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Why am I so depraved?
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I love you all.
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Am I on too often? Maybe...
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Avatars are hard...


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Umm... bump... I guess?
Hmm, so much Bumping... and then nothing. Almost like the game hit :P
I noticed, and thank you! I will get you a PM or the like after work.
I'd like in on this one. I saw the link for the OOC at the bottom of the site and it brought me all here.

Since I don't see any Rezmages. I don't even see any healers, so I can try to fill a blank role. Ala Mhigan Miqote RedMage (the class would have to be tweaked a bit), or a noncannon disciple of the wandering red Mage Teacher... something like that so I'm not in my forties.

All Hail Ultros!
BUMP due to abandonment.
An open door appeared on the side of what she could see of the mangled structure. It wasn't much, but open door meant NOT getting eaten by giant spider thing. There was some other noise nearby, but... don't think about that. She turned and threw the spear at the thing, last-minute effort, and it impaled the creature... but barely seemed to have an effect. At least it made it past the carapace. That meant the thing COULD be hurt to a degree, she just needed a much bigger spear. The open door blew past her, or she it and she was in the hallway a large claw thing poking in after her like some stupid comic she had seen back on earth.

She was panting heavily, less from the exertion, more from the panic and fear. "AI, can we get something on this section of the ship? any kind of interface, anything? a map on the wall saying you are here? She knew the answer before the AI said anything, but it was nice to ask. Her wary artificial gaze moved around the dingy hallway. Leaves and grass and all sorts of things had blown inside. That means the doorway had been open for a while. Again, the ship apparently had not crashed all that recently; though with flora and fauna like that who knows.

"One step at a time then," She stated aloud, catching her breath as best she could before starting down the hallway. No weapon now. maybe she would find a weapons cache? At least another broken thing that was basically a spear, please?
You really should be 18+ for this, go away you 16-year-old person! You know you shouldn't be here!

Okay, posting this here is weird for me... I blame my upbringing for everything you are about to read.

I would be playing the female in all but the one of these.

I would be playing the submissive role, but if you want otherwise specifically, pitch me something very good.


If you want specifics because you're depraved like I am, send me a PM as that is where this will all happen. This should be relatively smutty.

I tend towards art, pictures feels like I'm stealing something from someone. Realistic art is easier as well.

I don't care that much about the time period or setting, though for this I would prefer future/current we can add magic if you'd like or something of the sort.

I do NOT do alcohol-induced stuff.

*buries her head in the sand*
She was panting, HARD, even at the breakneck speeds she was running the whatever it was was gaining on her. It was a spider-like thing, but it had 10 legs and was pissed that she had broken out of its web of... sticky goo. How had she walked into the sticky goo? She had been running from a smaller thing. Night was falling, and apparently, that meant much the same here that it did on earth. Crazy shit comes out to eat you. Luckily the thing didn't seem to be able to navigate around the tees in the same way that she could. Though, to be fair, if she had been a normal human she would already be dead.

"Sentient Smith, follow the trajectory I am overlaying in your vision," AI stated in her head. Well, this was useful, but the 'trajectory' was freaking absurd! How the hell was she supposed to do these maneuvers?

"AI, We're going to need a more NORMAL pathway. I'm still not used to this body, or it's abilities!" she yelled as the trees whipped by her at nearly 15 miles per hour. A great pace for someone constantly dodging shrubs, downed tree limbs, and trees. "FUCK FUCK FUCK!" she shouted to the air around her.

"Sentient Smith, I am picking up the remains of another portion of the ship ahead. Changing trajectory, we are 5 minutes out at current pace."

Good news! Probably somewhere safe to stay during the night, assuming she could get inside and assuming it wasn't overrun with fucking monsters or Whatever else this fucked up world had on it. Seriously, who thought this place was a paradise? The sound of crashing breaking things was still gaining on her, ten legs really were better than two!
It was darker than she suspected it would be. The trees were huge and their thick foliage blocked out the light that streamed from above, or should have. Luckily, night vision was still a thing, so while she could see it was in a strang manner she was not accustomed to. That and there were blinding clearings at random intervals, but the two hours of walking hadn't had the darkness set in completely.

The best news was that no larger insects, animals, or whatever else may exist on this terrible terrible colony planet had appeared. The bad news, it seemed that many things she passed were poisonous to human consumption. Not in the slight hallucinogen way either, in the dead in a matter of excruciating hours way. Luckily she didn't have to worry about the food thing much. AI had noted that while food consumption was still important, her 'battery' would help sustain her without needing to obtain energy the way normal humans did. She was also sure to explain that if the battery ran out that the mechanical parts under her skin would slowly stop working until she couldn't move.


A slight glance, which she found herself doing quite often to the top right of her vision showed the battery level at 98%. Still a ways to go. A quick glance in front of her through the shrubbery and other thick jungle environments showed her... also still a ways to go.

"Any updates on the time we are looking at for this ship fragment, AI?" She queried again like she had every ten minutes since leaving the ship. The AI SHOULD be able to pick up SOMETHING before she was suddenly at the charred broken remains of humanities great achievements.
Muttering, thanks of course, Smith looked around the... clearing, though the plant life was apparently VERY active and already taking over whatever the ship had destroyed when it crashed. AI mentioned that this could only be a portion of the ship, the actual ship must have broken upon entry. Well, where was she supposed to go from here? it wasn't like there was a big arrow over her head that said 'this way for partner in stupid death game'. Though, if it did she would probably be a bit more frightened than she was now.

The Trees were huge, probably over a hundred foot high, thick and frim, their rooms probably deep. Vines hung off of them, they were about as big around as her thigh, the grass was tall and could easily hide more of those enormous bugs, luckily not the flying death birds. "Any idea's, AI?" she questioned her constant companion.

"Sentient Smith should go right, there are signals which indicate the location of another ship segment in the area."

"Estimate on time to arrival?" she questioned.

"Too many factors outside of calculations, time unknown." The AI replied mechanically.

"Great, so... it could be an hour or a day. I would HATe to get caught out here at night. I wonder how long the night cycle is." she stated more to herself than to the AI. Glancing around, her eyes couldn't pick up any movement by anything more than the wind, so she supposed she was going right... into the giant tree jungle full of who knew what... with only a small metal spear that was more steel rod than anything else.
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