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Everyone started moving, strained towards different things together. Hermes closed his eyes, listening to the bustle around him momentarily, before opening them again. "I can save people" He thought idly, reminding himself of his own abilities. He walked forward, activating his communicator as he did so to ask for the ones in danger furthest from their meeting spot. At the response, he disappeared. Darkness enveloped him, and it felt more dire now. Amazing, the last thing he wanted, to be alone with his thoughts. His power didn't work differently because of that though, instead it continued depriving him of senses.

The nearest medical tent is only around thirty seconds of darkness away at least. After I finish this group I'll just have to see who else is available. Probably far enough to torture me with this nothingness. That's my luck after all. I wonder how many will actually die here. Christ, actually—I don't want to know.

He tried not to actively think about the fact he could die here as well.

I guess my main goal here is to lower that casualty statistic as much as possible, same as the others.

A strong wind was blowing against him, making him stumble a bit as he appeared on the road in front of an unstable building, the right side sloping off into rubble. He asked for a more specific location, and teleported again. The bedroom he appeared in was in ruins, the ceiling having caved in a bit. Picking his way carefully through the room, he opened the walk-in closet door to find two people hiding. They looked confused and scared, one of them holding a bloody arm. "I can help you get medical attention safely." He said, offering two outstretched hands. He didn't know what they expected when they grabbed it, but they were both plunged into a senseless darkness. Forty or so seconds of absolutely nothing, not able to move or whisper or scream.

Hermes appeared near the middle of the improvised medical tents, two people falling backwards from him the second they appeared. He spent a bit of time making sure someone gave them medical attention before teleporting back to that apartment building. Walking around the building, it took him a bit to spot a small flag sticking out of a window. He teleported into a kitchen, where a young woman was laying on the floor, hand bloodied. Hermes approached her, crouching down as he noticed she was unconscious. He reached forward and felt for a pulse. There was still a strong beating, she could be saved. He moved his hand to her shoulder, and appeared again among the medical tents. There was a red stain beneath where he had appeared previously, though they had moved the people.

A medic ran up of their own accord this time, letting Hermes leave immediately. The apartment building was in front of him again. He looked at a specific window, and asked his power to appear a bit in front of it. He pushed. The room was more damaged than he expected. He went to step forward but something stopped him. Looking down, he saw a mesh of treated iron leaving his chest, the kind used to support the floor above.

A searing pain met Hermes senses, burning away any rational thought. He teleported back to the medical camp after a beat, collapsing onto the ground. He couldn't move his arms, they felt too heavy. A warm darkness enveloped his mind.

The speech from Legend made everything feel less real. He didn't look around too much at the others, just watched the Triumvirate with a worried expression. When they pointed out the search and rescue section Hermes breathed, and walked over to Inkscape. As he looked around, a roar was heard, followed by a thunder clap. Christ, what an introduction. He closed his fists to stop the shaking, and silently stood by for instruction.

Out of the calming nothingness came a world of sound, and a sharp sting. It wasn't a bleeding wound, but his power had still taken a toll on him. That wasn't as important as the sirens though, the piercing screech of which immediately elevated itself to the highest priority in Hermes's mind. Teleporting to a clear spot on the sidewalk, he got his communicator out of his pocket and activated it. "There's an Endbringer, Decoy?" He asked, hand shaking. Coughing, he sat down, still uncostumed, and waited for his world to stop spinning-and ending.
The Visage

A roar was sounding in Nora's ears, footsteps close behind in priority. This wasn't her, it didn't feel like it. She could look back at them, then disappear, but she wanted more. Is this what Mire felt? Bloodlust? No, she wasn't anything like Mire, Mire was a jackhammer. A constantly spinning jackhammer. Turning her head, she saw three people. When she was completely turned around two more had come into view off to her right. Five nodes readily appeared. Visage had been planning around them having countermeasures to her power, but it was easier without. She changed how she looked with no dissonance, anchoring her physical appearance to the ground as she slowly and carefully walked around them. It was difficult as the group had kept walking forward, forcing her to retreat to stay away. There was no doubt in Visage's mind that these were community members. The fear was a small amount of doubt, a nettle, an annoying itch in the back of her head. A beautiful idea bloomed from that nettle though, and a vicious smile formed on her lips. She stood still now, letting one of the goons get within five feet of her before changing her detached appearance. The man stopped in his tracks, brown eyes wide. It wasn't fear though, it was-It almost seemed to be respect. Visage finished unzipping the small pouch on her hip, withdrawing a small but sturdy knife. Slowly she walked closer, before giving her image another command. She didn't have a doubt about their affiliation now.

Patriarch. standing before them, mouthed the word 'die.'

The knife didn't slide easily through his throat, catching almost immediately. It had already gone deep enough to be lethal, she assumed, as he struggled with hand raised to his throat. The four others turned quickly, but all they saw was a knife wound and their friend dying. New blood fell from his fingers as she yanked the knife away. They looked back to Patriarch, and found that he wasn't breathing or moving, the only movement was him miming that word. Over and over again.

Visage fled now, bile already in her throat, as the sirens started blaring.

Every time I take off the mask, it's like I'm not a person any longer. I gue-I guess that's my fault, because after, that's how i decided to define myself. When you define yourself by other people, and then they leave your life, you either fall apart or build yourself to be something new.

James thought through the one sided conversation in his head while sliding the picture back into his wallet.

You were the one who told me to talk to you even after you passed. It was such shitty advice, you were a really bad listener in life. It's not realistic to talk to you without interruption.

An icy claw was wrapped around James's chest. His breathing hurt right now. There were very few reasons that he would be called back. It wasn't pretty, from what he'd seen on the news.

The cab pulled to a stop, still outside city limits, but barely. The driver probably knew as well as he did that there was no entering the city.

James breathed.

A familiar voice played on the radio as he handed over the cash, waving away the change before the cab driver could get it out. He opened the door, a soft breeze at his back. The voice on the radio was louder now, the cab driver having turned it up. A couple words snapped him out of his stupor. ”-This hell raiser has made a name for himself among my people for slaughtering them wholesale!”

Patriarch was on the radio. Fuckety, fuck fuck. It didn't matter what he was saying, honestly. The name he had said, Judah Raines, did sound familiar.. Not to this life, but to the past one. He glanced down at his lack of costume, and decided there wasn't enough juice in the tank. He was without injury right now, so he could probably travel. . . He could travel a lot, but there was more than a lot of work to do.

He focused on the overhang of the PRT building, with his power giving him no warning bells about the location. It was sure to be unpopulated at least. James pushed harder, then swam in nothingness for the next five minutes.
A Visage

Pavement sounded rhythmically under Visage's feet, the gentle gait barely heard over the sounds of a city just waking up. A soft humming emitted from her pocket, the vibration carrying up her leg. Taking out her phone, she saw the number, and declined the call. Smiling slightly under her mask, she took the time to unspool her headphones and slip them into her ears, tucking her hair in front the cord. It was still visible, the black cord peeking out near her mid region, and ending in the pocket she slid her upside down flip phone into. The music had already started, high pitched slightly electronic humming mixed with an acoustic guitar sung in Visage's ears. "The moth don't care when he sees the flame" she mouthed along, watching each person she passed carefully.

The second they made eye contact, her power brought an uninteresting form to their mind. A dark haired Asian girl, who was reading as she walked, tentatively glancing up occasionally. Their suspicioun abated, and their dissonance at zero, they would look away uninterested. That, and Visage would gain another node. More to sort through, but worth keeping the neighborhood off alert until she got to her location. "And nothing fuels a good flirtation

Like meat, and anger, and desperation."
She sung, her beautiful blue eyes watching as she came within a block of their newer HQ.
Hard Leash

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Marketing Chaos

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A Gamble

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