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Dibs on Red
Ooh, this sounds really interesting, count me in!
This definitely looks like something I want to be a part of, count me in!
Got the green light on discord, so imma post him to the character tab
@redbaron1234 Kewl! So if I’m not it means mistaken I still need the green light from @Savo?

Alright, so his armor is iron now
<Snipped quote by Roughdragon1>

Right but in this scenario this knight has modern grade body armor on his side, on top of his Nomad level toughness.

He's pretty tanky for sure, but even body armor has its limits. Shock from getting hit, dust and sand, gas, or electricity. Really, the only type of damage he is heavily resistant against is the kinetic kind. On top of that, his attack set is exclusively hand-to-hand, lacking any ranged moves. Also, some of those attacks may not even have any effect on non-humanoid opponents. To me, this seems like a good enough reason to up his armor. However, you are a gm, so if you really want me to lower his armor I will.
@redbaron1234 Well the thing about Vikkar is that although he is a powerful warrior, with his armor and such, he is also an outdated one. He'd been used to fighting humans exclusively, and as a result he will carry these tactics into battle, not knowing that other nomads may not even be anatomically similar to people at all, and the technology gap with some of the other nomads certainly outweighs titanium plate armor.

Essentially, think of a medieval knight going up against a pirate. The knight will slaughter the pirate in a straight on fight thanks to his armor, but the pirate has a deadly technology advantage, given his guns and grenades.

Also, it'll be fun to write Vikkar in such a way that he must adapt his tactics in order to overcome his opponents. Also, I think I read somewhere on here that our characters may be able to recieve changes to their moveset down the line as a way to further develop our characters.
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