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Seto Yuuki

A knock on the door finally forced Yuuki to open her eyes and face this important day of her life. Her cellphone and alarm clock had failed, so it was thankful she had also asked the hotel staff to knock on the door. She patted herself on the back for being so clever and responsible, ignoring the root of the problem was her own irresponsible behavior.

Jumping out of bed, she was quick to take a shower, set her outfit, drink a lot of juice and eat some manju that she bought all the way from her small village in the inland sea. This was not only the first time she would see other quirky people, this was also her first time in the big town. She finished placing her black-and-white hair in a twin-tail and put on a cap, looking at the mirror to see if she had not missed anything important, as she had done in the past with her shoes, her jacket and her pants.

Along the way, she had sent her family messages, though they replied with bland mildly-pleased texts and emoji responses. She sighed. The few friends she had were more interested though, asking her to kick people and if the big city was as cool as it seemed.

"Its more on the noisy side." she thought aloud, while sending the reply. She had just arrived in the building and saw a bunch of people saying a bunch of things near the main entrance. They were talking so loudly, people from the big cities just didn't know when they were being rude, it made her glad she would take the side door into the compound.

It was a bit disappointing that the architecture of the place looked all kinds of meh, but the people looked interesting enough, there was this person in armor with a happy face... some sort of town mascot? Her village's mascot was just a weird raccoon with a hair, and there was also this shrimp girl who struck a cool pose she had never seen before, most would say was about Yuuki's size, but the twin-tailed girl minded those two crucial centimeters that made her the taller one.

"Uh... The name is Seto Yuuki. My ID is..." she reached for her pocket, and immediately went wide eyed, checking the other one, then under her hat, starting to sweat a she thought she had just forgotten her ID, the staff sighed and took it from where it was: hanging on her neck, before allowing her to move along.
@DrowsyPangolin Do you think a Sealing - Transfiguration combo where the sealed spells and objects could be used to fuel the transfiguration could work?
Alexx Allen
Location: V.A. Blue Team Meeting Hall
Interactions:@FlappyTheSpybot, Anyone

Alex was pumped up, doing little jumps to warm up, stretching her legs and arms, even sprinting with her water powers active so she could go fast without moving towards the wall she was facing. She looked drenched in water, as if she had just left a pool, though that was obviously her power already in action. She turned to Dex when they spoke.

“Oh. It depends on where their flag is, right? Like, humid places such as forests and muddy terrain are ideal, I can go really fast! But if its a sandbank, well, the water on my feet gets absorbed and I start to gain friction with the ground again. I have been training my ability to slide, so I can move fast while still being all sneaky, gliding under the bushes and the like.”

As she finished her explanation she gasped as she saw the person by her side suddenly start to shift into another form… it was something strange to see, but to Alex, it was very fascinating. “Oh! That is SO cool! You just need a cool pop rock song to play along with that and you will have a full transformation sequence.” the 13 years old said.

It seemed they were waiting for the start of the event, though she wondered who else would join their plans.
“Blue… huh…” Alex said while looking down at her clothes, almost the same as always, except the color had changed, now clearly saying to which team she belonged. “They could have at least made it electric blue! This washed out color just doesn’t feel like me…” with one last pout, she walked out of the changing room and moved into the main gathering room. It had come to her attention the ruleset of the event was quite… lax, when it came to its application, she was almost scared she could hurt herself seriously and be out of commission for a while, but then she filled her mind with childish bravado. “Bleh! They can’t hurt me if they can’t catch me, and I for sure won’t be caught!”

Having to deal with such a large map, there were already whispers of forming squads to perform different tasks, Alex found herself caught in a balanced squad, meant to play the objective but be less light weight than a team full of speedsters such as herself. It bothered her she had not asked to be in such a squad, but she would take what she got. “Yeah yeah, I can scout as well. No worries about that. But don’t think I won’t try to get the flag as well, heh, once I am done with the other team they will regret not having interviewed me.”

Alex Allen

Venture Academy - Cafeteria
Interacting with: @Katthaj

Alex heard her name and turned around, searching the crowd until she saw Alexya. She waved at her before finishing her purchase and going to her side, sitting on the table quite casually. This wasn't exactly permited, but usually the Academy had more worrysome breaches to care about than some girl sitting on a table. Drinking some sports drink, she looked down at Alexya and nodded.

"Class was a bit boring, I made notes, the history book pictures kinda distracted me a bit but I don't think I lost anything important. I wouldn't worry too much about this one, I got the overall idea... I think." she said, before smiling. "Yeah! I totally heard about this Capture the Flag event. Heh, I already have my inscription form ready. It will be a good opportunity to test my speed against other students, and did you see it will be on the TV?"

Alex Allen

Venture Academy - School Grounds / Cafeteria

Alex was the sort of person who really could not stand normal classes, she had a natural desire for more practical actions, yet she rarely skipped on any class as she still desired to do well in school, and if she took notes, Alexya would help her understand it, it was much easier for her to focus when someone was talking directly to her.

Still, when the bell rang, she was quick to rush out of the class and escape to the fields, today was not a day in which she would have a particular training session, but that did not stop her from still doing it, although still following a few set rules given to her by the academy’s physician so she would not overwork herself.

Changing into the athletic outfit that was better suited for her powers, Alex would start running across the running tracks of the academy. When she was younger, she assumed it was best to just aim for the most speed she could get when using her powers, however, the more experienced guidance she had now had made it clear that while speed was good, her ability to use her power was also tied to her balance, how well she could handle her direction while ‘skating’ and to discover new types of movement the lack of friction made possible.

When in simple movement it was easy to assume her power was just “ice skating but on any surface”, however, these were merely aesthetic similarities, as she moved with aquaplaning caused by a layer of water covering her feet, as that was a flat surface, it reacted to her movement in a very different manner than the blades of an ice skate. In truth, she had almost zero maneuverability until she went to Azure, where her trainer instructed her to see if she could change the thickness of the ‘water aura’ in an uneven manner, which of course started to steer her movement. That had been years ago, and while her skills made noticeable leaps in each year, she still constantly trained simple things such as sharp turns, just making one had been an achievement, but Alex aimed to make it the least wide of a turn as possible.

Another thing she could train on her own was balancing things while she moved, it was not like she would need to carry a book on her head while using her powers, but it was a method to make her train her stability, which was useful in more complex movements. She really would much rather train those complex movements, it was ‘fun’ to try to go from a lying position to a standing position without breaking her glide, but it was always obvious when she was trying to rush her training, bruises were telling and a broken nose was impossible to hide.

With one last failed u-turn, she sighed, it was time to wrap up. Though after changing, she couldn’t help but feel a bit hungry, so a quick trip to the cafeteria was in order. On her way, she noticed a few whispers of some sort of event, and while buying her food, she saw the flyer. Somehow she missed the announcement and almost the whole capture the flag event, but that was about to be fixed. She couldn’t help but say to herself.

“Hah, this ought to be fun. I remember being the champion of C T F in the second grade.” though back then most of the kids didn’t have many powers, not that Alex was scared of those, or even remotely taking that into account to properly plan a course of action.

From the way the rules were told it seems every character will need to share a dormitory, that being the case, it would be nicer to share it with other player characters, at least in my opinion. If I get accepted, I am up for setting something up
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