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Current helljumper, helljumper, where have you been?
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the fact that my debit card is locked is the only thing keeping me from impulse-buying an xbox one right now
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passed out at work today after working 40 hours in six consecutuive days, taking the rest of the day off. tomorrow morning, first thing, i will do all the replies i owe and get to everyone. sorry.
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@Nevix I played the first Dishonored and loved it. I might replay it. Thanks for reminding me that that game existed.
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recommend me good video games that aren't 40+ dollars and arent undertale


they told me to give her a star & i chose to give her a galaxy.
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Here as of late (it might be me getting back into Destiny/Halo/RVB, but) I've wanted to do something that combines the military and science fiction. Inspired by the events of the Halo series, the Destiny series, the Mass Effect series, and the Red Versus Blue series, I want to thank everyone for coming in and looking around at what I have to write. I hope that I can get some folks in here that can create as intricate and developed of a verse as I'm looking for, and get into some great plots. ♥ (Be sure to check out my OC list and my general rules.)

Pictured: MC posing at Punpun like Will Smith

Just as a follow up (and to promote my friend), this is Punpun and I've convinced him to come to the forums! He's a wonderful writer and I hope everyone enjoys his characters and writing as much as I do!!
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@FantasyChic It won't be more than a couple of days more due to my super busy schedule this week. I've been taking some extra shifts on top of a 30-40 hour work week for some extra money, and you know how that is. Luckily enough, I do have two days off this week and will be writing like crazy to at least structure up an OOC by then! Thank you for your patience.
His grin doesn't affect her as it might have affected someone else; she knows exactly how lazy Eugene Song is. Rolling her eyes as he wakes up from his fatigue-induced slumber. "Well," she chirps, "there are only two scheduled in the back room today, and we need a flat of candy and stuff for the checklanes, so Elizabeth sent me back here to pull one. In all honesty, I have no idea what I'm doing in regards to pulling a flat, but since someone is apparently busy with what he's doing, I guess I'll figure it out."

Whether or not that last comment was made in humor or malice was up for debate.

She backpedals, white Converse squeaking quietly against the stone floor of the back room. She was never given back room training, per se, but how hard was it to find a bright yellow cart with a whole bunch of different kinds of Icebreakers on it and wheel it up to customer services?

Very hard, apparently, because as she turned around to look at the wall of product behind her, her smile seemed to fail from her lips. Luckily enough, with her back to Eugene, he couldn't have seen her falter— right? Whether or not he does is not whats important to Maricel right now, anyways; scratching just under the apple of her cheek, where feintly-applied contour powder had been applied, she pocketed her hands in her pants pockets, walking down the main aisle, looking for the giant yellow flats. Taking about ten steps (in the wrong direction, might she add), Maricel instantly turned around, double-timing back to the box where she had found Eugene.

"Okay, I changed my mind, can you help me?" Her voice was almost defeated, albeit the pep still bit in the back of it like hops in a drink. Standing with her hands in her pockets, Maricel's bright eyes scanned the back room worker, turning up her lips as she got an idea. "And besides, where's David? He didn't completely leave you alone, did he? Man, it would really be bad if the store manager found out about that... you know, he's leader on duty today, the manager is..." In a mock pity, the brunette girl shook her head and clicked her tongue a couple times as she paced around the immediate area.

Hidden on the backburner on Maricel's expression was blatant malice; she knew what it was like to have a manager or coworker completely abandon you. If she took a shot for every time Ashley had run off to go flirt with the electronics rep instead of helping her do returns and repackages and order pickups, she'd be too drunk to come to work. Ever. On one hand, she was glad that it wasn't just guest services living up to their stereotype of a bunch of giggling, gossiping girls who didn't do anything but take returns and check on cashiers, but on the other hand, she needed that flat like, yesterday, and if Daniel was going to disappear when they needed pulls to leave Eugene to do it, it would cause for some problems later in the day. Casting a glance down at her watch, Maricel sighed. Three more hours.

She extends her hand to offer to him to help him out of the box before a manager does come by and catch him. "Up, lazybones, let's go. What does Daniel even do when he disappears, anyways? I don't ever see him walking around the store..."

I don't mind at all to do this roleplay with four (making myself five) people, and there might be more people coming together when I make the actual out of character. To answer Xyo's question more in detail and to simply place some notes here for my reference as well, "The Black Watchmen: Witch Trials" (the official name of the roleplay) will be taking place in the year 2017 (immediate future) with a modern-day theme.

To begin, the characters you all wish to play can be from anywhere around the world, as long as they have reason to come to America for their Black Watchmen training. If you have any further questions, you can PM me about this! The next we speak to one-another will be when I let you know that the OOC is up; I don't know how long this will take as I have to finish hand-crafting a story with proper puzzles and symbolism. If you lose interest due to the amount of time it takes for me to put this together, I do understand and won't be upset. Thank you for showing interest, again, and I hope to see you soon.
@Xyo The Black Watchmen is currently set in a universe where it is modern, but there are themes of the paranormal, supernatural, and secret societies. I actually intend to finish up season one of the game tonight and post some updates about the kind of world that this is crafted in!
consider this a discussion thread and ask any questions/express your interest in this thread! i will be active for as long as i need to to post answers and responses on this thread! thank you for showing interest.

we are their last line of defense.

welcome, agent, to the first day of the rest of your life.

who are the black watchmen? the black watchmen are an elite paramilitary group charged with protecting the public from dangerous phenomena beyond human understanding: ritualistic murder, occult secret societies, and paranormal activity, to name but a few. as a global organization, the black watchmen offer a wide range of skills and services for covert missions anywhere in the world, on behalf of any group, corporation or government that can afford them. Often called in as a last resort, the black watchmen pride themselves on their discretion, strength and efficiency.

your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to use the first day of the rest of your life focusing with like-minded agents in solving the disappearance of the watchmen's most elite agent. find her, agents, before it is too late.


while alice & smith completely immerse their players in a permanent alternate reality fueled by calls and text messages and events in real time, my hope as a GM is that i will be able to do something similar with the players of this game. in this roleplay based on the game, 5-7 players and the gm (total of 8 at max) will interact in a completely immersive, paragraph-style roleplay with real-time puzzles and connections to real world history and pop culture.

the following themes will be implied: active PMs from a "source", information available to certain characters at certain times, interactions with multiple NPCs made by the GM, real-time events with GMT-based times. please note that i will never ask for a cell phone number, address, or anything of the sort like alice & smith does.


agent AI2057. the girl with the golden gun. one of five black-level, soldier-rank classified agents. the best of her kind. some believe her existence is a myth; an urban legend to intimidate rookies. to the other four members of her team and the directors, however, she is completely real and damn good at what she does. with a number of captures, kills, assassinations, hackings, and real-time events under her belt, agent AI2057 is a force to be reckoned with.

and she has fallen off the face of the earth.

the directors of the black watchmen cannot find her. her records have vanished, as if she was never born. it is your job, agents, to work amongst yourselves and locate agent AI2057 before she becomes the first of many black watchmen to disappear into the grasps of a darker, stronger force. if you cannot complete this mission, you may be one of many who fall into similar fates.


the director - some say she is the personal mentor to agent AI2057. some say she is the cause for her disappearance. either way, the director is a terrifying woman and a force to be reckoned with. some say her sociopathic nature is her downfall at times; others say it is the cause for the black watchmen's success.

ayden christian - a young, intelligent man with too much time on his hands, ayden is a green-level, soldier-rank member of the black watchmen and your greatest asset. with hands both in the ahnayro project and the cyberwarfare unit of NITE team 4, ayden can give you information on any topic at any time; his connection to agent AI2057, however, is as shrouded in mystery as he is.

AGENT AI2057 - the target of your charge. the girl with the golden gun. the greatest asset to the black watchmen as an entity. and the girl you're supposed to find. follow the clues she's left for you and uncover the secrets she was trying to uncover before her disappearance. her life is in your hands.

Q U E S T I O N S ?

here i will be posting the questions, comments, and concerns asked in this thread if i consider them important enough to be rendered in an FAQ! feel free to ask whatever you'd like; if it's asked enough times or is a good question that should be stickied, it will be placed here.
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