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Current The shark is dangerous with her pointy Trident, which she finally got.
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succession, introduce* fml
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@Light The Dark. 30 cups of coffee in quick secession can induce lethal levels of caffeine in your blood, so yeah.


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Welcome, Permundo! I hope you enjoy your time here and end up picking up a new hobby! I'm fairly new myself, but if you need any help, I'll do what I can do assist!

Thank you for the kind words, I certainty hope I've found myself a new hobby to relax and lose myself into!

welcome to the guild. :)

Thank you!

I'm looking forward to my time being here, hopefully being good times. :)
<Snipped quote by Permundo>

Hail Augustus!

Roma invicta!

Pretty nice little corner of the internet I've stumbled upon in my search to quench my boredom, with everything happening and all.

I'm new to Roleplaying in general, I knew that it was a thing some people did in real-life and online, but never really had any interest in it, until now. being locked up inside the house because of the pandemic, ain't stepping a foot outside with that going about. I thought it couldn't hurt to try out and see where all this leads to.

I've always liked Fantasy, both on the lighter end and darker end, since it allows for one to delve deep into the countless possibilities that it offers. I'll probably prefer one-on-one for the time being, possibly going into small groups at a later date.

That's about it really, not much more to add.
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