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Current Little busy with Christmas and whatnot over the next couple days. And driving. A lot of driving.
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I'm sorry to people who had put effort into the RP I was starting a few months ago. My father passed away unexpectedly on the 1st of July, at the age of 56. So I haven't really been on here much.
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I don't care what anyone says, I'm having the most fun with FFXV that I've had with a game since Metal Gear 5.
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I like how the site says in big bold letters "You have no friends".


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Going to keep this short, I'll put more effort into an OOC if there's enough interest.

Basically just wondering if anyone is up for a Star Guardian RP. A mix between slice of life/Academy RP and general Star Guardian 'save the world' kind of stuff, ranging from fighting off little critters that pose little threat to anyone, to facing off world ending threats. I do have some actual plots in mind, not just 'alright today we're fighting this enemy', though there will be that too.

The question I do have for anyone interested is which group we play (As I don't want to mix and match the groups together). Lux's group, or Ahri's group.

I'd be looking for people dedicated to this sort of thing, as in the past my RPs that died off were always (Except in one very personal case) when people just, stop responding. I'm looking for people who can take the initiative, not a full group of "I'll wait until someone posts" people.

Unplayables Regardless: Xayah, Rakan, Zoe

If someone REALLY wants to play Xayah or Rakan we could find a way to make it work.

A new home, a new life. Two girls just moved from the mainland all the way to Kul'tiras together to start a new life. They heard that Drustvar was pretty cheap, but for some reason, nobody would tell them why. Of course, that didn't stop them as they bought up a property, and within a month they were stepping off a ship into the port of their new home. A little town called Falconhurst. And... the place was a bit more dreary and dark than they thought it would be. Even in the middle of the day the sky seemed so cloudy that the sun couldn't break through.

But here they were, ready to start their new lives together in this mysterious place. Oh if only they had known the secrets of Drustvar before coming here... things would have turned out so much better.


This is a RP set in current BFA. The war between the Horde and Alliance is over, Drustvar has been mostly cleaned up, and Kul'tiras is a safer place to live. At least, that's what they would have you think. One doesn't clear out a coven of witches to easily, and there are still mysterious things going on, dark plots in the shadows, an old scarecrow in someone's basement. Or so you heard.

This RP will take place mostly in Drustvar, in the town of Falconhurst. In this setting, the town is a good bit bigger than it is ingame. Meaning there's more than like, 5 houses. It acts as the main port for Drustvar, and has some 20 total buildings, with about 15 of them being houses.

The RP will focus a lot on dark magic, witchcraft, curses and spells and things like that. Our characters will have to get to the bottom of what is going on in the town, and try to stop it for the greater good of... well everyone really. The Alliance Garrison aren't really listening to the troubles, the Nobles have their hands full rebuilding the other towns and settlements, and while certainly a great asset against dark magic, the Order of Embers are defending the towns that need rebuilding, not helping out a port town that says there MIGHT be something going on.

And so it's left to the locals to deal with it. But who can be trusted? If there's truly witchcraft abound, how can you tell who is, and is not under a spell? Nobody can be trusted.

Except maybe some unlikely allies...

"It was a day like any other. Class was starting, the teacher was taking attendance, and everything felt like we were just walking in the rut we were digging day after day of following the same old routine. But then, we heard the words everyone was always excited to hear.

"Students, we have a new student joining the class today."

And in she came. She was... perfect. The way she walked, the way she talked. Her low cut shirt that showed off her huge... well, her shorts that were, way too short? It's difficult to paint a perfect picture really, but you get the idea. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I watched her walk in, watched her order, watched her sit across from me a few tables over.

I fell in love instantly. And I knew, I was destined to spend the rest of my life with her. She ended up in the seat next to mine, we started talking, and well... we got together on her first day of class, and haven't looked back since.

I was so young then, and it was so long ago. But now we're moving to live at an Academy together, and the weirdest part? At some point along the way, her best friend just... 'joined the relationship', and now I'm dating her too apparently, and she's coming with us, and things are really starting to get out of control fast!"


Welcome to Triple L. A RP focused on three themes. Loyalty, Lust, and Liberation. What do each of these mean however? Well, I'm glad you asked. Let's go down the list shall we?

Loyalty - Something that is required in every relationship. Without it, trust becomes an issue. If there is no trust, it's hard to love. The desire to be together struggles to stay strong.

Lust - Something everyone feels, and everyone has to deal with. It can lead you down the wrong path so easily, and if you aren't careful, you start thinking with this emotion more than logic.

Liberation - One of the most wonderful feelings in the world. The sense of breaking your bonds, becoming free, feeling as if you have finally done something you should have been doing all along. Sometimes, this feeling can come from the strangest of places.

But. You didn't come here for riddles, or philosophical thought provoking words. You're asking the obvious question right about now, aren't you? "What does any of this have to do with a RP?". In this case, everything. Triple L is a RP that focuses on these themes. The struggle for Loyalty, the Lust one naturally feels, and the Liberation of choosing your own path. What does it all really mean? Well, let me be absolutely straightforward about this.

The Setting:

A prestigious academy has just invited our cast to join its ranks. There, they will learn how to be the upper class of society. They will learn how to walk, how to talk, and how to breath like a high class citizen. They will learn the difference between proper behavior, and the lesser commonfolk. Think of it as a school for nobility, where their motto is "Yes, Nobility Can be Taught". From the dorms to the dining haul to the classrooms, everything is state of the art, fancy, and perhaps a little over budget. But it's fine, because this is where all the Lords and Ladies of the Corporate world send their children, to be turned into the proper heirs to the thrones of business they should be. Sounds simple enough, right?

The Plot:

One character started dating a girl a while back. Somehow, they ended up dating their best friend as well. Thing is, this isn't a secret or anything, it's a threeway relationship. But now they're all moving into the dorms at the new Academy together. From here, trust issues, betrayals, and many other things are going to start happening, while they try and survive the day-to-day of Academy Life.

The Dark:

Loyalty is strong... until it isn't. Lust incites betrayal, betrayal brings liberation, and liberation brings satisfaction and freedom. But it causes so much more than that. When trust is broken, who will be left standing? Can secrets be kept? Can hearts be mended? And can someone please stop that damn thumping sound in the room next door!

If you're interested in this, PM me that you read the TL;DR section which has all the important information in it.
Sorry but it seems I'll have to drop out, playing an actual LoL character isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Well that's exactly what the interest check said we'd be doing, and what we have known we'd be doing ever since showing interest in the first place. So I'm not sure where whatever you had in your mind came from.
@twannyman @Shovel @Stern Algorithm @Skwint @KatKook

So yeah.
Tomorrow was apparently 'in a couple days'. Time has been flying since I moved.

It took a few moments for Ahri to really notice anyone else was around her. She was listening closely to the city, listening to the strange sounds it made. She had been many places that quite literally hummed with magic. But this place was, something else. Almost as if the opposite was happening... it was like she could hear the lack of magic, or, perhaps as if what magic there was, was being drained from the air around her. It felt like the very stone the city was made up of sapped magic around them.

When she did finally snap back to reality, she noticed someone was speaking to her. A welcoming party? A party of just one though. "I see, I was told as much. Most were hesitant to trust such an invitation, considering Damacia's reputation. I mean your city no offense when I say I will be relieved when I am on my way, and its walls are far behind me. I do not feel comfortable with the way some look at me. As if I am prey for a hunter to slay."

She cleared her throat, crossing her hands in front of herself. "I am from Ionia, although, I do not call any of its settlements my home. I have come, as you seem to already be aware, for the summons of the Guild."

It was then that the wooden double doors of the Guild's Headquarters burst open, and a... very tiny man stood there. He could almost be mistaken for a Yordle with his tiny stature, and he wore goggles and all kinds of gadgets. A Human Yordle from Piltover? That was the best description of him.

"Welcome, welcome, one and all! Ah, let's see how many of you are there." He adjusted his goggles and looked around at the most present people, assuming they were the ones who had answered the summons of the guild. "Six of you it seems yes? Well then, you're all right on time, or perhaps am I a bit late. We shall see, we shall see. Come come, in you all go! We have much to discuss!" He waved the gathering group into the Guild, walking in himself.

The inside of the Headquarters was much what one would expect. There was a front 'reception' area where Quests seemed to be turned in and handed out, but the small man lead the group past this, and into what seemed like a dining hall. Past that even further though, they finally came through another doorway, leading into what seemed to be his office, as he pulled himself up onto a seat behind the desk. "Come come, pile yourselves in, bit of a squeeze perhaps, this won't take long." Didn't he just say they had 'much to discuss'?
Alright I'll post tomorrow and we'll continue on with the people who are actually taking part. Dropping people who haven't said anything.
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