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Moosepaw took comfort in Duskwing's words. As he listened, he had to admit he did feel a bit better. Her compliments caused him some embarrassment, and he lowered his head and ears in response. Moosepaw was still worried of course, but he wasn't as keen on hiding away tomorrow. The apprentice was grateful that he had such a fierce and competent mentor; she always offered praise when he did well, and helped him improve when he was seen to be lacking. The rare smile comforted him too, and again he felt a tad embarrassed.

Her suggestion that he get ample sleep seemed like a lot to ask. Moosepaw found the idea of sleeping an insurmountable task, he was almost sure he would just stare at the top of the den or clean himself nervously all night. Regardless Moosepaw nodded dutifully, knowing that if he didn't start trying to sleep soon, he would be awake in his nest all the longer.

"You are right. I really do need some sleep. I appreciate you coming to me, and your kind words." Moosepaw said, trying to put some confidence into his words and he found he did have more than before she spoke. He stood slowly and stretched out his stiff back legs before heading to the apprentice den to sleep. It seemed strange to him that this might be the last night he spends in the apprentice den.

Interacting with: @PrankFox

The apprentice’s mind was an absolute buzz, and he found that he was trembling. He tried to force himself to stay still, but concentrating on it seemed to make it worse. This was what he’d been training for over the past 5 moons. Yet still the change seemed too soon. Was he ready? DId every apprentice feel this unprepared on the eve of their assessment? If so, how did anyone become a warrior? Even the majestic Fernstar was an apprentice once, right? That seemed wrong. The leaders, deputies, even warriors were far too confident now to have been as unsure of themselves as Moosepaw currently felt.

Moosepaw wasn’t normally one to get stuck in his own head, but even so he found himself lost in thought staring up at Fernstar. Fernstar moved off of the Highstump, but Moosepaw’s eyes remained fixed on that spot. Eventually he was snapped out of his stupor by the touch of Duskwing’s tail. His mentor sat beside him, looking composed and graceful. The contrast between the two of them stripped Moosepaw of a little more of his hope that he’d pass the assessment. He paused at her question, and his troubled eyes were cast towards the ground once again.

"I don't know how anyone is ever ready."

Interacting with: @Hazelrah and @savannahssu
Attempting to be subtle, Moosepaw glanced over at Duskwing as Fernstar spoke to her, and watched her as she responded. The camp seemed on edge, as if they were suddenly under that much more pressure—At least, that's what it felt like to Moosepaw. As he turned back to Fernstar, the pair that apparently was Spidernose and Stonefall caught his eye again, their tails twined together. He even thought he could make out the sound of their purrs. Fernstar's response snapped Moosepaw's attention away from the couple, and he felt his fur heat up. Hopefully no one would think of him as overly interested in the lives of his fellow clanmates.

Fernstar spoke of her meeting with StarClan, the wise cats watching over them, and other details concerning her leadership ceremony. Moosepaw felt like a kit, so many questions bubbling up in his belly. He wanted a description of every StarClan cat, what they said to her, everything. Their leader spoke to Maplestream briefly, before she turned her eyes on him. Every question inside of Moosepaw was silenced once she opened her mouth. He didn't-couldn't respond, his mouth was suddenly dry.

"I doI mean I am... UmI think I'm ready." Despite his size, the meow that came out of his mouth was very small. His paws were already quivering with anticipation. Was he ready? He sometimes had made small complaints away from his mentor that he had been ready for a while, but now he wasn't as sure. He regretted those complains, regretted wishing for his time as an apprentice to go faster. He would only be an apprentice once, and if he became a warrior before he was ready then he would regret that for the rest of his moons. Moosepaw was suddenly sure every cat could see his shaking paws.

Interacting with:Mostly @Hazelrah
Partway through Moosepaw trying to think of a way to delay Honeypaw further, Fernstar arrived. She strode into the camp with a gait that communicated purpose and pride. Moosepaw watched Fernstar’s stable pawsteps as she sprung to the top of the Highstump. At the leader’s announcement, Honeypaw raced forward before coming to a precarious stop. She glanced back and called out to Moosepaw. The bulky apprentice rose and walked closer, his eyes on their leader. She seemed more confident now, more poised. Moosepaw sat down next to Honeypaw, the cold barely reaching past his thick fur. He saw Spidernose and Stonefall closer than he would’ve expected. Moosepaw hadn’t known the two were that close.

Slowly, his eyes scanned the rest of the cats present, before resting on their leader. She started by asking why Duskwing was sitting apart from the group. Moosepaw looked over at the fiery she-cat. He had heard earlier that Duskwing was guarding the nursery because of the outsiders they were sheltering for the moment. Moosepaw’s wide eyes returned to their leader, though he didn’t speak up immediately. Training hadn’t quite instilled into the young apprentice enough confidence to speak out, though that would come with age. It was even harder to consider speaking up now, since Fernstar seemed more confident than ever.

Interacting with: @Hazelrah & @savannahssu

The elder apprentice nodded in affirmation to Sunfur, pride for his clan shining in his eyes. He sat resolutely watching from the entrance of the camp with a rigid demeanor. Then Honeypaw–dear, sweet bloodthirsty Honeypaw. Honeypaw happened. At first he accepted his reasoning, clarifying her intention and her inner turmoil. Moosepaw could relate to that, the feeling of urgency, the desire to want to just do something. That emotion at the pit of your stomach that made it impossible to rest on your haunches. Moosepaw knew he couldn't just insist or repeat himself. Instead he had to bend a bit in his conviction. Maybe she'd listen to a cat that wasn't the same rank as she was, new apprentice though she might be.

"If you'd like, we can talk with Stonefall. I think we should stand guard, but we can ask our steadfast deputy what he thinks is the best move. Would that satisfy your curiosity?" Moosepaw's voice was an attempt at steady, but he was internally conflicted. He wondered internally at the unlikeliness of their situation. These rogues are conveniently timed. Both our leader and our medicine cat are away, and now they appear claiming nonsense about raccoons at our heels and rats in our nest. Could this even be a coincidence? Moosepaw let out a sigh. He was already tired, wired awake at this point only by the adrenaline coursing through his vein. Still, he had a responsibility to watch over Honeypaw. If a fight broke out she was the most vulnerable by far, and so he made a promise to himself to protect her.

Interacting with: @Hazelrah & @The Elvenqueen

By the light of the setting sun, Spidernose reassured Honeypaw, and tried to instruct her on how to fight. It was basic stuff, rudimentary. It was also great advice, and Moosepaw admired the ease with which Spidernose spelled out basic combat to the new apprentice. The comfort each of the clanmates offered each other warmed Moosepaw more than the modest body heat they shared. It was still hard for the young tom to completely relax, but he gave it his best shot. A small deep purr rumbled through his chest, barely audible in the gentle light.

In the distance Moosepaw heard a small amount of commotion, as footsteps padded towards the warrior's den. His body tensed despite his relaxed position, but he calmed down when he heard Sunfur's voice. Spidernose spoke with Sunfur, and Moosepaw carefully tookin the conversation. As she left the warriors den, his eyes moved to Honeypaw. She seemed unsure of their position, which was not surprising. She spoke up suddenly, expressing her doubts.

"Although it feels wrong, we should be patient. None of our clanmates will be quiet if commotion erupts, and we have to trust their judgement and fighting prowess." Moosepaw said resolutely. Despite the confidence and matter-of-factness in his voice, he shifted into a position he would be more prepared to rise from, muscles tensing and untensing under his fur. "We don't just follow our superior's orders because we of the warrior code, nor because we think we know best. in this case, we follow Spidernose's orders because we trust our clan. We understand what the potential threat is, and we understand our clanmate's capabilities. I don't think a couple of mangy rogues could take down all our clanmates without a sound. Doesn't that sound a bit ridiculous?"

Interacting with: @Hazelrah & @The Elvenqueen

The soft light painted the clearing in long shadows, with the reflection of cat eyes the brightest thing he could see. In a hushed voice, Moosepaw heard Spidernose reassure Honeypaw, though that also seemed to fade into the background. The tom watched the newly arrived Maplestream interact with Stonefall, trying to read the body language of the pair. Spidernose’s reassurance about their safety seemed well meaning but empty. Moosepaw wondered why he felt that way, considering his own emotions. Was it meant more for Honeypaw than him? Spidernose was genuinely trying to help Honeypaw feel more safe. That wasn’t the only reason, though he didn’t know the she-cat well enough to ascertain much more than that.

Moosepaw looked at the warrior and watched her flick her tail to beckon him closer. She spoke about being brave and sensible, and he caught on. Had I been thinking of leaving the den and investigating the rogues myself? It's hard to say, but I am tense. Moosepaw let out a sigh to relax himself, and moved closer so that Honeypaw was between him and Spidernose."We'll be fine. We're more than strong enough to handle a couple of scrawny rogues." Moosepaw attempted, but he realized he didn’t actually believe it. It would be much easier once Fernstar, and Blackpelt returned. The bulky tom settled down, tucking his paws beneath himself, and attempted to groom his ever overfluffed chest fur into some semblance of order.

Interacting with: @Hazelrah & @The Elvenqueen

The bulky apprentice glanced back at Honeypaw as she was slowly woke up. Through the narrow opening of the warriors den entrance, Moosepaw could hear Spidernose approach. She spoke reassuringly to the two of them, sounding calm and collected. He was always impressed by how well warriors handled unique situations, and their ability to improvise. Moosepaw learned quickly during his apprenticeship that they weren’t perfect, but he still had a massive amount of respect for them. Honeypaw moved closer to Spidernose, probably for warmth. The bulky tom could see Maplestream rushing into the camp, and found that interesting. The new apprentice asked what was happening and Moosepaw decided she deserved to know. Without thinking, he spoke up.

"There seems to be outsiders in the camp. Rogues, of some sort." Moosepaw’s voice was a bit strained He glanced at Spidernose with an inquisitive look. "That's all I could gather. Was there more?" Moosepaw felt like something was off about this. It might be paranoia, it might be rational, but it felt unrealistic to devise which of the two it actually was.

Interacting with: @Hazelrah

Moosepaw stirred, not quite awake and not quite asleep, his mind traversing the threshold between dream and reality. Slivers of strange scents and sights seamlessly stitched together with even stranger dreams. Tense words across the camp at an uneven volume finally cut through the larger cat’s daze, caused him to slowly raise his head. Honeypaw was tucked in the corner where Duskwing had been when Moosepaw had fallen asleep—In the warrior’s den? The soon-to-be-warrior’s memories returned as he rose to his paws. Moosepaw had briefly been woken up and moved to the warrior’s den at the apprentice's suggestion. At first he tried to be quiet and not wake up Honeypaw, but he soon changed his mind. Part of him wanted to let the new apprentice sleep through the night, after all she was exhausted from her vigil, but Moosepaw was hearing strange voices he didn’t recognize.

The bulky tom walked over to the sleeping she-cat with all the grace he could muster and slowly prodded her awake. My turn to wake you up, Honeypaw. We have a situation it seems, so try your best to follow my lead." With that Moosepaw slowly approached the exit of the warriors den and peaked out into the well lit clearing. Moonlight easily passed through what passed for a canopy, leafless as it was. Moosepaw could see clearly across the still snow covered clearing, and he carefully examined the entrance to the nursery and the apprentice den. No cat moved around the outside of either, and so he slowly peeked out further until he could see the strangers he had heard before.

Age: 10 moons
Gender: Tom
Rank: Apprentice
Personality: Moosepaw is an easily excitable cat that often has trouble thinking through his actions. The bulky cat holds the clan and The Warrior Code in high esteem, and has done so since his kithood. He is casual and friendly with most clanmates, though he has stayed particularly (at times too) formal with his mentor Duskwing.
Description: Moosepaw is big. He a fluffy cat, with thick yet soft fur, and his fur is long enough that it is often too much for him to keep consistently well groomed. But the apprentice is more than just fluffy: underneath the fur is a well built, strong cat. Though not especially agile, he often makes up for it with physical strength and stamina. The bulky cat also has two different colored eyes, one green and one brown.
Backstory: Moosepaw was born a kittypet, and an only kit at that. He had a strange kithood, growing up alone with his mother for the first three moons of his life. When the Twolegs who cared for him and his mother stopped filling their foodbowls, his mother decided that they were better off hunting for themselves. The lazy mice around the barn were easy prey, so Moosepaw's mother assumed they could travel off of the Twoleg's territory for a couple moons and hunt on the way.
Moosepaw's mother was wrong. She was a bad hunter, who had never learned proper techniques while lazing about in a barn full of fat mice she hardly ate. The journey was a hard two moons, mostly subsisting off awful smelling and tasting carrion. Near the end of the journey, unknowingly on the edge of WillowClan territory, Moosepaw and his mother came across a badger. Moosepaw and his mother (mostly his mother) fought desperately against the creature, but it was hopeless from the start. Moosepaw fled after sustaining a heavy injury to his right flank, but Moosepaw's mother was too injured to even flee.
Mate: None
Kits: None
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