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The character I have in mind can easily be changed depending on the plot so the Maurauders plotline works for me.

I will go have a look at the Discord and see what you have been up to.
Well, this sounds very interesting, I must say.

The only problem is that I am just not sure which of the current plots I prefer the most, they are all jolting my creativity... Guess I need to ponder some more over each scenario.
@CaptainMarvel why hello there

...General Kenobi

Sorry, I couldn't help it... I will go back to stalking this thread now.
@GingerBoi123 Cloak sounds pretty good to me ^^

No worries, @LetMeDoStuff, it gives me time to finish my character properly - just don't die on us!

Speaking of my character: I should have it up by tomorrow, just need to finish the biography and do some QA.
Ah, I know what you mean, @Old Amsterdam - I really hate waking hen that happens. Sadly I get too bothered by it usually...
@GingerBoi123 Mmm, that is a good question - I will see if I can come up with a nickname ^^

Oh no, what happened @Old Amsterdam?
My CS is moving along slowly, sadly work has been a choir this week so I am left mostly exhausted whenever I come home and thus the progress has been impacted... I should have it up this weekend though.

Oh, and @GingerBoi123 what's his personality like? I have often based My characters' nicknames on the character concept and their personality.
I must say, @LetMeDoStuff, I do enjoy your music taste!
Ignore that, that was a mistake I had as I was talking about another RP at the same time. Just a small mistake on my behalf.

The Year is FY 47, as the time goes.

Working on my character as we speak, no deadline set as I really suck at planning out character sheets...
Quick questions @LetMeDoStuff: What year is the RP set in? and what is the "Six" the character sheet refers to?
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