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That moment when you promise to make characters but you have like five assignments due in the next three days


My old roleplay forum died, rip

That dodgy AC profile picture was my old forum profile picture and has been around for years, man.

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Well I'mma just pretend there is a McDonald's, even though the floor plan has none lol
Rip, no McDonald's lol
I should mention Jorel is wearing a green military jacket with a simple dark shirt, and dark jeans.
It wasn't long before Jorel's supplies had run out and he was forced to go on several scavenging runs. Luckily for him, he knew his way around the kitchen, and nearby restaurants were the best place to find food, which he scavenged before they spoiled. He knew however, that the supplies would run out yet again, thus he decided he'd pack in all his supplies, ready some MREs, and potentially find another survivor - or survivors - which he could join up with and become a part of. However, kind and naive as he was, he was also logical, and that meant he needed to take precautions. This sense of security is what allowed him the capability of navigating through the backstreets of Portland, through which he made his way to the local mall, his revolver in hand.

Jorel, a worker in hospitality, knew the ins and outs of these places. Immediately he found his way through the worker's only zones, navigating to the still-unlocked double doors that permitted staff to enter their respective businesses. He made his way through one such pair of doors, leading to the classic fast food chain. Ah, Maccas. Once in the side areas of the food court, he knew it was impossible to enter the staff door; but it wasn't impossible to simply hop over it. He carefully ducked his way over to the front counter, scanning the entire food court for signs of walkers or perhaps survivors.
I may be interested, though a character sheet will have to wait a couple days while I prepare to fly over seas. How much Star Wars knowledge must we have? I've never read a book or comic I'm 'fraid.
Yo @CaptainSully I dunno if you've already made the official thread but I'm interested. Is a Saiyan-blood race available? So capable of saiyan whatnot but mostly human?
I invited some of the old crew like blazion and kat, and also someone else who may take the role of doctor, but it isn't confirmed. Also sent a pm to @nightmare medx with the much fuller detailed character sheet, since all the backstory is hidden and a lot of the smaller details are hidden too.

I'm wondering if the old squad's characters know each other already in this haha
Also, the old RP had parts of our history hidden, but is this one where OOC we already know everything about all the characters?
I'm gonna do what they did and copy paste my old character lmao
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