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I am interested. World-building a whole fantasy world and a bunch of waifus seem like a fun past-time. Plus playing something as far as starting families seems weirdly wholesome.
So how's everybody doing? Are we all excited to see how this goes?

I am, just waiting till the day it starts
In the opening post you mention rolling dices on your table, I think that is fine, but just in case you didn't know, the guild also has a rolling system of its own with public results.

Seems like an interesting RP, I really liked the world and feel of Adventure Time, though I didn't watch much of the last few seasons.
Would Awilix be a possible pick for a Mayan deity?

Seto Yuuki

Sitting back down onto the stage, Yuuki was once again in the role of a watcher, sitting still and waiting for her colleagues to showcase their powers. The show was surely interesting, just after her presentation, someone had come with a quirk to control water with such skill that she could create a small humanoid figure that would act in perfect synchrony with her body. It was a far shot from Yuuki, who sometimes messed up how dense she wanted her barrier to be and ended up crashing instead of doing a sharp turn, though she didn't feel bad about it, she felt interested... for a while. The girl from the inland sea just wasn't made to stay still for long, no matter how interesting the skill was, she just had no patience to sit and watch others be reviewed, even if she really, really wanted to know her colleagues well.

Eventually, she got distracted with the shimmering shine of the water drops on her own hand, enthralled by it until the sound of a wind chime brought her back. She looked at the stage, but she only saw Mori-Sensei, weird! She could swear she had called another student, maybe they hadn't arrived yet? It would explain why she was waving her hand. Yuuki's attention had once again fled the stage even before Haruki had left Mori-sensei's body.

Before long, the presentations were over, and the principal had walked on the stage. Sensing it would be over soon, Yuuki paid full attention this time, as well as she could. After a motivational speech about Quirks, students were told about the dorms, including who they would share a room with. Yuuki suddenly realized her mistake, she hadn't paid attention at all, what if those people did? What if they started small talk about quirks and praised her but she didn't know how to answer again. In fact, she didn't even know who those people were!

She took a heavy breath, rubbing her temple, she was there, she heard the names, she could figure this out. There was definitely someone with the power to create silk... or... to summon it? She didn't remember exactly, she could remember the sensei trapped, but she couldn't recall who had brought the cloth, in fact, she couldn't even remember anyone else in the stage, there was some person with lava powers activated by cussing or something, there was someone who could create a clone of themselves... made from water? No, that wasn't right.

Ultimately, Yuuki was forced out of her panicked speculation about who her roommates were due to the security head's presentation of the rule. She found them incredibly oppressive, a curfew at 9PM was just absurd, it was like she was a caged bird... Of course, as a rural girl in the big city she had yet to leave her hotel room past 5PM thinking the streets looked way too scary at night, and even back home she rarely stayed up that late, as dinner made her sleepy and she got grumpy if she didn't have a bath and a glass of milk by 9PM.

After pouting during the rest of talk about rules and fines, she was led across the school, before leaving for the dorms. Looking around, she found out she was the first from her dorm to arrive. She smiled as she saw the staff did prepare a water-proof mattress for her, it looked way better than the makeshift solution she had in her own home, and then she started to settle down, setting her side of the room in an orderly manner that wouldn't last a week.
@Moyai Hey, um, who is "Alex"?

What happens when you are thinking of more than one RP at once, fixed.
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