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laid-back. casual RPer.

honestly I’m kind of a loser.

If you shit on humans for eating meat then you also need to shit on lions, wolves, minks, dogs, cats, and every single carnivore/omnivore on the planet.

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oh my bad, didn't know lol

where, if you don't mind me asking? i've been stuck in illinois my entire life.

Western Kansas. Spent a lot of time in Eastern Colorado due to family ties there.
i'd suggest not moving to the midwest, it's basically a depressed mini-south from what i've observed after almost 22 years of being stuck here

I’m actually from the Midwest.

Interacting with Riversong —- @savannahssu

Riversong’s response was... unheard of. He was a bit taken aback when she had called him mouse-brain. But for the right reasons. Her manner was frolicsome, not hostile. He felt a twinge of hope deep within his conscience. Although it was a small gesture, it meant a lot to him. Cloudstep believed that most of the clan simply tolerated him, and didn’t fully accept him, so he’d keep his distance. With Riversong and Brindleshade approaching him first—or rather, in Brindleshade’s case, her asking HIM to approach—he couldn’t help but feel a bit wanted for once. Maybe he was a bit childish to not take this cautiously... instead, he chose to run with it.

Snapping back to reality, he eagerly trotted after Riversong. They only waited a couple seconds before Haileye had made her own appearance. Cloudstep gave a curt nod in her direction, to which she replied similarly with a soft “hello” before the three took off to start their patrol. Cloudstep greatly appreciated every patrol. Perhaps they reminded him of his past life as a loner. The only difference was he had gotten used to the Clan’s camp and borders already, and nothing was new. He did miss seeing differing settings everyday, but alas, he chose Clan life for a reason. It was much, much safer... and even a little less lonely. But alongside these fond memories came more dismal ones. Not a day went by that he didn’t think about Spider. Multiple times a day would she cross his mind. Normally, he’d accept these thoughts and think about the good times, all while imagining his sister was off on a new adventure having a great time. Normally, his patrols would be quiet, save for the occasional small talk between himself and whoever was on the same patrol as him.

Today, however, would be different. As the trio ventured further away from the heart of their territory, he gave a sideways glance over to Haileye, and then to Riversong. It was time he start the small talk for once.
“I don’t believe I’ve ever patrolled with you before, Riversong,” he casually mentioned, albeit somewhat quietly. “Maybe we will learn a thing or two about each other.”
I HATE the South and I can’t wait to move out of this hostile part of the country.

It IS beautiful though!

Interacting with Brindleshade -- @blindwoofer; Riversong —- @savannahssu

The tom watched on in curiosity, still not entirely used to these clan meetings, but at the same time they managed to make him feel like a true member. There was no judgement here, no side-eyes of disagreement with his presence... at least he hoped so. He was observant but didn’t like to stare too long at the others for fear of them becoming offended. He kept his head down and his ears perked. But these meetings were one of the few times he could, quite literally, keep his head up and observe everyone a little harder, since the cats were focused on Shadestar. Using this to his advantage, one cat in particular caught the attention of Cloudstep, and it had been that way for a short while now. He turned his head softly as his gaze fell upon Brindleshade, slowly shifting to the cats next to her until his eyes rested on Branchfall. The tom didn’t know much about him. What he did know is this male in particular had come from another clan, which was the main factor leading to Cloudstep’s intrigue. Maybe he could find the time to chat and ask him about this?

Perhaps he would, eventually. Sometime soon. It was time to start taking steps towards making himself feel more welcome in the clan.

And speaking of steps, it has seemed as thought one particular she-cat had in fact mis-stepped. Cloudstep was quickly thrown back into reality at the feeling of a paw landing atop his. Startled, he jumped ever so slightly and swiftly shifted his observations to the empty spot next to him, which was no longer empty. There sat Riversong. He had seen her around before, but didn’t remember speaking to her. Her mumbled apology confused Cloudstep for only a moment, but he nodded once in acceptance. “You’re alright,” he responded warmly. She didn’t have to feel bad for a simple mistake, and he didn’t want her to think he was angry or bothered at her. He left it at that, as Shadestar had begun to announce Skypaw’s new mentor. At the sound of Brindleshade’s name being called, the tom chuckled in amusement. “Good luck!” He quickly wished as the she-cat made her way towards her new apprentice. As they mingled a bit, he grew excited fo her, and greatly hoped the two would have a pleasant time training together.

With the meeting being concluded, Cloudstep rapidly centered his awareness into Riversong once again. Before she could move onto any activities planned for the day, he turned his figure to face her and chimed, “Riversong, right?” Normally Cloudstep wasn’t the first to speak to others first and spark conversation. But he didn’t feel comfortable leaving her at her very minor mistake. Technically, she DID initiate him first, which may be why he suddenly felt inclined to keep the conversation going. He may not be a conversation starter, but he did enjoy learning about others and wanted to make some friends.

“I don’t think we’ve formally met. I wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t know my name,” Cloudstep chuckled quietly, although it was true. He was a bit of a wallflower.

Interacting with Brindleshade -- @blindwoofer

Most MistClan cats had already returned from their morning patrols and whatnot. Not Cloudstep, however. He had taken a bit longer than usual. When he finally did arrive that dewy morning, his paws dragged and he kept his head low, looking rather tired and restless. He tread around the brunt of the camp as to not get in anyone's way before taking a somewhat secluded seat near the warrior's den. The tom hadn't gotten much sleep, his anxieties getting the best of him these past couple of nights. He had joined MistClan only (almost) four moons ago, and still had a heap of adjusting to do. Normally he was good at change.. but with the talk of murders happening all around them, it had become much, much harder for the tom to completely integrate into his new lifestyle. The only thing on his mind everyday was his dear sister, Spider. They left things in uncertainty, and although he had no regrets of choosing clan-life, he yearned for his beloved sibling and wished she could have joined him now, more than ever. Where was she? Was she dead? Alive? Victimized by the murderer, or was she long gone, far away from here?

"Relax, Cloudy," a gentle and familiar voice whispered beside him. Cloudstep didn't need to look to his left shoulder to see that the elderly Creekwhisper had taken a seat next to him. She licked at her forepaws and then proceeded to wipe her face, wishing to get clean after this morning's meal. "And how many times do I have to tell you, you don't need to be so tense when in camp. We are your family now." The female asserted with a tender yet firm tone.

Cloudstep nodded once in agreement, but kept his eyes forward, flicking his tail once in slight frustration. "I think the others need more time getting used to me. They'll come around eventually," he responded patiently. Creekwhisper was truly the only cat he had been completely comfortable with since joining the clan. He had always intrigued her, as she had offered to mentor him as soon as he joined the clan. Despite this, they didn't speak much since he became a warrior, but still had an understanding.

She shook her head softly at his response, which was uncertain in her opinion. "Friendship is two-sided, Cloudy. If you put forth the effort, they'll return it." Creekwhisper then cut their interaction short. She headbutted him gingerly in goodbye before forcing herself onto her paws once more to mingle with the other cats that morning, doing her usual rounds of greeting the clan. Cloudstep was left to absorb her words, which was a common occurrence. She may be right. He would have to work much harder to form lasting bonds with his new clan mates.. it would take time, though. Right now, he would continue to worry about what became of his sister, and only hope she is thriving on her own, or with other cats she may or may not have met along the way.

Seconds later, his attention was caught by Shadestar atop the Poolstone, calling a clan meeting. Cloudstep stood and started to make his way towards the rest of the cats, but again, keeping his frame to the back of the crowd to not disturb the "true" clan cats. Just before he was about to take his seat, he was called over by a demure yet slightly unrecognized voice. It took him a couple of seconds to pick out who exactly was speaking to him, his eyes soon setting onto the physique belonging to the she-cat, Brindleshade. He hoped he had remembered her name correctly, anyway. He hadn't spoken to most of the clan, but had time to observe, so he believed he knew almost everyone's name by now. Cloudstep made his way towards her without a second thought and plopped beside her, smiling subtly. He may be quiet, but he certainly wasn't very awkward. An admirable characteristic of his.

Brindleshade sparked conversation, and the tom's eyes searched for the kit in question. He caught a small glimpse of the little one and couldn't help but smile a little harder. For a moment he was reminded of his own kithood, and was excited for the little bugger to finally become an apprentice. Something about the young ones moving onto the next stages of their lives made Cloudstep gleam wholesomely. "I hope whoever he ends up with can keep up with him," he commented in amusement. Cloudstep wondered what it was like to have an apprentice. He hadn't received one yet, and truthfully wasn't entirely sure if he'd be able to handle it. At least not anytime soon..

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