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So I just had a conversation with @Rinoa Rose and she says she's been having trouble with this website. Basically, it won't let her post. She has a new thing she's going to try to get her post up, but if that doesn't work she's going to send her post to me and I'll post it for her.

Just letting y'all know :) She apologizes for the delay.
After Audra's brief formal introduction to Rowena, the women followed the elf down a long hallway. The farm girl couldn't help but mull over and over in her mind the endless possibilities of their purpose there. Who are the "others"?, What did Rowena mean by "unique ablities"? Audra had never noticed anything about herself that she could describe as such. She felt like an ordinary girl, especially in such uncertain circumstances, despite her personal aspirations toward becoming something great.

A voice broke the silence, “I’m Petra Ducat, also from Diedremere.." Audra turned to see the woman that had been behind her as she continued her introduction nervously, "..I was a mine worker down in the tunnels there. So I guess you could say I’m as good with a pickaxe as you are with that longsword.” Looking her briefly up and down, Audra noted that Petra's strong physique and work-worn clothes certainly seemed to support her words. The farm girl could relate with coming from a background of hard work, but she had never really been fond of miners. They oftentimes made up the riff-raff around Diedremere, and her brothers had had more than one run-in with a drunken miner as they spent the occasional evening in the town's bar. Still, a young female miner was unique enough to make Audra curious as to Petra's background, despite her developed suspicion and distaste for the young woman's chosen livelihood.

"Elspeth," the other woman stated with nod, although Audra noted she was still staring in disbelief at Rowena's protruding ears," Of Inisad... I guess." Audra couldn't help but draw her brows together in disbelief the longer she looked at Elspeth. It wasn't her distinctly muscular body that threw her off (although at this point Audra had a small and irritating realization of how small she was amongst her current company, causing her to blow out a small heated puff of air). The farm girl noticed as the woman had stated her name that some of her teeth were prominently pointed, much like a dog. Then there was the unique shade of her large eyes - a deep amber with... slitted pupils? Audra shook her head slightly in confusion - she had no idea what could possibly cause such a unusual physical condition in a person, but perhaps that was what Rowena had meant when she had hinted at "unique abilities"... Audra hoped that wouldn't be the case for herself and had to suppress the urge to pat her body down to double check that she hadn't changed since her arrival in the academy, as if it were contagious.

Audra nodded in acknowledgement of both women's introductions. She didn't have anything else to say so, with a sigh, the farm girl was quite content to remain silent and observe. Her resolution was disrupted, however, as Petra addressed her, "So were you a cook for the miners? Diedremere is a small town so I'm sure we've had several encounters but I can't seem to place exactly when and where. Did you live in the heart of town?"

Audra unconciously wrinkled her nose slightly in disgust at the suggestion of being a cook for miners, but responded simply and without realization that she might come off offensively, "No, I've never been a cook for the miners. My father would have tanned my hide if I had been anywhere near any of the miner camps,seeing as how some of the characters around there are less than pleasant. Anyways, my family cares for our vast orchards," the girl couldn't help but feel a pang of pride in talking about her family's success, despite her eagerness to seek the world outside of that life, "best produce you'll find anywhere! Me and my brother's work everyday out there, tending the trees and land..." Audra bit her lip at the homesickness that hit her but like a gust of the east wind, but she remained composed and finished with a determined shrug, "But, I'm moving on from all of that now. Gotta find my place in the world besides farming all day, ya know what I mean?"

As Rowena turned and paused, Audra couldn't help but swallow uncomfortably. Had she perhaps been too bold? The young girl's pride pushed that thought out of the way quickly, however. Didn't they deserve to know the meaning of all this? And she had obviously been somewhat right as Rowena had to consider her question seriously. Letting these mental notes bolster her, Audra stood with her shoulders squared as she waited for the anticipated response.

Finally a sigh left Rowena's lips, "I suppose there's no way of truly knowing... but maybe I can entrust you with a secret of mine? In exchange for a moment of your time to explain?"

Audra, uncertain but now definitely curious, nodded her consent. With an eyebrow raised, she watched as Rowena pulled out a piece of cloth from underneath her cloak. The farm girl took in a small gasp of surprise - had she seen a sword underneath that cloak? She could have sworn she had glimpsed what she would have imagined as leather armor as well. Maybe she had blinked and just thought she saw those things. But then Audra looked over her shoulder to the woman behind her and, judging by the expression on her face, they both had seen the same thing.

Audra faced Rowena again, only to be baffled as the cloth retrieved was being used to wipe the mysterious woman's....ears? As Rowena's hands lowered from the sides of her face holding the now blackened cloth, the farm girl's jaw dropped. Rowena's ears were now long and pointed, which meant only one thing... but it seemed too strange to be true. Audra had heard of elves from the lore told in the marketplaces or by her own family on late nights gathered around a fire after a long day's labor. But they had long disappeared, so she had been told. And yet here she was, staring at Rowena with intense awe and curiosity.

"Will this suffice?" Rowena inquired with a demure smile. Audra fumbled for words momentarily before collecting herself enough to say with a weak attempt at appearing unshaken "I suppose it will suffice."

Rowena looked at her and the others with an apologetic expression, "There is much I need to tell you all... about your unique abilities. Where they came from and why you have them...," she trailed off, "But it would be best if we found the others first."

The woman behind Audra spoke suddenly, mirroring some of the farm girl's questions whirling around in her own head, "Sorry, but did you just say there are others? Who else are we looking for? Why are you carrying a sword? And wearing armor? Why-?" The woman seemed to catch herself as she studied Rowena's face. After a moment, she nodded her agreement to follow the elf.

Audra sighed, her curiosity peaked and her impatience simmering. She approached Rowena, trying to appear calm and adult, "Well, lead the way then," she extended her small hand, hoping the elven lady wouldn't notice that it was shaking, "If you were sending us dreams, you probably know who we all are, but I may as well introduce myself. I'm Audra Hesten of Diedremere."
I'm going to give @Rinoa Rose an opportunity to post before I respond. :)
Audra's mind was swept in a hurricane of thoughts as the country woman confirmed that this Rowena was also the creator of her dream. What could be so important so as to send people dreams like these? Who was this woman? And why would she pick people like the country woman and Audra herself? A spark of stubborn pride flared, wanting to believe that she was not just a useless little girl like her brothers had always told her. Still, uncertainty cooled her temper and seemed to chill the very air around her - she had nothing to prove them otherwise yet...

Audra's thoughts were stilled abruptly as she realized that Rowena was looking at her, "Oh, good. Two more," The girl turned quickly and noticed that she hadn't been the only one listening. The woman behind her was dressed like she was from the country as well, her hair tied back in a unkempt bun. Audra faced Rowena once again, letting out a breath of air she hadn't realized she'd been holding. "I believe the others will be here soon. But... until then, please come with me."

Audra, feeling a burst of bravery that both excited and surprised her, asked "When do you plan on telling us what's going on? How do we know we can or even should trust you?"
YAAAAY!!!! We're back and going! I shall have a post up tomorrow!

@Dervish Please feel better soon, friend.
@Baklava A week long break to get your stuff together is absolutely fair. I'm excited for this story to continue! You've been a brilliant GM in the other RPs we've done together, and I have no doubt you'll be feeling more like yourself once you've had a break. :)

@Baklava I think @Dervish is right. We can absolutely push forward like the merry party we are. I'd be willing to help puppet if that would take a load off of your plate.
I'm around! Waiting for McHaggis and our illustrious GM to post.
Post is up! Sorry about the delay! Life is real folks, and it loves getting in the way of all things good and fun.
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