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@Omega Man Thanks, I'll get one up tonight or tomorrow
I'm interested, is there a character sheet I can use for this?

Name: Rakkath
Age: 23
Height: 5’9
Weight: 145 lb
Class: Berserker
Race: Demonfolk

Weapons & Equipment: Sharp finger-gauntlets, steel. One Dane axe. Throwing axes worn on a leather belt. Plain shirt worn under chain mail. No armor on the legs besides his trousers and his boots. Wears a bear’s pelt around his head like a bandana. Has a pouch containing dried meat and a waterskin.

Skills and Abilities: A brawler at heart, Rakkath’s rage literally runs in his blood. Not trained in any formal way, but has lots of experience fighting rival gangs. If someone draws his blood, he will go into a frenzy for a few minutes, and then collapse in exhaustion afterwards.

Bio: Born and raised in Naveroth, Rakkath had to fight to survive. Demonkind already had its… less than savory stereotypes, and being in one of the most prejudiced cities didn’t exactly help his situation. He joined a gang of Demonfolk, where he learned quick that Humans were not exactly the giving kind.

He faced near-daily attacks, having to fend off multiple opponents at once at times, and after a while, gained a reputation of being a fighter. But things changed when someone drew his blood one day in an alleyway. He went into a bloodlust that couldn’t be stopped, even by his own gang-members. Suffice to day, he was too mangled to convict Rakkath of any crime.

A demonic cultist had explained to him that his bloodline was different than others of his race. Somehow, he had kept some semblance of demonic power, however it could only be used for a few minutes at a time.
Dibs on Red
Ooh, this sounds really interesting, count me in!
This definitely looks like something I want to be a part of, count me in!
Got the green light on discord, so imma post him to the character tab
@redbaron1234 Kewl! So if I’m not it means mistaken I still need the green light from @Savo?
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