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Current Im sorry i havent been on in so long. Things are kinda rough at the moment, but ill be back as soon as possible, for those that are still with me
9 mos ago
Crown and Coke: Check. Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Check. Awesome night: About to commence ;)
9 mos ago
I'll be working on replies over the next few days and I'll try to get as many as I can out this weekend. Sorry for the long wait guys.
9 mos ago
Things are still kinda hectic on my end, but I'll try to get out some replies here and there when possible :)
10 mos ago
Some real life issues have come up and there's a good possibility I may not be able to get on a lot for a while.


I'm assuming the reason you're reading this is because you want to know more about.. me! So, here are some fun facts :)

I am 28 years young

I am a straight female

I'm a housewife, and mother to three boys. Four if you count my husband ;)

I love junk food

Proud horror movie fanatic

I love the smell of books, and the sound gravel makes when it's walked on

I hate beer

My favorite video games are Mass Effect 1,2, and 3 (Although the ending sucked), and Donkey Kong Country

I'm super laid back and friendly and love chatting and making friends

If you want to know about my preferences concerning Roleplays, you can read all about it HERE. It's still a work in progress so bare with me on that.

This bio is also a work in progress, and more will be added as it comes to me :)

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Ok well... maybe I'll get more interest if I go ahead and ass up a basic summary lol.

Ok so it's in the future, where instead of prisoners going to a normal prison, they all get cryogenically frozen for the duration of their sentence. The prison, is maximum security, and is 50 or so feet above Earth.

Your character, who was framed, will be about to join the crew of the M.S One (the prison) unless he takes on a little mission. To rescue my character.

The presidents daughter (which we can change) is up on MS One conducting an investigation to see if the prisoners have been treated fairly. During the questioning of one of the inmates, things go to shit.

All of the prisoners are released, and she (along with a few others) are being held hostage. This is where your character comes in.

Will he take the mission and save the woman to keep himself out of prison? Or will he let them all die, and be an inmate himself?

With all of that being said, I am super open to discuss things and make changes. I will also give more details if someone shows some interest, and if they want to know.

Here's to hoping :)

As a little side note... I will admit that I'm having somewhat of a Jason Statham celebrity crush ;)

Anyways, if anyone is interested, hit me up with a PM and we'll get things rolling.
Just gonna go ahead and bump this.

There's gotta be someone around here that likes the idea! Right? XD
So, I'm really in the mood to do a sort of, as the title suggests, Tarzan and Jane sort of roleplay. Either we could do the typical Tarzan and Jane, or we could reverse the roles to make it a little more interesting.

There will be mature themes and I would like it to be more adult and gritty than the beloved Disney version :)

If anyone is interested, hit me up with a PM, as i dont keep up with my threads.

Hope to hear from you soon :)
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Sorry I just kinda disappeared guys... my phone was off and literally just got it back on :)
In Exiles 10 mos ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@sassy1085@King Tai

We need to get our characters together somehow XD
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Ophelia understood the girl's hesitation. She was an unknown person. It was hard enough being an Exile. It was even harder if you were young, like they all seemed to be. She was actually relieved when the girl took her hand and stood to her feet. Ophelia's smile grew and she too, stood to her feet. "My name is Sphinx... But you can call me Ophelia if you'd like," she offered as she looked at the other two in the store.

Tightening her hand around the little girls, Ophelia walked up to the younger man, the little girl in tow. "You're more than welcome to come too. I know none of us know one another, but we would be stronger, more resilient in numbers." With a heavy sigh, Ophelia looked down at the girl. The old abandoned house near the edge of the city. Can't miss it." She took the girl and they made their way around the man, intending on heading in that very direction. "In case you change your mind," she added before the pair left the store and headed to the house.

This would definitely be interesting. Never before since she left, had she looked after anyone else. She imagined it would be alot like having a younger sister. Surely things wouldn't be too bad. "What's your name sweetheart," she asked as she looked down at her.

@Mariana Collie @Default
That it would! I could up the ante and have a woman disguised as a man so that she was able to join. Yeah? No?
Any room for a chick in this? :)
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Ophelia watched the man as he realized there was a girl in the bathroom, then looked at her as if she were an Exile hunter. He commanded her to stay back and not to follow him. She quickly shook her head and stared at him in confusion. "Wait, you can't just leave." Ophelia looked to the girl and bit her lip. "Stay there, I'll be right back." She then walked over to the man, ignoring his threat. Here, there were 3 Exiles in the same one spot, 4 of the girl was one. It wasn't easy finding other Exiles.

"We need to stick together. Look..." Ophelia looked over at the candy stand several feet away and held her hand out. A Snickers bar suddenly rise up into the air and flew through the air until she caught it. With a slight smirk, Ophelia handed the candy bar to the man. "I'm one too, see?" Her smile faltered and she bit her lip. "Look, I live in a house not far from here. You're all welcome to come and stay." Without waiting for an answer, she made her way back to the bathroom and went inside. Kneeling down in front of the girl, Ophelia smiled warmly. "Will you come? I'll watch after you." She extended her hand to the girl. "I promise."

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