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3 mos ago
Current Gonna be on a trip soon so will be on hiatus until the end of the weekend. I'll probably be able to make a couple posts for a day at max before I disappear until then.
3 mos ago
Hi, Hungry, IAmKnight!
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11 mos ago
That moment when you promise to make characters but you have like five assignments due in the next three days


My old roleplay forum died, rip

That dodgy AC profile picture was my old forum profile picture and has been around for years, man.

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I'll try and post tomorrow, got work and I'll most likely hit the sack immediately after. I've just been reading everyone's posts in the mean time.
Aye, I've honestly been waiting for an event or an "All is clear" lol
@CaptainSully You and I probably have a couple more things to discuss in pms before I do so, it's new years eve for me right now though so I'll probably be off for tonight
@alexfangtalon Yours truly

If you do end up in the food court though you should let us know and we'll just add you into the collab
It may just be me and my tendency to try and go full force into a roleplay but I wanted to just see what everyone else felt about this dynamic.

So far I've tried to dismiss the notion that the word "Zombie" even existed, or that those movies existed.
Just got back from holiday. Will make a CS within a few days.
I forgot my family were gonna drag me on a road trip so unfortunately I doubt I'l be able to join haha
I may be interested, we'll see if or when the ooc comes up (I'm gonna be on hiatus until the weekend though)
What about trademark technique? @Weird Tales
Whatever the hell it is, slice of life or action, it's interesting none the less! Count me in, chap!
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