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I have some interest in this as well if you're still accepting.
Is Natsumi alright to move to the characters tab?

*Quietly slides this in*

Annnd it's done! I'm so sorry this took so long to finish. The reason being both indecisive and procrastination. I hope she's alright. Feel free to tell me if anything's wrong with her and I'll fix it.
Ah... Another rival for Ren...

Ngl...The idea of them being rivals is interesting..But I do need to finish her.
@Inkarnate and @Sola would either of you be opposed to another chunnibyou-type character?

How recently? Because we have a LOT of "just moved to the city" characters. I'm not going to be too rigid if you have long-term plans for this, but I do feel kinda of salty that we don't have more born-and-raised first years.

I ended up going back to the drawing board and dropping the moving aspect entirely. She's now one of the locals.

@Inkarnate or @Sola would either or you be opposed to the idea of another character moving to Kurosuoba. More specifically, moving in with her paternal uncle who's adopted her recently after the death of both her late parents? I can change it to a late single parent if you prefer.

Nevermind. I'm changing it to a late single parent.
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