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Current Hello Darkness, my old friend...
9 yrs ago
I'll tell you where they're not..... Safe....


Basically I'm like nobody you've ever met before. Unless you've met Carantathraiel, whom I am essentially a carbon copy of, excepting of course that whilst she has girly parts, my parts are decidedly male

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@Carantathraiel You still need to visit me woman, no matter where you go
<Snipped quote by Paradigm Shift>

I imagine every fan of that game, myself included, went bonkers when the announcement was made.

I'm waiting for FFIX to get the treatment.... still looking forward to 7, but 9 is my game.

@Carantathraiel I thought you would enjoy my new avatar
Big ones....
you flatter me my dear
HNGH you make me look so good!
<Snipped quote by NightlordKrusnik>

xD that my friends love me for drawing porn.

<Snipped quote by NightlordKrusnik>

Yeah right. You save your monies.

I love you for other reasons. The porn is just a perk.
<Snipped quote by NightlordKrusnik>

A confession makes it official then?

Double post. Makes what official?
Now if only I could convince y'all to pay me like my canadian friend does ;P

How much?
<Snipped quote by Carantathraiel>

I am sure they love you too, hah.

I would hope so.
I'm awesome.

It's all true. She draws me porn, and i do love her
<Snipped quote by NightlordKrusnik>

Just don't use all of my flower stuff. I will crie.
Unless you're sharing. ;D

Well I was gonna rub it on you....
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