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Current "I hope no one quotes me." Roland, 2022.
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"STOP. QUOTING. ME." Jb, 2019, quoted in 2022.
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Exactly two weeks for law school entrance exam. :O
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Prepping for the Round Two of applying to law school. Last year, the entrance exam beat me. #TheLawWon
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Currently enjoying both boxing and Kuroko's Basketball.
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Join the roleplayers, they said. It will be a blast, they said.

Now, I am here. Would you like to know more?

The name's Roland, a recent member of the forum. I've mostly played RPs in video game and tabletop form. As you might have guessed, I am a fan of both the Fantasy and the 40k versions of Warhammer, although if you come to ask did Magnus do something wrong, I please advise you to find new material for memes. I enjoy reading fantasy, history and sci-fi. I also like wandering and trekking in the woods and forests, and learning new things and trivia. I was awarded "Mister Trivial" award by my friends, and rarely do they dare to challenge for a game of Trivial Pursuit. I am also a history nerd, which might have some bearing on why I lack any Trivial Pursuit victims players.

I enjoy an ice cold, tar-like dark Lager, among other beverages. Other tastes (or lack thereof) include dark roasted and black coffee with sugar, German Scho-Ka-Kola chocolate and different pastas, especially without shellfish. I tend to torture my friends, school mates and tabletop roleplayers with lame puns and dadjokes. I write fantasy and sci fi worlds into my hard drive, maybe one day utilizing them in Dungeons & Dragons and/or other roleplays.

I probably go to Hell for those lame jokes, who knows.

Trivial knowledge about me:

a) I cried when I saw Avengers: The Endgame at the cinema. I don't think I will tell you why.
b) I occasionally attend to pub quizzes and do poorly, because I am the only one in my team. Can't blame anyone else, though.
c) One can only wonder what is my favourite Imperial Guard regiment.
d) Avery Johnson Jr. is my spirit animal.

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Battle-Sisters of the Fiery Thorn

“To the gangs of the Hive City VI, you have been condemned to death on the grounds of heresy against the Emperor and His government. Surrender, drop your weapons and your execution will be quick and merciful” blared out the transport’s loudspeakers. Sabine had no illusions the gang would oblige her message, but at least the district’s civilians would have a warning to stay out of the Sisters’ way. Not that they were any less innocent of heresy.

“Thirty seconds to the site. Prepare for drop”, the pilot’s voice echoed in Sabine’s helmet. “There are zero hostile contacts or activity on site.” “Understood”, Sabine responded. She ran her fingers on the hilt of her sword and the grip of her bolt pistol. “Sisters, you know your duties. Be prepared for anything.”

The transport spacecraft thundered across the sky, weaving between mile-high buildings and slums. There were no windows, but Sabine could imagine the sorry state of buildings. The Silver Fang gang was one of the largest of the hive city and held the district under its heel. “Ten seconds to touchdown. Opening hatch” the pilot said. Their drop site was a square with barely enough space for their craft, but the pilot knew his job, and Sabine trusted him. The Sisters rose up to stand. The dim lighting of streetlights poured through the hatch. Their Sabbat pattern helmets could filter bright light and help them see in darkness.

There was no one at the center of the square, but a few civilians scattered and huddled on the sides of the nearby buildings. The Sisters drew their weapons as their left the transport. It is quiet, Sabine thought. A bit too quiet for my taste.

“Sisters, follow me. We are crusaders in unholy territory from now on. Communicate only when necessary.” She drew her power sword and activated it. The Furious Rose had a red hue, when it’s power was activated, and it hummed noticeably when Sabine moved it through the air. It felt like it was made into her arm. She loaded and locked her bolter pistol. They started to make their way to their target. The transports ascended from the drop site and blared a message from its loudspeakers. The Sisters of Battle have entered the district. If you into their way, you will be mercilessly cut down. Do not resist.

The district could be described as a sprawling maze of slums and deserted warehouses, but their helmets received navigational data for their target. They found the warehouse in no time at all. Sabine stopped her squad at a junction just before the warehouse. “Now”, Sabine said. “Sister Emilia, take Sisters Adriana and Anais and attack from the side.” Sabine pointed her power sword to a nearby street. “The side entrance I spoke of is that way and to the left.”

“Understood. The Emperor’s Will will be done” Sister Emilia said and led her detachment to the warehouse’s flank. Sabine turned to Iona and said “Sister Iona, with me. We are going the rough way in through the main entrance.” The young Iona nodded, and they left for the entrance. It was guarded by half a dozen gangsters in street clothes and what looked like rudimentary low calibre stubbers. They seemed on alert. Good, it is not going to be too hard.

Sabine walked upright towards the entrance. The gangsters saw her, towering over them in her power armour. They weren’t very tall people compared to Sabine. Hivers rarely were. It took them a good few seconds to start removing the safety from their weapons. Sabine shouted to them. “In the name of the Emperor, I am here to execute his will! The pain for your heresy is death!”

Sabine broke into light running and raised her bolt pistol, removing the safety. Iona came closely behind, revving up her chainsword. The gangsters’ eyes widened from the sight. A larger gangster shouted commands in heavily accented Low Gothic Sabine barely understood, but the intent was clear. Shoot at them!, he clearly said.

Her power armour caught a few rounds, but they barely scratched her armour before she closed the distance to the nearest gangster. She cleaved his arm almost cleanly off and shot the next one to the head. The first one fell to the ground, shouting in agony, the other’s body just stayed on it’s feet for a half a second before falling down like a sack of potatoes. Sister Iona brought one down with a nasty strike from her chainsword. A gangster went down with a ugly chest wound. Soon enough she scored another hit with her chainsword to another gangster, sawing his head off.

The last two were barely a challenge. Sabine attacked with a ferocity worthy of an Ork. She had fought Orks quite a few times, and gangsters were not much of an obstacle for her. In few seconds, the sounds of the skirmish went down. They could hear the sounds of distant chainsword in the background. Sister Emilia clearly had flanked the gang and getting the better of them, too.

The ground was littered with the bodies of half a dozen dead gangsters. Sabine examined her surrounding and saw no other movement from nearby buildings. She went to the main entrance and inspected the great warehouse doors. They were locked by a simple chain and a lock. She hit the lock a few times with the Furious Rose and it gave way, breaking down at no time at all.

The doors opened into a great storeroom with many shelves of contraband goods and weapons. The gang’s main income was from extortion and selling contraband goods as far as Sabine knew. Sabine could move through the shelves, but her power armour knocked a few shelves off balance. “Be careful, Sister”, she said to Iona.”

Sabine could hear the gangsters shouting and running at a distance. They probably were organising resistance and bringing the heavier weapons against them. Lighter stubber rarely could punch through power armour, but heavy stubbers could inflict great damage on them.

The whole warehouse was dimly lit, but it proved nothing to hinder Sabine and Iona. They moved with a fast pace though the storeroom, moving deeper into the warehouse. A handful of gangsters without weapons stood in their way, but they were swiftly and mercilessly cut down.

The next storeroom had many more gangsters, almost ready with their defences. They had brought a few shelves and piled all kinds of obstacles to act as improvised cover. A heavy stubber provided overwatch on a balcony over the room. There were at least a dozen gangsters in the room, as far as Sabine saw. No matter, they shall fall!

“You shall not escape this place alive, Daughter of the Emperor!”, a heavily muscled gangster at her. He was taller than most other gangsters. It seemed to Sabine that he had an archaic looking powered exoskeleton on him and a chainsword in his hand. The gangster had a battery pack strapped to his back. The exoskeleton had armoured plates bolted into arms and the stomach, but Sabine could tell it could not provide much protection against her powersword. “You and your whores will die here!”

“Then I shall join His side! You shall not, heretic” Sabine replied to him. She had planned that Sister Emilia’s element would come at any moment now from the flank, but it seemed they had been delayed. No matter, plans never work as well as you make them.

A hail of bullets hit her surroundings as soon as Sabine moved towards them. A shot from the heavy stubber hit her arm. The bullet did not go through but left a noticeable dent in her armour. She had to take cover. Her power armour could take punishment, but her intention was not to catch every bullet the gangsters had in their armoury. Sister Iona followed suite. Iona had started to chant one of their battle hymns with her clear voice. It didn’t carry well over the sound of booming stubbers and bullets hitting all around them, but it did provide courage to the young Sister under fire.

They moved from cover to cover towards the gangsters’ positions. A few hails of bullets hit them, but the gangsters firing, and accuracy was shoddy at best. They clearly trusted in the quantity of fire more than in the quality of their aiming. “Sister Emilia”, Sabine hailed with her commlink. “What is your situation?”

“On our way, Sister Superior” her voice answered. It was steady as it always was. “Sister Anais took a hit from a heavy stubber to her side, but otherwise we are good and heading your way.”

“Good. May Emperor watch over you” Sabine responded. She put her bolter pistol aside and took a frag grenade, pulling its pin and threw it at pack of gangsters in a one smooth well-drilled movement. “Grenade!” Sabine heard one of the gangsters shouting and jumping out of the way. She also heard the explosion and at least a couple of the heretics blowing up.

They were finally close enough to charge at the heretical gangsters. Sabine rose from behind her cover and pointed her bolter at a gangster and firing a short burst at him. The bolts crashed at him and burst into small explosions in front of her. She charged towards a few of them and swung the Furious Rose. The powersword cut flesh and bone almost like it was thin paper. Sabine heard Iona’s chainsword biting into flesh near her. Her chanting had not stopped for a beat.

They cut down most of the gangsters in what felt like seconds. Stubbers fell silent after one another, and after a short while, only the exoskeleton wielding brute was left. Sabine pointed her power sword at him. “Pray for your salvation, for I shall cut you down, heretic. Sister Iona, leave him to me.”

The brute pounded chest with his fist and revved his chainsword to speed. He had fury and anger in his voice. “I will avenge my men and make you bleed for what you have done today, bitch!”

The brute tried to strike Sabine with a fast swing, but she had trained sword fighting for most of her life, ever she had joined the Schola Progenium. You are too slow, maggot, she remembered her Drill Abbess scolding her a lifetime ago. She barely remembered her face, but her training had stuck in her muscle memory. Slowness will kill you and turn you into worm food.

The brute was strong, but also quick in his feet. He changed his footing and tried again and again in quick succession. Sabine took a hit, leaving nasty marks into her armour, but it still held on. She countered and parried his attack, making a riposte and striking his plate in the stomach. The blow made a deep dent in the plate and punched the air out of him. The brute fell down into his knees. The brute could not produce any intelligible words or sounds.

“Pray for your salvation, heretic, for I shall not” Sister Sabine said to him and drove the Furious Rose through him. The brute fell down with a dull look on his face. The sounds of battle echoed in the hall for few good seconds. A ghostly silence fell in place. After a while, Sister Emilia’s element joined Sister Sabine. “Warehouse has been cleared, Sister Sabine. No casualties”, Emilia said in a matter of fact tone. Her armour had taken hits and dents, and all of their armours had been drenched in blood and intestines. “We have been victorious today.”

Sabine nodded with approval and said to her Sisters. “Yes, we have. Let us call for our transport and move out to the extraction point. The Inquisitor is waiting for our report. Better not to keep her waiting.”
Battle-Sisters of the Fiery Thorn

Sister Sabine’s squad was almost ready to board the transport to planetside. They had donned their armour and finished their prayers to the God-Emperor. No doubt clouded their minds, and Sabine was ready to commence her sacred duties.

She would brief her squad on the situation. They stood over a map of the city district. The gang’s hideout was an old warehouse. The building had fallen out of use, and the gang had taken it for their main base of operations. It had lots of open spaces inside, and a few dead corners. Its main entrance was on the southern wall, while the eastern wall had the emergency exits. The gangers did have antiquated weapons, but most could not punch through their power armour if the intelligence proved correct. She now talked with her squad to assign their tasks.

“Sister Iona”, Sabine said to a young, auburn-haired woman. Sister Iona the Younger, as her name suggested, younger than her namesake. There was already a Sister Superior named Iona in the Preceptory, and the elder one had suggested to give the nickname to denote the Sisters from each other. Sabine had served under the elder Iona for a while. Iona the Younger was the newest member of her squad, though all had served the Order for years. “Yes, Sister?” she answered to Sabine.

Sabine gazed her back. Sister Iona clearly had fire in her eyes. “We are going to split into two segments and enter the gang’s hideout from two sides in a pincer movement. The plan hinges on keeping their numbers in balance and attacking with great surprise. I want you to look after my back, while the rest of the Sisters attack from the eastern side.”

“I will do it gladly. I will have your back.” Iona had the clearest singing voice of Sabine’s squad, and she liked to sing and hum their battle hymns in the heat of battle. It was not quite orthodox, but Sabine enjoyed it.

“Sister Emilia, you shall lead the flanking element. I trust in your ability to strike terror in their hearts.” Siter Emilia was almost as dark haired as Sabine, but she was quite pale in comparison to her. She had been born on a irradiated planet, where the population spent most of their lives in bunkers beneath the earth. She was almost as old as Sabine and had served the Order almost as long.

“I shall not leave any of them alive” Emilia said. She had a quiet sister’s reputation, as she did not talk much, but she kept her calm in the thickest of fights. She would one day make a good leader for her own squad.

“Any questions on the tasks?” Sabine asked, shifting her gaze from sister to sister. Sister Adriana opened her mouth. Her face had the longest scars, after an ork had struck her helmet off her head. If the God-Emperor had not willed it, she would have died that day. “Has the drop site been scouted? I wouldn’t like to get into nasty surprises.”

“No, it has not been, but most of the nearby buildings only house civilians. It is a small square near the warehouse.” Sabine pointed the space two streets from the warehouse. “It should take only a moment to close the distance between the square and the warehouse, and the gang will be surprised with our wrath.”

“Hmm. I have a bad feeling about this insertion” Adriana said to the squad. She had an uncanny sense for foreboding danger. It had saved her quite a few times on the battlefields. “They have been announced that they will be purged, and they probably have taken the nearby streets for themselves. If I were in their shoes, I would have rigged most of the nearby streets with whatever explosives I have got in my hands.”

“You are right, but we must not suffer these heretics to live”, Sabine said. Adriana’s concerns had been often been correct in the past. “Every moment we talk here will give them more time to prepare their vile hive. And we have the rightful faith on our side.”

“The God-Emperor will know His own”, Adriana said, ending her questioning.

Ave Imperator, blessed be Your name, Sabine thought in her head and felt the hilt of the Furious Rose in her fingers. She would finally get to test the blade on the enemies of the truly faithful. “If you do not have further questions, be ready to board the transport.”
Battle-Sisters of the Fiery Thorn

Ave Imperator, my faith in You is my armour and my sword.

Sister Sabine prayed in her thoughts. She had recited the prayer times beyond counting since her earliest memories, ever since she had entered the Schola Progenium as a scared little girl. The Schola had burned her former life away with endless drills, lessons and sermons and shown her the way of the truly faithful. For the past two decades, she had been serving in the Order of the Fiery Thorn, defending the mankind and her Sisters against the Xeno, the Heretic and the Mutant.

Offer us strength to carry our tasks and duties, no matter how difficult the road is.

Her four Battle-Sisters were also praying. They had their own silent prayers for the Emperor to bless their mission. The Inquisitor had appointed a hive gang as the Sisters’ objective. The Scions Tempestus would attack another bunch of gangers. She had a few times fought alongside squads of Scions before, and so Sabine had no doubt they would not get their mission accomplished. They had arrived at the former planetary governor’s orbital station only recently, and they had been appropriated little space for themselves. They were not going to stay on the station for long. As fast they had finished their prayers and donned their power armour and weapons, they would head after the gang.

May only the few suffer for the benefit of many.

She had been chosen personally by Prioress Constantia to aid the Inquisitor in her purge of the hive city. Her sisterhood had equipped her with the precious powersword named the Furious Rose, which had been passing down from Sister to Sister within the Order for generations. Sabine had often used a powersword before, but none had been as well-crafted as the Furious Rose. It had a crimson tint and roses emblazoned on its hilt and scabbard. The names of the previous wielders were carved into the sword’s blade. Whenever the wielder died, her name and rank would be carved into the blade for remembering their sacrifices for the good of all mankind.

May my hand protect others and Your creation.

Sabine could trust any of them with her life, and their lives on her hands. Her Battle-Sisters were near her age and hailed across the Imperium’s dominion, but all of them had performed in their duties and hardships as expected and without failure. They all bore scars on them from training and battles.

And suffer not one heretic live a moment longer.

There was hardly a distinction between a ganger or a heretic to Sabine. The heretics were consorting with the powers opposing the Emperor of Mankind, the gangers killed, blackmailed, and smuggled people and illegal goods; both thrived in the dark and shadowy corners of the imperial society like weeds, spreading their vile roots and vines.

Ave Imperator, blessed be Your name.

She had conceived a straightforward plan to annihilate the hive gang. Hive gang’s upper leadership should be eliminated with absolute force and intolerance to raise absolute terror and fear on every level of the gang. Sabine had been passed intelligence of the gang’s possible hideouts and locations. They would flock and scatter like a knot of sparrows.

Our enemies are many, but we will prevail.

Gangs were very similar to a human body, she believed; lob off the head of the gang, and the rest should fall on its own weight. Attack their vital organs, and they would bleed to death. If any ganger tried to come between her and her prey, they would be cut down like weeds in a garden. The gangers had to be sent a message, and she had a perfect message ready in her mind.

The only mercy Daughters of the Emperor will deal to whom conspire with heretics is death.

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