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Current our house is a wifi dead-zone. We're having someone look at it tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to work on my responses soon! Sorry! I need to get off of my friend's network now, sorry again guys!
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Hi, sorry, I'm currently borrowing my friend's wifi, so I'll only be on for a few minutes. I'm sorry for not responding in a few days in my rp's! Our network is currently down and
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Hi ya'll, sorry for my inactivity, we've been having some power-outages and since my access to power dictates my access to the internet I haven't been able to come on. I'll work on my replies now!
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My brother won't stop dabbing and rick-rolling me. Send help.
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Yo! If ya'll are reading this you must either be profile snoopers, or simply curious as to who the strange individual whose name you've seen lurking on role-plays is(same thing), but either way, the reason does not matter to me as I have looked at a fair number of profiles myself. So, allow me to extend my warmest welcome to ya'll, it's a pleasure to have you on my humble profile!

Now on to the reason that your probably here(if not for this I don't know why), me.

Honestly, I'm nothing spectacular, just your ordinary run-of-the-mill nineteen-year-old female, with a burning passion for books, anime, several tv-shows, fanfictions, PUNS!!!!(Sans has ruined me for life, XD!) and of course, role-playing.

I won't lie and say that I am a master at the art though, I still need some work with character depth admittedly, but my spelling is more than alright and my grammar isn't that bad either. I am also willing to work with other people and fairly flexible when it comes to my character's role in the rp(kindof a people pleaser, XP rip) unless its smut. Sorry, ya'll, I'm not trying to shame ya'll or anything, but well, I'd really rather avoid anything more graphic than fading to black, just my personal taste though, if you like it, have fun!

My personal favorite settings in rp's tends to lean towards super-hero, normal modern slice-of-life, some fandoms that I love, like HP for example and while I have yet to actually take part in a medieval/fantasy style like a D&D, I would really love to try it out(seriously, message me if ya know an rp like that, that needs an extra character, I'm there!)

Other than that, there's not much else, my favorite color is green, I have no social life, so I'm pretty much always on, I'm left-handed and my brother told me to tell you to suscribe to Pewdiepie. That is all.

I hope that you have enjoyed your stay here at casa-del-Royaletutor59!

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Barely a minute after she started violating several speeding laws, Erika was pulling up to the scene of the emergency. Her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the flames consuming the building and the fire-fighters running around, out of the corner of her eye she saw what looked like a person with grey clothes appear out of no where(teleportation? Awesome!) but she didn't dwell on him, choosing to focus on the emergency in front of her.

Wasting no time, apart from taking a second to set the alarm on her bike, she ran over to the nearest firefighter. “What’s the situation?” The man paused in what he was doing with an impatient scowl, probably thinking that she’s just a nosy civilian, but after giving her a once over and taking in her apparel, her vigilante status became clear. A conflicted expression crossed his face for a moment, but they needed the help. “Two civilians trapped inside, my men went after them, but no luck so far.”

“Got it.” Erika said, giving a nod before rushing head-first into the flames. Her mask and goggles helped to keep the smoke out and her skin is pretty much burn-proof, that didn’t help with the intense heat though. It was freaking hot in there! Well…considering that the building is basically a giant bon-fire at this point, that wasn’t surprising.

Ignoring the heat and the sweat gathering at her brow, Erika rushed forward to the back of the store, paying no regard for the flames as they brushed her skin, her full attention on getting to the civilians and getting them to safety.
@Lucius Cypher That's fine, I see you're point, just wanted to throw a suggestion out there :)

@Elevation@YeetMeister Cool, not sure if were going to go through with it rn though, but there's always the future to look out for! :D

@Ladypug Thanks for the offer! We'll def use it in the future!
@YeetMeister@Elevation@Lucius Cypher since the party grew a little bigger than expected (no complaints!) do ya'll want to do a collab or something? Just to give everyone's character a chance to shine? No pressure though, just a suggestion.
Erika couldn’t help but grin as a girl with dirty blond hair ducked in front of her before sending her a quick wave, sparks flying from her hand. Returning the wave, Erika continued on her quest for an amazing hotdog with a new skip in her step. She loved seeing other people using their powers, one of the reasons she loves Bell Reach so much. People don’t have to hide their abilities that much here.

Of course, she prefers to keep her powers a secret but that’s just because she’s planning on using them for justice. She’s bound to make at least an enemy or two, and making her powers known makes it easier to determine her identity, which could give them the upper hand in battle. That’s like super-hero 101, emphasized in like every single comic book in existence with only one or two acceptances.

Welp, at the moment that doesn’t matter, there are for more important things that require her attention at the moment, the glorious sight of her destination for one! Practically skipping into line, she had her wallet out and her order decided by the time it was her turn.

It was glorious. Absolutely glorious. The most beautiful thing she ever had the pleasure of witnessing! Was she just exaggerating because she was hungry? Probably, but it was still an impressive dog! Which is why she made sure to send a picture of it to her bro, to show him just how much he’s missing out on.

Hotdog secure, jealousy inducing photo sent and she was set to go, she started walking back the way she came with a skip in her step while enjoying her pleasant meal. At least that was the plan until she heard the sound of alarms in the distance.

Casting a mournful glance at her only partially eaten hotdog, she abandoned it into a nearby trashcan and ducked into an alley, pulling her leather hoodie, mask and goggles out of her backpack (thankfully, she never leaves home without them) as well as her hunting knife and brass knuckles and pulling them on and stuffing her other jacket into her bag, before running towards her bike.

Disabling the alarm, she jumped on her bike and started the engine, fully intent on speeding towards the emergency and helping out however she could.
Somebody's eager XD

"Yes...I am on edge. My apologies. Being in this land for long has...changed my mind, perhaps." Elithiana's smile brightened slightly as he took off his helmet, hanging its chin strap on a hook on his belt, he looked a lot less intimidating without it on and any nerves that remained from the previous altercation left her. "My name is Dmitri. I come from Praele. The Order of Chemjir sent me to persecute criminals who have fled our land. I am no tin can, as this man says. I am great warrior. And I am deeply sorry for being so unfriendly. It was my job to end our negative reputation, when I fear I have only deepened it."

Smiling brightly, she nodded, pleased to finally be able to identify his accent. She doesn't know why it took her so long to place it, after all, her uncle used to have a friend who was from Praele, the two of them were constantly arguing. She'd have to ask her uncle whether he still has contact with him... "Don't fret about it, alright?" As he shouldn't, she is not in the habit of judging others. "My name is Elithiana, but" nodding to him and the two gentlemen who came to her assistance, "my friends all call me El."

He kneeled down, surprising El slightly. "You have my thanks for being so forgiving." He stood up again quickly. "Now, as a token of friendship, let me to carry the man. I may need some help, as this," He gestured to his shield with his free hand. "Occupies part of my strength." It does look rather heavy...

Dmitri walked over to the man, looking him over. "From looks of it, we need to hurry." Elithiana's expression turned grave as she once again turned her attention to the man. He was so pale...

"Yes, I was debating how to move him when you three got here, I didn't want to cause him any further harm." Nodding slightly to the three men around her "I'm really glad that the three of you showed up when you did, I'm sure that between us, we'll be able to move him safely."
@YeetMeister @Elevation

As El was still debating on how exactly she's going to proceed to get the man to the Chapel without furthering his injuries, she heard a sound. It was soft and far away, but it was the unmistakable sound of singing. As a lover of music, El's interests were immediately perked and she couldn't help but glance in the direction of the mysterious singer, but one groan from her two injured companions was enough to banish all thoughts about music from her mind and to place her full focus on them instead.

She was interrupted from her thoughts however, when a voice called out to her. "Prasteete! Hold there. Step from injured man."

Startled she looked at the source of the voice, her green eyes widening slightly at the sight of the armored man and more importantly, the weapon her was holding. While she has no doubt that she could hold her own in a fight, her saber as well as her bow and arrows were secured on Ava's saddle bags and whats more, she has no guarantee that she'd be able to protect the injured men while fighting. She will try though if it comes down to it.

"What is What is intention with that man?" He has an accent, it's interesting, El is sure that she heard it somewhere before, though she struggles to place it now. Banishing her musings on his accent, she assumed a more protective stance as he stepped forwards. She refuses to let any more harm come to these men.

"I do not wish to harm, but I will if I must." If he doesn't wish wish harm, he has a funny way of showing it, though maybe he just misjudged the situation? Elithiana hopes so...

Elithiana was about to respond to the knight, and hopefully defuse the situation when a new voice joined the party. “Hey tin can, the fighting here is long over.”

Looking up, she saw that two of the merchants she spotted earlier were positioning themselves between her and the knight, causing the latter to point his blade at the one who spoke. El wasn't sure whether or not she preferred it when he was pointing the blade at her or not, she hated it when others place themselves in dangerous situations.

“Why don’t you make yourself useful and help this poor woman trying to bring these two injured men to the cathedral.” While she agrees with the first part, she'd hardly call herself a poor woman...

Without waiting for a reply from the knight, the two merchants turned to her. “Allow us to help you.” The one that she assumes is the leader due to doing all the talking up to this point, said with a friendly smile that she returned.

"Thank you, you're help is much appreciated." Looking at the knight though, she felt a little sorry for him, he probably was just trying to help. Sending him a small smile she addressed him, "No hard feelings about what happened, alright? After what happened last night, anybody would be on edge."
Erika looked around at her new apartment, a sense of satisfaction filling her at the last of her moving boxes laying empty at her feet.

She had arrived in Bell Reach less than four weeks ago and had found her new humble abode a week after that, since then, she's been hard at work turning her apartment into a suitable base of operations(aka, unpacking her stuff), exploring the town, scouting suitable patrol routes for her alter-ego and, well, actually going to work at her new job teaching kick-boxing a few blocks away. Now, her apartment was finally in a livable condition and she couldn't be more thrilled to have one less responsibility to deal with.

Glancing at the time, she was even more pleased to discover that the day was still young and hers or the taking after a quick lunch. Not even bothering to walk over to the fridge, seeing as she was well aware of its barren state, she simply shrugged on her leather jacket over her black 'zombie identification chart' t-shirt, pulled on her boots(she prefers the comforts of bare feet in her own home, thank you), grabbed her wallet and backpack and headed for the door. She briefly stopped to run her hand through her short black hair, causing it to stick up in a few directions and to shoot herself a finger-gun/smirk combo in front of the mirror, for luck and then she was out.

Boarding her precious bike, she briefly weighed her options. She could go to a restaurant, but she wasn't really in the mood for a sit-down meal, and though she knows that she probably should go grocery shopping that day, she wanted to spend a few hours enjoying the town first. After about a minute of contemplation later, she pulled on her helmet(mostly just to keep the wind out of her eyes and because it looks cool rather than safety reasons) and started her bike, the sound of its engine in her ears as it carried her towards the beach. She remembers that there was a great hot-dog stand around there.

Coming to a stop in front of the beautiful sand of the beach, she made a mental note to remember to try to make time to learn how to surf one of these days and got off of her bike and took off her helmet, making sure to set the alarm and take the key out of the ignition. The last thing she wanted was for someone to come around and steal her baby, after all, it wasn't easy to get Jordan to help her to fix it up without giving anything away. Giving her vehicle a fond pat. she turned and started walking in the direction that she believes the hot-dog stand was, passing a restaurant called Little China in the process. It looks nice enough, maybe she'll try it out someday in the future?
He and El can interact if you want? I'm not sure what to do with her atm either.
Elithiana was once again making her way back to the chapel. She's been going back and forth with the wounded for a while now and now wasn't any different. She was walking slowly and carefully, taking great care not to jostle the larger man that was practically hanging off of her shoulder while his friend was sitting half-slumped on Ava's back. It was times like these that she couldn't help but thank the spirits for letting her have such a loyal and well-behaved companion. Though it was by no means easy, practically having to drag a man both larger and heavier than herself half-way across the city, it would have been infinitely more so if she had to worry about her horse going off on her own if she wasn't constantly holding onto the reigns.

Turning down a street, she passed a tavern, barely sparing it a second glance. It wasn't as if she was planning on using it herself, after-all, winter is still a good ways off and it doesn't look as if a storm would be rolling in any-time soon, which is all reason she needs to spend a pleasant evening under the stars and surrounded by nature. Though...she had to try really hard to keep her attention away from the poor child's body outside of it...they were just so small...

Well, now, that train of thought never helped anybody! El has two people counting on her right now! She can't afford to lose focus now!

They were just a couple of blocks away from the chapel when a pained gasp escaped the man hanging off of her shoulder and he pitched fowards slightly, causing her to stumble. She barely managed to keep her balance and prevent the man from having a rough landing, gently lowering him to the ground and immediately checking him over.

"Sir, can you hear me? We're almost at the chapel, sir, please just a few more streets and then you can rest."

As she talked, she moved one of her hands from where they were supporting his head, giving his cheek a soft pat in order to get a response. He was already pale when she found him, but he was even more so now, sweat covered his brow causing his dark hair that was already clumping together from the blood from a small head-injury to cling to his face. Praying to any and all deities out there, she hoped that moving him didn't aggravate his injuries to a point of no return.

"...W-wa...water..." his voice, gravely and weak as it may be, came as a relief to her and she immediately sprang into action, laying him down as gently as she could and rummaging through her saddle bags for her flask and only briefly stopping to give the unconscious man on Ava a quick check and to make sure that he's not about to all off, before rushing back to the one on the ground. Gently supporting his head and allowing him to have a quick drink, she watched as he slumped with relief as the cool water entered his mouth before exhaustion claimed him.

Uttering a word she learned from her uncle that would have had her mother reaching for the soap, she debated her options. It was one thing to help support him when he was still half conscious and at least able to try to stay upright, but unconscious things just got a whole lot harder...
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