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Current *Sigh* No sense of sarcastic wimsical truth. Stuffy lot.
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@CleverBird Grow up, there is no room on the internet for kindness. You really don’t know that?....
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@JessicaBunny I’m going to give you the same advice people gave me when I was depressed and solitary in college. Eat a bullet. ‘Cuz you know people care like that.
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You know it’s a Bioware game when the bosses are impossible, your SWAMPED with enemies at every corner, and despite the fact YOU SWEAR TO GOD YOU SAVED, your last save was hours ago.
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*begins Tuban throat singing*



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Since I’m too lazy to make a Quora account and I’m here; why not?...

So, in RL, I have this group of friends and close acquaintances. Five girls and three guys total including me. Often as we can, we all hang out in our college campus’ student union. We even have our designated “spot” in the pool room like the group from Friends. We of course welcome anyone who wants to join us.

So recently this newcomer started showing up. His name is Spencer and he’s close friends with one of the guys in our group. Literally none of us like him aside from the guy who basically invited him into our setting. Spencer is extremely vulgar, inconsiderate, crude, conceited, and just point blank obnoxious and mean.

He tries to bully us guys but then plays the victim when we talk him down and either hits on or degrades the girls in our group. Or both. (“Hey thunder thighs, cut back on the cheeseburgers and I’ll f*** you hands down.)
One of the girls in our group has distanced herself from us because he hurt her feelings and one of the other guys had flat said “if spencer doesn’t bounce” I’m out.

Every time we hang out as a group his buddy texts him and the ass-hat shows up and just spoils our time together. One girl literally tells him every time he appears “we don’t like you bitch, go away”. Spencer of course laughs it off and sits down anyway. From what I’ve observed, he’s an insecure asshole who tries to be the funny guy but he’s so weird and smart-alecky he can’t do it without being a dick. And our friends group is basically fraying because if more than three of us gather he appears and asserts himself.
(True story 🍷.)

Spam and helpful advice and observations welcome.
Thank you so much for wasting my time. @Fabricant451@BoyMom035
I changed my mind as I didn't want you to wait for so long. @Fabricant451

And yes my bad about that.
The opening post is up!

@Fabricant451 there will be an officer on site waiting for your character to arrive and debrief them on the situation.
I'm off to bed now @Fabricant451, there's no point in forcing out a sh*t post, especially regarding the opening IC post.

Until tomorrow.
I'm afraid I can't get this first IC post up until early tomorrow morning.

I deeply apologize, but I have a hard case of writer's block tonight and I'm rather tired as well.

Again, I apologize and assure you both that this will not be a regular issue.

I promise to have the opening IC post up before 9 A.M tomorrow.

Here we are~…

I must ask that you both please repost your characters in the Character tab in the OP.

I also ask just one other thing; would the two of you also "reserve" a post for yourselves in the OOC? The purpose of this is to keep track of things from the story more easily.

This reserved post will act as a "notepad" or a "statistics sheet".
This will be where you can record things such as clues, a list of victims and suspects, collected evidence and facts, and so on.

Please be sure during the Roleplay to have your "notepads" neat and organized.

I will have the opening IC post up in a few hours.
"As long as greed trumps compassion, there will always be suffering."

The black cape of night shrouded the glowing west coast city of Seattle.

The skies roiled with dark, foreboding storm clouds.

The rapid pattering sound of falling rain echoed throughout the night, from the dark alleys to the busy streets alike.

Cars roared down the main roads and side streets in masse, sending sprays of puddled water into the air, which slapped down onto the sidewalks as well as back down on the roads as well.

Pedestrians cloaked in jackets and rain slickers scurried along the sidewalks and across the streets to their destinations, whatever they may be.
Rain was in fact not at all uncommon in Seattle, Washington, but that did not mean that the people adored it.

But this particular rainstorm was more than just a typical rainfall.

This rain was a cover, as it had been earlier that evening, when a sinister deed had taken place under the cover of this rather depressing shower.

A foul action that would set forth a series of events, both good and bad, that would test the willow those involved.



OCTOBER 9th, 2017

MONDAY, 9:45 P.M

The flashing of blue and red lights illuminated the dark night.

Police cars and an ambulance surrounded a particular home on a quiet Downtown street.

This normally uneventful, silent neighborhood was now buzzing with police officers and forensic scientists who were both surrounding and swarming the white and brown two-floor house.

Many of the other houses were lit up with light as neighbors all peered out of their living room and bedroom windows at the sight outside.

Yellow police tape surrounded the home and also stretched across the street where it was tied to a large oak tree at the edge of someone's yard.
The long perimeter of yellow tape was guarded at length by police officers wearing heavy blue coats, their job was to keep curious and concerned pedestrians at bay and away from the crime scene to avoid compromising it.

The rain poured down from above in heavy sheets down onto the cozy looking house and the surrounding personnel, soaking and chilling most of them, which seemed to further darken the surrounding mood.

Very nice characters. They certainly make promising fits into our story and settings.

I'll have our official OP up shortly in the CRP forum, so just kick back and I'll link it here once it is complete.
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