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Waiting on @AtomicNut to move anything lol

Unless it was written in abstract it literally says "force of a meteor" I personally have no problem with this one way or another
Using Ami as a base line because I think she's got the most collateral damage potential with the force of a meteor that would be easier
hm. Just noticed I never fixed an issue KOL had with Soma and I failed to mention how much force is needed to break her shields, everyone fine if I describe that in Newton unit (N)
@floodtalon hmm since it is an auto hit lemme just make it a wall and segregate them

Honestly, she might use up all her air just from transforming and shooting off some fireballs i'm hoping Mari will understand if she cuts loose her happy place is gonna be cinders
Idk if this technically counts as an Auto-hit but no harms going to come to Ami no matter the interaction

The day began a little different from the norm as she had just moved her home to town and for once had a bed to sleep in and a tub to wash her filthy body, but as much as she wanted to get better acquainted with said bed she had to get up early and attempt to retrieve her missing backpack from the night before. In hindsight, she should have gone out before setting up the house that night, but she was tired and wanted to put an end to the night right then a there so this was her punishment, getting up at the crack of dawn to attempt to retrieve her lost belongings. Because she must stay at least partly transformed to keep her house standing she carried her flag’s jewels as rings that decorated all ten of her fingers and a necklace that was draped around her elegant shoulders. The jewelry combined with the fact that the clothing she kept in the house never aged or dirties Soma looked more like an upper-class school girl. At night the streets were completely empty, but, in the morning, at least this morning people were out and about all over the place like pack rats stuffing the streets, getting back to the approximate place where her fight started yielded no results.

Looking around gave her little to nothing to work with and the little bit, she was given from passers-by was irrelevant at most until one bystander mentioned something about school giving her an idea. Her backpack was one that would be mistaken as a high school students’ maybe it was mistaken by another student and taken to school it was a long shot, but she was out of ideas at this point and so that’s how Soma Ikka jumped the gate of Misa High and started peeking in classroom after classroom, talking to passerby students if they had seen stitch or zipper of her backpack to no avail. Soma sighed, looking down and almost gave up trying again another day when she heard, arguing amongst the students and the protecting side of her personality kicked in drawing her closer to the club room. Something was off about them, she could tell from this distance that they weren’t regular people, they were magical girls a clear majority of them smelled like her sister Sol, tainted.

If they were just arguing she wouldn’t have stepped in but the loud one issued a real threat and the killing intent was seeping from her body, and at that moment two large walls divided the classroom one on top of the other for double the protection for both her and the rest of this school.

“Now I don’t know what is happening, nor do I care who’s in the right, but you need to calm yourself, do you have any idea where you are or how many innocent people are around this place for you two too just fly off the handle as magical girls fallen or not, grow the fuck up” Was the structure of words she chose when in reality she just didn’t want to extra work to protect innocent people when it can be stopped here and now “Take a good long breath and calm down”

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Id appreciate it if you did :)

it wont take but a minute for me to finish

There's something I've been meaning to ask. Can Magical girls....feel each other like can they sense the residual magic flowing around one
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