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Alex Allen

Venture Academy - Cafeteria
Interacting with: @Katthaj

Alex heard her name and turned around, searching the crowd until she saw Alexya. She waved at her before finishing her purchase and going to her side, sitting on the table quite casually. This wasn't exactly permited, but usually the Academy had more worrysome breaches to care about than some girl sitting on a table. Drinking some sports drink, she looked down at Alexya and nodded.

"Class was a bit boring, I made notes, the history book pictures kinda distracted me a bit but I don't think I lost anything important. I wouldn't worry too much about this one, I got the overall idea... I think." she said, before smiling. "Yeah! I totally heard about this Capture the Flag event. Heh, I already have my inscription form ready. It will be a good opportunity to test my speed against other students, and did you see it will be on the TV?"

Alex Allen

Venture Academy - School Grounds / Cafeteria

Alex was the sort of person who really could not stand normal classes, she had a natural desire for more practical actions, yet she rarely skipped on any class as she still desired to do well in school, and if she took notes, Alexya would help her understand it, it was much easier for her to focus when someone was talking directly to her.

Still, when the bell rang, she was quick to rush out of the class and escape to the fields, today was not a day in which she would have a particular training session, but that did not stop her from still doing it, although still following a few set rules given to her by the academy’s physician so she would not overwork herself.

Changing into the athletic outfit that was better suited for her powers, Alex would start running across the running tracks of the academy. When she was younger, she assumed it was best to just aim for the most speed she could get when using her powers, however, the more experienced guidance she had now had made it clear that while speed was good, her ability to use her power was also tied to her balance, how well she could handle her direction while ‘skating’ and to discover new types of movement the lack of friction made possible.

When in simple movement it was easy to assume her power was just “ice skating but on any surface”, however, these were merely aesthetic similarities, as she moved with aquaplaning caused by a layer of water covering her feet, as that was a flat surface, it reacted to her movement in a very different manner than the blades of an ice skate. In truth, she had almost zero maneuverability until she went to Azure, where her trainer instructed her to see if she could change the thickness of the ‘water aura’ in an uneven manner, which of course started to steer her movement. That had been years ago, and while her skills made noticeable leaps in each year, she still constantly trained simple things such as sharp turns, just making one had been an achievement, but Alex aimed to make it the least wide of a turn as possible.

Another thing she could train on her own was balancing things while she moved, it was not like she would need to carry a book on her head while using her powers, but it was a method to make her train her stability, which was useful in more complex movements. She really would much rather train those complex movements, it was ‘fun’ to try to go from a lying position to a standing position without breaking her glide, but it was always obvious when she was trying to rush her training, bruises were telling and a broken nose was impossible to hide.

With one last failed u-turn, she sighed, it was time to wrap up. Though after changing, she couldn’t help but feel a bit hungry, so a quick trip to the cafeteria was in order. On her way, she noticed a few whispers of some sort of event, and while buying her food, she saw the flyer. Somehow she missed the announcement and almost the whole capture the flag event, but that was about to be fixed. She couldn’t help but say to herself.

“Hah, this ought to be fun. I remember being the champion of C T F in the second grade.” though back then most of the kids didn’t have many powers, not that Alex was scared of those, or even remotely taking that into account to properly plan a course of action.

From the way the rules were told it seems every character will need to share a dormitory, that being the case, it would be nicer to share it with other player characters, at least in my opinion. If I get accepted, I am up for setting something up

Location: Rocktech Warehouse
Interacting with: @DocRock

A mantle of red covered the sky as the sun was setting, another day was ending, another boring, eventless day for Patrizia Binari. The mutant girl looked over the golden necklace she stole from a store at the beginning of the week and sighed, carelessly throwing it behind her.

“I am tired of that!” the girl complained, it was shiny and the diamonds sparkled, but there was not much to do with that boring out thing. The problem, she assumed, was that it was too old! People in the 15th century did not have anything to do, but she was a modern girl with modern needs.

The TV had been on for a while, as usual just showing mundane things, but then… Her eyes widened and she rose from the couch, paying close attention to the programming. It was an interview with Serene Light, CEO of Rocktech Industries. The host went on and on about the latest inventions of the company and even showed some pictures. They looked so sleek and stylish, plus according to them, they were the latest tech around.

“Ohhhh! I want it!” she said, a grin starting to develop on her face. “I want all of it. This will be so fun! No more dusty museums and stores for me!”

It was now deep into the night, guards surrounded one of the Rocktech Industry warehouses, a day as uneventful of others… for now.

From the balcony of a nearby building, pale blue eyes watched each man intensely, a plan quickly brewing inside Patrizia, no, Marionette’s head. Suddenly her eyes shone, “Now, now, be careful my dears! We don’t want the boring men to figure us out.” she whispered.

Bellow, one of the guards tilted his head. “I heard something moving,” he told to his partner. “Stay alert, I will go see what it is.”

Not too worried, but still cautious, the other guard rose up his weapon and paid close attention as the first one moved into the alleyway to see if there was anybody in there... Just to find himself pointing his weapon to a bunch of mannequins. The laugh from the other guard was heard behind him. “Guess you are a bit paranoid, eh?”

“Crap, must be from one of the clothing stores nearby. They should dump their trash somewhere else. Stupid things.” he resisted the desire to kick down the whole crowd of plastic figures, that would make too much noise and cause worries to even more guards.

“Let’s get back to our positions.” the other guard said, and the one inspecting the mannequin nodded… though as his partner left, he would hear the sound of movement again, cold plastic hands moving over his mouth before he could yell.

Even before returning to his position, the other guard noticed the absence of his partner. Instinct told him to go back into the alleyway to call him, but strict Rocktech training told him to stay alert and move close to one of the alert buttons of the warehouse. The closer he got to the outer walls of the warehouse, the weirder the absence of his colleague became.

A plastic bag flew into his face, causing him to stop and take it off. “Stupid thing,” he grunted, weirdly enough there were no strong winds, but these things flew with the smallest of breezes, he thought. A couple more bags brushed against him, this time not even stopping him, he was upon the alarm system’s button, ready to press it. His finger touched the big red plastic circle and did nothing, soon the man found himself punching the thing but even with all his strength the button would not bulge and the alert would not be sent out.

Sweat dripping from his face, the man reached for his pocket to try to grab his keys, they were missing, in fact, everything was missing, his wallet, his cellphone… another plastic bag hit his face, an enraged hand flying upward to remove it. “Dammit! Now is not the time!” the man said in an enraged tone.

“Why I disagree! I would say now is the perfect time~a voice said behind him, the guard turned around to face a girl, clearly not a normal girl, she did not seem have flesh, instead, she seemed to be some sort of robot or doll, he could not tell what, but he knew she creepy. To her side, flying in the air, were his keys, hoisted up by the plastic keychain given by Rocktech. Behind her, the mannequins they had inspected.

“M...Mutant bitch… !?” before his rage could turn into a yell more plastic flew against him, this time, stuffing his mouth, the man started to cough, but now all the trash from nearby alleyways was alive, moving towards him like a horde, plastic tying itself to plastic until countless ‘ropes’ of plastic bags had him immobilized.

“Curious no? You and your friend ended up caught by what you called ‘stupid things’! Makes you think, no? About who is really the stupid one.” she had a blank stare and a satisfied smirk, clapping to her mannequins to hoist the man up and hide him with the other captured guard. Then she extended her hand and took the key to the warehouse, the fun of the night had just started.

Location: Festival Grounds
Interaction: @DarkRecon

Under the cacophony of screams and bullets, a group of people, a mix of strangers, friends, and families, ran through the park in search of help, of escape, of anything. They found the opposite of that, ominous armed figures, smoke still rising from their rifles indicating recent use, no doubt having claimed the life of innocents. They were reloading and setting up other weapons, a crate of ammunition on their feet, but as soon as they saw the civilians they rushed to get their weapons ready, and in moments, the first bullet had been fired.

It never landed, more followed, but all took a stray path, at first, with so much chaos around them, it was hard to listen to the sound, but there was something close to a vortex of wind near them, a sound like that of a vacuum cleaner or hair drier. The attention diverted from the civilian targets and was now on the direction of the weird sound, though the source was hidden by rustling bushes.

Then all of the sudden came Asuka, a ‘black hole’ like thing right between her extended arms, the terrorists panicked, but now the pull of the void was even more intense, bullets as fast as they were could not outrun the absorption. As she stepped closer, the attackers had to hold their weapons tightly, having to watch as the crate of ammunition started making scratching noises, being dragged closer to Asuka until it opened, its contents spilled and consumed. The rifles were next, and not knowing the woman, the terrorists feared they could soon meet the same fate.

But that was not what happened, instead, the silver-haired mutant closed the vortex. Immediately her body produced a strong blinding flash, when the attackers recovered their sight, the woman, now with cloud-white hair and a slight blue-tint to her skin, was upon them. She rose her feet up and stomped, creating a strong wind blast right in the middle of the group of terrorists, sending all of them flying into nearby trees and structures.

“You!” she said, staring at the civilians who had witnessed the event. “Run! To that direction! I will make sure you are safe!” with that she jumped high into the air. She did not expect this day to turn like this, it was once pleasant, but her second feast had been interrupted by the worst atrocity she had ever witnessed. Her mind had a lot to process, but seeing unarmed civilians being killed had triggered some sort of instinct in her, first, she would save others, then she would think about what she had witnessed.

The terrorists were aiming for total carnage, they moved in small groups such as the one she fought and shot at random unless there was a huge crowd of ‘targets’ for them to deal with. Asuka spotted a group in the route the civilians she saved were taking, she needed to act fast. Quickly she burned out the air matter she had absorbed and as she started to fall, her hair turned platinum and her skin gained a grey overtone. It was time to put those bullets and weapons she absorbed to good use.

The terrorists were caught by surprised as from nowhere something heavy and metallic crashed against their equipment stash, a cloud of dust rising from the spot. Before their instinct to shoot could kick in, the first of three was hit by what was clearly the shape of a woman, yet the impact was as strong as that of a car crashing against someone. “Surrender quickly. Avoid further pain.”

Despite her clear instructions, they decided to shoot. The random bullets made it past the cotton clothing but ricocheted against the metallic armor beneath as it grew from the very skin of the mutant. No further words would be said, she launched her hand forward and grabbed the rifle of the second terrorist, the man fought to get it back and achieved what he desired, as the weapon returned to him at a high speed, hitting him on the head.

The third had been shooting during all the time, and seeing his two accomplices down made it clear to him it was not working well. He grabbed his knife and tried to hit the mutant on what seemed to be one of her less armored spots, but before his blade could land she would react with a hug. Naturally his body forgot about stabbing and instead tried to struggle, all logic giving away to a desire to stop the pain, but nothing seemed to stop the mechanical strength of the tightening hug, and soon the cracking sounds had started. Asuka would feel bad if she had allowed the man to die without facing his terrible actions in a proper manner, but she felt no personal responsibility for his ability to continue walking. When the pain had knocked out the final attacker, she dropped him, stomping their weaponry, and moving to the aid of the fleeing civilians.

“This direction. Come. I will open a gate in the iron fence.” she told, as they were approaching the borders of the park. Still enhanced by the absorbed metal, she made one last effort to bend the iron bars of the tall fence until the civilians had a route out. Her skin turned back into normal flesh, and she looked at that exit she had made… and turned around, back into the carnage.

She ran below a bridge and saw a logo she had become very familiar while doing the paperwork when moving from Japan to the US. They were on the clothes of two figures hiding within a booth, it was clear they were hiding from an attacker and Asuka decided to help. “MSU!” she yelled. “Asuka Ehime, 825220-17, Mutation Protocol Type MB-3, Enhanced D-S-V.” she recited what was in her identity card, many words she did not know the exact meaning. She had waged her life on this little play, thankfully, she opened the vortex right as the bullets arrived. It would not be enough to get a metal form, but she was not aiming for that, instead, she was taking note of sources of fire and at the same time, absorbing some of the loose bricks of the old decorative bridge’s walls.

This obviously started to cause bits of the bridge to collapse, a large chunk falling over Asuka, who closed the vortex, shone bright and absorbed the earth matter. Hair a sandy-beige, she sent the fallen bridge chunk flying across the open field in front of her, in the direction of the tree where shots had come from. Curses were followed by a large crash, she would not try to inspect further to see if she had hit the terrorist. Earth power burnt out, she took wind and burned it fast to enhance her speed as she skated from the bridge to the booth, taking cover with the two within.

“I have engaged assailants in self-defense. Requesting right to aid law enforcement during a crisis situation.” She really did not know what else to say except the protocol, her mind was in a battle lockdown.

Aeira Ketsueiki and Asuka Ehime

Festival Grounds
Interaction: soph and Moyai

The silver-haired woman almost choked on her fries when she noticed someone not only looking at her but approaching her, for a moment she thought this was it some sort of fan who had recognized her and was about to bother her, and she was already brainstorming how she would deal with such a situation. However, to her surprise, that was not the case. Despite the eager look, she asked a simple question.

"Hi! Are you waiting for anyone?"

This made Asuka even more confused, but relieved, she finished to chew and swallow her fries before addressing the stranger.

"Huh…? Uhm… Not really! Was it rude that I took this table all for myself?”

"Oh my gosh," the head stomper gasped, "You really were going to eat it by yourself!" Bursting with innocence and excitement and completely unaware of if she sounded rude or not, she continued. "No, it's not rude! It's so cool!" She exclaimed, looking like she'd just hit the jackpot. Not taking the precaution of asking if she could sit down, she took the seat across from the woman.

"What's your name?"

Asuka was one to be easily embarrassed by many things, but she was not shy about her mutant powers, so she nodded with a soft smile at the statement, glad the girl had found it to be cool. She blinked rapidly when the stranger took a chair but did not say anything, after all, she seemed interested and Asuka was hogging a lot of space.

"My name is Asuka,” she said, picking up her hotdog. "What is yours?”

“A-su-ka,” she sounded out, turning around and looking at the other girl upside-down, “That’s... Japanese, isn’t it? I’m Aeira!” She placed her hand on her chest for emphasis.

“Are you Japanese?” Pointing at Asuka, her mouth was wide open in shock. It definitely wasn’t everyday for her that she potentially found someone from the same country as her (adoptive) mother. Then again, it also wasn’t everyday that she went outside during the day.

“Yes, I am from Japan, in fact, I have only been in America for a few months,” Asuka answered, her head tilting as much as she could to follow the upside-down Aeira, her expression even showing a side-smile despite its tendency to default to a blank stare.

“Really? My mom is from there! She’s so cool, just like you! Anyways,” Aeira said, her expression turning the slightest bit more solemn, “She always told me if you wanted to know a city, you have to ask the rats. But,” her face turned back to the friendly one that it was before, “if you don’t want to ask some scary looking people, you could always ask me. I’m a rat!” She exclaimed. She looked incredibly enthusiastic to call herself such a thing, but it was a title she wore with pride.

“You smiled!” If she didn’t look incredibly proud of herself already, she definitely did now.

Asuka nodded and then smiled a bit more widely. “I guess I did. It is a beautiful city but many seem to always be a bit down… I guess that is common to all metropolises, actually. So it impresses me to find someone so energetic.” by the time she finished the phrase, it had to be noticed that the whole table had been emptied. “So, miss… rat? Would you like something? There are still some stalls with food that is of my interest, I could get something for you as well. Perhaps, in exchange, you could tell me Azure’s secrets.” she told in a straightfaced tease.

“I know. Everyone’s so boring.” Aeira sighed, but both her mood and her wings perked up when she heard mentions of food. She hoped that nobody noticed them.

“Yeah! I’ll eat anything.” She approved, jumping out of her seat and behind Asuka. “But first, what part of the city do you want to know about?”

Asuka led the way, getting food from the stalls she missed on the first run. Fried chicken, tacos, a variety of fruits, milkshake… unfortunately some stalls were too crowded so she had to skip on them. “Hmm. What part of the city… Any area you would consider to be unwise to visit should you not be looking for trouble? The local media says it's all safe, but I don't quite buy that.” it was clear she was not talking about avoiding at all.

She got an extra serving of cake for Aeira when all of the sudden there was a commotion, some celebrity had started to make ruckus, but Asuka was too busy juggling plates to pay attention, instead just going to her table.

Aeira was constantly spinning and skipping behind Asuka, only stopping to occasionally admire the food. "Rule number 1 of Azure City; I never lie. Rule number 2; everybody’s a liar," she said, her voice turning more serious than before, "which means you probably are looking for trouble. But it doesn't necessarily mean that the local media wasn't telling the truth. Azure City is a big place, though. Crimes are committed everywhere, even in places you don't expect. The reason why the city is, unfortunately, not a place where everyone just does what they want is because the police is pretty good at stopping it. If the police can't handle the criminal because of a mutation, the MSU does. Which means it's pretty hard to find trouble. But..." she stopped to think for a second. "Certain individuals take it upon themselves to seek out evildoers and take them down in the name of justice. They're a pretty big help to the police, as you can imagine. Most of them are mutants themselves, and many of them target other mutants. They also help keep the people's spirits up. Heroes are idolized here. They help distract the citizens from all the evil. Without the Batmen and the Robins of America, I think this place would be a whole lot more depressing." She stopped spinning, and instead put her hands behind her head.

"The reason why I told you that last part is to make sure you knew that the city is as safe as you make it. If you want to live a life of safety and security, you can. If you want to find trouble, you can. It might be in the slums. Could be in your neighborhood. Or it could be in plain sight, making and executing plans right beneath our noses. It's everywhere, but it can feel like it's nowhere." Like before, Aeira's serious expression turned right back into a silly one. "But if you're me, you could just piss everyone off and make angry men come running at you." She finished talking when Asuka got her some cake. She was curious about that voice. It sounded so familiar, yet she wasn't able to put her finger on it since it was so far away.

Sitting down on the table and spreading the second round of meals across, this time taking into consideration the space Aeira would need for herself, Asuka digested all the information that had been given for her. “Idolization of heroes really has its role, albeit it helps to give people hope, it can be quite stressful to live under the shadow of people who appear to lack the failings of mortal life. I guess this is where the idolization of villainy enters, the big bad, the one who makes you think ‘well, I might be bad, but at least I am not this bad’. This is very common in other cities, with every minor mutant criminal being somewhat, uhm… hyped? But in Azure, it is not so common. I wonder why.” she spoke, the bit about villainy being somewhat personal to her, despite it just being her role on a TV show, albeit she recognized her explanation of that fascination was truly too optimistic, she guessed there was also a side of frustration against society or just a desire to see things burn.

“But ah, let’s leave this topic behind. I guess it is just me itching to let my power flow a bit, it has been a year or so since I last used it for anything, it starts to become somewhat uncomfortable. To you… it would be like having to stay still all day, for a year.” she had deduced she was speaking to a mutant, and even more, that the talk she heard while buying the second serving, about some ‘mutant delinquent’ jumping over people’s head, was likely related to this person.

“I don’t even stay still when I sleep,” Aeira laughed, “but I’d always be moving, even if I was just a human. What is your power?” She asked, looking even more interested in Asuka than she was before.

“I guessed the, uh, theme of yours from the way you act, the mutation, in my experience, can be a bit addictive, leading to some personality quirks and compulsions.” she tilted her head slightly. “With that said, can you guess mine?"

Aeira looked to be in deep thought. Looking at the food on the table, she found her answer. “Oh! You eat a lot of stuff, so maybe you draw power from taking in stuff? But if you eat like that you should look like thiiiis,” she spread her arms apart as far as they could go, “But you don’t! So you can release it somehow?”
She smiles at her simulating what shape she should have and nods approvingly. “Very clever. Yeah, I can, uh, consume things and then use them to enhance my body… like, uh, I can eat metal and make my skin feel like armor for a while... It isn’t eating like I am doing right now, though it does affect how much I need to eat and how efficient I am in burning calories. It… is a bit hard on my bills, but it cannot be helped.”

Aeira froze, the gears turning in her head. “Wait… you can do that? Huh? How?”

It was just too good of an opportunity not to play the old joke. “Why? Maybe I should showcase it right here? I could use… you!” she made a silly face and rose her hands and then couldn’t help but to laugh. “Just joking! Can’t do it to people, just materials… Ugh… I wish I could show you, but its a quite noisy and area affecting power, I would end the festival here and now and I would be the one with an angry crowd after me. So here, this is my number, call me later and we can set up something, find a better place for me to use it… Oh! And speaking of angry crowds…” discretely, she pointed to the nearby stalls, on the walkway behind them an angry crowd was approaching, delayed by the mess the singer was causing, but clearly about to enter the area.

“Are you fucking serious?” She sighed. “Well, whatever.” She stood up from her seat and stretched before slowly walking in the opposite direction of the crowd. “I’ll text you later, metal-eater!” She said. Her walking-and-waving quickly turned into a full blow run when the crowd got closer. Aeira wondered where she would go. Maybe Nico was here already?
Had this idea for a villain to be used sometime later, as a side-character, kinda. Here is the CS for review.

Location: Festival Grounds
Interaction: None

Asuka let out a short sigh of relief as she entered the festival grounds, for a moment, she thought she would be stuck out of it as crowds were quick to gather and she, of course, had managed to wake up very late... and forgotten to set aside a good outfit so she could just quickly dress up for the day... but that was in the past now.

It had been a few months since she moved into Azure and she was still adapting to life in a new country, an event such as this was a good opportunity to integrate and it was also charity focused. It was not easy to be in a crowd full of strangers with no one she knew to accompany her, but if she didn't force herself into these sort of situations, she would be stuck as a loner in foreign lands.

"Maybe I will have something to eat." she whispered to herself, she had to skip breakfast as she was too busy shuffling through her messy wardrobe for something to dress. It was hard to decide with so many stalls offering such a myriad of snacks, and unable to pick something, Asuka just started to get one of each, on the first trip she had bought a pizza, a hotdog, two sodas, one yakisoba plate, and french fries, all spread out in a table for four. While eating such a banquet, she was already eyeing the other stalls for more.

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