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I drink too much coffee. I love cats. I'm hella bisexual. I play a lot of D&D. I'm a full time student, future high school English teacher. My favorite shows are Teen Titans, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Code Lyoko....there's a definite pattern here. I read a lot. My username is from Watership Down, my favorite book of all time.

I used to RP all the time in middle school/high school, I won a few Fanfiction contests in my day, and am just getting back into roleplaying/writing. Fantasy, science fiction, modern, I'm game for pretty much anything. I love incorporating romance, definitely enjoy a little steam, open to any pairings (MxM, FxF, MxF) and can write any side.

Roleplay Interests:
-Modern Fantasy
-Modern Romance
-Medieval Fantasy
-Dragonriders of Pern
-Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Pretty much anything fantasy/science fiction

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Stonefall: WillowClan Camp

Stonefall felt anxiety coursing through him, because these cats weren’t answering his questions and it was really starting to stress him out. And while Spidernose’s plan made sense, he also didn’t want anyone leaving right now.

They were stronger together.

Besides, at the thought of Spidernose going out on her own, of Spidernose being alone where there was potential danger did...something to his insides he didn’t have time to think about. Something twisty and panicky.

”No, we’re all going to stay here,” he meowed softly to Spidernose, gently touching her side with his tail-tip, trying to reassure her in this small way. And he kenw Duskwing was trying to help, and he hadn’t been deputy for very long, but her advice and thoughts made him feel a little inadequate -- which was something he’d been struggling with for awhile anyhow -- and he tried hard not to visibly bristle.

She was just trying to help.

”No WillowClan Warriors are leaving until these strangers start answering my questions,” he called out a little louder, bracing his paws a little wider, standing up to his tallest height. He was strong, and his pale green eyes were fierce and protective right now, unwilling to let his Clan suffer.

Fernstar had trusted him.

He wouldn’t let her down.

”So I need you to start answering my questions,” he meowed to the stranger cats, his voice a little darker, a little more savage. ”Where did you come from? Where were the raccoons? If we know that, we can make a plan,” he finished, his body unmoving, his eyes focused.
just posted!!! again I'm so sorry, things have been chaotic in my life. But I'll be more online from now on so things should start rolling again :) thanks y'all for your patience with me!!!
Stonefall: WillowClan Camp

Interacting with:@The Elvenqueen & @PrankFox

Something definitely wasn’t right here.

These strangers were claiming that raccoons had chased them, but none of the patrols had noticed any signs of raccoons over the last few days, and Stonefall would have made a note of that type of sighting.

Spidernose, thankfully, had stepped up beside him and Stonefall was working very hard to keep his tail from lashing in agitation, trying not to betray any emotion to the stranger cats, grateful that Spidernose mentioned that she hadn’t scented raccoons.

Which didn’t mean there weren’t any.

But...he hadn’t scented any either, and he’d just been out on patrol earlier today to make sure Fernstar’s path was safe. And so when Spidernose offered to wake Duskwing, he was about to accept her offer when the other warrior appeared, much to Stonefall’s relief.

He listened to Duskwing, light green eyes bright and alert, ears perked up for any possible sounds of raccoons beyond the camp.

”I’m sorry to hear that you’ve come across trouble,” he meowed to the stranger cat, concerned and still unsure what to believe. ”My name is Stonefall, and I am the Deputy here. I want to help you...where were the raccoons? Do you remember where you lost them?” he finished carefully, trying to see if there were any distinct landmarks that would help him see if the camp was in any immediate danger, or if the stranger cats had successfully lost the raccoons.

If there were any raccoons at all, he couldn’t help but think to himself, because something about both him and Spidernose not having scented any, and none of the early patrols having encountered any, just didn’t sit quite right with him.
so sorry everyone, I was hoping to get a post out this weekend but I'm not sure I can, I will FOR SURE have one out tomorrow at the latest if I don't get one out tonight :( so sorry, I appreciate y'alls patience!!!
Hey @Hazelrah where you at? Spidernose can't post without you! Also @PrankFox Sunfur is talking to a wall right now xD

ahhhhhh so sorry I’ve been swamped with IRL stuff including a death in the family, I’ll post this week I absolutely promise!!! I’m so sorry!!!!
I'm still here! @savannahssu glad to know you're doing okay :3
@Hazelrah Thanks for being patient. The last 2 weeks have been awful and I've been overwhelmed with severing a relationship, figuring out my living situation in light of that decision, and battling my depression. I will get a post up probably within the next few days. If anyone else wants to post in between that's totally fine too!

no worries at all and please don't feel any rush or pressure. I just wanted to check in with everyone <3 I'm so sorry things have been hard and am sending lots of support and love from afar! <3
just saying I'm still here! I was waiting to respond until @savannahssu posts a response to what Stonefall asked, unless people think I should respond now? I don't want to be posting too often! just lmk!
Hope everyone had a good New Years!! I have had A Day today, so just popping in to say I haven't forgotten, I'm gonna get to this one tomorrow when I can tackle it first thing and give it the proper attention, super excited to see the plot moving forward

Also I have skim read posts and excuse me while I gush about how sweet Stonefall is. Hazel stop I am shipping them so hard rn

Stonefall: WillowClan Camp

Interacting with:@The Elvenqueen & @savannahssu

Stonefall instantly leapt to his paws upon the arrival of the skinny black tom and the other two cats. They looked to be in sorry shape, fear evident in their eyes, covered in scratches and cuts. Stonefall stepped forward to the skinny black tom-cat, opening his mouth to try and scent them, his ears twitching as he listened as best he could outside the camp, every nerve on edge at the sudden intrusion. "Raccoons? Where did you encounter them? Did they follow you here?" Stonefall asked, his mind quickly trying to calculate who they had here in fighting shape in case the raccoons tried to attack their camp. His whole body was on high alert, and he didn't smell any raccoons nearby, or on the strange cats, but that didn't mean that they hadn't encountered them. The smell could have been covered up by their injuries, or even just the territory around them. The young Deputy kept his focus trained on the new cats, flicking his tail a little at Spidernose to make sure she stayed on high alert as well in case the raccoons they spoke of suddenly appeared.
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