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Jorel was in the middle of gutting a river fish with the knife he had grabbed earlier. It was routine for Brook and Jorel to make the food, though of course today would be the first without Conrad. Jorel of course could understand why he had done it, but... After 9 months? Really? It occupied his mind throughout the entire course of prepping the food.

Earlier he had found Conrad follow Brook into the kitchen. He stood up to do the same, but he came back out with a number of items in hand. "Mate, what are you doing?" Conrad looked into Jorel's eyes, and it really didn't take too long to realise what his motives were. He looked at the bundle of items Conrad held; packaged foods, drinks, other consumables, some bits of survival stuff here and there, and a random pot plant that Sam would kill him for. "If you're leaving, fine mate. Just take that and go." It was a armful of stuff, but it certainly wasn't going to hinder the group's survival, except maybe Jorel's for allowing Conrad to leave with the plant. Conrad nodded, and the two exchanged a brief handshake - albeit awkward with Conrad's gear - before he left the cabin. Moments later, the Explorer sounded, and Jorel watched Conrad roll off. He sighed. Turning around, he headed towards the kitchen.

Jorel had finished gutting the fish, removing the organs from it and chucking it into a bucket that he had kicked beside him. It made a lovely splat as it hit the bottom. He grunted, then began to drain the fish of blood, before filleting it and removing the bones. The work took just as long as it took Brook to do her amount of cooking, but he had chopped it into bits in time to dump into the pot. "Voilà," Jorel half-heartedly exclaimed as he tossed the fish into the pot. "One less mouth to feed, and another mouth to feed. Let's hope she isn't wasting air." Jorel hopped up onto the bench once done, leaning back to look up at the ceiling, cranking his neck. "I'd like a bath..." He sniffed himself, scrunching up his face. "Haven't had one in almost a year, it seems."
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Honestly the scene presented for Jorel was hard to describe. Jorel mainly questioned himself about his next words, wondering if they would help the current situation or simply further endanger the group with ideas of separation. It wasn't totally clear if anyone was in charge, even if Conrad found the place, so the democractic thinking among the group could prove to be detrimental.

Brook decided she'd check on the girl again. It was slightly odd seeing her somewhat interested in this girl, but Jorel tried passing it up, until he saw the seriousness of it all and the sudden grab of her chin. She was kicked in the face, and Jorel was a little unsure who he should check on first, deciding to see if Brooklyn was okay once the girl was dealt with.

The girl had gotten her bag back. This was comforting, at least. One thing Jorel and Leo shared in common was that they both valued kindness, though their methods of survival were clearly somewhat different. Jorel watched as the girl cautiously checked her belongings. He began towonder who the other person was on the photo. Was this girl alone, with a memento of a passed relative, or was this person still alive somewhere? He'd have to ask her one day once she'd get used to being with the group.

It was soon agreed that the girl would follow Leo and Sam up to the rooms. Jorel couldn't care if his room was used, but he did wonder if the two of them would keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't turn. After all, in the end they only checked her eyes and her limbs.

Brooklyn was quite clearly upset by the situation. She had gone outside and gone back inside and paced around for a bit, which Jorel found worrying. "Hey, Brook, you al- 'kay, then, just ignore me." Jorel shrugged and scratched his eyebrow. "Conrad, that deer is stinkin' up the place and quite clearly Leo's bein' a bore. Ah, whatever." Jorel raised his palms upwards and shrugged. "I'm gonna go help Brook cook or something." He turned swiftly and walked to the kitchen, placing his rifle against the wall once inside. His revolver sat at his side as he rolled his sleeves up. "Brook, you're okay, right? If you wanna speak, I'm here. On that note, what are we making?"
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Jorel was interrupted as seemingly usual with this company, with Leo rushing up to them all angry like. Jorel stood up and stepped back to avide being pushed by Leo, though Sam dropped to her ass. It was clear Leo was upset and angry about what would be considered standard procedure. Jorel's eyes floated down to the man's sidearm, and back up to Leo, his eyes slowly widening.

Jorel raised his palms up slowly, stepping back to gain more distance. "Leo..." He spoke in a calm, questioning voice, similar to a teacher calling out a troublesome kid. That's when he heard the Explorer, and moments later Conrad barged in and dumped a deer at Leo's feet. Jorel smirked, feeling the tension slightly dissipate.

Jorel lowered his hands and bent down to the girl, pulling the loose rope from her unbound hands. "If you want her in your room, I'll be all g with that, mate. But you know if you fall asleep you could be the next dead guy." He picked up a survival knife from her thigh and inspected it slightly. "The standard procedure isn't just to make sure they're not a walking bag of death to-be, but also to make sure they aren't dicks with happy trigger fingers," he said, side-eyeing Leo's hand on his side arm. "And children are the worst, because half the time they're confused and they'll straight up attack."

Jorel grabbed the kid's bag and brought it with him as he sat down on the couch with a deep sigh. "In this world, doesn't matter who the fuck you are, you're a survivor. One year in and this 'scared shitless' girl happens to be alive? She's a survivor, Leo. Look at the shit she's got." As if to emphasise his words, he pulled out a bunch of pitons, rope and some harnesses, along with a photo. "I want her to be legit, man, I always welcome people. But the procedure is there for a reason, and shit I've seen kids back in Aus who fuck up others more than the average lad. Tell you what though, you can keep watch on her and if you need to sleep or anything I'll swap with ya."

Jorel investigated the photo in his hands. It was old and weathered, presenting two people, one of which was the girl. The other seemed like her mother, or perhaps older sister. Jorel muttered under his breath. "She's got a story to tell, like the rest of us."
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As Jorel and Sam began to carry her to the door, Brooklyn instant transmissioned inbetween them out of nowhere, her arms spread. She started babbling about checking for bites right now, causing Jorel to relax from the sudden jump scare. "Jesus fuckin' Christ, would you calm the fuck down, mate, scared me half to death," he said in the most obliterate Aussie accent humanly possible.

She had finished her little search, and once satisfied, opened the door and let them in. Jorel barely looked at his surroundings; he had lived her long enough to call it home. Sam and Jorel set her down on the floor, and Jorel immediately went round to one of the rooms full of gear, grabbed a huge length of rope, and came back to the girl. He grabbed his knife and cut the rope in half, tossing it to Sam. "Do the legs, I'll do the arms. We'l find cloth after to gag her." He leaned closer to the girl and lowered his voice, talking indirectly to her while she was out. "Sorry we have to do this, it's just a precaution."
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