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Current mandatory meetings outside of workhours got me outside with a molotov
2 mos ago
meme site?
2 mos ago
your all dead ahhhh where r u people ahhhhhhh
2 mos ago
hate tasting blood every morning :D
2 mos ago
too meek for the arena, writes like yellow in snow, and won't "overly" play pretend


Write whatever you want in your bio. Everyone can see it, even people not logged in.

Ideas: Introduce yourself, keep a list of roleplays you're involved in, describe what kind of roleplays/partners you're looking for, provide off-site contact info, share some hilarious jokes, share art, share dank memes, etc.

Must be no more than 100000 chars

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It was a radical quest to discover dark desires that would cause damage to one's soul! Body odor was stanky, but we soldiered on passed the sweaty goblins. Questionable puddles formed under our large muscles mass, yet the awesomeness radiating outward evaporated into fragrant pheromones. Aroused, and desperate for ass, we fornicated, however our hair caught fire easily. Panicked we pissed all over those. Unfortunately

Are we animals or animal mutants? I was hoping to be a Rat.

dude my guy buddy o pal we ARE FUCKING RATS ♡ but that may change :}
I'll work on this more to clarify creatures we may start with depending on how they might effect later game play. Rat are hecka allowed!


You awake alone no memory and learn how to breathe and move.
You are not human, but a creature of nature (for now).
Your spirit-pool splits into offspring, taking over, being taken by, or merging with another spirit.
The vessels cannot keep from the earth as the earth will seed its way back into all.
The soulless are alive and real with memories of their own, but the earth takes those memories apart.
As for you. . .

When the death of what remains you and your spirited children come, the remainder of your soul releases into the air and earth to form again as something new. . .
very new. . . and you remember it all*
The creatures of this world are smart, but know nothing of utilizing tools nor creating them, but perhaps one day a generation could learn.

You wish to speak -BUT THESE WORDS- are just noises

(Semi "relaxed" roleplay where you simply "live", but things make living interesting. Animal to Abomination. Are you soul-FULL?
See if you can make something of all this meaninglessness. DO you simply survive, thrive, go deeper into the mysteries of your being?)

@Dinh AaronMkI love that.
Simply a dot can help allot and maybe if needed a grid on toposcopic terrain where one can have [x,y]
Maybe I can along with mile lines examples there can be sample ones for general movement based on player type where one could use a ruler too
Here would be nice
Hello fren
Welcome fren
got my eyes on this one {. u .}
Bump Ima try hopping in this some time.

@ImaginedBird67 At the worst if this thread isnt around you could try a similar idea.
I don't know how soon I want to make a character sheet, but I like the casual vibe this has.
Like the idea, but how's this supposed to be done?

That! is a good question and tbh I didn't notice this get responded to till now.

I gotta make some "ui" or places we can designate our characters posts and have things that can be interacted with.
Maybe there can be a lil avatar game in the screen to for our players.

I suppose most the doing is going to be done with our posts under a label displaying whats being interacted with; chatroom(1,2,3,ect),Avatar-game, add-ons. So posting is like being done however from your side with your character or substitute, but these characters wont ever meet as far as we know. Whatever this screen we are interacting with will start as a basic medium and later perhaps effect our characters how ever interesting and godlike they could be.

I'll try making some fun images later to compliment the rp also.
Any suggestions on this abstract and weird rp?
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