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Since I couldn't exactly find the description of Strategy I just asked around a Fate discord server and they gave me that description.

I don't know where the hell they got that from, but the actual description is more like:

The capacity to grasp victory before the battle begins, using the broader purviews of such things as diplomacy and logistics.
In her prior life, Nobunaga's surprise attack at the Battle of Okehazama was successful, but this was merely a fluke. It is said that in her lifetime, this fluke was the only battle that turned strategic defeat into tactical victory, but even then was a desperate fight. To this day, she reflects on this battle.

Hasty translation on my part so some nuance might be missed, but suffice to say it's more related to preparation for the battle than Military Tactics, which is for the battle itself.
I think that should do it.

Where did you get that description of Strategy from?

And you can keep the Reality Marble itself man, I just said to remove the Stand from it.
@Over Illusion That should do it, Chief. All of the issues you and Fiddle had found in my Servant CS have been dealt with. What do you think, is the Knight in Rusted Armor finally ready to reside in the Character Tab?

Waiting on word from Fiddle.

<Snipped quote by Over Illusion>

Fixed, I think.

Use the description of Strategy from GO Mats.

You didn't remove the Stand.

NP rank is ?.

She doesn't have Military Tactics anymore, she has Strategy.

Tenka Fubu will be treated as granting plus corrections on enemies with high levels of Divinity, mystery, or establishment guardian-ness. Against enemies with lower levels nothing will occur. Against enemies without any, the inverse.

Three Thousand Worlds is E-A.

Her Stand is a partial manifestation of the Reality Marble which is done under a different Saint Graph, so it doesn't make sense to be able to manifest it within the full manifestation of the Reality Marble, even if we ignore the difference in Saint Graph, which we won't be doing.

Reality Marble range and max targets both to "-".
I'm so down for this if it isn't too late.

But would you approve any of the GudaGuda servants like Oda Nobunaga or Saber Sakura (Okita Souji)?

Okita and Nobunaga are fine, but other Koha-Ace Servants are not.
<Snipped quote by ADamnFiddle>

I changed this on purpose. Call it a nerf.

No, he means that A+ = 100, whereas C is 30 and B is 40.
@Over Illusion Just to be clear, Mental Pollution at A is fine by you? Also, I mentioned that the Gigantic Beast Hunting skill represents a vital part of Lancer's legend, so I was wondering if I could merge that effect with his Noble Phantasm.

Magic Resistance is definitely going down to D, and I apologize for misrepresenting the Type of his Noble Phantasm as Anti-Unit. This is due to the lack of info on the wiki, which for example, actually classifies Unlimited Blade Works as "Anti-???". Go figure.

As for Eye for Art... I'll re-read the skill list to see if I find something important enough to switch it off, otherwise, I'll be keeping the skill, knowing its original connotation.

EDIT: I don't know, man. I can pull a lot of things off this Heroic Spirit's barber basin--err, head, but nothing really seems to hit the mark. The revised sheet is in page 8, if I'm not mistaken.

EDIT 2: Revamped his Noble Phantasm to an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, granting additional buffs when targeting structures.

Remove Unyielding Will. His burden of the mind's already included in Mental Pollution; moreover, being confident when people attack you won't save you from getting stabbed unless you're a Ploy or something. The best this would do is provide mental interference resistance, but Mental Pollution covers that already.

I am very confused as to why the crystallization of whacking a windmill he thought was a giant is "stats rank up and can shoot a beam". It seems to totally miss the point of that scene in the first place. I also don't know what "30 points of damage" means since we don't have a damage points or AC numeric system in canon, just the stats and their approximate numeric guidelines.

Not gonna lie, I didn't realize you edited this in.

MR to D.

Eye for Art is actually 芸術審美, which has the connotation of "fine arts", so keep that in mind.

Gigantic Beast Hunting doesn't change parameters.

NP to Anti-Army. Does it have any effects besides parameter boosts and the weapon enchantment?

As an aside, I do feel the need to warn you in advance that a Reality Marble will drain you dry in record time, especially with D MGI.
<Snipped quote by SSW>

<Snipped quote>
Needs a range. Seeing as it is just a normal sword, it should be 1-2, unless it was like a claymore or something. Other than that, unless @Over Illusion isn't alright with something, I don't see any issues with the Servant~.

No issues.

Okay, so seeing the incoming Servants for team Blue, I think that I'll scrap Sinbad and go for a canon Servant just so there's a bit of balance. As a side note, I do find it unfair how there's a 3 skill limit for OC Servants but already made Servants are free to go with what they have.

ANYWAYS, I'll throw out the Servants I'm considering, and anyone who has an opinion on which they'd like to see can chime in, as I'd love to make things interesting. Who I'm looking at are Medb, Boudica, St George, St Martha, and good ol' Christopher Columbus.

As sad as it makes me to say, Columbus is a no go because we don't have his GO Mats.
I can't believe I forgot this, but Personal Skills cap at three.
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