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Current @Otaki I'm afraid to say, I am not a tsundere or a bishounen or an uke or whatever weeb term you people use. Look, I work at a D-Day Museum, I don't know anime.
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I'm not used to roleplaying high school characters! Just ask Fab, she's known me for years and all I do is roleplay as old guys.
14 hrs ago
If you're not careful I'll join that Beverly Hills RP myself if I have to.
14 hrs ago
Fab, I specifically did not request a like of my status update, madam. And what did you go and do? You liked it!
15 hrs ago
One thing I've noticed, I enjoy reading roleplays because it's like I'm reading a novel - except written by a collective. Looking at you, Beverly Hills RP.


Probably the only person who ever owned a Commodore Amiga 1200.

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<Snipped quote by Fabricant451>

noooooooooo I want more Fabposts

Over two days of distilled hard work and effort went into that post. I was there when it happened, she's a creative machine.
<Snipped quote by Prawn>

No it isn't.

And why is that?
Heroes of the Storm is underrated.
Underrated video games: West of Loathing, Smite, Uncharted 1-4

Overrated video game: THIEF, Doki Doki Literature Club (Sayori is best girl damnit!)

Uncharted is underrated? You're kidding me, right? Also, Yuri is best girl.
FF9 is perhaps my favourite, though I'm influenced by the fact that it was the first that I played. Gotta have that nostalgia value.I enjoyed 8 and 10 though, and I'm probably one of the few people in the world who actually enjoyed FFX-2. It was a fun non-linear experience, and it was interesting to go back and see what changed in Spira since the original game. Part of me often wondered how things would turn out after the game ended, and FFX-2 more or less allowed me to see that. FF8, FF9 and FF10 easily stand up as the three games in the franchise that left the biggest impact with me. Lot of halcyon memories of being in high school and playing through FF10.

This is where I probably detour the most from popular opinion: I played some of FF7 but it just didn't resonate with me, I couldn't get into it now matter how hard I tried to, which surprises me even today since I like the themes and aesthetics of FF7, the whole bleak cyberpunk future and all. Many would list FF7 as their favourite title of the PlayStation generation, though for me that accolade falls to Resident Evil 2.
The best queen.
<Snipped quote by Prawn>
Code Veronica is my favorite. Four does not even make my top list of Resident Evil titles, lol.

Also, I did not like the newest incarnation of the series.

That's a bold one to pick as a favourite, CODE Veronica isn't the most popular for a number of reasons. For me it was the amount of backtracking in the game, but it's not one that I hate. I'll happily play through it again. I enjoyed RE7, though I can understand the reasons why some might not. I feel as though it falls into the same trap as RE4, as in: This is a good game, but is it Resident Evil?

Did you get the opportunity to check out CODE Veronica X HD? The new lighting effects are fantastic.
You went a whole post without mentioning fabricant, kudos to you sir.

I think you're a little obsessed with that.

<Snipped quote by Prawn>

No it Isn't.

Got any evidence to support that, bucko? You only have to browse through the forums of any fan website in the Resident Evil community to realise how popular the game is, and for the wrong reasons. Was it a good game? Yes. But a good Resident Evil game? Not at all. It changed too much of what made the preceding games what they were, to the point that it's almost something entirely different. Resident Evil 4 consistently makes it into the top lists of all-time best video games. RE4 is the Skyrim of action horror games.

Oh right, that's another thing. It's not survival horror.

Resident Evil 0 was the best of the old school series? Sure, it had some neat concepts and ideas but it's nowhere near the level of REmake. Lazy, uninspired boss designs - literally every boss was just an oversized insect or creature, compare that with the boss encounters in RE2. Far too much backtracking in RE0 too, not as bad as CODE Veronica but still prevalent.

I agree with you on RE7. I feel that if RE1 was released today as a new game, it would be RE7. I enjoyed it a lot.
Here's a photo from my volunteering with the D-Day Museum at the Normandy veterans weekend a couple of days ago. That's a genuine WWII-era U.S. Army Jeep. Thanks for the Lend-Lease, FDR.

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