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JoJo’s body tightened and loosened up repeatedly generating a small current of electricity that added to what she had already stockpiled before coming here as well as what she had from last night. Observing the map and knowing the name of the game king of the hill a favorite of her father who, while being quirkless still managed to win every time. Once the explanation was over she turned her attention to her new suit feeling the flowing current through her body being much faster just from her muscles tightening up repeatedly yielded a good amount of power when normally she wouldn’t get any. The flow from the crown of her head down to her toes surged with such ferocity from being trapped, she felt as if she could knock down a whole building if she wanted. The only real problem was the gloves and shoes because they were made of the same material as the suit they kept the energy from escaping the surface of her skin they only stopped her from using her new found long ranged attacks. JoJo only stopped the thought process to look up at one of her teammates gave her a communicator while the other inquired about her quirk.

“Essentially, my body is a natural electricity generator the more I move the overall better my physical abilities” she explained “Although, because of the way I grew up I had no real way to learn about my quirk and I’m just learning I can do long range attacks” she continued "I can also absorb energy and convert it to electricity"

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“Oh bother” Joann said, rolling her shoulders at the slightest irritation that her father had sent suit designs for the school for them to do instead of just sending the one they put together, the idea of just how much money it was going to cost for this rang in her head for a good long while as she was getting changed. On the outside it looked like a regular cat burglar body suit that was made of some form of insulator, it was like her entire body was one big wire and while skin tight it didn’t restrict her movements and it breathed pretty well. Inside the suit were conductors that were attached to her fingers that ran up her arms down her back and legs and to each of her toes, they served to circulate the current of her quirk faster than her body can on its own naturally.

Lastly, the helmet and black goggles were changed in favor of a pair a mechanical goggle that acted like a camera’s shutter lens offering more focused vision they also helped filter out all the excess information her eyes and brain receive to help prevent sensory overload. The only things that weren’t covered in the body suit were her hands and feet and in their place, were a pair of gauntlets and greaves that acted a lot like batteries.

Thankfully, she heard her teammates talking amongst themselves well she heard the name ‘Roy’ and recognized it as a team member’s name and walked towards them lifting her goggles. “Roy was it?” Joann asked joining him and Hitomi’s conversation circle “My name’s Joann just call me JoJo its easier, anyway, I guess we're on the same team” She explained, looking over to Hitomi “How about you, combat team c?” she asked extending her hands for a handshake

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Morning came and as usual, Joann slept in hardcore although this time she had a real reason to being that she spent the latter half of the day training that helped her figure out a couple of things about her quirk. Apparently, when she stores up enough energy she creates some kind of star stock of energy and she finally got how that blade thing worked and that in itself opened up quite a few versatilities to the technique itself. JoJo got herself up and stretch out popping her back and arms and soon enough her neck as the three stars she accumulated orbited around her head, she briefly considered the bad outcome of taking a shower and what could possibly happen to her but pushed it off to the side as nothing has happened like that before. The bigger issue was clothing, all her underclothes had at least one hole too many if they were even considered clothes anymore, after rummaging through her things for a few minutes she found some things that were at the very least wearable.

“Guess I’m going to go broke buying new underclothes” she said, rolling her eyes beginning to casually undress in the middle of the room stuffing her undergarments into her duffel bag “It all needs to be washed anyway,” she shrugged grabbing her clean clothes and stuffing them in the provided dresser “And now I’ll know where the clean ones are less energy spent” she started speaking to herself. With some clean clothing in hand, she walked her naked body into the shower, which was already running with hot water “First non-cold shower in two years”

Her roommate appeared to have already left which was to be expected the class did, in fact start nearly an hour ago making her late as opposed to being fashionably late. Nevertheless, she showered, and got dressed without getting into a rush and began her walk to the classroom.

Once she got there a handful of people were already in attendance, including Mina as to be expected and couldn’t help but notice people were gathering around some kind of posting probably for the activity of the day which she hoped it wouldn’t be another lecture. A team exorcises it seemed where the teacher already assigned them their squads, she hoped this was combat intensive being this would be the first fight, she got into where she wasn’t either at a natural disadvantage or handicapped as testament the three stars continued to float around more loosely around her body.

“Ayato, Maeda, and someone named Roy….. never met them, but I supposed I will soon enough” she sighed and headed towards her seat

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Mistress Hollow wiped down Alexis’ face clearing the dirt away and throwing the dirtied towlette away in a nearby trashcan. Snapping her fingers, she called for Justice to come back with haste quite cross with the canine though she had to admit he was acting on her orders, that didn’t mean he had to go and start disrespecting young trainers. Justice didn’t waste too much time in bowing to show respect and all at once Hollow’s anger towards Hammer was momentarily subdued by the current events even going so far as to return Justice to his Pokeball. Looking over the girl she couldn’t help but notice her hair was fairly messy due to the fall and took it upon herself to take out a brush and comb and began to style the girl’s hair. Running the comb and brush through her golden locks right in the middle of the training field humming to herself as she went full on mom on Alexis.

“There we go, all fixed up sugar… oh wait one more thing, ” she said using her thumb to push back her leftover bangs “There now everyone can see your pretty face clearly” the woman finished and planted a kiss on her forehead.

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Nyxx scratched the back of her head, having Cheshire made her feel perfectly safe, so it was reassuring that she wouldn’t get her soul taken or just plain kick it down here, even without Gengar having grown up with him and several other ghost types left her a bit harder to scare than most. As an added bonus, she met her Golett who she could just tell had something special based on his personality alone. Her mouth spread slightly at the knowledge that they were going to be leaving instead of venturing deeper, she may not be afraid, but this wasn’t exactly a pleasure course and the danger was still there and made very real by the Cofagrigus making an attempt on Amber’s life signaling Gengar to turn around towards the mummy.

“Hey now there’s no need to start something, look Amber is fine,” Nyxx said talking the now high-strung ghost type down from getting into an unneeded conflict, not like Cheshire would actually listen to her in terms of battling. Gengar sighed and shook his head this obviously being the first time he had to play the role of protector, soon enough, he faded from view completely, but his chilling presence could still be felt all around the room. “Alright, let's get out of here before something unexpected happens” Nyxx chuckled folding her arms behind her head and started to walk towards the exit.

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Retha continued to eat her modest meal while the students feasted, she had her ears perked and alert just in case something actually happened, but for the most part, it was a pretty tamed dinner at least for this school. She smiled when she finished her Udon and sighed with contentment, just when she was about to excuse herself back to her office someone walked up with dessert in their hands with what looked like a cake or it used to be one. Now it was slowly turning into a melty mess of fluff and water that was starting to seep down to the floor, Retha couldn’t help but smile at the child who was offering, after all, it’s the thought that counts right.

“You’re a sweet girl Mamoru, but you should be mindful of your surroundings,” she said pointing at the slowly growing mess. Retha pushed her hand down into a medium sized bucket filled to the brim with ice, cooling her hand down temporarily and instantly melting the ice into water then converted into pure steam, so that she could pat the child’s head lovingly “But it's always the thought that counts so thank you Mamoru” she smiled sweetly.

“Oh, and could you be a dear and clean this up, I’m afraid the wooden mop and broom would burst into flames in my hands and the janitors won’t be around for a good long while” The den mother explained before wrapping her hand around her the special container she uses to safely eat and getting up “Come I’ll show you where the cleaning supplies are”

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JoJo had left with the intention of going back to her dorm room to cool off, even though she went through that entire fight without taking much damage. Just as she crossed the border that separated the outside to the inside of the dorm room, she was greeted with what looked like all of her dorm mates having dinner. Honestly, she was feeling a tad hungry, but she couldn’t get rid of the tingling sensation happening around her hand where she created that energy blade, it was sort of like she had strained a muscle she had never known was there and it was sore. Shaking her head, she turned her body around from the dinner party and started to head right back outside to go somewhere without safety in mind so push herself harder.

Not long after JoJo ditched dinner the entire dorm room began to heat up dramatically, or at least for the past few minutes the building was a whole lot cooler than normal. The heat only seemed to rise by the second and soon enough the den mother Retha appeared in her traditional hero suit just as the central A/C unit kicked things into high gear and regulated the temperature bring things back down to a cool seventy degrees but anyone sitting next to her would feel a good eighty on up depending on that person’s general tolerance.

“Hello students, as many of you know I am your den mother, you can call me Retha or by my hero name Salamander, both are acceptable; I hope you have enjoyed your stay so far and will continue to, I hope all of you understand the dorm has rules such as not using quirks like teleportation in order to gain unneeded entry into otherwise locked rooms, violators will be punished severely,” Retha explained having her arms folded behind her back, head held high “It is my wish that you will protect one another and help each other grow, both academically and physically, additionally all of your grades get sent to me, if I find that any of you are slacking you’ll be automatically enrolled into my own crash course, dismissed” She finished taking out what looked like a heavy duty stainless steel chair and sitting it in it, the steaming sound of her rear end sizzling on the metal could be heard making it hard to believe she wouldn’t just melt right on through. “Oh, I almost forgot if anyone feels like they need special training please come to me and together we can draw out your inner potential” The woman called out before clapping her hands together to begin eating her Udon.

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Joann sucked on her teeth having her challenged brushed off; honestly, she was looking forward to that fight, not only to see if the girl would stand her ground but to test out her own abilities. So much stuff just happened all at once between then and now that it honestly became troublesome to even be around. Eventually, JoJo calmed down and scratched the back of her head, accepting that today’s events would become the norm of her soon to be school life. Shaking her head, she looked back at her roommate who seems to be having a conversation with a boy she didn’t know though they talked like they were friends so she hovered around and waited for the conversation to end. Her first instinct was to just continue her run, but being that the rich girl willingly joined meant she’ll want to continue together more likely than not plus it gave Joann something pretty to look at.

Eventually, however, Mina and Jett’s conversation started to wane on a whole lot longer than it needed to causing JoJo to involuntarily put up more of an irritable face before she corrected herself. Thankfully, her roommate looked up and mouthed some form of concern for her to which she responded.

“Hey Mina, I’m going to check out the gym and see if they repaired it; meet me over there when you’re done”

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Name: Retha Hal
Gender: Girl
Age: 40
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 165lbs


Retha is quite possibly the very definition of a ‘tiger mom’ and it comes out even more as a teacher. She is extremely strict and highly demanding pushing her students to the edge of both physical and mental sanity in order to draw out each student’s hidden potential she knows is in them. Retha will swear up and down that each student has a claim to greatness and can be the most important hero in their own way and is capable of saving millions. She has crazy high standards for each student depending on their quirk giving each student the one on one she feels they deserve to become great in their own ways.

Regardless of how she seems outwardly Retha is very protective of her ‘babies’ and won’t hesitate to throw herself in harm’s way to save even one. Her lessons may be hard, but she only wants the best of them and regardless of how rigorous she trains them nothing too serious will ever befall a single student.


Molten Core: Retha’s body is an organic fully functional smelting plant running at an unfathomable temperature much too deadly for any normal human being to survive in. Her stomach acid is actually molten hot magma that is converted into the lava when she throws up; she can also control the amount of heat as well as the product, she releases from her mouth from a combustible black smog to a regular orange flame all the way up to her signature dazzling white fire that burns for more than 1,500 °C. Retha’s sweat is hot enough singe wood, her spit can catch certain objects on fire and her blood is impossible to measure as all wounds are instantly cauterized and pain relief is delivered in the form of searing hot embrace.

Talents: Can control her gag reflex and projectile vomit on command. Physically durable to an absurd level, hand to hand expert though fights like a berserker when angry.

Fun facts: Retha has fourteen brothers and sisters and she herself is apart of a triplet set. If Retha’s core body temperature gets too low she will shut down completely and be unable to move.
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