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Current How is nothing happening. Work two jobs and yet still manage to be active. Annoyed


So I love most Animes, Right now I'm all about ANGELS OF DEATH so hit me up if you wanna talk about it. I've been rping for over 10 years took a 4-year break and now I'm back, Was a Frequent rper on AOL when it was cool, Now I'm learning the forum ways of RP because that seems to be all that is left. I enjoy Horror and dark fantasy/modern Rp's. I can play multiple characters but I like playing in large groups or with someone who sets a scene and character well. I'm over 18 but I love to play younger characters. <<< MY DISCORD

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*Kira raised an eyebrow as he mentioned poisoning hulky's food. then a down at hi arms Curiously she watched him as ace grilled him with questions. She smiled as he pulled up his sleeves" Yakuza huh? Funny how they let someone like you join. you don't look full Japanese. "Now leaning in and tracing a finger over his forearm " I don't know ACE they seem pretty legit to me. I like them"*
:: Irritated, it seemed that Kira was on her own on this one. she looked over to the girl across from her " I don't need intimidation Hunny, if you ever see my file you'll know I'm a gale of action" surprised you have such high morals, A " She scoft and looked at the two" fucking soft" God she needed a Cigarette. Now mindlessly chewing on the side of her fingernail. Her leg jiggling up and down as she sat there impatiently and trying to ride the way of addiction out. Her blue Orbs staring down her bodyguard intently from across the cafeteria::

@Jasper19 approved! Move to character section and you're free to post
Okay I've been gone awhile. I have not forgotten this rp however and would like to accept some more.people as well as...start this going again. Picking up where we left off
@IAmKnight if your still interested then make a character sheet
@Sewer Rat@Jasper19 yes get cs together and on approval you can post
I see some new faces but no attempted CS

Kira rolled her eyes and tried to look nonchalant as possible. her hand creeping over and feeling the round shape of the bottle. Grabbing hold of it and slipping it under her skirt. What she did with it to hide it was her own business. "well that was fast..." surprised that he was an actual guy of his word. She glanced over to her new roomie and glared in suspicion that she would be a snitch " I take it you want your stay to be peaceful. I recommend you don't piss off the only friends you have." she smiled after " now we need to find a way... to spike hulk...any suggestions? "
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