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Current Do You Swear to Protect and Uphold the Warrior Code, Even at the Cost of Your Life?: The Rise of WillowClan
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Looking for fantasy RP's to play in!
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Near the WillowClan Camp. . .

The black tom placed every paw carefully on the snowy ground in front of him, careful as to not break any twigs under the snow. The patrol's scents might be disguised but any cat nearby would hear them if they made noise unintentionally. He raised his tail for his followers to stop as he heard a she-cat's voice; even louder now than it had been beneath the large cedar tree. She was addressing the Clan meowing about a warrior being missing. She must be their leader. We will need to find out who this she-cat is first and foremost he thought carefully. Crouching down as low as he could, he could see through a gap in the rough grass that there was also a scraggly black kittypet sitting near the entrance to their camp, looking tense. His pelt stood on end with anger. Taking in kittypets. Where have I seen THIS before? Turning to address his patrol, who were crouched behind him, he hissed quietly, "Explore their territory. If they're a real Clan they will have scent markers. I want to know where their borders are and where they hunt. Do NOT steal their prey! Do not give them any reason to believe we are trying to take their prey or their land. The black tom's eyes glinted with excitement and he sneered at his patrol mates. "We are helpless kittypets with no home remember? And don't be afraid to scrape yourself up a little while you're at it" As the white she-cat and brown tom turned and slunk in different directions, he made his way around the east wall of the camp, keeping enough distance so it would be hard to hear him. He needed as much information as possible before he could speak a word to these imposter Clan cats. . .
Sunfur: WillowClan Camp

Sunfur quickly stood and padded towards the Highstump. To be truthful, he hadn't noticed that Maplestream had been gone until Fernstar had brought it up. He had just assumed she was out on a patrol, or resting in the Warrior's den. I should be more watchful over my Clanmates. They deserve protection. . . He raised his voice so Fernstar could hear and volunteered to lead the patrol to look for Maplestream. Waiting for other cats to volunteer, he glanced over at the small kittypet tom sitting near the entrance to the camp and wondered where he could have come from. Part of him admired the cat for trekking all the way though the dense and dangerous forest in this harsh leafbare to find the Clan; it was impressive. But the more suspicious part of him wondered why he had come in the first place? It was clear he was a kittypet; so why would he leave the comfort of his Twoleg den and pellet food for the harsh and dangerous life of a Clan cat? That is assuming that was his goal anyway. The forest was getting dark, and the sun had completely set over the tops of the sharp pine trees. Would Fernstar leave to begin her journey to the Moonpool with one of her Clanmates missing?
Fernstar: WillowClan Camp

Interacting with: @Ambra

Fernstar waved her tail telling her warriors to disperse and sat down in front of the small tom, dipping her head to examine the piece of fabric around his neck. She remembered seeing similar pieces of fabric around the necks of cats that explored the forest from the Twoleg village, and she had always wondered how they had gotten used to something wrapped around their necks all the time. But, given that he had come all the way out here, she assumed he was looking for a different life; one in which he wasn't a kittypet. Raising her head, she addressed the tom with a firm but calm voice. "What's your name kittypet? Who told you about WillowClan? How did you find us?" In waiting for his response, she glanced around the camp and it struck her that she hadn't seen Maplestream for most of the evening. Where would she go this late? It's not like her to disappear without letting any cat know where she was going. Worry struck her.

Suddenly her worry about her friend overrode her curiosity about the small kittypet. Fixing him with a stern gaze, she stood. "Don't move. Jumping onto the Highstump Fernstar yowled, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highstump!" As the cats quickly turned in her direction and began padding towards the center of camp, she spoke, a tinge of anxiety lingering in her voice. "Maplestream has not been in camp most of the night and we all know it is not like her to disappear without telling any cat where she was going. I would like 3 cats to form a patrol and try to locate her. She might have just wandered further from camp than she realized and I may be worrying about nothing; but in this kind of weather, any cat could easily get lost and freeze if they aren't careful. Which cats are going?" As she raked her gaze over her Warriors waiting for some cat to speak up, she glanced over at the kittypet, who had stayed where she ordered him to, but was gazing at Fernstar with a gaze that hinted towards confusion, but she could tell curiosity was there too.
If you read Warrior cats in the past and loved it, or even better are currently reading it, I would love to have you as an apprentice in my Warrior Cats RP! WillowClan resides in a very dense forest far from the reach of Twolegs and kittypets and is struggling to survive in a very harsh winter. Currently we only have one apprentice who is very close to being made a warrior, and as we all know, a Clan cannot survive without apprentices! Please feel free to send me a character sheet if you are interested!
Hey guys so I just had an idea that might make things run a little smoother with posting. Underneath your header when you post, say who you're interacting with, (if anyone) and tag them so they get the notification that they were mentioned. I feel like that will help. Also @WaywardTraveler are you still with us?
@The Elvenqueen Oh okay yeah. I wouldn't want to write a whole post on my phone either
It's been unusually quiet the last few days. . . Everyone still here? :)
Riversong: MistClan Camp

Riversong stretched and shook the sleep from her pelt as she rose from her nest in the warrior's den. She noticed she was the last to leave the den and padded quickly out into the camp to find everyone gathered beneath the Poolstone. From glancing around at her Clanmates, she knew what had prompted the occasion; it was time for Skykit's apprentice ceremony. She purred in amusement thinking about the kind of apprentice Skykit was going to be. That kit is going to scare away every piece of prey in the forest for moons before he learns to control himself. Looking around at her fellow warriors, she knew that any of her Clanmates would train Skykit to be the best warrior he could be; but she secretly wished it would be her that Shadestar picked to mentor the rambunctious kit. Truly, she would love to spend her time teaching Skykit discipline, self control and loyalty to his Clan; instead of sitting around wringing her paws. She knew that her disciplined, controlled and watchful demeanor would lend very well to Skykit's opposite and would give him a strong example to follow. However, she had to admit to herself that other than wanting to be Skykit's mentor for her Clan's sake, she also felt it would be good for herself as well. She needed to be HERE, present with her Clanmates and devoting her attention to them, instead of being trapped in her thoughts day and night. Other than her remarkable hunting skills, Riversong felt that she hadn't really done much to earn her place in her Clan and she wanted to change that. Putting fish on the fresh kill pile does not a warrior make. . . she thought to herself with insecurity.

Realizing she was doing it again, she licked her paw and drew it over her eyes in an attempt to wake herself more, and directed her attention to the Poolstone where Shadestar was looking down on the nervous kit with amusement and pride. Her paws itching with nervousness, she glanced carefully in Cloudstep's direction and tried to keep her pelt flat as she sauntered up a little closer to him and wrapped her tail around her paws. As her tail came over her paws, she stumbled slightly and made sure her paw landed on top of his, only for a heartbeat. "Sorry. . ." she purred as she regained her posture and looked up at Shadestar, making sure to watch for Cloudstep's reaction out of the corner of her eye.
@Ambra Yeah I will be. Yesterday was a HELL of a day for me. I was on and off planes from 6am to 10pm and I was so exhausted and sore I slept like the entire day today basically. But I'm awake and recharged now so I should have a post up either today or tomorrow!
Fernstar: WillowClan Camp

Fernstar's ears pricked at the sound of her name from the returning patrol, and she was suddenly perplexed at the scent of a strange cat as well. Glancing quickly at Blackpelt, she said sternly and quietly under her breath, "We'll talk more about this later. I want to know everything and every CAT you saw. It is VERY important that you remember. Return to your den; we'll be leaving soon. Jumping down from her den, she padded across the camp in darkness until she reached the center of camp where Brambletail, Spidernose and Redleap were standing, a strange skinny tom in tow. Cautiously, she circled the tom, sizing him up. Clearly he wasn't much of a threat. . . His pelt was matted and unkempt, he looked like he hadn't eaten in a moon and it was obvious that he was anxious. "Did you find him on our territory?" Fernstar asked as she faced her warriors. Honestly, she was surprised this skinny tom had even made it this far into the dense forest without freezing to death or getting picked off by something. He must have come from somewhere close by surely?

Her paws itched underneath her with desire to begin her journey to the Moonpool and a patrol bringing a strange cat back to camp was not something she wanted to worry about while she was gone from camp. To keep her Clan safe, she needed to get to the Moonpool and receive her nine lives from StarClan. She could protect them from anything then. . .
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