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Look up 5e deities, they'll be there.
Z'arch peered down at the human, his consciousness halting the involuntary movement of his arm. Were it not a human, he would have reached down and picked this one up from the unnatural comfort that was this stations gravity systems. He would have brought them up to his face and taken a good long stare into their soul. Instead, he sniffed hoarsely, his natural system overloaded with filtration tasks. He adjusted himself and slipped his tail upright to his back. Allowing the human past without consequence. He wasn't risking his transport for a human with poor sense of space, least of all one who appeared so set on not making a fuss. It would seem they both found this place foul, the human held a rag to its face to inhibit the entry of toxins and pollutants. Z'arch held eye contact intensely, waiting for the Human to move on, or to start something they would both regret.


The cannon stuff, including Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk.
I'll deal with you in the morning, Mr I think I'm the head of the intergalactic sidewalk board of ownership.


You bumping into me, punk?
Not sure if I have the motivation to keep this going
@tobiax yes, sorry, lots going on and this format isn't the easiest.
This is still a thing.
The forest begins its descent into darkness, but the dim torches of the outpost push through the shadows as a beacon to the party. There isn't much to see, especially through the growing mist. You do stumble upon a collapsed tree though, a chunk of its upper branches sundered by what looks to be a scorching lightning bolt.
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