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Interested, how will magic be done? Do we have to say the name of the spell outloud or anything like that?
Solid Witch


The situation went from a minor annoyance to a complete migraine as more girls from both the light and dark side pooled into the classroom, her irritation only grew as somewhere deep down inside she could feel eyes on them from afar. These people had too much time and energy to waste, especially miss PuffnStuff here who seemed to get hotter under the collar at every noun and verb the crept from Soma’s lips, those cutting words angered the walking Mount Vesuvius showing she was easily manipulated. The shield girl sighed of relief at how easy it would be to goad Ami into doing anything out of anger, in fact, she reminded her of a darker version of Luna or maybe she just judged everyone with a short fuse too harshly. Soma rolled her eyes as Tama entered and began to do her best to defuse the situation to which good on her, although there was only one girl in this room that gave too much a damn and it sure wasn’t her but good on Tama for doing the right thing or attempting it.

“You’re talking to a brick errr firewall I’m sure she has soot in her ears, her and the rest of her…. friends want to own the school because they see a public structure as their 'bastion'” Soma sighed, shaking her head “Foolish but who am I to judge” It was at this point Ami started to count, a threat she had to have known wasn’t going to work, no light girl was outright afraid of her and Soma was too lazy to care one way or another. A rare smile overtook her usual natural frown as a thought of something to test out the stability of Ami.

“One,” she counted out loud looking up with a wide smile curling up her fingers ready to test out a new shape shield. “Two” This counting didn’t get passed that as Yui came in and further killed the tension so much, so Soma gave up on killing the monotony of it all and just accepted where everything was going. She didn’t get a chance to actually hear what Yui said being that Tama in her infinite wisdom, decided to evacuate the still talking Soma from the classroom as quickly as she could.

Once they were well out of earshot Soma pressed her back up against the wall and folded her arms, her face returning to its resting bitch face position. “I suppose you want me to leave too, well forget it, I want something in this school or at least I want to learn something about this school and Miso city as a whole,” The stubborn girl said, “With that said, what did you want to talk about?”

Rose walked along the edge with a smirk drawn on her face looking out at the commotion happing in the school while Aegis decided to interrogate her target.

//I have recorded her movements and am now recording this conversation//

Her assistant had already rattled off what she would receive from each girl that flared up their magic, giving an entire laundry list of things, some useful others not so much.

“Interesting” Rose just said to herself tilting her head back at Aegis herself.

//Power obtained: Unknown. Emblem location: Unknown. Apparent age: Unknown. Suggestion use friendship to extract more information//

“Interesting even more so but let's not do that last part, not a fan of being fake” She grinned and turned her head back, it was always a surprise when her assistant knew exactly what she was thinking and attempted to make it a reality.

//Suggestion: Get Bastion’s power first it will give your base armor and upgrade, then the girl who stopped you at the school entrance or Tama for aerial combat upgrade//

“I wonder if Bastion is going to succeed in getting what we agreed on this morning,” Rose said to herself focusing in one where Soma was currently

“Looks like they settled down more or less, the emotions are still running high, but I think that the distraction was enough to keep eyes off us” She continued only now it was loud enough for Aegis to hear and understand her.
Solid Witch


A low thud rang throughout Soma’s body as the fist connected, sending Soma from her chair and to the floor, the punch’s power was impressive for someone whose power wasn’t based in super strength. Soma could feel Ami transformed, but paid it no mind as she didn’t honestly expect the girl to attack her out of the blue, this was a wakeup call in more ways than one. The shield girl was lying down on the floor, staring at the ceiling as the dark one made her speech as if she were protecting the sheep from the big bad wolf. Eyes half open even though she was awake now that same uncaring face still painted across her face as the real shock was in allowing herself to get hit like that not so much in the fact it hurt. Although her own laziness got her hit, she didn’t seem too keen on changing that way of life and contemplated if this was worth it or not…. Of course not, but she might as well stand up for herself.

“We're doing this now?” she signed sitting up moving her jaw around with her other hand, “I think my sister hit harder than that before she was a magical girl, you’re either weak or Eve is a freak” Soma spoke aloud standing up top dust herself off, she spoke in a deadpan tone but in reality that blow made her face throb, a punch was a punch and it, in fact, did hurt. Grabbing her chair and sit down again, now without a desk and signed deeply, “I actually don’t have an issue with you or your playmates… I keep getting dragged into fights with others, but whatever, ” she sighed harder hanging her head at the irritation that talking this creature down wasn’t about to happen “Anyway… care to try again now that I care but please this time put your back into it if Eve can bite through my shields you should be able to give me a black eye”

Rose let out a chuckle at Aegis’ dismissive response, but overall acceptance of getting some help “Heh, don’t worry, I’m tougher than I look, ” she responded with a smile and kept following her optimistically holding her backpack upright completely immune or perhaps ignoring the death stare she was receiving “I have a decent Idea what I’m getting into” Rose said poking her tongue out playfully. It was all fun and games from there until her assistant chimed in her head.

//Magical anomaly detected in the schoolhouse forwarding it to your hud//

All at once her playful demeanor dropped as her eyes turned a bright yellow looking at the building observantly zooming in closer to get a better look at the two silhouettes. One was obviously a dark girl the other seemed to be the girl she met last night, the flag holder. “Since it’s a one on one I’m not going to play hero, although its weird, I’ve only known the girl for a few hours and the vibe I got from her was that she would be the last to start a fight… too lazy to do so” she continued to speak to no one in particular.

//The dark girl’s emblem is on her back in the middle to be exact, the power received would be fire based//

“Do you mean firepower like a gun or….”

//Literal fire//

Solid Witch


Rose smirked and stood her ground as the other girl gave herself a bigger body by spreading her wings out, crossing her arms and widening her stance not giving off a threatening aura but defiantly steadfast. “I don’t like to fight fellow magical girls dark or otherwise, but I won’t be bullied, let alone pushed back, ” Rose warned those smirking lips parting to give off a very shit eating grin before the blond girl began to talk and explain her motives.

//The unknown’s mission might line up with the users’, suggestion: Follow//

Her digital assistant that ran her expanded mind chirped away in her head about its suggestions from time to time and caused her to completely miss the blond girl’s speech, but thankfully her little helper gave her a play by play seconds later. “Well unlike her I actually am attending this school full-time soooo I’ll see you in class senpai,” she said in a nonchalant almost mocking tone before going around the angry dark one and closing the gap behind Aegis.

//That girl will remember this user//

//Unrelated note, the dark girl’s emblem is on her back near her neck and between the shoulder, the weapon you would receive would greatly assist in aerial combat//

“Hey, my name is Roselyna, don’t know you but I have a gooood feeling we are after the same thing” she explained folding her arms behind her back casually interlocking her fingers together

Meanwhile, Soma has managed to lazily scoot her lazy behind to class, she hated to be her and was feeling extra ornery from having to wake up so early. She had to discover the reason for last night and this school was the biggest concentration of energy in the city, which was amazing considering if anyone who could sense magic looked at her house it could be mistaken as a holy bonfire burning that dank holy. As Soma entered the class room with one backpack strap hanging lazily off her arm the girl wasted no time in taking her seat right next to Ami a dark girl and completely failed to notice as she didn’t give the girl much of a look over or a look over in general.

“Sorry, I’m late…being new means you get a lost….a lot” she explained to the teacher aloud in a tired deadpan voice.
Solid Witch


Just like that it was over, no sooner than she arrived the danger had begun to slowly level itself out and quickly dropped over the course of the remaining night, with having only saved one-person Rose took to inspecting the rest of the city looking for the highest concentration of malefic energy she could, the result being Miso high. It wasn’t necessarily difficult to procure the necessary tools needed to attend school without attracting attention. Slipping her backpack on and heading towards the school in a half-transformed state her expanding mind on as usual constantly feeding her information mostly about her surrounding being that she had never been on the side of the world before now.

The walk was uneventful until her Dragoon system’s HUD overlaid with real life giving her a better understanding of the information currently around her. The cause of the alarm was two girls in the middle of the street leading to the school having a civilized discussion. Rose peered closer calling up an overlay for them in specific, under both girls were a set of green and blue bars representing health and mana and then under that were two boxes one red the other blue. The blue box was under the obviously dark girl with a note saying, \\This fight is a fair toss-up// while the unknown girl that even her system couldn’t identify was red and read \\What would you like your tombstone to say?//

One way or the other Rose had to get past them in order to attend her first day of school and the dark girl was clearly the one stopping them, so she just strolled up beside the actual threat who only wanted to move forward.

“Hope I’m not interrupting anything, but are you going to stop me too?” She asked butting her head into their conversation with a smug smile, “I’m sure me and my new friend here only want to peacefully attend class with the complete innocent intention of learning” she continued her words being directly translated via the Dragoon system of which otherwise communication was impossible.

A few seconds after Rose made her impromptu introduction a second light girl Bastion as a matter of fact just strolled on by as if nothing were going on "Morning" she said dismissively without a single care in the world.

Eve and her partner had shoved their way outside and begun to clear the infestation of nightmares that were massing around Elina’s home until all at once it was over, the once threat started to poof away to smoke one after another. Eve looked around in wonderment this being the first time she had witnessed what looked like a retreat from an enemy with no wherewithal or inclination to do so in the past.

“Soma!” Eve suddenly gasped, looking back at Elina with pleading eyes

The chaos down in the streets of the town threw the girl into a frenzy as her protective nature for her younger sister kicked in snatching up Elina without listening to the girl’s protests. Diving deep underwater into the Sunken world she shot both her and her friend at nearly forty miles and steadily climbing, Eve’s impressive strength along with manipulating the water current it must have looked like a miniature tidal wave rampaging through the streets. Eventually, with no one to attack the Sunken World kicked Eve out, ejecting the two of them at the blinding speed they were originally swimming into their feet Elina having to cling to Eve as she transitioned smoothly losing little inertia until natural resistance slowed her down; when all was said and done the two girls were exactly where Soma’s house used to be.

“Soma!” Eve huffed clawing around the now vacant lot for some form of clue as to where her last living family member could have gone now.

Meanwhile, at Soma’s actual location the shield girl was completely passed out ignorant of the danger that showed up and left even more so now that the threat was completely over. Gaia rejoined the girls to hopefully offer assistance. Looking to the sky a dark shadow appeared above the party and quickly grew in size until it hit the ground with the force of a wrecking ball breaking open the pavement, out of the smoke and rubble stood a six-foot metal woman.

“Sorry the cavalry came late just entered Japan’s air space, let me offer aid” she spoke quickly scooping Soma up in her arms.

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• Appearance:

• Name: Roselyna Emilia
• Title: Solid Witch
• Age: 17
• Emblem: A very bland looking bracelet that fits perfectly around her wrist with a single tear drop sized emerald to decorate the top portion.

• Divine Arm: Rose’s devil arm takes the form of the mechanical halo that encircles her head, this halo allows her to control the vast amount of systems that run her body as well as the ability to quick change from one form to another.

• Magic: Rose’s magic is split between her body which is composed of Technorganic physiology which takes the place of what would normally be a magical girl’s armor, this armor comes with its own set of abilities and functions independently of the halo that controls the main portion of her magic, this being magitech integrated.

Panzer body: The body that replaces a massive portion of the user’s organic form with mechanical biology fusing with the entity on a cellular level. The technorganic entity could be considered a form of cyborg. The Panzer body is her main warrior form and the latest model of her recent efforts, making it the only form user at this moment.

• Enhanced Strength and speed: The Panzer body allows nearly five times the stomping power that Rose herself untransformed is able to output while the speed is artificially set to a base max running speed of twenty miles per hour.

• Various boosters: Booster rockets can be found in the souls of her feet, the palms of her hands, two are located along her upper back while one is at the base of her spine these being the only ones that are omnidirectional.

• Limb Extensions: Pistons, valves and air in and outlet circuits are fashioned along the inner frame of her left arm, giving her the ability to extend her already impressive strength. Depending on how the outlet is used she can turn her single punch into a jackhammer of fists or into one single megaton punch. Once expended it takes about an hour to re-fill her tank with air to perform the move again.

• Arm cannon: Rose’s right arm can be transformed into a fully functional cannon that fires small pellets of energy at rapid fire or can be charged up for one giant ball.

Dragoon System: The Dragoon system is the name of the Halo that decorates the crown of her head, with this active Rose gains adaptive and learning technology that evolves her fighting capabilities.

• Living armory: The Dragoon system is magical at its base and has the ability to learn and absorb new forms of magic and adapt it into a weapon. When Rose touches another magical girl’s D. Arm she will gain a new weapon that can only be accessed by initiating a protocol, these protocols have limited uses and can only be used once a day. In addition to her new protocol, Rose will also receive a mass production model that is astronomically weaker than the special one, but it’ll be added to the suit for unlimited uses. (For RP purposes this must be a willing thing on both parties or defeated enemy also copying a Devil arm and repeated usage runs the risk of corruption)

• Expanded Mind Enhances the user’s general intellect as well as constantly feeds them information about how her weapons function, for this purpose in developing new bodies Rose utilizes a half-transformed state.

• Program advance: The ability to take two protocols and combine them into a super weapon, doing this will take all the uses out of the regular protocols and the Program advance itself only has one use before expiring the recharge is one day.

• Background:

“If all the hero’s run away, who’s going to be left to save the day?”

What’s danger mean to someone who doesn’t blink in the face of a never-ending abyss, someone who’ll bare their torch against the cold of the night and press on long after the embers of hope has faded. The name Roselyne wasn’t given to her by her birth mother the woman in question abandoned the child alone in the street as a newborn. Fortune would smile on the infant when she was picked up by a young woman who adopted the child, gave her a house to live in, food to eat, and even a name to call herself by.

Growing up was decent enough, her mom wasn’t the richest person in the world, but she was a hard worker and very loving. Rose was about ten years old when she realized she was adopted but had long since decided none of that mattered as this woman clearly gave her all to loving and protecting her. Her mother always strived to be more than she was the day before, getting up early every morning and attempted to better herself and become a good role model for her adoptive daughter this laid down the foundation for the Solid Witch in the future. No matter how tough times got or how desperate the situation her mom would never let on how broke down or beat up the world left her at the end of each day.

Rose became a magical girl at thirteen, although the exact events that led up to it are unclear, one thing is certain she took her mother’s strength of will and lessons of life reflecting them upon the world at large. With a clear mission in mind, the determined girl became the Solid Witch that traveled all over the world to aid in the nightmare infestation as well as investigate the source to put a stop to it all together.

• Inventory: A cellphone with only unsaved numbers, a smart watch to control said cellphone and forty dollars in USD.


Special Programs obtained: None
Mass production weapons: None


The skies darkened above as if to reaffirm the gods dislike for this queer abomination that which should not have been created, the structure she built was an affirmation to the fact that Soma’s powers were never meant to be. The world outside the shield turned around into a maelstrom of Nightmares twisting in a counter-clockwise circle smashing their heads or other body parts into the debris of the area around. Walls and floors were being built up faster and faster the as it seemed Soma was winning her argument with the universe and now the entire area was bending to her whim and with that the last thing, she needed to do other than supplying more mana was to place the flag where it was when she originally captured the structure. Picking up her weapon in hand spinning it around neck playing the disaster outside their walls like a fiddle as the chaos and destruction followed the direction the tip of the spear was swung. The shield around Soma created a small cut out hole in the top of the tome just enough for her Spear to slip through.

“As you come seeking your sanctuary, know that our walls will not fall, know that you will be safe from the rain, the cold and invaders!” she screamed tossing her spear upward through the hole she made. The very energy that summoned the building was now carrying the spear with a speed that was completely impossible, combined with the fact that the reality ripping force followed her spear upward determined if it couldn’t stop this from happening then the universe at large would help summon and bring the building to the physical plane.

The spear shot up through each floor completing their contraction and finally, the meter object that was hurtling towards them was pierced completely through and continued its path. The object in question would now have to barrel through two solid stone floors magically sealed together and on the bottom floor Soma’s own signature barrier. The shield around Soma itself faded slowly becoming much weaker as the girl who performed a summoning in such a hurry with no experience with this building in particular expended a significant chunk of her mana reserves, she stumbled from her original spot having her legs give out completely, the far back side of her own shield kept the girl upright.

"Now..go out and get back on the battlefield....this is now home base for now" she panted waving her hand dispelling every shield that encased the other light girls.

It didn’t take long for Eve to be caught and thrown into a tub of warm water, which caused the girl to panic at first, but it’s not like she particularly disliked water itself and the liquid rushing over her naked body felt relaxing so different from her territory. The two girls splashed around in the water together mostly Elina wrestles to make sure Eve was getting herself clean instead of just twisting around in the water like fish. For once it was peaceful where the only thing where the two sharing a moment of solitude together not being hunted, all that came to a halt when Eve transformed completely out of the blue and shot herself through the wall entering the sunken world without a moment of hesitation only to come back a second later with a nightmare clutched between her teeth holding it by the neck until eventually she snapped down on it severing its head.

“Trouble, outside!” she shouted, grabbing Elina out of the tube and diving right back in the Sunken world only to pop out on the street both girls still completely naked.


Things were already going left for the light girl group, now they were going completely sideways postal as nightmares spewed more into the streets causing Soma to dispel her shield and back up greatly putting her back to back with the other girls. Innocent people were being slaughtered thankfully Soma was there with full access to her abilities, her normal ten-foot range was greatly extended due to her protecting pedestrians and her teammates. She put every innocent person as well as all other magical girls that she knew was around in her mind and erected large bubbles around every last one of them that she could reach with her fifty-foot range, but she didn’t stop there, she built more shapes on top of those bubbles in the form of spikes that would protect the main bubble from direct damage. Gritting her teeth, she banged her head on her flagpole to maintain a blissful focused while her mana reserves weren’t nearly extinguished, it’s been quite a while since she’d done this, so her mind had started to waver.

“I just want ALL of you to KNOW THIS HURTS” she screams, blood starting to trickle down from the corners of her mouth gripping her staff harder she began to bulge more shapes in between them connecting each bubble together to extend the community and root out the nightmare presence.

Once the gaps were connected Bastion summoned the last of her strength to show how exactly she got her name, the gems on her flag started to shine one by one as it whipped in the wind, the earth itself be dammed as the fabric of reality was distorted the more the gems started to glow; Bastion had begun to conjure a structure. Stone and bricks started to poof into reality with the same blasphemous energy that lay at the foundation for her forcefield now turned physical, this was different than when she summoned her house that she had done so many times the preparation was near nonexistent. This wasn’t practiced it was as if she were wrestling with the building itself to pull it out by tooth and nail, each piece of brick and mortar was there clearly to see yet not their blinking at all at the same time blinking in and out of reality as the universe attempted to smite this clear abomination unto its set laws.

“You can fire arrows from the tower of babel and pierce the heavens themselves, take the army and march unto the pearly gates to unseat the throne of all, may all of mankind wage war and protect themselves from the devils and demons that plague the streets, play with their minds, disrupt thier peace and drove them to madness, seek Bastion, seek Sanctuary!” Soma chatted loud and clear something that had little to do with her power itself, but it severed to keep her mind on course and bend the structure to her whims; Space bent and turned in on itself, the force of the world fighting back pushed and pulled the ebb and flow of reality like everyone in it were nothing more than rag dolls being tossed around by an angry child, yet those in their bubbles were unaffected.

Three days had passed since Eve had begun to live with her friend Elina, she was given food and lodging for free, although given her own bed Eve had taken to sleeping next to Elina as a source of comfort, it had taken about two days for her to get over her encounter with Pandora. In those three days the shark girl had managed to rip up a set of spare sheets due to her tossing a turning, broken two brooms in her attempt to start cleaning and chased just about every woodland creature that lived in the trees around the house out of pure habit. This all being said when she did sleep peacefully, she curled up into a ball next to Elina or under the bed itself, it was relatively quiet in the house until her partner called her in for a hot bath.

Because of Eve’s powers she was wet nearly 24/7 in her magical girl form, although that didn’t clean her in the slightest, in fact strongly enough, she’d come out smelling worse than when she got in or just smelling plain wrong and foreign to the point of repugnance, making a bath completely needed at times.

“Don’t want to, ” she hissed on all fours, she hadn’t wanted to get wet for the past few days due to her encounter with Pandora leaving a perfectly etched memory in her mind.

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Elina and Evelune

Eve stormed through wall after wall until the waters stopped opening up to her and the hunter girl barreled down an alleyway all while dragging Elina with the strength of five men. Practically carrying her newly made friend until her body dried up taking her strength with it and the seas truly abandoned them, forcing the girl to put Elina down and slow down dramatically panting and wheezing now. The idea of something from the Sunken World coming up and walking around terrified something to her very core filling the entirety of her being with dread. For now, at least it seemed the danger had passed and their pursuer gave up for now, but that didn’t stop Eve’s charge down the alleyway to give to the main road no way could she go back to sleeping under the bridge to be an open target. Elsewhere, a barrier mage who strolled down the opposite end of that very same alleyway getting ready to ensnare a nightmare was taken by surprise when a wild looking female killed it without so much as a second though teeth biting through it like hot knives into butter.

“E-Eve?!” Soma yelled in shock

“Soma, Help!”

The two of them came back up to the 'surface' of the real world again both mostly drenched. Luckily for Elina that her clothes were quite thick so there was no way of seeing through them when drenched. They did feel a tad heavy from the water. Eve somewhat carried her over the street towards a nearby alleyway. Eve put her down on the ground as she had to take a short breather from using so much power. Elina patted her back making sure she was okay before drying her off from the cold water if she wanted with her own hellish power. Elina used it on her own as well before she turned back to her former form. She took a deep breath before turning to Eve.

"I think we lost her."

Eve still scared from the scenario just now decided to continue trying to run away from the woman. Elina hurried after her thinking she must have had her reasons. It was not untill later that they were swiftly met by a nightmare that Eve just bit in half just like that. Elina somewhat shockingly stammered backwards. Eve could be a beast sometimes.

Behind it was another blonde hair female just like Eve. It was immediatly clear that the two of them knew each other already.

"Soma? You know this girl Eve?"

“Y-yeah, she’s my older sister” Soma explained tilting her head to the side, it was unlike Eve to have a friend or company and almost immediately without further introduction the girl began shouting about queer thoughts and things she smelled. From some creature or was it a woman the entire situation just puzzled Soma the way her elder sibling made it seem was that the two were attacked by some creature that smelled like her own magic which was strange to be sure. Anyone not used to her ramblings wouldn’t have gotten anything out of it but the cacophony of panic and fear a truly strange sight to anyone used to seeing Eve in her natural state.

“Calm down Eve here, let me talk to Evelune” Soma suggested clapping her hands ensnaring her sister in a shield away from the ground separating her body from the Sunken World.

The change took time to take place, but eventually, the caged ruthless girl started breaking down, throwing her body around like a woman possessed screaming in madness “It’s coming!” the voice screamed, slamming her body against the walls of the shield, thankfully she wasn’t wet, normally it would be much harder to keep her caged. “Yog-Sothoth will bring them here from the depths and the deep ones with rule!” she continued to scream. That name was an odd string of letters that just didn’t feel right, surely it was English, but those letters arranged in that way felt blasphemous down to her very soul.

A chill ran up Soma’s spine, causing her to release Eve from the cage returning the girl to normal “See?” the wild child asked, completely unsure of the exchange that went through between her sister and whatever lived deep within her subconscious.

“Umm, yeah… look both of you come back to my place for the night, whatever is after you might check where you live”
The new girl Soma did look somewhat confused by the presence of Elina. Much like Eve never had company with her, Elina expected at least.

"O-oh, nice to meet you. I'm sort of Eve her p-partner..."

Elina scratched her chin while looking off to the side quite awkwardly. Elina felt somewhat troubled by that fact for some reason after Eve had acted this way. As soon as Elina was introduced to Soma Eve continue with her odd behavior by yelling out thoughts and things she smelled which was definitly not a normal thing to do. Maybe she was excited to see her sister or something?

"I-is she alright? Normally she d-doesn't react t-this way."

Soma told Eve to calm down as well and nonchalantly locked her in some sort of force field making Eve hover over the ground. Elina even more awkwardly stepped away as she tried to ignore the situation as much as possible. She knew it wasn't normal for herself but maybe it was very ordinary for the sisters to be deactivating Eve her magical form like this. When Eve was transitioning Elina had decided to en-light Soma with the situation.

"L-look Soma-san, t-there was a woman that chased us and tried to hurt us inside Eve her dimension thing. We d-don't know what happened to her but we think she left."

The transformation of old Eve began, you could visibly see that Eve and her magical form were pulled apart. It was somewhat special that something like this was possible but Elina did not question it any longer just to keep her own sanity in tact. Eve yelled and screamed as she turned back and in the end the old girl Elina knew was back on her feet again. Elina scarcely helped the wild girl get up gently patting her back as she did.

"A-are you alright now E-eve?"

Elina gave an unsure stare towards the little sister of the wild one as she told the two to stay the night at her place. Elina thought she right but still wasn't sure what was up with these two at all. Elina gave a small nod at Soma not seeming entirely trusted by her yet. As they began walking towards Soma her place Elina brought up a question that had risen from her thoughts.
"S-say Soma-san, why doesn't Eve live with you if you are s-sisters and all..."

“Me and my sister prefer our own space, but we’re family and we’ll always be there for one another” Soma explained leading the two to the ghost house.
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