well that she could have approached Archer safely without any worry. Finding out his or her identity would likely not be a simple matter, but at least Stheno herself would remain safe throughout the endeavor. That is, if nothing was to go wrong. That of course was even less unlikely, as Stheno was not one to commit failures. A perfect being such as herself was incapable of that. Those words exactly passed through her mind, drawing a smile across her lips before it left her mind. There truly was no limit to the arrogance of the 'Gods'.

As she took yet another leap through the fading background, her 'senses' were triggered. 'Kufufu~.' Already she had found a target appropriate for her objective. The 'hope' that she had been supressing due to its unrealistic nature was finally starting to be set afloat in this brief moment of joy. 'Perhaps there is a chance for me to find Myself today after all.' She was quick to recompose herself afterwards, realizing the link between Master and Servant had likely been established from it. 'Ah, excuse me for having gotten excited Partner. It seems there is a Servant nearby. An attempt to locate the opposition will be made.' Always remain formal in speech. That was her nature, but the playful attitude of a young mischevious woman was the true foundation of her attitude. All that was needed for her was an outlet, and having been depraved of it earlier by Archer, she could only hope this would serve as a proper replacement. Or, if she was lucky, another attempt at it.

Ryuudou Temple
Sunday, August 27th, 1939

@Art of Fun @Ijoyen @Liu Mei

The encounter had ended in their favor, but the outcome was nonetheless disappointing. An immediate evacuation from the enemy, and the territory reclaimed for the Church. The truth was, she had desired to give pursuit. No, that's wrong. She had desired for them to stay in place, and lose their lives in a way that left them unknowing of their own passing until the very last moment. To be the one who carried out the murder, rather than the one ordering it. An empty taste hung in her mouth longing for what she had been promised by their presence, yet aware that in this world, she was but a Servant. She would never lower herself from the seat of Goddess, but she was not foolish enough to not consider the circumstances of her actions. They had gained an upper hand, a leverage for future battles to eventually claim victory, and that was enough.

Stheno was one who always carried a sense of elegance in her steps, a warm expression that perfectly hid the cold interior of her mind. She had made her way up the long stairs besides her Master without revealing her bitterness to him. Still, it seemed like her masked feelings were revealed in some manner, or perhaps the boy was simply too prideful over his work to accept mistakes. Though he was not so lucky as to guess the source of her bitterness directly. Rather the contrary, he felt guilt over the moment of weakness that had revealed his inner urges.

'It is of no great matter. I have seen many lose their lives to one poor decision, be proud you did not send me to die in such an untimely fashion.' Easily mistakened for a mentor-like response, she proved shortly thereafter that it was no such thing. 'Still, the order was curious indeed. I myself was moments away from executing it in full. Perhaps our interest intervene more than I had initially believed.' Her voice trailed curiously forward as her unseen form accompanied him up to the gate. She did not blame him for his actions, and instead blamed their opposition for fleeing. The order had been given through passion, the escape through cowardice. In this grand play set up for her to be an actress in, such a thing was unforgiveable. 'Ah, Lancer is approaching.'

She gave distance away from her Master and his conversation with those who came to greet him, at least granting the mysterious Einzbern Servant the benefit of the doubt in her abilities of perception. Stheno was untraceable in this form, but with Heroes, the impossible even in menial tasks were never a full assurance. When Saizou took to entering the premises deeper, she remained after him in the shadows, until his proposition.

'If you are to cook, then I must appraise the value of such a meal. Would it be appropriate for me to reveal my form to these?' She was not usually one to ask, but in the location there were likely to be at least 2 other Servant pairs. Even if she didn't see this conflict as serious, she was not yet at the point where she had grown bored enough to wish for her own departure. 'And make something savory. I have high expectations.'
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The Church
Sunday, August 27th, 1939

Stheno doesn't give the ex-Overseer a second thought as she leaves the scene, her mental conversation with her Master continuing uninterrupted throughout aside from the visual charade on display from him in order to not show the awareness of her presence. It wasn't an odd thing for her really. All of her life, it had been men who entertained her with their actions. Considering the place she found herself in now, it was only natural for her to expect him to be a source of such things as well. Praising her was simply a given, Stheno being unphased by any and all compliments, but she still found an endearing side to the modern idea of chivalry compared to her own.

'Very well, Stheno accepts your gratitude.' She left the matter at that, as she disliked being a 'second thought', and it was a matter of fact that the boy had his mind and eyes on something other than herself. Namely, the objective. 'If I need to retreat, then I fully expect a victory from your hands at a later time. As you have faith in me, I will have faith in you, Partner. Fufu...'

How it did annoy her to be out of sight, every bit of energy spent on a light endearing laughter or smile being yet another waste. With those words, she departed from the scene, leaving it but a momentary blur before her eyes captured the route up ahead. The speed of a Servant was formidable, moving across impossible distances in but seconds. Just like her Master had said, she could already sense the presence of another Servant. It didn't deter her, after all, she would have to face one eventually. Perhaps it was because of her own personal inexperience with battle, having served only as an observer to many without any act of participation. Despite what the reason may be, she didn't leave any hesitation for her mind as she came closer to the Church.

The path she had taken towards it was mostly straight, but once she could see the holy grounds, even she exercised a sense of caution. Compared to other Servants, she wasn't nearly as hardy, and more prone to many types of risks. At the very least, she didn't have Caster to worry about, so whatever was set up wouldn't be a direct cause of loss. Sensory fields and such were uneffective to the Goddess who might as well have been non-existant for all that the perception on these humans boasted.

She was quick to notice the decay around the area, a lifeless mess that had been broken down to the tiniest of coal-based fragments as if the many years needed for their bodies to degrade had been accelerated to but seconds of the consious mind. A grotesque thing indeed, but she found it difficult to be disgusted over such actions. After all, 'bugs' taking the lives of other bugs to sustain themselves was the proper order of things.

A brief period was dedicated to simply looking at it from different angles, circling the Church without the worry of being noticed herself. After that, she was to focus her attention on any sign of 'life' whether Servant or Human. If it was the latter, then she may be able to score an early victory in this battle.

She came to an immediate stop. Ah, what a mistake! Anything that materialized within the premises was subject to her gaze, and the 'weapon' was no different. The mental link with her Master transferred the single line. 'Archer is on the grounds.'
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The Church
Sunday, August 27th, 1939

A mistake on her part. She had gotten caught up with the flow of her own speed, the newfound abilities that filled her body, as she moved like the wind. The ritual had already made sure that she was fully capable when it came to these things, but when it came to her mindset, nothing had changed. An occasional tall leap over a treetop to another just to observe the world was not uncommon for her, showing an alarming lack of urgency. In the end however, she was still a Servant, and an Assassin at that. Her whims would only delay her for a few additional seconds, as she finally arrived at the scene in around a minute.

While her sight was not comparable to that of Archer, the naturally enhanced physique of a Servant and the relatively tall areas used for her movement gave her the oppritunity to spot her Master ahead of time. What was this? He was conversing with another woman. Kufufu, how shameless. She was invisible not only to the eye, but to even the most skilled of Servants. It was a given that she could hide herself from any regular human. However, the woman didn't seen to be such an individual. At least, not in her current position. Regardless, her Master hadn't alarmed her of her, and there weren't many humans either who would pose a real threat to her. Hence, she was swiftly ignored as Stheno landed on her grand empty stage to a full audience of one, plus one extra. No, a stage wouldn't be held by someone who was simply eavesdropping. Standing next to her Master, she didn't announce her presence right away, and certainly not through spoken language.

'You seem to have found yourself in an interesting situation young boy. Is that confidence I see in your eyes? Kufufu, having so much faith in a Goddess, your heart is kind.'. Flattery. The one thing she knew best, where each spoken word was truth from the depths of her heart, yet it would never change the feelings or view that she had towards the 'object of affection'. Ah, it was entertaining after all. She didn't reveal her appearance to her Master nor the ex-Overseer. If she did, then she might not have been able to keep her voice down at her splendor. 'It seems like the opposing faction have already made their move. So, what are you going to do Nanaya boy?' Even when her voice was spoken in thoughts, the tone held no lesser essence of sweetness for which to lure with.

'We should act quickly. I'm eagerly awaiting your first order Master. Ah, but you prefer partner right? How grand! I apologize, so what are your orders partner?' Her teasing saw no real end in sight, an onslaught of bait and switches for the sole purpose of innocently fishing out the reaction that would appeal to her the most.

Fuyuki Park
Sunday, August 27th, 1939

How strange. Not much time had passed since she had been brought into this world once more. Her presence in this war was an unnatural occurence, though that could be said for a large part of this ritual. Nonetheless, her spirit had recieved the invitation, and accepted her place amongst the heroes whom undoubtably sought out the wish of the Holy Grail for a noble cause. The thought alone was a source of amusement. After all, if she could be brought here, then there was a chance that she could meet 'Herself' as well. Ah, how exciting.

Still, even with the knowledge both possessed and bestowed upon her when having manifested wasn't sufficient to know all the details of the conducts within this ritual. It seems like an irregularity had already occured, though merely a formal one. Alliances, in a war where there could be only but a single winner. She had seen her own fair share of foolishness from both the brave and the thoughtful, but the false trust that humans built towards one and other was an unpredictable factor for even the most omnipotent of beings. Of course, she herself possessed no such thing anymore. She envied whoever it was that was given the oppritunity to merely witness the events that would transpire from these circumstances.

The late sunrise in the distance provided a warm spectacle over the mostly abandoned park. Her knowledge of the location was sufficient to allow for scouting. Being in the unique position of Assassin, she was gifted with the certainty that nobody else was. She could hide in broad daylight if so necessary, and nobody would know until it was too late. Being a lady led by her own whims, she had briefly considered outright disobeying orders to take her time roaming the town. However, being the one who sabotages wasn't her duty. No, she knew fully well that it was an inevitable fate for all who pursued something endlessly. Yet she still wanted to see it for herself.

Her Master had been a peculiar one upon their first meeting. Virtuous. That was her first impression of him. It may be seen as an ideal quality for those aspiring to greatness to have, but it could just as easily strike them back with the weight they lay upon it. Upon seeing her, he had not submitted, nor did he command her. He sought after mutual respect, or something along those lines. Perhaps that is what's considered 'chivalrous' in this age. It was unfortunate. Had he been granted with any other Servant during this war, that may have been the correct attitude to take, but this Servant could not view her Master equally. He was far beneath her, an endearing inhabitant in the plane that had once not belonged to them. But, that fact would never be stated. Stheno was a Goddess, one who would only show the endearing qualities of a 'woman' to serve as an ideal for men. She would view him with grace and respect, but even that would be a lie. It was just natural, right?

The silent stroll through the park was halted with the audiable connection established in her mind. She let out a light laugh from her lips, covering her mouth even when nobody could see her. 'Very well, try not to get attacked before I get there.' Ah, who could it be? She begun moving at an amazing speed, heading towards the outskirts of the Church where her Master was located. She could feel the wind blowing in her face, making the two tails on her head flutter. For a full second, she closed her eyes to take a deep breath. No matter the nature of this ritual, 'Holy Grail' was indeed a magnificent object if it allowed for her to experience this. Silent and swift, she moved across the land in a way that she could never have during the time of her actual existance.

Perhaps this would be more interesting than she had believed.
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