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Current Raddum, take care of yourself dude.
15 days ago
Taking some hard to swallow pills right now.
15 days ago
That was a monumental spat of anxiety right there.
15 days ago
@Tlstiffl Sorry about that, I just figured I didn't have to do that. Give me the job anyway.
15 days ago
Back to more job searching, far more worthwhile than squandering my time on Overwatch. Double XP weekend be damned.


Probably the only person who ever owned a Commodore Amiga 1200.

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I've been playing Monster Hunter World, the first in the series that I've played. It's been proving to be a fun experience, especially when done in online co-op. I wish I was a lot better at the game but that'll come in time.
<Snipped quote by Peter Molyneux>

For the love of god, just don't tase old people.

I can't make any promises.
SWAT 4 is much, much better with the Elite Force mod. I can finally know whether or not it was actually justified to shoot someone instead of having to decide on a whim.

I've never tried the Elite Force mod but next time I get into SWAT 4, I'll be sure to check it out!
@Peter Molyneux Off topic but are you much of a dice/tabletop RPer?

Not as much as I used to, but it was something that I did very occasionally years ago. These days, not so much.

Was fun to do back in the day though.
Rules of engagement, @Spanner. Rules of engagement.
rainbow six 3 was my shit

i still play that game today. ain't nothing else like it nowadays

That game was so good, I still have physical copies of Raven Shield and Athena Sword on my shelf. SWAT 4 was awesome too.

You're in my way, sir.
You can't fuck Sae

<Snipped quote by Peter Molyneux>

Whilst 3 was where it was at, I thoroughly played the absolute shit out of Vegas 2.

That's fair, I did enjoy Terrorist Hunt in Vegas 2.
I'm liking Sae so far, but I am judging that on her appearance and sleek, tsundere attitude.
<Snipped quote by Peter Molyneux>


Yeah shes pretty fine, P5 has the best overall romance options.

Bear in mind, I haven't encountered all of my potential companion options yet so it's all subject to change. Who knows, I might meet the waifu of my dreams around the corner.
<Snipped quote by Peter Molyneux>

They are all very accessible but yeah I can see 5 really does want to get the player informed and involved in everything from the start.

So far it's been just that, I haven't been confused by anything so far and I think as a casual scrublet newbie to the Persona series, that's a good thing. I said the same about Monster Hunter: World, another franchise that I have no prior experience playing and yet it's been very accessible for me, and so far an enjoyable experience, especially when done co-op with a friend. I have to say, I'm very much liking the look of this Sadayo Kawakami lady, she seems nice. Maybe I'll see if I can hook up with her.
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