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FYI, I'm waiting for @manapool1 to respond to Torack and Ciaran first.

Also, @rush99999, do we want to play out going to the keep? Perhaps we can fast forward to stumbling in as Belgrax and Saerin are let into the audience chamber? @manapool1, would that be workable, provided rush99999 agrees?
"Well," Nodrick said to no one in particular, "it's just a courtesy, to let the fairer sex have a small victory now and then. Also-" Nodrick saw nobody was paying actual attention and had gone back to their drinks as the fight was settled. "Don't mind me."

"Yes," he said to Belgrax at the mention of him being grateful of being allowed to join him and Eldon in their revelry. "We're not beneath making merry with the common folk now and again, are we, Eldon? Best of luck to you... Belly."

He watched as Belgrax went on his way.
"Queer fellow, that one. Most of his kind tend to be so.. stern. Remind me to offer him a job if we ever meet him again. I could use a lackey who can hold his liquor."
He turned to Eldon. "Where to now? Straight to the Esperglows? Or do we have more pressing matters to attend to still?"
I posted a link that @rush99999 confirmed to be working:
God I didn't think this map would give me so much trouble! I think I might just not use it. A shame though

What is the issue with the map? Do you need help with it in any way?
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Well either way, you should still edit out this part of your post. Fol isn't out and round 2 has already started.

Of course. :) Consider it done!
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Only male dwarves have beards in D&D.

That depends entirely on the setting. I don't know what manapool's dwarves look like. :)


The Forgotten Realms wiki mentions that dwarf women can grow beards, although Shield Dwarf women shave their beards. It doesn't mention what Gold Dwarf or Duergar women do, though.
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Also, that's not a dude.

Dwarves confuse me. The beards, you know?
Please let me know if I'm getting a bit too overbearing with Nodrick and steering the game. I'm playing him as such a person, but that doesn't mean I also want to be forcing everyone into the direction he is going.
"Huh," Nodrick exclaimed in surprise as the woman backed down. "Well I'll never. Is a 'nevermind, sir' too much to ask for in these parts?" He shrugged. "Have it your way, sellsword. I'm disappointed. You lot generally put up a far better show than this."
Nodrick looked up and noticed the position of the sun. It was getting a bit late, perhaps a tiny bit of haste was called for.

"Lads, I'm of a mind to get going between now and soonish. We're expected at castle Esperglow, and if we hurry, we might just catch luncheon." He looked Belgrax up and down. "Well, Eldon and me, anyway. Unless you're hiding a fiefdom under that hauberk, you'll have a hard time getting in."

"But!" Nodrick continued, "I could pass you off as my bodyguard, and get you into the servants quarters. I'm sure the cooks can whip up something half passable for you, Hermes, James and Bernard, and we could send a chamber maid or boy your way to brighten the evening. Eh? Eh?"
There was nothing disingenuous in Nodricks tone, it seemed like he honestly thought he was doing Belgrax a good turn, despite addressing him as an inferior.

"Right, one small bet and then we get going. I add ten gold to the victory of the Drunken Goose." Then somewhat louder, "Drunken Goose one, Frosty Barbarity nil. We go to best of three. All agreed?"
Roll for initiative?
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