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1 yr ago
Current Finally done with all my assignments; time to make some characters!
1 yr ago
That feeling when you have an assignment due tomorrow that's supposed to be weeks worth of work but you haven't started yet and are eating chicken wings
2 yrs ago
Gonna be on a trip soon so will be on hiatus until the end of the weekend. I'll probably be able to make a couple posts for a day at max before I disappear until then.
2 yrs ago
Hi, Hungry, IAmKnight!
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2 yrs ago
That moment when you promise to make characters but you have like five assignments due in the next three days


My old roleplay forum died, rip

That dodgy AC profile picture was my old forum profile picture and has been around for years, man.

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I'm really glad this didn't die. I still feel guilty af, haha
Haha no worries. On that note, if someone wishes to play the Skeptic, please feel free to take my spot!
@ArkmageddonCat I am still interested, however as time went on I somehow got more busy. I'd still love to join but I have no guarantees on when, it may very well be a long time until I'm able to sit down and write up a character sheet. (On that note there's so many roleplays I'd love to join but simply have no time for and it kinda sucks haha)
I feel like I've let you all down. I'm getting increasingly busy as the weeks roll by, and I feel that I'm unable to complete an application. I really think this is a promising idea, however, so please do try and find a replacement; while I wish to stay and finish my application, I have no real guarantee that will be happening soon, and as such I don't want to hold out on you all when someone else could easily take my place. I once again apologise for all the delays, so if need be, I am more than happy to allow someone else to take my place.
@Metronome Sorry mate, I was invited for some assessment centres/interviews and had my week occupied essentially. I'm pretty much free now so I'll prioritise this forum
You'll have to allow me a couple days as I finish my final assignment, haha
@Calle Ahh, by full team I meant, 3 evolved pokemon at the start. However, I also understand this might be a little unfair or OP, so I think I may just stick to two evolved fellas at the start and no 3rd.
@CitrusArmsAye, I planned on having an adult trainer with a full team come in, though not necessarily fully evolved, all depending on what the GM deems appropriate.
Three man for all three roles, I'd say.
Granted. I bury you in candy until you are immobilized.
I wish for happiness.

Granted, but you didn't specify who and your rival is now incredibly happy.

I wish for the ability to pick my nose without anyone finding out.
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