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Current My condolences mate, my thoughts and good vibes go out to you in such a devastating time.
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I apologize for any random disappearing acts I may have over the next few days. In the hospital til idk when and I'll be sporadic in my activity. Thank you for understanding.
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Okay, now I'm going back to sleep. I got to kick this flu asap.
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Captain Crunch wins in my book, always.
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It seems like Tohru Honda I have overworked myself and now I'm sick....replies might be put off a little while longer than I thought


I'm an enigma wrapped up in a tortilla.... Why a tortilla? Because why not a tortilla? They're warm and make the perfect blankets for small people like me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I would like to point out that I both live in California and work full time as a stocker at a local grocery store. I work a lot of hours and not only that I am currently trying to work my way towards management which I am currently in discussion with my boss about. So if I do t get to replies some days, please understand why.

@Salty Spitoon - - no offense to everyone else but this one is my favorite, I'm gonna keep them.

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Can we do Momiji/Kagura and Tohru/Yuki? I don't see Uo and Yuki being that romantically inclined towards eahh other and I'm much better at Tohru if I am being completely honest. @Genkai

Kisa inhaled softly as she saw what appeared to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, walk into the room. She raised her eyebrows as he introduced himself as their homeroom teacher, how ironic that they both had a dragon and a dinosaur in their class. Kisa wondered if it was more than mere coincidence, but then Mr. Suika was talking about them declaring themselves, as if they needed to explain why they wanted to study at UA. Who didn't want to study at UA? It was the top school in the country for aspiring heroes, Kisa could only count herself monumentally lucky that she had scored a spot for herself.

The first one to stand was the athletic girl Kisa had talked to earlier, Akeno, declared first that she wished to be a hero. The next to stand was Lizzy, and Kisa found herself smiling softly when the robot girl talked about keeping people safe. That was why Kisa wanted to be a hero, after all. Next the boy who had boasted about breathing fire declared that he too, wished to be a hero. Kisa knew that she would eventually have to stand up in front of the whole class and declare that she wanted to be a hero as well, but she found herself extremely nervous. Shaking slightly in her seat, Kisa stood slowly with her eyes cast on the floor.

"Hi...m-my name is K-Kisame Momosake and uhm," Kisa took a deep breath and swallowed thickly balling her hands into fists at her sides as she bit her bottom lip nervously, steeling herself. She really needed to work on her confidence.

I'm not the most confident or the strongest, but I've wanted to be a hero since I was a kid. I've always admired those willing to sacrifice everything to help those in need, I've always wanted to be like that! When I got my quirk I felt like it was my responsibility to use it to help those that couldn't help themselves, and so I decided to become a hero do whatever it took, " Kisa said in a soft voice and looked up at Mr. Suika, knowing she was probably being way too dramatic for the situation. She didn't care though, she needed to declare herself right? Kisa knew that if she was going to start being confident in herself, she had to be honest with why she was at UA. It wasn't just because she wanted to learn how to use her quirk to save people.

She wanted to learn how to believe in herself too.

"I know that UA can help me become a more confident person and teach me to believe in myself! I know that I need to learn how to trust myself, to be a better hero. So I'm not just here to become a stronger hero, I'm here to become a stronger person as well. I'm tired of being scared and anxious all the time," She said and grit her teeth as she realized she'd said that last part much more forcefully, the passion seeping into her tone. Kisa blushed a deep red as she ran a hand through her long hair and once again looked down at the floor.

"Sorry I know that was really long-winded and you probably just wanted us to keep things simple but... I had to get that out, to be honest about why I'm here,"
@Genkai Fruits Basket, I was actually hoping you'd suggest that one. I can play a slew of canons but am probably best at Kyo and enjoy playing him the most. He's fun. Though I also like playing Momiji, Shigure, and can do Haru and Hatori quite well. I can play Yuki, but I prefer to play opposite him as he's my favorite character. (I can play Tohru and Uo for female canons but I'm really not good at any others)
Fruits Basket

All these sound good :)
Bump! Still looking for The Cabin! Also, Fruits Basket, Criminal Minds, and Harry Potter currently for Fandoms.
Look great!
It's full, I vsn put you on the list though @Weird Tales

As they all started walking into the school, Kisa trailing behind slightly as she listened to Lizzy mention a dragon. There wasn't actually a dragon around was there? The though alone made Kisa nervous, though she was sure it was just an interesting quirk. All would be revealed in time, she supposed. As the entered the classroom however, Kisa's eyes widened to the size of saucers. Sitting in the room, was a giant dragon. An actual bonefied living and breathing dragon, with wings.

"Holy crap! It's an actual dragon! I thought you were just joking but you were actually serious about the dragon," Kisa said in a hurried, nervous voice as she moved to sit in a desk directly to Lizzy's left at the front of the classroom. She wondered who their teacher would be, seeing a name but not knowing just whose name that was. She was sure it was some famous hero, as that was usually known to be the case with the teachers at UA. Kisa silently pleaded for Midnight, but she knew that wouldn't be the case. She couldn't get that lucky, it wouldn't be possible.

So as Kisa sat there, mentally overthinking every possible scenario for how their first day would play out, she didn't noticed much as the fellow students began talking around her. She wasn't known to be overtly social, though she was hyper and nervous by nature, she wasn't very good at initiating conversation. Kisa was very much a background type of person, which didn't clash well with wanting to be a pro hero. Pro heroes were always in the spotlight, as much as Kisa hated the spotlight. She knew it was something she was going to have to get used to, especially if she wanted to be half as successful as Midnight was.

As one of the students boasted about being able to breathe fire, Kisa found herself smiling. She was going to be in for a wild adventure now that she had been accepted to UA and she honestly couldn't wait for it. She could do with an adventure, her life had been much too normal and boring for someone living in a world made up of heroes and villains. Kisa knew that her new path would provide a much different life to her old one, a welcome change as Kisa knew that she might not have the courage for what she was trying to do, but UA could help her get some.
@Salty Spitoon.... I can't believe you did that to me 😭😭
@Salty SpitoonI love him! He could definitely be the #1 hero if everyone else is down for it. If so, I can add him to the npc list at on the first ooc post once I've made one. Im working on doing that now but it'll be easier on my laptop to gather all the npc sheets and stuff.
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