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Current @Data, there is always at least one person who will find you worthwhile, I'm sure that there are multiple in your case. :) Chin up, okay? I promise things'll look better as time goes on!
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Our internet problem is officially fixed! I'm back in business baby! Replies will start flowing uno momento!
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our house is a wifi dead-zone. We're having someone look at it tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to work on my responses soon! Sorry! I need to get off of my friend's network now, sorry again guys!
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Hi, sorry, I'm currently borrowing my friend's wifi, so I'll only be on for a few minutes. I'm sorry for not responding in a few days in my rp's! Our network is currently down and
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Hi ya'll, sorry for my inactivity, we've been having some power-outages and since my access to power dictates my access to the internet I haven't been able to come on. I'll work on my replies now!
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Yo! If ya'll are reading this you must either be profile snoopers, or simply curious as to who the strange individual whose name you've seen lurking on role-plays is(same thing), but either way, the reason does not matter to me as I have looked at a fair number of profiles myself. So, allow me to extend my warmest welcome to ya'll, it's a pleasure to have you on my humble profile!

Now on to the reason that your probably here(if not for this I don't know why), me.

Honestly, I'm nothing spectacular, just your ordinary run-of-the-mill nineteen-year-old female, with a burning passion for books, anime, several tv-shows, fanfictions, PUNS!!!!(Sans has ruined me for life, XD!) and of course, role-playing.

I won't lie and say that I am a master at the art though, I still need some work with character depth admittedly, but my spelling is more than alright and my grammar isn't that bad either. I am also willing to work with other people and fairly flexible when it comes to my character's role in the rp(kindof a people pleaser, XP rip) unless its smut. Sorry, ya'll, I'm not trying to shame ya'll or anything, but well, I'd really rather avoid anything more graphic than fading to black, just my personal taste though, if you like it, have fun!

My personal favorite settings in rp's tends to lean towards super-hero, normal modern slice-of-life, some fandoms that I love, like HP for example and while I have yet to actually take part in a medieval/fantasy style like a D&D, I would really love to try it out(seriously, message me if ya know an rp like that, that needs an extra character, I'm there!)

Other than that, there's not much else, my favorite color is green, I have no social life, so I'm pretty much always on, I'm left-handed and my brother told me to tell you to suscribe to Pewdiepie. That is all.

I hope that you have enjoyed your stay here at casa-del-Royaletutor59!

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Location: Roof

Interaction: Park Jun-Hoe

At the sound of a whistle and a voice calling out, Pierre looked up to see the dog that had been keeping him company run towards a man wearing a beanie and a facemask tucked under his chin. It was impossible not to smile at the sound those little legs made as they ran towards his owner, or at least Pierre thinks he’s the owner. His theory seemed to be confirmed soon enough as the man leaned down and picked the dog up, putting him around his neck like a little scarf! Pierre was full out grinning at the sight, that has to be one of the most adorable things he has ever seen! Standing up, he waved slightly in greeting, hopefully he wasn’t upset that Pierre was petting his dog without permission, of course he would understand if that were the case, but he really hoped it wasn’t, it would be nice to get along with his new neighbours at the very least and he really doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot with someone before they’ve even met properly.

Luckily, that didn’t seem to be the case as the man spoke addressing him. Still grinning, because come on it’s impossible not to when there’s a doggy being worn as a scarf right in front of him, he shook his head slightly and held up one hand in a ‘thumbs-up’ gesture to show that it was fine and he understood and wasn’t bothered by the furry little thing one bit. Hopefully the same could be said for the dog, but he thinks he’s on the clear in that regard.

Continuing to grin as the man eyed the dog, he watched as the dog was put down, taking a seat at the man’s feet, and the man said something in another language (sounds Asian, maybe Chinese? No, Korean perhaps?) before taking him by surprise with a bow. Blinking for a second before a slightly amused smile crossed his face as he received the English translation of what was said as he shook Junhoe’s hand before giving him and Frog(adorable name!) an, admittedly clumsy, bow of his own to be polite(it didn’t feel right for someone to give him a bow and not give one back) before straightening up. The grin on his face was near blinding when Junhoe told him that it was alright for him to pet Frog some more, he loves animals so any time he gets to spend with one is more than welcomed in his books, but before he did that, there was something he needed to do first.

Reaching into his hoodie pocket, he pulled out his phone and opened a notepad app he has on it before opening one of the premade documents on it, only pausing briefly to add something to it before turning it so that Junhoe could see what was written on it. A slightly sheepish smile crossed his face as he watched to see the other man’s reaction, hopefully it wouldn’t be a problem.

Hello, my name is Pierre(pronounced ‘peer’) De Jager, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for letting me pet Frog! He’s adorable!:)

It was with great reluctance that Pierre finally managed to pry himself away from the dog, watching with an obvious pout as the canine he had been petting for the last few minutes ran off, before pushing himself off of the ground and standing up. He would have loved nothing more than to sit there for the entire party while keeping the dog company, but his owner probably wanted to spend time with him as well, the other guests too probably, it would be rude if he kept hogging the dog and he can always go and say hello to him again as the party continues! Maybe he can even introduce himself to the dog’s owner at one point?

Noticeably perking up with a new goal in mind, he looked around himself, actually taking in the humans present now that he wasn’t distracted by a bundle of cuteness. Out of all the people currently on the roof, he only recognised his roommates, Felix, who was standing close to the edge of the roof and looking at the gorgeous, some would say magical, scenery, and Moritz, who was in the middle of interacting with quite a few people. Giving the two of them a smile and a wave, he thought of going over to say hi to one of them, considering that he hadn’t seen either of them that day, when his attention was pulled away by the sound of music.

Turning his head, it took him next to no time to pin-point the source as the karaoke machine being fired up and a tall man with dreads rocking out to them. The obvious fun the man was having was contagious and caused a wide grin to spread across Pierre’s face, which only continued to grow as another man jumped on the stage and started dancing before extending his hand in invitation to a woman, which was swiftly accepted as she joined him on stage. Watching them go up there, letting go and enjoying the party, was a blast and had him grinning all the way towards the edge of the roof, Walking over to the side-lines, he gave a bright smile and a quick wave to a red-haired girl sitting close-by and made himself comfortable on the ground, back against the ledge, and watched the party-goers have fun.

He’ll join in in a bit, after the party gets more active, but for now, he’s happy just sitting there with a grin on his face and watching everyone have fun, while tapping out the rhythms of the songs being sang with his fingers.

Silvervale is beautiful. There’s no if and or but about it. From the blueish-silver fog enveloping the town, to the buildings and memento’s commemorating the town’s unique history and now with the sun making its decent in the sky…it’s like something straight out of one of Pierre’s books. In fact, if he closes his eyes, he can almost feel magic in the air! It’s enough to make any doubts he had about leaving home vanish, not to say that he doesn’t miss his family, but this town…he’s only been here a week and he already never wants to leave!

Taking in a deep breath of air, a wide smile spread across Pierre’s features, easily reaching his light brown eyes and causing them to shine happily as they take in their surroundings. Were it not for the weight of the bags in his hands, he very well might’ve forgotten about his current task in favour of seeing what the picturesque town has to offer once its dark, but as things were, he reluctantly started walking back to Redwood Apartments, making sure to take his time in order to enjoy the environment for as long as possible.

One short walk later and he had reached his destination, the sky already completely dark as he entered the building and quickly made his way over to apartment 3A. Depositing the bags in his room, he made quick work of emptying one of its contents and heading over to the terrace with the bag of birdseed in hand. It might not be ideal to just sprinkle some seeds on the terrace’s ground, but with the supplies he got, he’ll make some proper birdfeeders to hang out here tomorrow so that the poor guys will have a proper place to eat as well

Dinner given to his feathered friends, he headed back to his room and stowed the seeds away. Now that that was done, he was free for the rest of the night since he made sure to finish up any coursework assigned for his next class, last night as well as this morning. Grabbing the next book on his ‘need to read’-list, he made himself comfortable next to his bed, stretching out across the floor and was just about to open the book when the obnoxious noise of clattering pots blared across the room, startling him.

Yanking his phone out, he glared at the infernal thing and went to disable the alarm when its name caught his eye. ‘Rooftop Party, 8pm!!!!!’ ...Shoot. He forgot that that was today. Glancing at his book mournfully, he debated just staying in, he’s only been here for about a week so he doesn’t know any of the other tenants, so its unlikely that anybody would miss him, well maybe his roommates? But as nice as they seemed they haven’t really interacted all that much so-

Cutting himself off with a sigh he placed his book down and stood up. He RSVP’d for that thing a few days ago, simply not showing up would be rude…and besides, this’ll give him a chance to see the town from a higher perspective! If it looks and feels magical from the ground, just think what it’ll be like from up there! His outfit should be okay, a black zip-up hoodie over a dark grey shirt with jeans and kinda worn grey and black sneakers wont land him on any magazine covers, but its comfortable and doesn’t look too bad, at least he doesn’t think so.

Would it be rude to show up empty-handed? Its kind of too late to get something for it now though…unless! A brief search later revealed an unopened bottle of ‘Jack Daniels’ buried deep inside his closet. His brother jokingly gave it to him as a going away present fully aware that it most likely will never get used. Pierre just isn’t much of a drinker, really, he can’t get past the taste. Either way, tonight is as good an opportunity as any to get rid of it, he’ll have to send his bro a message later to thank him for having inadvertently helped him out.

Quietly opening the door to the rooftop, he glanced around at everybody who was already there, counting at least fifteen people there as well as a dog. Face immediately lighting up in a bright smile as he looked at the doggo, Pierre made quick work of depositing the bottle on a nearby table and went over to greet the dog, completely ignoring the humans around him in favor of planting himself down next to the canine as he ruffled his fur.
@rougeLily Done! Thank you! :D

Also, yay! New roomies!

@Akayaofthemoon Thank you! Hopefully my guy will be up to the standards:D
@rougeLily@Akayaofthemoon Do you guys still have room for one more? If you do I have a guy that should work. If not, that's okay, I am a little late to the party after all.

@Haeo Congrats! I hope everything is going well and will continue to do so!
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One moment, Erika was trying to find a way to position the shelf so that she’d be able to slide the woman out from under it then she blinked and poof, the woman was gone and a grey blur was disappearing out of her line of sight. A second passed where she owlishly gaped at the now unoccupied spot where the woman used to be before realisation hit her.

Letting the shelf fall with a clang, she looked in the direction the blur disappeared in, an amused smile hidden by her mask. Were she a lesser person, she might have been irritated at him, but as things were she is just happy that the woman and kid was safe and as she was not above laughing at herself, she is willing to admit that her expression when she saw that the woman was gone was probably hilarious. Her mirth however was short-lived as the rumbling sound of a building on the verge of complete collapse filled her ears.

Not wasting a second, her legs immediately started carrying her to the exit, her eyes peeled for anybody else still in the building as she went. Personally, the building collapsing in and of itself is something that she’s reasonably sure that she’d be able to survive, but the heat is already really intense and her mask wont protects her from the smoke forever, so suffocation if she ends up trapped is a real possibility and she is not about to go out that way. If her life is to end prematurely, it’ll be doing something totally epic, possibly fighting a really dangerous villain, she refuses to be taken out by a building-turned-bonfire!

Stumbling slightly over something, she quickly righted herself and gave a sigh of relief at the sign of the exit. Glancing around herself one last time to make sure nobody else was trapped in here, she made her way to the exit, running out just as the sound of crashing objects came from behind her, indicating that the roof had started falling in. A sigh of relief leaving her as she once again breathed in air that wasn't mostly full of smoke. That was a close one.
This looks interesting, it's definitely different from the rp's I've joined in the past, but it sounds cool so count me interested.
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