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@Yankee witches would disagree.
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Hey I've been wanting to make this thread for a while but now is as good a time as any.

Whether you prefer drawn or live FCs, do you stick to a pattern or just use whatever works? How do you go about finding them? Do you prefer to use them at all? Ever reused a FC?

In particular I've always had issues finding "live action" FCs that aren't super recognizable movie stars so I tend to stay away from RPs that use them. I would love some pointers from people that DO regularly use live FCs.

Honestly, for preference it depends on the RP. Sometimes live FC's simply can't work for some settings; especially like futuristic plots.

Though how I go about finding live FC's is I will find myself on mild tangents in google images. Instead of searching specific names I will use key phrases like "Short Hair female", "Brunette female", "Tattooed male", etc. Then as I search through and find stuff I like, then I will reverse image search the images I like to either search for the person's name to search specifically them or if I like simply like the aesthetic of the image I will use the "View Similar image" option from the reverse image search. (View similar is especially helpful with character art searches)

And the biggest help is just during your free time looking through images to find and upload them to or similar sites to keep a repository of the stuff you found. So you have images on hand that you've already spent the time finding the images and can quickly skim through images you know you like.

Like currently I have 6,625 images saved on imgur separated into art, live FC, Stuff (my character headers I have created over the years), etc. So when I join an RP I will open the corresponding 'folder' thing and skim through that quickly to find an image I think fits my character idea. Or if I am drawing a blank on a character idea for the plots I like I will skim through images to use as inspiration.

Location: Last known location of rogue team.
Skills: N/A

As their steps lead them into the jet Jo found a seat at the far back near the cockpit. After fastening the buckles across her figure she crossed her left leg over her right and let herself relax in her seat. While Jolene appeared rather relax a nervousness twisted her stomach uncomfortably. In an attempt to calm her nerves Jo pulled her small notebook and pen from her snug pocket and quickly skipped through the pages until she found the page that held the notes on Solaris Mico.

Clicking her pen open Jo struck a clean line across the page below her Solaris Mico test results #7. With casual strokes of the pen Jolene began to write down additional notes in elegant lettering.

Potentially adjusting my handcage position may help stabilize the condensed light.
Additionally, allowing myself more time to spend focusing on the condensing of the light magic could help stabilize it.
Maybe if I spend more time crafting the orb it could increase its overall stability.
Though it's already a time intensive spell if I can get it to at least work in practice I could get a better understanding of the magic.
Which in turn, through practice, I can reduce the time to enact the spell.
I could also spend time researching the inner workings that go into condensing magic?
Not really sure if my books have information on this; would need to spend time looking through the books I already have to see if any speak on the subject.

Jo took notice as the jet seemed to descend towards a landing. Her eyes quickly scanned over her notes to see if anything should be added but came to no finite decision. Clicking her pen closed and closing the book she stuffed it back into her pocket. As the jet touched down Jo unbuckled herself and followed the group out.

Jo's dark honey brown eyes found themselves looking at what seemed to be the only guy in this small group as he spoke up. In truth, Jolene hadn't spent the time to look over the files on the other heroes within the organization. She had the assumption she would get to know them over time and through face to face interactions. Though given current events she should have probably spent time looking at the files. Before she could speak up on the fact she was in the same boat one of the girls spoke up. She listened intently to the explanation of the group of individuals that were currently their 'targets'.

As the rundown came to an end Jolene slightly hurried her steps up to the side of the guy who admitted that he didn't look over the files. Jolene gently poked a finger to his arm to get his attention.

"Don't feel bad. I forgot to look over the files as well." Jo spoke in a soft, reassuring tone; giving a gentle smile that matched her gentle voice. "My name is Jolene, by the way. But I go by Jo." She introduced herself sweetly, offering out a hand as they walked.
Badass Lady Squad: ASSEMBLE!

Location: Serval Industries HQ, Conference Room -> Hangar Bay.
Skills: N/A

Jo didn't say anything as the meeting closed. As Psylocke lead the group out of the room Jo simply pushed herself up out of her seat and following along down the pathways that lead to the Hangar Bay from which that would depart on their mission.

Jo was happy to hear that the first course of action they would take is talking to the group. Trying to get them to come back without a fight. At the very least they weren't trying to start a fight with the AWOL heroes. But in truth Jo believed they shouldn't fight them at all, unless they were doing something illegal. Yeah, they stole the jet and went off without telling anyone. But what innocent people were in danger? Obviously she agreed they should try and get them to agree to return, or at least relinquish control of company property. But fight them into submission if they refused to come back willing? That all seemed a bit... drastic.

But Jolene ultimately remained quiet. Letting the silent tapping of feet down concrete fill the silence. This was her first mission. She didn't know how this organization operated yet. So she had no real claim to start offering her uninvited input. She would simply follow along and do as told.
Just a heads up. Sheet is in progress, taking it a step at a time on this go around. I normally have a habit of grinding out a character overnight and shipping it out as soon as I've finished them. Not something I'm willing to do this go around. I'm really trying to exercise some writing muscles, and push out a character that we'll all be satisfied with.

I am sure it will be amazing! ^-^ Can't wait to see the final product!
@Rockin Strings
I have seen a bunch of xiaolin showdown but its been a very long time.

ATLA is one of my all time favorite animations.

I have an adequate knowledge of D&D
Great to see things spinning up! I wanted to feel out the direction of everyone sheets before I really jumped into mine. I already had an idea for one before hand but seeing as how we have two females already I'm now hesitant to throw in a third.

Makani stated they are looking for a cast of 8-10 characters. I don't think a 3rd female should cause issue in the long run.
@Salty Spitoon Didn't realize how much I liked the name Malori. I love the CS, lots of detail.

Right??! I made it and was like "Damn, what an under rated name..." Lol

And thank you so much! It means the world that my character is well received! I love your character as well!
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