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1 day ago
Current Super excited to sit in a library later today and send emails. All good emails so it’ll be fun.
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20 days ago
I just tracked down a rare autograph that I thought I’d never find. I have a book signed by freaking Joni Mitchell!
6 mos ago
Looks like my old, unhealthy for me role-playing site might’ve been taken down. While it might be sad for people dedicated to it. I think it is good, the site had some really taboo plots/pairings.
6 mos ago
Decided to leave my other role-play site tonight. It wasn’t a hard decision for me, I just didn’t like the direction the site was going and it just wasn’t healthy for me to stay on there.
8 mos ago
I got a sunburn on April 8th in almost 70 degree Fahrenheit weather. What a kind of funny way to start my week.


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I love everything about this site, but the one thing that has bothered me is that there’s no way to search our PMs for conversations we’ve had with users. I think a search feature for PMs would be useful because it’s always a struggle to find old RPs carried out in PM.
Banned because you aren't me.
Banned because I literally don’t care.
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