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@Polaris North

Eh, I suppose there's not much value in being all that strict so long as something doesn't outright spit in the face of logic. You're good to go.
Oh, sorry about the delay, didn't see this. Sure, welcome aboard. OOC's linked in the above post, let me know if you have any questions.

@Polaris North
Regarding the background, why would the organization decide to kidnap a rich kid when stealing from the family? Unless they knew he had magical aptitude it seems like a waste, and I'm not sure how they would have worked that out.

Sure! A party of four's the ideal for me at any rate, so welcome aboard. If you have any questions, just let me know.
Nothing strict, just those general trends to keep in mind.
<Snipped quote by Over Illusion>

I was thinking I'd play an orc.

Sure. An orc generally has reasonably high strength and constitution, lower dexterity and intelligence, and thicker hide which affords a sort of natural armor. If you have more specific questions, just ask.

Polaris, I'll give your character a proper look either later tonight or tomorrow. This weekend's a bit rough for me.
Just passing this a bump. We've got enough people to make this work, but another one or two wouldn't hurt!
I know Yukitamas is as well, can't say about rush. I'll also bump the Int. Check shortly just to see if we get another.

The Meade Museum of Art and Arcanum is staged to open in three days. All of the exhibits have been moved in at this time, but security likely hasn't properly acclimated yet and many measures likely aren't set up. Our reports suggest that they'll be at their weakest tonight. We've prepared you a map and the routes to travel to get there and get inside undetected, but once you're inside, you're on your own.

We know the museum's divided into two wings. The East Wing is the art half, and the West Wing is the arcanum half. You should know all this, but an Arcanum Museum's basically a place where ancient magic formulas, old artifacts, and the like are put on display. They're all pretty much useless of course, but that doesn't mean there aren't old eccentrics looking to buy them, or some crackpot who thinks he'll be the one to recreate a magic formula four thousand years old.

The two priority goals are the crown jewels of the museum. In the art wing, the original painting of the great Arya Calypsia, one of Meade's most esteemed artists before her death a few years ago, known as "The Divine Silence". In the arcanum wing, a defunct magic formula which has been dated at nearly a hundred thousand years, one of the oldest ever discovered. Both of these items can be regarded as priceless, and the cut you get from us selling them will be enough to make you set for life as a rich man. Don't think you can get away with selling them on your own, though. We won't take being double-crossed very well, and besides, it's not like you can sell them half as easily as the organization itself can. Don't worry, you'll be getting more money than you could ever want from this job, providing you pull it off. the way, we've gotten some weird reports lately. Apparently nobody's heard from museum staff in the past couple days, nobody's been seen going in or out, which seems odd given that they should be preparing for the opening. Be careful in case there's something nutty going on.

If you have further questions, just ask!
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