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3 days ago
Step 1 of being a Final Destination character: STOP DOING ANYTHING.
4 days ago
You know that it is time to just pull the plug on the Roleplay when it begins to feel like a chore or homework and is no longer fun.
10 days ago
Only one week until this next semester begins. *Sigh* Where has the summer gone?
13 days ago
One sword keeps another sheathed. Deterrence is the true key to peace, or at least the closest to it.



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@BubblegumQueenIm afraid that I do indeed already have a partner. :/

Sorry chums, but I'll keep you in mind if I need a replacement.

A prank gone horribly wrong...

A sister lost to the icy grip of Death...

A brother with a broken mind and heart...

And a psychotic killer out for blood...


Hello and welcome, and thank you for your time!

So, as you can see, this is a slasher survival-horror Roleplay that I have created, and I am in need of a partner of course.

But first, let us begin the rundown of the Roleplay itself.


The Roleplay will revolve around a group of friends who are all in college together, and are all very close with each other, and are practically inseparable as a group.

One of these "group members" begins a relationship with a person outside of the group. This outsider will be played by my partner for the Roleplay.

So, while the outsider is my partners' character, their significant other and the rest of the group will be role-played by myself obviously.

Now, with that clarified, I shall provide the basic rundown of the Roleplays' plot.


The Roleplay will be divided into two parts, a prologue and the main story line. The Prologue will basically "set the table" for the events of the primary storyline and is very necessary for the structure of the Roleplay.

Below are basic descriptions of the Prologue and the main story. Please read them thoroughly.



Please note that this is a very raw rundown of the Roleplay.
Further details and information will be discussed between myself and my partner, whomever they be.



The characters below are the friends from the group that this Roleplay will revolve around.
Please note that there are only names and pictures provided.

This is partially for the sake of the Roleplay, as I want my partners' character to properly meet them at the party and in Tennessee and learn as much as they choose to about the different characters and form bonds and so on.

Mark Krenzler (The Brother)

Jade Krenzler (The Sister)

Kaylee Burns

Charlie White

Shawn Roberts

Riley Hendrix

Dylan Rogers

Remember, as part of the "interactive storyline", it is up to my partner to discover and learn as much about these characters as they wish and form relationships. Both positive and negative.





Further Details will be discussed, planned, and ironed out with my partner.
The reasons this was terminated are as follows @Holy Soldier;

-I postponed this Roleplay two or three days past when I had originally intended just for two people, one of whom still could not meet the deadline because his plate was too full, and another who I wasn't even sure was going to show.

-Aside from you @Holy Soldier, I had two other players who were being forced to wait for days on end, and if they had indeed split paths from here, then the Roleplay would have only two players left.
Not very ideal for how large I had planned for this to be. (3-5 people aside from myself.)

-The last minute departures of "Burning Kitty" and "AngelofOctober" demoralized my faith in this Roleplay going very far.

-While "AngelofOctober"'s departure was techinally on me, I grew tired of their empty words. First they promised to have their character ready on Tuesday, then Wednesday, and then this morning were still not prepared.
If I had continued to wait and postpone the Roleplay further, it would have been next Friday before we got this show on the road.

-My frustration at the ordeals above just literally killed my patience and drive and I said to meself "to Hell with it, this is just pure frustration for me now."
That can work.👍 @AngelofOctober
Well, @AngelofOctober, what about tomorrow morning?
Honestly I'm unsure @AngelofOctober, we'll worry about that once everyone has their character up.

Although I can assure you it will not be warp speed" posting.
But neither will it be one or two posts overall a day either.
Dinnae' worry, we will iron out that small detail once we are ready for the story to begin.

Also, I would really prefer for the remaining players to have something up by no later than late tonight.

I hate to issue "deadlines" but we have 3 other people awaiting the beginning of the Roleplay, and it's a bit unfair to make them wait a-whole-nother day or two.
@Lady Amalthea

Alright, understood. I shall have my CS posted shortly for approval and speculation and whatnot.

My character base is going to be a wanderer from Tenesee who fled farther South after his group was overrun and slaughtered by a Walker horde, with him being the only survivor of course.

Is that fine?

@Lady Amalthea, I hope you have room for a new character, because if so, could I join into this?
@Holy Soldier

I did not intend to make it seem like I was pressuring her, I was simply offering suggestions to perhaps make things more appealing to her.

I agree with you to the fullest actually, and apologize to her and you if I seemed forceful.

No such intention here.
Pardon me, @Holy Soldier, @Thecrash20, but could you chaps please repost your characters just once more into the "Characters" specific tab.

This will make them easier to keep up with.

It seems we are still waiting on @AngelofOctober and @Darkmoon Angel.
(I hope you fellows are still with us!)

And BTW @Burning Kitty, might I suggest an M203, a grenade launcher, or a RPG as was stated?
Those would be effective indeed.
Although having a melee secondary weapon is recommended.
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