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Current I learned Sign Language about a year ago I think it was pretty cool
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2 mos ago
Anyone know any good Demon Slayer Roleplays?
2 mos ago
If you like ocean/ship themed adventures check out my interest check!…
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2 mos ago
Look at how they post with the exaggerated swagger of a roleplayer guild member


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Sounds super cool I'm interested
@Dark Cloud yes they are
@Dark Cloudperhaps perhaps
Wonder what color Martians hair is
Absent mindedness is kinda nice sometimes
@Dark Cloud six foot five is fine
@Dark Cloud what is the race? If he is human that might be stretching it but we can talk about a half giant race or a wave blessed and his animal that he embodies is large
@StitchedOwl lol I understand that I'm dirty blond but I have some blonde moments a lot lol
@Dr Lovecraft he is actually see through
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