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@Andromedai She's always been tall, and blame the 4th degree interdimensional warp fuckery. Tall is good though, to be fair.

@Andromedai, indeed, I basically copied the old description over!

Also, height helps with reach! Don't forget Adrianne favors long power swords ^_^

And completely protected from the cult mechanicus by the bloody inquisition <3 what could be more glorious!?


Our tech heretek is back!
Sounds like it could be fun!

Especially as I suspect we'll get a lot of combat characters for an ostensibly cloak & dagger infiltration mission ^_^

I have an even bettah one ^_^

Alrighty. I'll have a post up tomorrow. I have D&D tonight so that's my excuse for today and I'll also be drunk

Since when has being drunk been a reason not to post? ^.^
Okay =[

*Meant to reply with a "What's Wrong" meme*

"I can detect most of the dangers and traps to the portal." Adrianne responded to the Guardsman inquery.
"It is relatively easy still, even out here. But the closer we get to the actual gate, the less reliable my foresight will be. This space is steeped in demonic activity and corruption."

It crossed Adrianne's mind that the way she described their situation might have been an understatement; particularly given the fact she could see the shadowy outline of a six-legged creature prowling in the corner behind Ansgar, its shadowy and still incorporeal head fixed on the back of the krieger as it watched him from the other side of the veil.

Granted, when the idea was put forth that they could use the Orks as a proverbial battering ram against the fortified heretical forces around the gate, Adrianne suddenly felt a lot more optimistic; enough to turn away from glaring at the psychic spirits around them and towards the rest of the group!

While she felt confident they could handle a group of cultists, or even a band of lesser daemons; she did not so much trust their odds if the heretics had more corrupted astartes guarding the portal. A point wherein the Orks could be a wonderful equaliser!

"Ohhhhh, are you thinking of bringing a three-way? I'm into that... "

"Shut it... " Adrianne mumbled as she walked forward, before speaking.

"These tunnels feature many blast doors that close of different cordons and sections. If we could find a control room or some kind for the transport system in these tunnels, we could funnel the Orks right towards the heretics. The chaos forces around this area will likely congregate around the gate, which means if we can simply get the green brutes into contact with the heretics, they will likely find their own way from there."

Adrianne paused however when she saw the new arrival, Elisha.

The 7ft Psyker would turn to look at the man from behind her skeletal helmet, cocking her head curiously to the side as her long, white ponytail swished behind her cloak.

"I didn't expect to find an agri-worlder around here... !"

She commented with a quizzical tone.

Indeed, Elisha stood out like a sore thumb on the Forgeworld! Mainly helped by his egregious lack of cybernetic implants, too-healthy skin, and the fact he had not already broken into a tirade towards Vala about the at-least 17th different ways the tech-heretic offended the Omnissiah by her very existence!

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