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16 hrs ago
Current You all need to watch Cloud Atlas. Boy, what a superb feels trip.
2 days ago
The character that gets turned on when her life is in danger? Let's not forget that small but important detail, Fab. D:
2 days ago
Here's to trying something called 'root beer' for the first time.
2 days ago
The PC version of FF8 has the worst fucking music I've ever heard. Good god who let that even happen? Time to correct a great wrong.
2 days ago
Well, a white wine and Sailor Moon kind of night.
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Probably the only person who ever owned a Commodore Amiga 1200.

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<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

Haha. I loved Olenna! I'm going to miss her character.

Stannis 2020 :3
Apologies for not getting back to anyone, been quite busy these past few days but should have free time over the weekend.

It's rare to see someone drop a reference to Freelancer so I'll pounce on it when I see it.

By the way, I'm scanning your cargo bay for contraband.

There's nothing here I want.
Welcome to Liberty space.
Horseradish tastes like death.

Boy, they sure ramped things up in World of Warcraft. Sounds like something from Bloodborne.

I've given you a little more information though again it's very much at a conceptual stage and the best I can do at 4:30am. I'm more than happy to build upon it however.

Just sent you a PM regarding my character concept. It is rather brief however.

Absolutely still feeling it.
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