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IC: Skoll [Tiger Six] - engaged in swamp combat

"Try not to hog all of them." Seeker swept its AC gently back and forth, widening the arc of the suppressing fire in an attempt to cover more ground. Selecting the next hovercraft from his Hud, Skoll once more took careful aim of Seeker's PPC, and went through the motions of charging a shot. He was about to release the trigger before brief warning claxons sounded off with a shriek and his Hud turned to orange "Warning, warning, systems overheating. Noncritical systems have suffered minor damage. Recommend heat dissipation.". Internal cooling systems began running at maximum within the cockpit interior as an immediate response. Swearing in his native tongue, Skoll powered down his PPC and removed the target locks from his LRMs, shutting them down as well, but left his Targeting Assist Laser active, and continued to lay down suppressive fire. "Fucking damn it, cooked the systems! I am not looking forward to repairing slag." Cycling through the icons of his fellow Tigers, the N'Kul highlighted them all. "This is Tiger Six; Seeker's cooking itself rather hot, i'll keep up the suppressive fire but I need people to cover me while I cool off."
IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

"Oh, very much so. Not to mention cathartic." Seeker's torso twisted just enough to face the oncoming hovercraft, as its own targeting laser lit up and painted other emerging targets. Skoll, cycling through target locks, piggybacked off of Banjos targeting laser and shot off a small cluster of LRMs the moment solid locks were acquired. Cycling back to his own painted targets, he made sure the target locks were set before firing off two more clusters of LRMs, before switching to Seeker's AC to lay down suppressive fire, and deliberately aiming with the PPC. Taking aim at a hovercraft, Skoll trailed the targeting reticle on his Hud just enough so that it was leading the enemy hovercraft, before squeezing the trigger for the PPC, letting the shot jettison from the barrel the moment the charge meter read one-hundred-percent.
IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

Skoll brought up a display for Seeker's weapons systems and took a glance through them. Bringing up a different display, he looks through his heat dissipation systems, then examines them both side by side. Flicking at a few switches and toggles, the label on the weapons display that read LRM System; Online now read as LRM System; Armed. Target lock required for maximum efficiency. Please initiate Targeting Assist Laser. Scrolling through to his other weapons, the Auto Cannon display showed itself as ready to fire, while the PPC showed its current charge at zero-percent. Selecting the PPC, the N'Kul squeezed the trigger on the control stick briefly, watching the charge meter spike from zero-percent, to twenty-five-percent, to fifty-percent, before the trigger was released, and the charge meter climbed back down to zero-percent. "Long ranged weapons reporting as operational and ready to fire, on my end. These ass-hats need to hurry up and stick their heads out."
IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

"I got what Faust said, but some of us like to see the target as opposed to wandering aimlessly, hoping that something to shoot might pop out of the woods." Bringing up the icon for Tiger Five, Skoll switches com channels. "Tiger Five, you've got a UAV right? Think you could deploy it, give us an idea of what enemy mechs are packing?"

IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

"Alright, alright. Keep calm. Focus. Getting riled up just because we can't see anything doesn't mean they aren't there." Skoll checked his heat dissipation levels then looked over to his scanning equipment, absentmindedly flicking through the various visual spectrums. "Though to be honest," He muttered under his breath, feeling his own frustration boiling up. "I should probably take my own advice..." Tapping at his communications panel again, he brought up the icon for the Argonaut. "Argonaut, this is Tiger Six. Do we have any new data as to last known locations? Has anything remotely interesting come up?"

IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

Seeker turns back to face Banjo and trudges through the swamp behind the lighter class mech. "This is Tiger Six to Tigers One, Two, and Five. Any sign of enemy contact on your end?"

@Ardoku @VahkiDane @Ehksidian
IC: Skoll [Tiger Six]

"Copy that Tiger One, tracking you on map display." Seeker torso-twisted to face Praetorian's approach. "Welcome to our merry little hunting party, Tiger three, spotting your approach."
IC: Skoll

"Understood, Tiger Three." Seeker turned on its torso axis and looked over at Banjo. "Tiger Four, hold position and keep an eye out. Tiger Three is having terrain trouble."
IC: Skoll

"Copy that. Tiger One, link up with Tiger Two and Tiger Five. Tiger Three, link up with Tiger Four and myself. That way we'll have better numbers when we cut them off."

@GunmetalGold @VahkiDane
IC: Skoll

"Copy that Tiger Four." Tapping a few buttons on his control panel, Skoll brings up the icons for Tiger One and Tiger Three. "Tiger One, Tiger Three, this is Tiger Six. Argonaut just updated our maps, you both catch it?"

@GunmetalGold @VahkiDane
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