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Just a heads up that in my post Alex is gunna have a short trip through the woods around where they’re living- so if anyone is wanting to join him I’ll be posting once I finish work in a few hours ^^
I’m with Dark light on this one shared rooms sounds like it might be fun for some shenanigans.
@Enzayne Damn, hope everything's going alright for you, would have loved to see your charry in action :/

Oh and @azoicsiren just letting you know that your charry's age and birth date don't add up ^_^ Scratch that actually don’t know what I’m talking about >_>
Alexander Grossem

Alex had just went to aid another classmate, whom in his mind he thought could do with the help when the source of all the wind and commotion revealed itself.
It was not a demon nor was it some sort of monster, no it was none other than the headmaster of the school, which in a way made it far worse - if a man was capable of that alone, then what was he not capable of?
He explained to every student what the situation was, and welcomed back the returning students, as well as the new ones to the School of Death.

After a brief statement it appeared that the new students got a day off before they started, unlike the poor souls who were returning and had 5 hours sleep to grab as soon as possible, it probably wouldn't be too long before the same is required of the new blood as well.
Alex, as well as the girl with the service dog walked with a group of the other freshers following an absolute unit of a man, and also the head of security - something that didn't require much thought as to the why of it, only crazy people would want to mess with a man like that.

After a short walk through the woods, something Alex enjoyed immensely (he'd have to start exploring it as soon as possible and create some markers for himself) they arrived at a house that was going to be his and a number of other people's home for the rest of the year.
Alex was barely stopped his jaw from hitting the floor and tripping over it once he seen the inside of it, the house he lived in for all of his life barely even compared to what this place was like, the exterior of the house betrayed what lay within as well, he did not expect this at all from what he seen of the buildings architecture.

The rest of the group hadn't hesitated much in making themselves at home - a few were in the kitchen probably hungry after such a long journey, and the group was introducing themselves one by one.
The house was interesting... perhaps house is not the right word for such a grand building, manor seems more fitting, but that was not what had caught Alex's attention, it was the people he was now going to be living with.

It was quite a mix of people that's for sure: there was Lucas, a confident and outgoing blonde haired boy, who seemed far too comfortable in this alien world; and if what the headmaster had anything to say about it (kappa...) a hostile one to boot, next was the girl called Alexandria, the girl who struggled to stop her panties from being on display to those around; he was starting to think it was deliberate it was happening so frequently.
After that was the blind girl that he had walked with, and her dog called George - she seemed out of place here in his mind, but looks could be deceiving, and in this new world they were probably far more deceiving than they used to be, it was a pity he wasn't allowed to pet the pup, hopefully that would be allowed later on as he got more familiar with the new people.
Next came a boy named Levi followed shortly after by the sickly lad Enzo - he liked Enzo, he seemed very friendly and confident hopefully they could get on well with each other, he wasn't quite certain about Levi though, he spoke few words but they told a great deal about what type of person he was... One to keep an eye on. Of the few skills Alex had that was one he was rather adept at doing.
Then there was Torok who seemed too friendly for a man holding a spear and Mei - an attractive girl who looked a bit nervous, but that was understandable.

Finally there was Deborah, someone who seemed to hold themselves in high regard, she seemed a bit odd though as if she was constantly concentrating or something...

It was slightly staggering being in the presence of some great people, a mere hunter like himself didn't seem right here, it really did put it into perspective just how much he had lost to get where he was now, this was his family now, this strange bunch of oddities who were all going to be learning how to kill demons, or for some people refining that skill.
Alex felt it was his turn, he really didn't want to speak out to them all like this but he didn't want to seem disinterested like Levi 'the fridge raider' was.

Once again, he had to raise his voice a bit just so everyone could here him, Alex never thought that his soft manner of speaking would hinder him so much in a single day.
"Um.. Hi. I'm Alexander Grossem, I'm not a legacy or scion or anything like that, just a normal person, or well as normal as a person can be when they're at a school for death heh..." Alex trailed of slightly there "You're a fucking idiot Alex... he scolded himself mentally.
"Erm, I'm pretty good at hunting and tracking it's all I used to do before I came here, so hopefully that will come in use when we start working... Oh! It's nice to meet you all as well, I hope we can all get along together."

Alex had hoped that he made a good impression here, it's not like he was anything important or useful as he was, it was gunna take a lot of hard work before he could reach some of the levels people were already at here.

Updated my post- I missed a bit from one of the drafts I made for it.
Realised the bit where Alex talked to Enzo was missing.
Reallly tried to make Alex a concerned classmate and not a white knight there, hope I pulled it off, otherwise I'm gunna change his description to add a fedora.
Alexander Grossem

Talking to @Arreyis @Calatrava

What happened next seemed surreal to Alex - Enzo was reduced to a coughing fit whilst uttering some foreign dialect, and he went on to state that everything he doubted was real.
Alex observed around him that people were getting ready to fight, well not everybody but a fair few especially those near him - one of them even had sparks flying from their hands although Alex had no idea why that was.

This scenario presented an issue for Alex, a significant one.
These people with their armaments and maybe magic were all built to fight and maybe even kill, although Alex struggled to work out just how a sword was going to hurt the wind or whatever was carried on it.
Alex, was not a fighter - he was a hunter, he could track a man or beast for miles on end and take them out from a distance, he could not however fight something or someone to the death with his bare-hands, which is all he had at the moment, he was fit but not strong.
But just because he could not fight, did not mean he would run - what sort of impression would that make here if he fled at the first sign of trouble? No one would want to stand by his side if all he could do was run.

Enzo made that remark as well although it may have been directed at another guy near them, the persons response was to tie his hair back and assume a defensive stance with his fists.
Alex made a retort to what Alex had said though ”I don’t have a sword or a gun to fight with, my hands won’t do much good against whatever that thing is coming towards us, but I won’t just run away- I’ve lost too much already just getting here to give up at the first hurdle.” it had been a long while since Alex had spoken to another with so much conviction behind his voice, perhaps some good changes were already taking place for him.

It didn’t change that Alex was lost here, honestly he thought everyone was blowing this way out of proportion, the wind was strong without a doubt and there was something off about the wind as well, but he couldn't quite place it.
Honestly he was at a loss as what to do, at least until another thick accented voice shout over the wind - upon inspection it appeared to be a red haired girl with what looked like a service dog? Alex loved dogs, but he was honestly taken aback that someone with a service animal would come to this school, or be invited for that matter, she must be truly be exceptional to be admitted with a drawback that required a service dog.

It presented an opportunity for him to be of some use however, he'd be no good in a fight, if indeed there was one coming (something he still doubted) but at the very least if things got really dicey he'd be able to get someone who may need the help out of harms way, what good would anyone be if they were dead?
Alex gave a Enzo quick glance, he looked ill; far worse than himself, but was still mustering the energy and courage to stand-fast against whatever was coming, it was admirable indeed, but it seemed as it was more to prove that he was in fighting shape despite how it appeared on the surface, strange he barely knew this guy but Alex seemed to hope that Enzo didn't put any unnecessary risk on himself given the state of his health.
He made his way over to the girl with the service dog, an act which earned a growl off it, but paying the dog no mind for now Alex asked, again needing to raise his voice just so it could be heard in a wind that was now beating against him, "Are you alright? I won't be any good in a fight but I can try and get you away from here if things go south." Ironically, and unbeknown to Alex, he was probably the least capable here for a straight up fight at this stage - but still he thought he was doing the best he could in a situation like this.
Alexander Grossem

Talking to @Calatrava

Alex was startled slightly when he heard a thick accented voice behind him - but more to the point is was the fact that he'd been called a weirdo by this stranger.
Turning to see who this person was, he was met with an unusual sight, a young man slightly smaller than himself was in relatively normal clothes, but had some sort of sash over them that looked like it had spider-webs on it.
From what little briefing Alex had received about this place it was said that a lot of people would be coming from famous families that have been sending their children here for generations, he couldn't remember what the titles were though, but one thing was clear this person was one of the ones that were born into this life, whereas he was someone thrust into it blindly.

As always he replied in a soft tone, although he did have to raise his voice ever so slightly to ensure he could be heard over the others speaking around them.
"I'm only trying to see what types of people are here, seems like there's someone from every walk of life..."
Alex trailed off slightly when he took the time to look at this person; who as he just found was called Enzo, looked very ill - it seemed odd that someone would be accepted to this school, of all schools when they looked as ill as he was - in any other circumstance he'd have thought that he was talking to some who was terminal, a thought that was compounded when Enzo had a coughing fit, it wasn't a nice one either, it was that type that hacked in your throat, like he was trying to cough up nails and broken glass...

Alex looked a little concerned for Enzo as he replied "I'm Alexander, or just Alex for short." it was then that Enzo gave a light-hearted chuckle and implied that neither of them were doing too well at the moment.
He couldn't help but give a wry smile in response and said "Heh yeah, I don't do very well on boats I've been ill the entire journey.
He was just about to ask about the sash, pointing at it before he was cut short by a howling wind, at least that's what he thought it was, a more appropriate statement would be a howl carried by the wind.
But... they were on the coast of what he assumed to be a small island - what in gods name could be causing that noise?

Alex had to raise his voice to prevent his words being drowned by the wind"Whats happening?!" he half shouted to Enzo.
In Alexs mind slapping an assumption of a strong wind with; an albeit harrowing howl, to anything paranormal or related to demons was still too much of a stretch, part of him still didn't believe that they existed, and this would certainly be the first test of that belief.
All this talk about Metro has made me buy Exodus - so I'll be binging the hell out of that for a good while.
Super-hyped for this roleplay now though, really in a metro mood :D

In terms of factions though, I think an ultra-monarchic society faction would be a good one, hell the King himself could be the ruler of that particular faction.
Alexander Grossem

The School of Death... This opportunity had offered Alex so much, but in return required an equal, if not greater sacrifice for him to take it.
His parents, despite being properly educated and persuaded of it's existence and purpose outright refused for him to go there - and despite the fact that legally they could decide for Alex, the small entourage of formally dressed men informed them that this was not the case.
The decision to go, lied solely on Alexander due to him not being affiliated in any way with the school or order.
Admittedly, it was something that required a lot of thought, to give up everything he had: his family, his friends, his land... his home...
Alex barely batted an eyelid when he stated that he would leave for this new world, despite the fit of rage his father flew into, and for once instead of mild indifference his mother commonly gave, she showed real emotion and care for once, too late however - had she done that when it had mattered maybe his choice would have been different.

The down sides to his choice came in a swift swathe, his parents disowned him as he collected some of his things - thankfully everything was covered by the school so money wasn't something he needed to concern himself with, thankfully - it was apparently something that occurred often enough to the new blood that there was something in place for it.
The next lot of bad look came in the form of transport, it was a boat - albeit a extremely large one, bigger than he'd ever seen in his life.
A crowded space, and on water to boot - one thing he hated, on top of another that he feared - perfect.

The journey had not been pleasant, in the slightest - perhaps unpleasant is too tame a word for what Alex felt on this journey, he was sick more times than he could count, his head was constantly swimming and he had to constantly keep on top of his fluids in-case he dehydrated, his heart went out to his neighbours on this journey to hell, because the stench of sick was strong for at least half of the journey, the nauseating smell did not do wonders for his health either, the smell itself just increased the amount of times he threw up.
Thankfully, just before arriving at the destination, Alex was given special leave to spend a good while cleaning up in the shower and just managed to wash the stench out of his tired body.
To others his skin looked pasty and he had dark rings around his eyes, it was clear to all who looked at him that this journey had taken it's toll, but this hardship would only be the first of many, Alex hoped he could weather it.

The pain didn't end there though, upon their arrival to land; the only time Alex had ever thanked God, it was put into perspective just how many "sardines" had been packed into this can, the amount of people was staggering, at least to him.
The journey off was hardly uneventful, it seemed as if one of his soon to be classmates was a bit too eager to start "the school of death" and pushed a pistol into someones face threatening to pull the trigger.

"Oh Alex... Just what have you agreed to... - it seemed this would probably be the norm here, Alex just hoped there would be some more... mild mannered people he could possibly try and get along with.

Alexander tried to keep himself calm when he made his way onto land with the rest of the students, there was a large amount of them - they all appeared to be cold, it was the middle of the night after all on the coast, and by the looks of things few of them had dressed appropriately for this type of cold - it didn't bother Alex though, cold nights were the norm back home.
Alex found the his eyes land on the girl from earlier, the one who thrust a firearm into someones face and could see now why she did it.
Her skirt; if you could call it that, barely hid her undergarments, well it actually didn't for a while until another girl pulled her skirt down a bit to cover her modesty.
The sight put a bit of colour back in his cheeks but it did little to put life back into his pasty skin.

Alexander looked away in-case he was found staring at her; he didn't fancy being shot within the first hour of his arrival, Alex just looked around in silence, spectating the others around him, trying to spot the ones who may be trouble, and perhaps the ones who would actually be nice to get to know - it was a strange new world for Alex, and by god he would need a helping hand to guide him through it.a
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