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@Blubaron45 No apologies necessary, Baron! Sorry to hear you were in an accident and hope all is well now. Just out of curiosity, amateur bout and training? Is this martial arts related?
@Girlie1Bomba A couple of members appear to have been inactive for the last week, including Baron. You may have to fly solo for the time being, even if that means temporarily taking control of Sato.
@ReusableSword @EchoesofOld Ok, I've made a short post as Zoe Bell to help you both get moving again. I hope it's something you can work with. When the smoke clears, Zoe will be gone except a couple of drug bags. It can be assumed she grabbed and stashed what she could and made a run for it.
Zoe Bell

Zoe had survived more than enough close calls to count, but she doubted this one. The rifle fell over her like a scythe, menacing and able to claim her soul at any given moment. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, yet instinctively she was driven like any creature to survive, even if it meant continued existence in a cesspool. She had thought about sweet talking her way out, playing to her male captor’s weaker side, but as much as her pursuers were, as far as she was concerned, scum of Earth, they weren’t stupid. If anything, they’d have their way with her on their terms, and it wouldn’t be pleasant. But as hope seemed to escape her and she considered trying her luck, another two men had become noticeable. They seemed to appear from the shadows, one in hunched, animal-like movements as if preparing to pounce, while the other preached some nonsense of her sins. Were they working together? It was all too sudden for her to process, no less the abnormalities in their appearances she had completely disregarded. Instead, as her captor’s head turned, followed by his rifle to the masked man approaching him, an opportunity seemed to present itself. Concerned only for herself, Zoe’s eyes widened as she grabbed dirt, tilted her body, and slung dust into the armed man’s face. He fired a burst of reactive shots that appeared too awkwardly angled to hit anybody, before attempting to readjust himself with weakened vision. At that point, Zoe jumped up and tried to tackle him with no success, instead being blindly thrown back down. Her pistol was still out of reach, and the threatening sound of other men shouting quickly became audible. The other soldiers had heard the commotion and were already returning having barely made any ground. A smoke grenade shortly followed, and Zoe found herself crawling to her belongings. Nothing else mattered right now. As the fight unfolded around her, she had no idea what might happen to the other men, forced into combat because of her actions. But at this moment in time, in the frenzy of survival, she wasn’t so sure she cared.
@ReusableSword In that case, I'll see to getting a post up as Zoe Bell so that you can continue.
I've been working with @Symphoni on her next post, somewhat of a joint effort although I've been sending her a little bit in circles with my lack of joint post experience. Sorry. ;P

Are you two still on board? @ReusableSword @EchoesofOld YungTweak is unable to continue at this point and I know it's EchoesofOld's turn to post. If it's of help, I'd be happy to make a short post on behalf of YungTweak to advance your situation. Let me know.
@YungTweak The door's open if anything changes.
Hold the phone, we've got a master of suspense and perfect timing over here! ;D Good to see you back @YungTweak.
I will edit in that they will not be dressed in the typical Defender gear/outfit and so have them dressed up in a less conspicuous attire.

Which I will just add is a bad-ass idea and I love it. Smart thinking, Bomba.
@Girlie1Bomba No edits are necessary unless you want them.

@ReusableSword @EchoesofOld Yung hasn't been online for about five days. Feel free to go ahead with your post, EchoesofOld. Perhaps some kind of distraction can come into play, at which point sight is lost of Yung's character. It can be assumed she slipped away at the first opportunity. Maybe trade some ideas on how to proceed if needed. If and when Yung comes back, she can post again to join back up with you with no harm done.
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