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Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Early Afternoon

Location: The Coffee Pot

Interactions: @Penguin

A bright smile curved the lad's lips, excitedly reaching for the cinnamon bun. Without a second thought, he bit into the pastry, relishing the flavors which melted into his mouth, cascading like memories of a time long gone. As he went around to take a seat across Annie, he spotted a glimpse of a small tab on her laptop. The logo of the university at the top of the assignment page, as well as the unmistakable initials of D.I.G., informed Cliff that she was a college student, probably preparing for the classes to start once more. To think, though, that she was under Dr. Iris Gran's class spoke of her intelligence. An old acquaintance of his, Dr. Iris handled the majority of the honors' bachelor programs. Her immense intellect, as well as high standards, strained even the most self-proclaimed honor student. Not many could hope to enter the honors' program under her, and those who did were not always successful.

Whoever this Annie was, she was more intelligent than she looked. Auburn locks which cascaded down to her shoulders, pale complexion, and light lavender eyes-- Cliff knew she had more beneath the surface than just naive expressions.

Speaking of which, he still had not given out his winter break assignments out. Eh, at this rate, he'd have to scrap giving out an assignment and just wing it on the first day. Besides, what student disliked not having an assignment? He was excited to start teaching, of course, but his experience when it came to the practical application of the teaching profession amounted to nothing more than volunteer programs. He could have two doctorates and he still didn't know zilch about how to educate a class of tertiary students. Judging from this girl, though, perhaps, he could rest easy.

"Thanks, Annie," Cliff grinned up at her as he settled the cinnamon bun on he small china plate. "I'm Cliff, by the way. Just like how mom used to make it, before she, well..." He grimaced at the window before turning back to her. "Anyway, I see you're studying at the Solaris Universatas, and judging from the rather large initials I saw on the assignment primer, you're gonna be facing Dr. Iris, no less." The man chuckled as he remembered how Iris chewed up a slacker in her class. "What're you studying at the university that you were given the crucible of your academic life that is Dr. Gran?"
Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Noon

Location: Goodhomes Apartment, Light Lane

Like a warrior enduring the blistering winds and scorching deserts, he had finally been able to ascend with all of his belongings to the rickety third floor. Though his back ached and his joints crackled with each bend and push he made as Cliff arranged his belongings in his brand new home, the brother stood up as he wiped his forehead. Beaten, bruised, and fatigued, Cliff was still proud of himself at having been able to tidy up his apartment. It wasn't the throne of kings nor was it the temples of bishops, but it was home, broken planks and leaking roofs and all.

Or, so he liked to think.

The reality was that carrying all his belongings up those three flights of stairs had drained the majority of his strength. With his black habit flung somewhere forgotten at a dark corner in the room, Cliff had resigned himself to the cold floor as his chest rose with a desperate need to breathe. Even as a young child, Cliff had always been sickly and fragile. It was all the more reason that his parents didn't want him traveling too far, and why the religious life was something they frowned upon. If Cliff forced himself too much, untold things could happen to his already fragile state of health.

Needless to say, his parents tried to keep him on a healthy diet. Although, Cliff had a sweet tooth, seeking sugary confections and tantalizing frosting wherever he went. Whenever he thought of sweets, he could almost always hear his mother's voice...

Ay, dios mio! If you don't stop eating sweets, mamamatay ka talaga, for sure!

... Although, he did deserve sweets now... right? After all, he had just nearly busted his lung out with the recent manual labor. As such, he deserved a break!

But, he did need a shower, though.

Or, whatever a single dangling hose would be called.

The icy water felt like knives as it splashed down Cliff's back, shivers running through his spine as the brother gripped his arms 'til crescent-shaped curves branded themselves upon his skin.

This was the vow of poverty, a reminder of the life he had chosen. To take the world's beatings in a stride and to contemplate suffering in silence and obedience-- how much he did appreciate being able to become strong, even in the most mundane of routines. It gave him a sense of control, a sense of being alive.

It did feel good.

The water was still cold, though.

Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Early Afternoon

Location: The Coffee Pot

Interactions: @Penguin

Clad in a cleaner black habit with his knapsack hanging from his back, Cliff knew it was time to explore the city-- especially, Central Point. After all, the University was there and he needed to familiarize himself with the setting since he would start working there in a few weeks' time.

Speaking of which: he had yet to finalize his syllabus and give out the assigned readings.

Already, he was failing his job!

"You know what, just the right amount of well-earned sweets, and I can finish those in a heartbeat." Cliff declared to the high heavens before he marched off to Central Point which was thankfully just walking distance from his apartment.

And, what a sight did greet him when he finally stepped foot in Central Point. Towering skyscrapers stood high against an azure sky as wispy cirruses danced in spirals above them. It was a sight for sore eyes, and it was something that Cliff carved into his mind to remember through the years that was left in him. Opening his black Samsung flip phone, Cliff tried to take pictures of the behemoths as he grinned wildly before spotting a nearby cafe.

"Just what I was looking for," Cliff excitedly sauntered over as he glanced at the name. "The Coffee Pot. Could be more creative, though. But, that discount on baked goods, though... now that's a bargain." Cliff smiled as he looked into his tattered coin purse, half-expecting a butterfly to suddenly fly out as he opened it. Instead, the sight of a few old and folded dollar bills, as well as some coins, greeted him. He was going to get those damned sweets, no matter what.

Stepping inside, the cozy sight of ceiling fans softly humming above small wooden tables and chairs soothed the lad. The pleasant aroma of ground coffee beans and baked goods wafted temptingly, drawing Cliff to approach the counter as he looked at the menu.

"Uhm, hey, I'll take the cinnamon bun, please," Cliff ordered as the cashier hesitantly shook his head.

"Sorry, all out for the week. A popular seller that one. That girl there took the last one, I'm afraid." The cashier shrugged his shoulders with an apologetic look in his eyes.

Cliff took a moment to look at the woman who stole his prize before he sighed dejectedly. "'Tis fine. Uhm, anything for two dollars?"

The cashier hesitated before decided to be honest. "Uh, no, sorry, I'm afraid."

"Two seventy-five?"


"None, got it. Three?"

"We got some chocolate rolls at three dollars."

"No, thanks. Four?"

"The Cinnamon Bun, but sold out. There is a mocha roll if you like."

"I'll pass, thanks. Five?"

"Oh, we have--"

"No, wait, five's all I got. Nevermind." Cliff lowered his head in disappointment and embarrassment at being unable to pay, knowing that his stipend and allowance would still arrive tomorrow. "Actually, you know what, I'll take the mocha roll."

As such, Cliff obtained his plate of roll swirled with mocha and a cup of the free service water before he walked towards the woman who was just about to bite into the cinnamon bun.

"W-Wait, I'm Cliff, and, uh," Cliff spoke slowly, knowing full well that what he was about to do was weird beyond measure. But, damn, cinnamon buns were his favorite. "Uhm, I really do like cinnamon buns, and I was hoping we could trade. My mocha roll for your cinnamon bun. Fresh from the counter." Then, suddenly, Cliff recoiled as he stammered. "O-Oh, of course, if you only like, though. I'm not forcing you or anything. I-I just really like cinnamon buns. Reminds me of home."



Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Early Morning, just as Cliff arrived at Sol City

Location: FSC Retreat House, Parkview

"You know," the young man adjusted his glasses as he gazed at the luxurious pearl-white walls built upon rugged lyons sandstone whilst supporting a large oriental-styled onyx roof. A few paces from the large house which sprawled over a wide expanse of land was a serene garden of cherry blossoms and towering acacias which housed a large grotto devoted to the Blessed Virgin whose hands were clasped in prayer as her lifeless eyes turned to the skies in a silent conversation with God. Just beside the grotto flowed a lithe pond with lilypads floating about its surface with a small turtle using the pads as a makeshift boat as it ruled its damp domain. "For a religious order with a vow of poverty, we seem to be getting the more luxurious end of things, brother Victor."

Cliff titled his head in inquiry at the elder brother as Victor chuckled before placing a reassuring hand on the lad's shoulder.

"We're only able to live in this beautiful place because of our benefactors who were generous enough to let the brothers reside here." Victor offered a toothy grin to Cliff. In response, Cliff shook his head before surrendering to a system he had little experience traversing through. The Christian Brothers had always focused on education as their goal, obtaining sponsors or benefactors along the way which greatly helped with their mission to improve the quality of education in different places around the globe. While the more experienced of brothers were sent to more challenging and more poverty-infested areas, novices such as Cliff were allowed to dip their feet in better conditions.

The young brother looked at his colleagues, walking about with their black habits alongside the white rabat which hung from their collars. It was the trademark of a Lasallian community, and even though there were only about seven or eight of them, it was still a place Cliff would call home. Cliff knew he had sacrificed a lot to pursue this kind of life devoted to both God and education. His parents who had sorely wanted him to become a medical doctor, his relatives who had looked up to him to continue his bloodline, and even his feelings for a certain girl back home-- he had turned his back on all of it because he believed that life was more than just money and a quick tumble in the sheets. He couldn't wait to start his journey, a choice he had made on his own against all odds.

"So, where's my room, brother Vic?" Cliff beamed at the elder brother who laughed.

"Oh, dear," Victor tried to catch his breath. "Only the older brothers get to live here as of the moment, Cliff. But, don't worry. You've been allotted an apartment closer to the university."

Br. Clifford 'Cliff' Laranja

Time: Noon

Location: Goodhomes Affordable Apartments, near Light Lane

Vow of poverty.

Maybe, he understood it a little more now.

Staring at the dilapidated paint off the walls of the designated apartment in Light Lane, Cliff swallowed down the ball of spit which had formed in his agape mouth. While this was definitely nearer to the University as compared to the brothers' abode at Parkview, Cliff began to regret voicing his opinion, and would have settled gladly to stay at Parkview instead of this... box. However, he had his task and the expectations of the Christian Brothers on his shoulders. His role was not to lounge about in comfortable cushions or airconditioned halls. He was to use his six months of probation to see if the education profession was indeed for him and to see if he was ready to fully commit to his onyx habit which fluttered in the winds.

There was another problem echoing in his mind. It was a matter of simple mathematics really, but the gist of it was that three flights of rickety stairs plus three pieces of heavy luggage would either result in Cliff ending up in a hospital or even a morgue. Two places he never really intended to visit just yet.

He could just carry them all up one by one, but as much as he wanted to trust everyone, the temptation to steal would definitely heighten should he leave his luggage unattended.

"Ask, and you shall receive," Cliff groaned as he conceded to a fate of gambling against the tapestries of the universe to lift all of his luggage together. The presence of a decrepit elevator with an ominous warning sign should have been the red flag. With a huff, Cliff heaved his luggage one step at a time, beads of sweat trickling down his brows as it stained his white rabat in grey streaks. Each agonizing lift of the luggage knocked on the old wood, the foundation creaking with age as Cliff had to start allaying the fear of him being buried alive beneath a barrage of maggot-infested wooden beams.

Years of pouring over books, earning degree after degree had left his mind at the apex of knowledge and yet his body ached at the slightest labor, like the filthy capitalist that he was. Well, it did go to show that a Ph.D. could also mean a pretty huge deadweight. At this point, Cliff fully accepted the fact that gravity continued to be a cruel mistress who paid no heed to how many letters came after a person's name.

Well, he could definitely use the workout, anyway.
Here's a character, if it fits the setting :D

Here's a character, if it fits the setting :D

Yeah, your choices do matter, I believe.

Hence, it was Paine who Enzo asked to save Rei. While this arc would try to focus on Drakus, it's by no means something to force him to become a hero. If Drakus does choose to be a hero, something will happen which will push the story in another direction. If Paine goes in to do the hero work, the Witch will do something else. If Rei gets out alone, the story changes again :D

So, yeah, just do what your character would do, and the story will flow nonetheless. If something important comes up, I'll be PMing you so that we can discuss how you want the story will flow.

In this case, depending on who does what to save Rei (which is the focal point for this scene), I'll be pming the needed people :D
Witches normally operate in covens anyway, so, it would still make sense to have multiple witches. The one I've been hatching up is still alive as a mastermind of some sort.

I've planned multiple arcs-- like, for Harbingers of the Swarm, it would mainly focus on Drakus' character development, hopefully. Although, there's no harm for others to shine. Lol i had to read through all your bios to get a story.

On the other hand, AwesomeZero5 does have a point. If water is your weakness, you should have a marked disadvantage (which should have played well into Drakus' hero moment).
The Harbingers of the Swarm

Major Battle: @azoicsiren @AwesomeZero5
Mentions/Possible Reinforcements: @Dark Light

As Rei went under the water, Enzo staggered up to the side of the pond as he rolled his eyes before glancing at Paine with a bored expression. Enzo placed a steady hand on the hilt of his blade before sighing in exasperation. "I swear, Rei and that silver stag will be the death of each other. While I'm not saying love, I can definitely see that they deem each other as equals as compared to the two of us. We're just the fucking side characters in their fucking cunt of a novel." Enzo shrugged his shoulders as he bent down, scooping some of the pond's water in his hands. The murky darkness of the pool was not unnerving to say at least, but Enzo wasn't sure if the others could smell that strange pungent odor which wafted by his nose as he got closer to the water. The scent itself wasn't strong, and if it wasn't for Enzo's past experience with demonology, he would have easily missed it.

He lifted the water to his nose, taking a deep whiff of the murky liquid. Immediately, Enzo's eyes widened, his free hand tightening on his blade. Enzo cursed for a few seconds before finally spilling the water and lifting his moist finger to his mouth in order to taste and confirm his suspicions.

The tangy and sour flavor of the water filled his mouth and it took everything for Enzo not to gag as he spat unto the ground. The boy stood up, almost like a prey who sensed a predator stalking it in the vast wilderness. There was nothing around them but miles of trees and shrubbery, and from what Enzo tasted, if the three of them screamed, no one would be there to hear.

The first thought that jettisoned inside Enzo's mind flashed like lightning in his eyes: they were in danger.

"The water... diluted with tons of Kappa blood, but that's not all," Enzo turned to Paine with a worried expression, the fatigue in his eyes replaced with the trained vigilance of an experienced killer. "The taste of corruption... like, the kappa has been corrupted but the corrupted blood tasted familiar... from back home: the mambabarang..."

As Rei dove deeper, the disturbance she caused caused a bloated figure to float to the murky surface of the pond, just in front of Enzo and Paine. The arachne legacy held up a hand to cordon Paine back from the decomposing kappa corpse as Enzo approached. The lad drew his kris and poked the kappa's putrid corpse. However, the moment the blade touched the soggy flesh, the corpse's skin burst into horrid fissures as a swarm of insects crawled out of the crevices on the body. Apparently immune to drowning and water, the insects began forming a dark cloud on the water's surface before attempting to creep towards land. Much to Enzo's horror, their nightmare wasn't over: more and more kappa corpses floated to the surface, now with insects bursting out from their bodies.

Suddenly, the corpses twitched to life, the kappas springing into action as a few of them jumped to the surface with insects pouring out from their emaciated figures. They were definitely dead, but some dark spell was weaved into them, and these insects were now controlling them like puppets.

"There's a fucking witch..." Enzo backed off, still making to stay in front of Paine as if protecting him. His eyes snapped to the remaining kappas who were now reanimated in the pond. Their dead and blank eyes blinked before they dove to pursue the serpentine legacy, to drown her for her naivety. "How did a fucking witch get inside the academy?!"

Then, one of the kappas lunged at them, prompting Enzo to counter with a swift slash. The kappa's soft flesh melted against Enzo's blade as it was decapitated in half. As it fell to the forest floor in a bisected heap, insects flowed out of its halves. But, behind them, another kappa leaped out from the shadows as it targeted Paine with the aim of burrowing its insects into him. However, before the beast could sink its claws into the boy, Enzo muttered a chant as a large armored warrior faded into existence with a burst of hazy smoke behind Paine. The kappa slammed against the spirit-armor before writhing on the floor, but the spirit-armor, known as the Panday, heaved its greatsword with tremendous strength and brought it down on the demon with such force that its head splattered into a bloody, insect-filled pile.

Backing away to give himself some space, Enzo knelt on the ground as he panted just as the Panday followed suit behind him.

"It's better if we flee, but we can't leave Rei to drown!" Enzo shouted to Paine as he spun his blade. "I'll hold off the kappas on the ground! Try to see if you can help Rei! Once she gets out, we bolt for the hills! I fucking told you there's a reason this pond is off-limits!"

The remaining four kappas on the land twitched and hissed at them, their mouths frothing with black blood and swarms of black insects. Their green flesh was turning black and blue, necrosis setting in as their eyes bled the same onyx blood. Their movements were eccentric, unpredictable as if they were possessed. Then, without warning, they rushed at the two with their claws outstretched. Enzo and his spirit-armor dashed against them, meeting the kappas in combat before he turned to Paine.

"Go! Help Rei!" Enzo managed to shout before cleaving a kappa in two and quickly backing away to not let the spilling insects get on his body.

There was so many questions floating in his mind, but the most disturbing of them all was the query of how a witch was able to get inside the academy without any of the teachers noticing. Something was going wrong, and Enzo had a feeling that this was just a prelude to a deadly and, probably, fatal symphony in their life as students in the School of Death.

Maybe this was the reason this school was aptly named.
I have a feeling that the GM has already abandoned this RP.

A good idea would be to have a new GM to manage the story :)

But, nonetheless, I'll be posting :3

EDIT: Best that I stir shit up with my post just to set like a plot for the story, rather than just revolve around school life XD
The Price of Magic


"Marry my prince, and I will show you what your magic can become."

She had always craved to learn and master the magical arts. She delved into dusty parchments gnawed by the ages to uncover the ancient secrets, to further stretch her learning beyond the unknown limits. She tore through scroll after scroll to perfect the craft of the arcane secrets that swelled within each human being.

As the heiress of her small kingdom of Nidrer, YC knew she would one day inherit her parents' lands to protect. And, she needed to be stronger to drive off any would-be attacker once word reaches that she had become queen. After all, a female ruler was believed to be a sign of weakness for any kingdom.

So, as droves of relentless suitors stormed the castle to claim her hand in marriage, the princess busied herself with pushing her magic to the edge. That was until the neighboring kingdom of Kastalur sent her an offer they knew she would find hard to refuse.

After pulling strings that ran deeper than the lands of Yulmar, they sent a tutor in the arcane arts to the princess.

Kirad, though a young man in the middle of his twenties, stood as a giant in the magical world. As the last member of a group of wizards who were deemed too dangerous to be kept alive, the young magician possessed an arsenal of immense powers. They were believed to have been wiped out, but god knows how Kastalur found him.

Thus, as the tutor arrived at her court, he bore a condition: Kirad would tutor the princess in the magical arts until she mastered it, but at the end of the contract, she was bound to marry the prince of Kastalur.

Hence, their adventure would begin: a legendary mage tutoring a princess. And, she would never dare to break the contract, not when a metaphorical god of magic stood as a possible enemy of her people.

Or, would she? And, at what cost?

Hey! If you survived that plot reading, then, congrats! So, I have a few requests for my future partners:

1. I'd definitely request someone who can match my writing :D I typically write around 3 or more paragraphs, but it depends on my mood, really.

2. While I never nitpick grammar, a comprehensible grasp of the language is much appreciated.

3. I am quite a slow-paced writer, but I do have days where I can burst through multiple replies. However, my average is around one every two days. I hope this is not an issue.

4. The plot above is definitely HIGH FANTASY with a heavy emphasis on magic and spells :D Thus, I do encourage my potential partner to be very creative hehe :) There is a lot of world-building involved, so, the more liberated you are with that, the better :3

5. While I already have a rough idea of where the story goes, a partner who can drive the plot is a big cookie point :D It takes two to tango, after all! The more twists, the better!

6. Slow burns are better, in my opinion. Romance is a good occurrence, but it doesn't have to be the main focus.

7. I'll only accept one person for this plot :D I'll update once it has been taken!
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