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So I love most Animes, Right now I'm all about ANGELS OF DEATH so hit me up if you wanna talk about it. I've been rping for over 10 years took a 4-year break and now I'm back, Was a Frequent rper on AOL when it was cool, Now I'm learning the forum ways of RP because that seems to be all that is left. I enjoy Horror and dark fantasy/modern Rp's. I can play multiple characters but I like playing in large groups or with someone who sets a scene and character well. I'm over 18 but I love to play younger characters. <<< MY DISCORD

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I see some new faces but no attempted CS

Kira rolled her eyes and tried to look nonchalant as possible. her hand creeping over and feeling the round shape of the bottle. Grabbing hold of it and slipping it under her skirt. What she did with it to hide it was her own business. "well that was fast..." surprised that he was an actual guy of his word. She glanced over to her new roomie and glared in suspicion that she would be a snitch " I take it you want your stay to be peaceful. I recommend you don't piss off the only friends you have." she smiled after " now we need to find a way... to spike hulk...any suggestions? "
Think it's dead
I mean you can post the attack hitting her, shes npc so free reigh really in my opinion

Rei desperate for air inhaled some of the water in a small amount before that hand from the surface reached down into the depth.
Fingertips extended out towards it to grab hold desperately as the red cloud veered off the swarm of malicious insects. An instant relief came over her as she emerged from the water. Once she fell upon the raft, instantly Her body started to reject the water in her lungs over the side of the vessel. Weakly she rolled onto her back and glanced up at him. The scowl on his face matched her own. Of course, it was him to witness her weakness as well as the others. Her humiliation having an audience. Why didn't he let the others save her... he could care less about any of them. she remembered his harsh words over breakfast and thus the reason she even stormed off in the first place. To have to save her like some damsel. Her pride at the moment extremely fragile. she looked away from his disapproving glance

" Just say it."

Knowing he had some harsh words for her. Like a father scolding a child. The cuts on her legs deep and profusely bleeding, the chain of his weapon still wrapped around her left leg securely and cutting off circulation. Slowly she sat up and started to unravel it before dropping it at his feet in, a heaping bundle. Her hair matted to her face and welts along her skin from the insects, she wasn't looking her best but that was the least of her concern. The witch still lurking somewhere below and she was afraid. Afraid of being dragged down into the water again.

Rei suddenly grew pale. Paler than normal And held out her hand to press its palm against her forehead. An overwhelming wave of nausea hit her. At first, you could suspect the blood loss was the cause but if you were preceptive, you'd see the welts and deep cuts on her leg, where the witch and insects penetrated her flesh, started to darken, Black inky veins started to creep out in all directions under her skin, traveling through her blood and trying to connect. The infection spreading rather quickly and Rei's vision grew heavy before falling limb against the raft. The darkness growing inside her. She couldn't remember what happened after that.
Did she die? Did she become Possessed? Or one of the very creatures she sought her life out to destroy. She wouldn't know. she wasn't there. She was no longer.... Rei.

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So I'm gonna be insanely busy this month at the fair but I will post. Just giving you all a heads up if I'm lagging.

Gonna be crazy busy this month guys but I haven't forgot aboutcha
Bare with me
Rather irritated Kira wiggled in her seat. Watching the guards trying to remember their pattern habits. She liked to treat life like it was a poker game , everyone had habits that could be recorded an used to her advantage later. Sighing her attention brought back to Lynn. " yeah well your dad is a fucking idiot" not caring if this would offend her new roommate, Lynn would soon learn Kira had almost no filter. Ace sat with them and she scofft at his comment " yeah for beautiful ladies get to look at your ugly face for an hour.. " she smirked. Of course she didnt think Ace was ugly but she had fun demeaning him none the less. A twisted game at play where Kira was always the winner. Her attention brought back to Lynn again" will you eat the fucking soup..I'm dying over here and your sitting there playing with it.... wait a second.." grabbing hold of those pills in a cup and pouring them down her bra and the placed the cup to her lips and pounded on the table" Hey you, yeah look pill are taken I want my food now. Be a good bitch and fetch me some" she tossed the cup to the guard and it bounced off his chest before leaning to pick it up. Kira tilted her head as he did so, staring at his ass.::::
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