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Current @Data, there is always at least one person who will find you worthwhile, I'm sure that there are multiple in your case. :) Chin up, okay? I promise things'll look better as time goes on!
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Our internet problem is officially fixed! I'm back in business baby! Replies will start flowing uno momento!
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our house is a wifi dead-zone. We're having someone look at it tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to work on my responses soon! Sorry! I need to get off of my friend's network now, sorry again guys!
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Hi, sorry, I'm currently borrowing my friend's wifi, so I'll only be on for a few minutes. I'm sorry for not responding in a few days in my rp's! Our network is currently down and
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Hi ya'll, sorry for my inactivity, we've been having some power-outages and since my access to power dictates my access to the internet I haven't been able to come on. I'll work on my replies now!
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Yo! If ya'll are reading this you must either be profile snoopers, or simply curious as to who the strange individual whose name you've seen lurking on role-plays is(same thing), but either way, the reason does not matter to me as I have looked at a fair number of profiles myself. So, allow me to extend my warmest welcome to ya'll, it's a pleasure to have you on my humble profile!

Now on to the reason that your probably here(if not for this I don't know why), me.

Honestly, I'm nothing spectacular, just your ordinary run-of-the-mill nineteen-year-old female, with a burning passion for books, anime, several tv-shows, fanfictions, PUNS!!!!(Sans has ruined me for life, XD!) and of course, role-playing.

I won't lie and say that I am a master at the art though, I still need some work with character depth admittedly, but my spelling is more than alright and my grammar isn't that bad either. I am also willing to work with other people and fairly flexible when it comes to my character's role in the rp(kindof a people pleaser, XP rip) unless its smut. Sorry, ya'll, I'm not trying to shame ya'll or anything, but well, I'd really rather avoid anything more graphic than fading to black, just my personal taste though, if you like it, have fun!

My personal favorite settings in rp's tends to lean towards super-hero, normal modern slice-of-life, some fandoms that I love, like HP for example and while I have yet to actually take part in a medieval/fantasy style like a D&D, I would really love to try it out(seriously, message me if ya know an rp like that, that needs an extra character, I'm there!)

Other than that, there's not much else, my favorite color is green, I have no social life, so I'm pretty much always on, I'm left-handed and my brother told me to tell you to suscribe to Pewdiepie. That is all.

I hope that you have enjoyed your stay here at casa-del-Royaletutor59!

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Hey, sorry for not having a post up by now yet! Life's been busy.

Also, good luck with your responsibility @Blenheim!

I'm not in a particular rush when it comes to the rp's pacing, but I have no problem with doing a timeskip to the tavern or road if ya'll want? Either way I'll try to get a post up within the next twenty-four hours!
Congrats on making Co-GM @Severance!

And no worries @Lionhearted! Take all the time you need!

@Lionhearted Thanks! I'm totally cool with that, it gives me an excuse to break out Neil's bluntness. XD
I'd officially like to state my interest in this rp.

Let me know if I need to edit anything!

Smiling widely as the Guild Master finished relaying their mission, Loran gave the woman a bow, “Count on us, Ma’am!” before following after Erevan and leaving the office in favour of heading towards the hall. He was really truly excited. They were going to help banish bandits! Just wait until his brothers hear about this! And the members of the party that were present looks like they know what they’re doing, slight case of alcohol on the brain not counted, all in all, he’s looking forward to working with them!

On the way out, the party spotted the bear of a man from earlier seemingly blocking the path of a tiefling woman. Loran was intrigued. He has often heard stories of tieflings throughout his life, most painted a rather unflattering picture to be honest, but he has never met or even seen one in person until this very moment. The possibility that this may even be their missing party member was all the encouragement he needed and before common sense could get in the way he opened his mouth.

“Blimey, you’re a tiefling ain’t you? Never met one a you afore, got ta say though, you aint near as evil-looking as all them stories make ye out ta be. Tis probly not true that ya kin breath fire either, right? This bloke, Allan back were I’m from, he’s always rantin bout seeing a tiefling take down a forest with just a breath. ‘Course I always told him tha I thought that’s a right load o nonsense, he was rather fond a my brother’s special brew you see, but I’d owe him a right big one if it turns out ta be true. Been calling him delusional for nothin if tha's the case.”

Completely ignoring the guild officer(or having possibly just forgotten about him) he leaned forward slightly and gave her a grin.

“Can’t say that I ever saw red eyes afore. Do all tieflings have em? They’re a right sight.”
After the initial crash of the building collapsing behind her, Erika was expecting more crashes to follow, but they were staved off by the arrival of another vigilante. Eyes widening at Grim’s display, she couldn’t help but whisper, “Cool!” under her breath before diverting her attention elsewhere. With all the civilians evacuated from the building there wasn’t much more that her power would be helpful for regarding the fire, so she decided to make herself useful assisting the authorities in keeping the civilians at bay so that when the building does inevitably collapse they won’t accidentally be harmed by the resulting debris. She did make sure to keep her fangirling in her own mind after spotting Professor Devil talking to another woman out of the corner of her eye as well as focussing on the job at hand though.

Location: Roof

Interaction: A bunch of people

Looking up as Rowan started talking into the mic, Pierre paused his petting of Frog momentarily, long enough for the doggo to slip out from under his hands and trot away. Pouting momentarily at the loss of the fur from under his fingers, he sighed before straightening up and listening to the rest of the speech. At the mention of games, he was intrigued, it would be a good opportunity to meet the rest of his fellow tenants and while he really isn’t much for drinking at all, well maybe it won’t be so bad? He could always try to fake drinking if it comes down to it.

Mind made up he looked over to where Junhoe was still preoccupied with his phone, waving him over he gestured over to where everyone was starting to congregate at the mention of the games as an invitation for him to join him in going over there. Walking over to the group he stood slightly on the outside, not wanting to interrupt any conversations currently taking place, and gave them a smile and a wave.

Rubbing at the spot he was elbowed, Loran gave a small snicker at Ezlan’s words, that’s a matchup he wouldn’t be apposed to seeing, before turning his attention back to the matter at hand as they stepped through the final door.

At the sight of the office’s interior, Loran couldn’t help but give a low whistle in appreciation, it was impressive to say the least, he’s also positive that that is the largest collection of books he’s seen together in his whole life. He must look a right sight in comparison, all soaked and barefooted, subtly putting his arms behind his back so that the boots still dangling in his one hand won’t be so glaringly obvious, he hoped that the Guild Master, or well…Mistress, won’t hold his appearance against him too much. Speaking of the woman, she immediately had his full attention the second that she started speaking.

It was hard to hide his annoyance when Ezlan interrupted her in favour of talking about some kind of rum inside that cabinet. Rolling his eyes, he couldn’t help but give a scoff, all that trouble for some alcohol? If he wanted a drink he’d just have a bottle of his brother’s brew, and he most likely wouldn’t almost lose an arm to get it either. Nodding in agreement at Erevan and Eomer's words, he fidgeted slightly. This would be his first big assignment from the guild, he just wishes that people would stop interrupting so that the Guild Master could actually give it to them.
I know its nothing special, but its 3:45 am and I really wanted to get a post out there, so yeah... Hopefully its okay!
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