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Mistress Hollow

Dragonite growled as it was reduced to a crawl being inflicted with paralysis forced the dragon Pokémon to its knees looking up at Hammer with even more contempt in its eyes moreso for running away than anything else. Hollow walked up running her hand over its skin to soothe the anger emanating from its very soul before healing its affliction and recalling the creature for a well-deserved rest. Well, she still doesn’t know much about much about this organization other than its most defiantly a terrorist group, as much as she’d have liked to just let him go to be done she still needs actual information to work on. Scratching the back of her head and sighing heavily Hollow picked up another old looking Pokeball, well maintained but has its own share of battle damage and scratches all over the surface. Tossing it forward the ball opened up in a flash of light revealing a Lucario whose forehead bore a massive ‘X’ shaped scar the extended down its face and covered its eyes making it completely blind.

“Justice, think you can find the aura’s that were just here and track them?” Hollow asks, sitting down in a nearby chair that seemed to blow in this direction during EoD’s fight with Hammer.

The four appendages that hang off Lucario’s head stood up and the canine Pokemon began to walk around the street where the battle took play re-creating the entire battle in its head with the power of aura. Justice stopped right where Hammer stood and looked around where the Kadabra appeared as well as pausing for a moment to laugh at Dragonite for being subdued the way he did. Eventually, he caught a trace of them and bolted in a direction, Mistress Hollow not far behind him, she wanted to give Dragonite a good rest being so old he can’t fight like he used too and Gengar a pokemon who doesn’t subcome to old age protecting her daughter she’d have to make due with Lucario and her other three.

Nyxx Hollow


Nyxx snapped out of her own little world after catching Golette when her brain caught her up with current events, Aedre was the only member of the group who hadn’t met Gengar. This prompted the specter to make another appearance and greet her cackling in its usual fashion. Seeing as the actual danger had passed the ghost Pokémon slid itself back into Nyxx’s shadow to sleep again promising it wouldn’t come back unless something actually serious was going on.

“It's my mom’s Gengar, supposed to be playing watch dog over us given recent events I’m not exactly complaining, but he can be very overprotective at times” she complained sliding her hands into her pockets and yawning. “In any case, I’ll tag along with whatever life-threatening spelunking you plan on doing, as far as touching stuff…. that sounds like a lot of work so I’ll leave that to all of you”

You know a Hollow only really wants information and to punish him for her daughter but once that's outta the way there's always the real opportunity for Hammer to do some real detective work with her.
Will definitely post in the morning
Nyxx Hollow


Nyxx was doing a decent job at keeping the rock and ground Pokémon in check, but their first encounter with a ghost type, this being the Sableye left Bunneary and Bounsweet feeling a tad unneeded being that between the two of them there were no actual damaging moves they could perform. Thankfully, all well that ends well and in this case, it ended with Amber catching the little ghost type, the whole ordeal stirred Gengar awake in her shadow who pulled itself free to float freely among the young trainers. Just when Nyxx had been about to dismiss the ghost type Gengar floated out front and center and began to charge a fairly large shadow ball; at first glance, it didn’t look like anything was actually there until a few ghost types floated into view. Two Gastly and a Misdreavus crept around the corner warry of the overprotective shadow Pokémon, thankfully Nyxx didn’t have to actually set it straight to protect her pride another wild Pokémon she had never seen before hit the scene with its fists balled up and began punching the other wild Pokémon.

The diminutive little protector landed between the trainers and the endless black void of the caves, hands on its hips with chest puffed out. The entire display caused Gengar to laugh a little harder than usual, taking it a good sign to go back to sleep in Nyxx’s shadow disappearing in an instant. Nyxx herself couldn’t help but smile a little pulling out her Pokedex to learn more about the little guy.

Dex: “Golett the Automaton Pokémon,
Ancient science fashioned this Pokémon from clay.
It's been active for thousands of years.”

“Well now you’re a little different, aren’t you?” She said walking forward and kneeling to get on its eye level. Golett turned around and pounded it chest with pride before turning back to play defender, Nyxx grinned and stood up behind Golett “Ivy, Nellz take a powder I wanna try something” she said pointing at the same pitch-black unknown as Golett.

The next few minutes were Nyxx ‘bonding’ with a complete wild Pokémon, learning its moves and behavior

Mistress Hollow

Mistress Hollow wasn’t about to backdown, not after being called out like that; after this battle, she’d have to teach the man some manners but right now he deserved to be disciplined. Dragonite was especially irritated by the ordeal, for one Hammer sent out a Krookodile to fight him which was fine normally if he couldn’t smell just how green the ground type was like it was a challenge of his pride.

“EoD, walk all over him” M.Hollow commanded causing the dragon Pokémon to roar out charging in without a second thought causing the wind to kick up violently.

Krookodile didn’t have the change to actually use a move as Dragonite plowed into its body taking it completely off its feet and into the wall of a nearby building. It was clearly using outrage to its fullest extent grabbing Krookodile by the tail and slamming it around like a sack of potatoes creating one creator after another giving the poor dark type no honest room to breathe until the attack was over and Dragonite was struck with confusion. It was at that moment Stone edge made a solid hit on the dragon making it stagger backward slightly which only seemed to fuel its bottomless pit of rage when it used aqua tail as a finisher combining it with slam to create a devastating attack that knocked the poor dark type out cold.

“Feel like talk yet or do you have something else for EoD to step on?”

Wanna Showdown this oooooor want me to just write in the L Hammer is gonna receive

kinda vague guys keep in mind Larvatar, Gible and Golett are part ground (I want Golett but lets keep that on the DL)
@LuckyBlackCat what Pokemon are we allowed to come across here?
I said it once and I'll say it again, Its about to go DOWN in front of the gym lol also @Heckno12 do you want me to nerf M.Hollow's pokemon because that dragonite is max lv in terms of stats, very old and has zero chill
The longer I post for Nyxx the more my mental image of her turns into Moana
Mistress Hollow


“No, I think you’ve made the mistake here, pressuring my baby and her friends after a traumatizing experience” She growled clicking the button on the Pokeball causing it to expand showing off just how aged it was old and rusted decorated with scratch marks and cracks along the bottom. “They were attacked and you think they might be involved with anything deeper than that, if you actually did your job instead of flaunting your primape hide in front of a camera for views you might have some real clues” Mistress Hollow continued to bash and belittle the man brushing her long hair to the side and out of her eyes showing off those piercing cold eyes dead locked on the detective.

“If this were a legit investigation, I would agree with you, but I’ll have to relieve you of any information you have on this gang so I can teach them the same lesson you’re about to learn” M. Hollow snarled tossing the ancient looking Pokeball into the air releasing a large beam of light from inside taking the form of a fairly large Dragonite landing in front of his trainer shaking the ground beneath its feet and roared loud enough to shatter glass “Don’t mess with my child”

Nyxx Hollow


Nyxx didn’t say much on the way to the caves themselves having little knowledge of excavating fossils or anything like that in the first place, one they got to the caves she pulled out her Bunnery and Bounsweet being that both Swablu and Jolteon were weak to rock type attacks and with them being in a cave and everything she figured the chances of that happening were entirely too high for her not to take a precaution.

“I really don’t know much about digging and excavation Amber so I’ll keep myself awake by being your body guard” she said with a loud yawn covering her mouth right after “Ah, ready guys?” she called out to Nellz and Ivy who were a little too busy sizing each other up being that they hadn’t actually meet without Lupin being around.

“Um, I’m going to need you two to actually work together on this one, you can have a girl fight all you want when we're out of this cave” Nyxx barked staggering just a little having been low on energy since leaving the pokecenter and having no real rest she was literally running more empty than usual.

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